Does Walmart Trade In Products?

Does Walmart Trade In Products? (Tvs, Ipads, Games+ More)

Businesses have adopted trade in programs to attract loyal customers and boost stock. Who doesn’t like a deal that has been refurbished? These programs can offset many of your costs.

  • Given their position within the retail world and the sale of thousands upon thousands of products, it is not surprising that Walmart does trade in its merchandise. This is my discovery!
  • Does Walmart Trade In Products? (TVs, iPads, Games+ More)

    Walmart to Trade in Products In 2022

    Walmart accepts trade-ins for seven different types of electronics as part of their Gadget to Gift Cards program. This program allows customers to use the website to assess their item and get the trade in value. Then, they can ship it back for free and receive a Walmart eGift certificate. Walmart also offers a separate trade-in program for cell phones.

  • Continue reading for more information about the devices that Walmart accepts in their trade-in programs, what you can get and how to get cash for your phones.
  • Walmart: Which items are available for trade?

    Walmart offers seven electronic categories for trade-in.

    These include:

  • Mobile Phones
  • Tablets
  • Video Game Consoles
  • Voice Speakers
  • MP3 Players
  • Wearables
  • Laptops
  • If you want to know if your item can be traded-in, go to Walmart’s Gadgets and Gift Cards site. From there, navigate the upper left hand side to locate your device category.

    Does Walmart Trade In Products? (TVs, iPads, Games+ More)

    Does Walmart Trade In TVs?

    Unfortunately, televisions are not part of Walmart’s trade-in program.

    The reason is simple: TVs that are too heavy and fragile to be shipped well.

    Walmart is one of the largest retailers in electronic products, and they have many packaging options. However, this doesn’t work both ways.

    It is simply not possible to find enough special packaging for everyday consumers to return something as fragile.

    And obtaining it would be too expensive for the customers and too much of a hassle for Walmart.

    Does Walmart Trade In iPads?

  • Walmart does accept Apple iPad trade-ins. They currently accept 19 different iPad models, starting with the iPad 1!
  • Here’s a link that will show you if your device is included in the list.

    Walmart is also open to tablets manufactured by other companies. The complete list can be found here.

    Does Walmart Trade In Products? (TVs, iPads, Games+ More)

    Does Walmart Trade In Video Games?

    Walmart currently does not accept trade-ins for video games.

    My assumption is that there are far too many products on the market, making it difficult for anyone to keep up.

    GameStop or Best Buy will accept trades in your video games.

  • And you could also try Googling “video game trade-ins near me,” because sometimes independent second-hand media stores can fly under the radar, especially in big cities!
  • Does Walmart Trade In Video Game Consoles?

    Walmart accepts trade-ins of video gaming consoles.

    They currently accept consoles from three major brands: Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony.

    Walmart seems to be more interested in newer models than older systems, which some may consider “vintage”.

    To see if your device is on the list for trade-ins, check here.

    Does Walmart Trade In Products? (TVs, iPads, Games+ More)

    Does Walmart Trade In Computers?

    Walmart is currently unable to accept desktop computers. However they will trade laptops for customers.

    Walmart will accept laptop trade-ins of 16 manufacturers including Apple, Dell Lenovo, Microsoft and Toshiba.

  • Due to its size and many parts–hard drive and screen–I would assume they don’t trade in desktop computers!
  • Laptops, on the other hand, are much more compact and mobile.

    Here is a full listing of all trade-in laptops.

    Walmart Sells Cell Phones

    Walmart accepts trade-ins of phones in two ways.

    First, they accept cell phones as part of their Gadget to Gift Cards program.

    CExchange is Walmart’s trading partner. They handle Walmart trade-ins.

    Walmart currently accepts 17 different manufacturers including Apple, Microsoft and Google.

  • It is interesting that they are willing to accept old brands like Blackberry. Kyocera. Nokia.
  • The complete list of approved cell phone manufactures can be found here.

    Walmart sells cell phones secondarily through the ecoATM kiosks. Here customers can swap their phones in for cash.

    The site can also help you locate kiosks near you by allowing you to look up its value. If you have a Walmart nearby, then chances are good you have an ecoATM.

    Does Walmart Trade In Products? (TVs, iPads, Games+ More)

    What Can You Get For A Trade In At Walmart?

    Trade-in values at Walmart vary widely across products, brands, and models.

    The Apple Macbook is an example of a product that can fetch a premium price. It retailed for $1800 when it was new. ).

    Fitbit Ace is the most affordable Fitbit device, costing $1.

    You can find out how much your gadget is worth to Walmart by visiting their Gadget to gift cards website.

    Walmart has a program that allows you to buy and sell used smartphones. You also have the option of reading our post on whether Walmart is willing to purchase used phones.

  • Conclusion
  • Walmart’s Gadgets To Gift Cards Trade-In Program is an excellent way to dispose of any old electronics.

    Online, you can find your device at the website. You can also initiate a free-to ship trade-in from the convenience of your own home.

    Ipads can be traded in by Walmart

    Walmart does accept Apple iPad trade-ins. They accept trade-ins for 19 models of iPad. Walmart accepts tablets made by 18 other companies.

    Can You Trade In A Tv At Walmart?

    An online calculator can be used by consumers to calculate the value of electronic equipment they are willing to trade in. … Once the trade-in value has been confirmed, the consumer will receive a Walmart cash card for the determined value.

    Walmart Does Electronic Trade Ins

    September 10, 2013

    How Does Walmart Phone Trade In Work?

    Walmart buys phones through their trade-in programs starting in 2022. Walmart offers credit of up to $500, depending on what condition the phone is in. Walmart buys back old devices using the ecoATM kiosk, which gives customers store credit, cash, or credit towards a new device.

    .Does Walmart Trade In Products? (Tvs, Ipads, Games+ More)

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