Who Makes Great Value Products For Walmart?

Who Makes Great Value Products For Walmart? (27 Products Listed!)

Walmart strives to be a discount retailer by offering essential products at reasonable prices. To help customers save extra dollars, Walmart offers a long line of groceries under their house brand, Great Value.

  • There may be a quality difference between Walmart’s generic groceries or big-brand items. The question is, then, which Walmart Great Value Products are made? Below is my huge guide that reveals the true manufacturers of Great Value Products!
  • Who Makes Great Value Products For Walmart? (27 Products Listed!)

    Who Makes Great Value Products For Walmart In 2022?

    ConAgra’s Sara Lee is the leading manufacturer of Great Value groceries such as peanut butters, cheeses, and salsa. Walmart produces milk from its own dairy plant in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Great Value groceries can also be made by large brands such as Kraft and General Mills.

  • If you’d like to know the real manufacturers behind 27 essential Great Value products, read on!
  • 1. Walmart’s Great Value Water is Sourced from Natural Springs
  • Walmart’s Great Value springwater is great for you. This water comes from Platte, Missouri’s Basswood Springs.

    At $0.80 per gallon you can purchase multiple bottles and refill them all with the same order. It has been purified using ozonation. The water also contains a neutral level of pH which helps to reduce harmful pollutants.

    Additionally, Walmart’s Great Value purified bottled water comes from the Sacramento Municipal water supply In California. Canadians have claimed that Niagara Bottling produced their Great Value water.

  • 2. Great Value Root Beer Made By Cott
  • Walmart store-brand beer is a great way to save money without losing flavor. Cott is reputed to be a great producer of Value root beer. For 12 12 fluid ounce cans, customers can expect to spend $2.28 or 74C/ on a 68 fluid-ounce bottle.

  • Walmart’s Great Value root beer contains very similar ingredients to America’s favourite A&W beer. It’s so close you can barely tell the difference.
  • However, the price is something you will notice. A&W Root Beer costs more than $11. This means that you could get Great Value root beers for as low as $10.

  • 3. Ziploc Are a likely manufacturer of Zipper Bags With Great Value
  • The rumor has it that Ziploc is making Great Value Ziploc bags specifically for Walmart. While the brand is not formally associated with Walmart, Great Value zip bags look very similar to Ziploc bags in terms of quality and design.

  • Ziploc’s equal product costs $8.84, but 100 great value zipper quart freezer bags are $2.88. Save big on groceries!
  • Walmart provides great Value storage, storage, sandwich, snack, and gallon zip bags at prices as low $7.

  • 4. Great Yogurt & Greek Yogurt Made By Danon
  • Great Value yogurt, greek yogurt and other dairy products are produced by Danon’s subsidiary. You can enjoy equally tasty yogurts for a lower price when you select Great Value.

    Great Value’s 32oz Family-Sized Pots of Low-Fat Vanilla Yogurt cost just $1.74. Danon, on the other hand, costs $2.78. Savings are always good, right?

    Mixed berry-peach, key lime-blueberry, strawberry-blueberry-strawberry flavored yogurts, greek yogurts, can be purchased in 32-ounce pots, 4-6-ounce cups, or 29C/-35C/ per 100 g.

  • 5. Great Value Ice Cream Tastes Like Breyers!
  • Walmart informed us that Great Value Ice cream is available in sweet flavors like vanilla, strawberries shortcake and cookies and cream. Wells produces them. Wells has been making Great Value icecreams for 30+ years.
  • Walmart’s Great Value Ice Cream is a great alternative to Breyers delicious ice cream. Great Value ice cream can be purchased in 48oz tubs for as low as $2.97 and Breyers is $4.18 for 48oz tubs.

  • 6. Great Value Potato Chips Are Made By UTZ
  • There are rumors that UTZ, a big brand, also makes Walmart’s Great Value potato chip. While you hardly notice the difference in taste, you’ll certainly see the price difference. UTZ potato chips available at 22C/per oz. Great Value potatoes chips can be purchased at 16C/per oz.

    UTZ potato chips can be purchased in large quantities by regular customers. Great Value potato chips make a great snack choice if you are looking for something quick and affordable.

  • 7. Peter Pan’s manufacturers make great peanut butter!
  • Don’t spend $4.68 to buy 40-ounce jars Peter Pan Peanut Butter Original Peanut Butter. Get a 64-ounce Great Value Creamy Peanut butter for just $4.34. That’s equivalent to 6.8C/oz. Besides, ConAgra manufactures Peter Pan and Great Value goods in the same factory.

    Walmart has a wide selection of peanut butter options, including crunchy, organic, creamy, powdered and honey roasted varieties.

  • 8. Procter & Gamble Manufactured Great Value Paper Towels
  • One article suggests Walmart is working with Procter & Gamble – the company which produces Charmin toiletpaper – to make household essentials, such as paper towels, for Great Value. P&G operates currently 31 paper-making plants in the U.S.

    Customers have the option to purchase everyday use Great Value Paper Towels in 4 Packs for $5.22. Or, for an extra $1.25, 24 Heavy Duty paper towels can be purchased for $14.97. ).

  • 9. Walmart’s Dairy Plant makes great almond milk
  • Walmart opening its first dairy plant for cow milk production, it’s likely that the Great Value Brand will be producing almond milk.

    However, your location can affect the origins of the milk you buy from your local shop. Meadow Gold Dairy Company, Borden Dairy Company, and Borden Dairy Company are two other known suppliers of dairy products. Both also manufacture their own brand.

    Now, we all know how costly almond milk can be. Walmart’s Great Value brands make it much easier to find, and half a galon with a chocolate twist costs just $1.98.

  • 10. ConAgra Produces Great Value Salsa
  • Peter Pan acquired the great value salsa recipe from ConAgra.

  • A wide variety of Great Value salsa options are available to customers.
  • Great Value products allow customers to make a significant savings. Customers will be able to purchase 24 ounces if mild thickened and chunky salsa at a fraction of the cost of branded salsa, which is $2.68.

  • 11. McCormick’s Great Value Spices Still Taste the Same
  • A recent report raises suspicions that McCormick is the actual manufacturer of Great Value spices as the two brands taste indistinguishable from each other.

    It is not uncommon for spices and seasoning products to be expensive. Walmart’s great value allows you to spice up your meal with Walmart’s Great Price.

    Great Value basil leaves retail at less than a penny ($1.23/oz for a standard 0.80-ounce container), while McCormick’s version costs $2.44 ($3.94/oz for a smaller quantity).

  • 12. ConAgra is a great value flour company
  • ConAgra, the well-known producer of Great Value products operates a U.S.-based flour manufacturing company. Therefore, it is an plausible producer and distributor of Great Value food flour.

    Walmart’s option is the most affordable on its grocery market. Canada and the U.S. are where Great Value flour is manufactured.

    For $9.10, 10 lbs of Gold Medal Brand flour you get the equivalent quantity of Walmart’s generic Great Value flour for $5.98.

    Customers are able to expect all-purpose flour, unbleached, self raising, almond, and coconut Great Value flour to be funded for less than $5 in five-pound bags.

  • 13. Great Value Ketchup Tastes Like Heinz!
  • Who Makes Great Value Products For Walmart? (27 Products Listed!)

    ConAgra offers many Great Value products which is why it most likely makes condiments like ketchup. Great Value Ketchup is just as good tasting as Heinz.

  • The ingredients lists of both the products were compared and we found a striking similarity.
  • The price of one 64oz Heinz Ketchup bottle ($4.49) is almost equivalent to two 64-ounce Great Value ketchup bottles ($5.84).
  • 14. Sara Lee Produces High-Value K-Cups
  • Walmart’s Great Value K-cups are a great way to get your day started. A report online claims that Walmart’s Great Value coffee by Master Chef is made by Sara Lee.

  • At Walmart, you can purchase various Great Value k-cups containing coffee styles such as donut shop, Columbian, breakfast blend, blonde roast, caramel, french vanilla, and much more! Great Value packs 48 retail at $11.92 (31C/ per mug), which is lower than Starbucks’ 44 kcups that cost $28.98 (66C/ a mug). This is a huge savings.
  • 15. Agaia has created a wonderful laundry detergent with great value that’s also eco-friendly.
  • Walmart and Agaia formed a partnership in 2013 to produce environmentally friendly laundry detergent under their Great Value brand.

    For $7.98 customers can still get the ecosafe liquid detergent in a clear and lavender scent. Each 100 ounces contains 64 washes. ).

    Tide’s product equivalent is $11.97 and can be sold at a price of just $11.97. For comparison, Great Value costs just 8C/ per fl oz and Tide’s 18 per fl oz.

  • 16. Great Value Light Bulbs Are Made By Savant Systems, Formerly GE Lighting
  • Savant Systems purchased The Bucyrus Lamp Plant (U.S.) from GE Lighting to produce great value bulbs.

    A Savant Company reported that Walmart wants to move large amounts of its Great Value light bulbs production to China.

  • Instead of splashing the cash on big branded light bulbs, invest in Great Value’s alternatives. Twelve light bulbs can cost customers up to $10.88, which is equivalent to about 90C per bulb. All light bulbs perform the same task!
  • 17. ConAgra produces great value cheese
  • ConAgra is believed to make great quality cheese from factory locations in multiple states, according to several sources. Walmart offers a number of great-value cheeses like cheese blocks, cheesesquares, and cheese sprays.

  • Great Value medium cheddar is a great alternative to expensive cheeses. You can purchase 16-ounces of Great Value medium cheddar cheese for as low as $3.36 The taste and the cost are sure to please you as well as many other customers. This cheese is both gluten-free as well as a good source of protein, calcium, and other nutrients.
  • 18. Walmart’s Great Value Coffee is Made by Sara Lee
  • Sara Lee makes Walmart’s cheap coffee sold under its own Great Value brand.

    Great Value roasted coffee ground coffees can be purchased for as low as $7.92 per 48-ounce cup (6.5C/oz). For $14.88 per ounce, you can make savings for a long time by buying a 2 pack.

    Weighing up the price difference, branded ground coffee at Walmart typically sells for over $12 for lesser quantities.

  • 19. Sara Lee Coffee Creamer is a Great Value
  • Great Value coffee creamer will take your coffee to the next level without spending too much.

    Sara Lee, who is known to manufacture many of Walmart’s great value coffee products, likely makes Great Value coffee creamer.

    Walmart’s Great Value product is sure to please fans of Nestle Coffee-Mate’s coffee creamer. Great Value coffee creamer costs $1.50 and is both dairy-free and free of cholesterol. What’s the harm in resisting 10C per ounce?

  • 20. The Great Value Cookies are Just like Girl Scout Cookies
  • If you’re looking to get your fix on girl scout cookies, head to Walmart, where you’ll find Great Value cookies flavors inspired by Girl Scout.

  • Great Value cookies come in a box for only $1.38, instead of being $4 each. Walmart stocks great value fudge-covered peanut butter, caramel, coconut and fudge cookies.
  • ConAgra makes many Great Value Essential Products, which means that they also likely make Great Value Cookies!
  • 21. Walmart Can Get Great Value Cereal From General Mills And Kellogg’s
  • General Mills and Kellogg Company are said to have the ability to produce Walmart’s Great Value Cereal.

    You don’t have to spend $3 for 24-ounce Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes boxes. Instead, save a few pennies by buying Great Value Frosted Flakes for $2.93. They contain 26.8 ounces cereal and are equivalent to 11C/per oz.

    Many other duplicatable cereals are available under the Great Value label, such as cinnamon crunch, strawberry crunch, and honey nuts O’s. This helps budgeting families to stretch their dollars a bit further.

  • 22. George’s Prepared Foods Makes Great Value Bacon
  • Who Makes Great Value Products For Walmart? (27 Products Listed!)

    George’s Prepared Foods in Caryville (Tennessee) produces pork products. Walmart’s Great Value bacon rivals big brands, so why spend more?

  • Great Value original, hickory-smoked bacon is almost twice as salty at $3.47/lb. This compares to Oscar Mayer hardwood bacon which costs $6.98. These prices will be a challenge for big brands!
  • 23. Great Value Bread Is Made By Sara Lee
  • Bread is a staple grocery in anyone’s kitchen, so who manufactures it? Sara Lee Company’s Great Value bread is baked in the same plant as Rainbo bread buns, Nature’s Own loaves and their own brand. The Great Value brand is a great example of how quality doesn’t mean you have to compromise on value.

    A 20-ounce loaf Whole Wheat Bread for $1.48 will cost you 7C/ ounce. Nature’s Own Bread costs 10.99. This is a simple decision.

  • 24. Land O’Lakes Manufactures Great Value Butter
  • Land O’Lakes and BlueBonnet are said to manufacture Great Value butter for Walmart in the same locations they produce their own butter products. Walmart will have both Butter brands, but the one you choose is likely to be cheaper.

    Half sticks of Land O’Lakes butter cost $2.57, which is the same price as double the amount of a 2-pack of 8 sticks that costs $5.88. Great Value butter sells at 32.1C/ oz, while Land O’Lakes butter retails for 18.4C/ oz.

  • Walmart Canada Corporation sells great value beef jerky made by a private manufacturer.
  • . Great Value beefjerky in 10-packs is an affordable snack that won’t break the bank. The price per ounce for Great Value beef jerky is $9.54 Jack Link’s beefjerky sells for $11.43, but this is a significant discount.

  • 26. Walmart Makes Great Value Milk In Its Dairy Plant
  • Walmart has its own Fort Wayne, Indiana dairy plant that produces gallon-sized jugs with whole milk, skim, plain and chocolate milks to ensure the highest possible pricing.

    According to sources, Walmart plans on purchasing milk from 25 farmers within 210 miles radius of its new facility.

    Great Value milk has a noticeable lower price than imported brands. Parmalat milk, on the other hand, is more expensive at 7C/per fluid ounce. Great Value wholemilk costs $3.57/flavour ounce which amounts to 3.57 cents per gallon.

  • 27. Great Value Mayonnaise Made By Kraft
  • You may be a big fan of mayonnaise and you will find it interesting to learn that Kraft, a global brand, is now the producer of Great Value Mayonnaise. There is no difference in the price of the products, other than their packaging.

    A 42-ounce, fluid-ounce jar of Great Value Mayonnaise costs $3.88 (8C per fl. oz). Kraft’s mayonnaise is nearly one dollar more.

    Who Makes Great Value Products For Walmart? (27 Products Listed!)

    Is There a Place Where Great Value Products Are Made?

    Walmart doesn’t often list the manufacturer’s exact location on Great Value products. Walmart assures their customers that all of its products come from U.S.-based sources. These great-value product producers are found in America as well as Canada.

    Do Great Value and Good Brands Go Together?

    Yes. Many Great Value Value value products come from the same factories that manufacture big brands. Additionally, Great Value groceries are often made from the same ingredients used in branded goods, meaning you’ll barely notice a difference in taste. Great Value goods stand apart because of their affordable price.

    See our other posts to learn why Walmart’s chicken and beef are so affordable.

  • Conclusion
  • ConAgra, Sara Lee, and ConAgra are well-known producers of Great Value groceries like peanut butter, cheese and salsa. Walmart also produces milk in its Fort Wayne dairy facility. Agaia also makes Great Value laundry detergent, and other cleaning products. Danon, McCormick and Wells are also manufacturers.

    Where does Walmart get its great value products from?

    As a house or store brand, the Great Value line does not consist of goods produced by Walmart, but is a labeling system for items manufactured and packaged by a number of agricultural and food corporations, such as ConAgra, and Sara Lee which, in addition to releasing products under its own brand and exclusively for …

    Who Is The Manufacturer Of Great Value?

    ConAgra is known for producing Great Value products. ConAgra operates a U.S.-based milling company that produces Great Value flour. Walmart’s substitute is the most affordable on its grocery market. The Great Value flour can be produced either in Canada or the United States.

    How do you make great half-and-half?


    What Is Walmart Great Value Brand?

    Walmart’s largest retail brand and covering many household consumables items, the Great Value Line includes frozen foods, dinners for up to 100 people, as well as cans of sliced bread, canned food, dinners for two, trash bags, light bulbs.

    .Who Makes Great Value Products For Walmart? (27 Products Listed!)

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