15 Surprisingly Large Companies Owned By Walmart

15 Surprisingly Large Companies Owned By Walmart (2022)

Walmart is among the top five companies globally and has many subsidiaries.

  • Walmart, for example, owns the warehouse shopping site Sam’s Club as well as Hayneedle.com which is a popular affordable furniture website.
  • Below are 15 of Walmart’s largest subsidiaries from all over the world, and they all serve a different function for the super-sized organization that is Walmart. Every company brings a different dimension to Walmart’s ever-growing business.

  • 10 of the Most Well-Known Companies Owned by Walmart
  • Walmart has been spending lots of energy and money to try to match the Amazon business model. Walmart, a hungry company, is constantly looking for new markets to compete with a dark opponent.

    Walmart may seem overwhelming beyond the large box stores, but we can help you get your head around it. It’s just huge. Up next, we have ten of the most well-known companies that Walmart owns, and chances are you’ve heard of most of them.

  • 1. Hayneedle
  • The online furniture store Hayneedle has a reputation for selling stylish, affordable furniture. I have perused the site many times, dreaming of an affordable, classic remodel for all the rooms in my house without ever realizing that Walmart owned the site.

    Walmart purchased Hayneedle, a website that was created to help them get into the online world.

  • 2. Jet
  • Walmart bought Jet.com in 2016 at a cost of 3.3 billion USD, similar to Hayneedle.

    Walmart was hoping that their acquisition would give them direct competition with Amazon.com.

    You can now type Jet.com directly into your browser and it will direct you to Walmart.com. Walmart.com has become a reincarnation of Jet.com’s design, style, and content, leaving the domain name.

  • 3. Massmart
  • The African-based business was bought in 2011 for 2.54 million dollars. Massmart is Africa’s 2nd-largest goods distributor and operates more than 420 stores selling general merchandise and liquor.

    Massmart has many companies who specialize in selling discounted goods to African customers, including Massbuilders and Massdiscounters. Walmarts subsaharan expansion was facilitated by the acquisition.

  • 4. Art.com
  • Art.com has many similarities to Hayneedle. It is an established place where you can shop affordable wall art and decor. The site boasts the most extensive online collection of art and decor.

  • Walmarts successfully acquired the site in 2018 to expand its online presence and bring it closer to Amazon.com.
  • 5. Shoes.com
  • Walmart made an unexpected purchase of Shoes.com last year. The website, valued at $9 million was designed to give Walmart the opportunity to market products Amazon couldn’t sell yet at deeply discounted prices.

    Walmart wanted to increase their online presence, and to improve digital sales once again with this acquisition.

  • 6. Bonobos
  • Bonobos is the first clothing brand mentioned on this list, and the purchasing of it was a move on Walmart’s part to begin adding online fashion to their portfolio. Bonobos is a Men’s Clothing site that offers affordable clothing with a contemporary and expensive look.

    Walmart acquired the brand in 2017 for 310 millions dollars. The brand has been a great help to them on their endless quest to take on Amazon direct on a virtual battlefield.

  • 7. Moosejaw
  • Walmarts’ desire to add fashion to its resume did not stop with men’s clothing. Walmart purchased Moosejaw, a fashion company that was initially founded in Bonobos, for $51billion. They now have a more rugged and outdoor-oriented approach to growing their fashion business.

    Walmart is the home of one of America’s most beloved brands, which they use to prepare for hiking and camping.

  • 8. Bare Necessities
  • Bare Necessities is able to offer elegant and sophisticated products at incredible prices. This shocked me, as I thought that these terms could also be used to describe purchases from Walmart.

    Walmart once more hoped that Bare Necessities’ success online would help it to purchase in 2018, in order to strengthen its position relative to Amazon.

  • 9. Eloquii
  • Walmart bought Eloquii Plus-Sized Fashion giant in their latest venture into the fashion world.

    Elonquii, unlike Jet.com has kept its website’s apparent independent identity. Elonquii’s affiliation with Walmart is what allows Elonquii to lower its price points.

    Elonquii is still to prove its worth, despite the fact that Walmart has spent $100 million on it in an attempt to make it comparable to Amazon.

  • 10. Sam’s Club
  • Sam’s Club was created by Walmart in 1983 in order to allow the retailer to enter the world of large volume, discount shopping.

    You will receive the same discounts as Costco or BJ’s if you have an annual membership.

  • Walmart owns five of the most obscure companies
  • It’s not over yet. This list by no means encompasses all the companies owned by Walmart, nor does it explore all the reasons and purposes behind these acquisitions, but hopefully, it does demonstrate just how widespread Walmart’s reach is and how deeply it has penetrated into to many of our lives.

    Here’s five small companies. In the next five, you will find five less-known but equally important Walmart subsidiaries.

  • 11. Aspectiva
  • Aspectiva, the forward-thinking, most innovative buy in this category, is undoubtedly Aspectiva.

    In India, the small business was bought by Walmart with the intention of leveraging their experience in tech design and customer services to help the company get ahead of its competitors in the in-person and online marketplaces.

    Walmart failed to reveal the amount of this Indian corporate gem but it’s clear that it has the potential for great value.

  • 12. Amigo
  • Amigo, which is an international grocery chain, was primarily based in Puerto Rico. It was acquired by Walmart in 2002.

    Walmart was able to collaborate with Amigo on the highly lucrative acquisition to grow their business beyond supermarkets and offer more products to customers at higher discounts, much like a Super Walmart.

  • 13. Flipkart
  • Flipkart has its headquarters in India. Their goal is to enhance the business experience for small entrepreneurs in India through the provision of wholesale goods at an affordable price from anywhere in the world.

    Walmart is hoping to leverage its access to these goods to improve its presence both in India and in eCommerce.

    Walmart thus purchased a controlling interest in the company to assist them in growing their digital presence.

  • 14. Seiyu
  • Seiyu, Japan’s most popular supermarket chain, was an obvious purchase for sales giant Walmart.

    Seiyu was originally opened in 1963. It had an established reputation among Japanese customers, which Walmart could capitalize on when it partnered with Rakuten. Walmart wanted to make Seiyu a virtual grocery and delivery company.

  • 15. Carhco
  • It is also a grocery store located in Puerto Rico, Central America.

    Walmart actually acquired Carhco as the largest grocery chain in the area in 2004. Carhco, which is part of Walmart’s expanding global presence was well-worth the 2 Billion dollars Walmart spent.

    Walmart is a company that is focused on providing information to consumers about the business.


    Walmart is a company that owns the following:

    Massmart Massmart is the owner of many local brands like CBW (Builder’s Warehouse), Makro and Game. The acquisition of six Makro-stores in Makro was the catalyst for the establishment of this company. Walmart acquired a 51 percent controlling stake of the company in 2011 for a reported $2.54 billion.

    Which One Owns the Other Half of Walmart?

    The Walton family

    Does Walmart Have Any Subsidiaries?

    Walmart is one of the five largest companies in the world that owns a significant number of other companies, some of which are well-known subsidiaries and others that you might find surprising. Walmart also owns the warehouse shopping company Sam’s Club as well as Hayneedle.com, a popular affordable furniture website.

    Walmart owns Hayneedle

    Hayneedle (an online furniture retailer) was acquired by Walmart when Jet.com was purchased. Hayneedle is an online furniture retailer that serves almost as a single-source for home furnishing and it’s one of our favorites digital furniture shops. August 25, 2020

    .15 Surprisingly Large Companies Owned By Walmart (2022)

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