How Does Walmart Track Shoplifting

How Does Walmart Track Shoplifting In 2022? (Warning…)

Walmart is losing approximately $3 billion annually due to theft. Walmart takes shoplifting seriously because of it.

Granted, this is only 1% of its usual $300 billion revenue, this begs the question: how does Walmart track shoplifting and theft in their stores? Surprise!

How Does Walmart Track Shoplifting In 2022? (Warning...)

How Does Walmart Track Shoplifting In 2022?

Walmart tracks shoplifters by using Loss Prevention Associates, surveillance cameras, and security scanners at the doors as of 2022. Walmart has also installed AI-enabled cameras at selfcheckouts that can detect whether an item was not properly scanned before being put in the bag.

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  • Walmart Tracks Theft With Image Recognition
  • Shoplifting results in huge financial losses for Walmart every year. This has increased since the implementation of self-checkout.

    Today, Walmart uses image recognition technology supplied by the Irish company Everseen to reduce theft in self-checkouts.

    This camera is placed in close proximity to the self-service checkout and cashier of over 1000 stores. It detects shoplifting using AI technology.

    These cameras can track people instead of items and will detect the item being placed inside the bag. If the program has already been flagged it will inform staff about the suspected theft.

    Walmart has also used intercom codes like Code 300 or Department 51 to draw attention to possible shoplifting.

    What Happens If You Get Caught Shoplifting At Walmart?

    Walmart swiftly presses shoplifter charges. You could also be charged with shoplifting if Walmart does not drop the charges.

    Based on the amount of stolen items, you can be sentenced to up to a full year in jail.

    Walmart will not show any video footage that they may have about you shoplifting.

    If Walmart press charges, they will hand the tape over to the police as evidence, but they do not have to hand it over to the shoplifter. If you want to see the tape, you probably need to get a defense lawyer.

    See our guide for more details on the time Walmart keeps CCTV surveillance footage.

    How Does Walmart Track Shoplifting In 2022? (Warning...)

    Walmart calls the cops for shoplifting

    Yes, Walmart does call the cops for shoplifting. If the barcode alarms are activated and security cameras show you shoplifting in action, police will be called and you most likely will be arrested.

    If you suspect you’ve been unfairly accused of shoplifting you should remain calm, and call the police.

    Ask the police to question store security. If the police do not respond, it is possible to hire an attorney. Under no circumstances must you sign anything if you believe you are innocent.

    Walmart can also call the police to report anyone caught dumpster diving or trying get pallets off the loading dock.

    How do you react when your first Walmart shoplifting arrest results in you being caught?

    You must return all items if your age is less than 16 and you will likely be arrested.

    The chances of you being sent to prison are very slim if you’re over 16, and you were caught shoplifting at Walmart. However, you may still be charged with a misdemeanor, which can remain permanently on your record.

    You’ll also be barred from future Walmart Stores. If you get caught shoplifting again in another Walmart store, then you could be looking at jail time, a fine, or probation.

    You will face a much more severe penalty if caught twice.

    How Does Walmart Track Shoplifting In 2022? (Warning…)

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