What Does Delivered To Agent Mean Usps

What Does Delivered To Agent Mean Usps In 2022? (+ Other Faqs)

  • There are several options for US Postal Service to deliver a shipment. It is possible that delivery methods may not be within the customer’s control. You can take for example “Delivered by Agent.”
  • You may have been curious about the meaning of this notification. Well, I’ve researched the topic, so here’s all you need to know about it!
  • What Does Delivered To Agent Mean USPS In 2022? (+ Other FAQs)

    What will Delivered To Agent In 2022 Mean for USPS?

    When your USPS mail carrier leaves the package at someone’s home or door, the term “Delivered TO Agent For Final Delivery” refers to that person receiving the package. The package is then placed in the hands of “delivery agents”, which are responsible for completing delivery.

  • To learn more about what a USPS delivery agent is, what you should do if your package was given to a delivery agent, what a shipping agent is and other common questions, keep reading!
  • What Is A USPS Delivery Agent?

    Although the title may sound ominous, delivery agents for the Postal Service can take your package to you, and make sure that you receive it.

    This could include a front desk worker, your child’s roommate, or a coworker.

    The majority of postal carriers will not make someone a delivery person if they aren’t trustworthy.

    That said, mistakes do happen, and you can lodge a complaint with your local Post Office if you feel someone was designated a delivery agent, and they shouldn’t be.

    What Does Delivered To Agent Mean USPS In 2022? (+ Other FAQs)

    What Do You Do If Your USPS Package Was Delivered To An Agent?

    Do not panic if your USPS tracking shows that you received an alert stating, “Delivered TO Agent For Final Delivery.”

    The delivery location should also be a clue as to who you are able to speak to.

    You can also text your family members to find out if anyone took your package.

    If it went to your work zip code, call the office and see if they have it.

    Finally, if you aren’t sure where your package was delivered, contact your local Post Office, and someone can help you locate it.

    What Happens When Your USPS Packet Says It Has Been Delivered to Agent But Wasn’t?

    Do not panic if you receive your package and it says that “Delivered to Agent”.

    First and foremost, it could be that someone in your family received it and placed it out of reach.

    To jog the memories of others, speak to them at work, home or in delivery locations.

    Also, if the client is still not satisfied, add another day.

    Further, it may take an extra day because Postal workers may and do consider themselves delivery agents.

    They will often scan and leave the parcel on their truck if it is the last day of the mail carrier’s shift.

    You would then see the “Delivered TO Agent” message and can expect to receive the parcel the following day.

    But if it takes more than a week before you receive your parcel, it is worth calling the Post Office in order to make a claim online and have them start searching.

    What Does Delivered To Agent Mean USPS In 2022? (+ Other FAQs)

    What does USPS Mean by Picked up by Shipping Agent?

  • Another notification USPS has for packages is “Picked Up By Shipping Agent” or “Picked Up And Processed By Agent.”
  • Although the latter agent is a third-party provider of services, this process is unique.

    Rather than a delivery, “Picked Up By Shipping Agent” is for customers making returns using USPS’s Parcel Return Service.

  • USPS’ website reports that any packages that have tracking information and include a zip code for delivery have been “consolidated” at USPS facilities.
  • The mailers will be returned to the distributor center by a third-party provider.
  • You can read our USPS posts to learn more. These include whether USPS delivers Sundays and if USPS delivers directly to your door. What to do if USPS sends mail to the wrong address.

  • Conclusion
  • When USPS marks your package as “Delivered To Agent For Final Delivery,” that simply means that someone at your residence has received it and is entrusted to get it into your hands.

    However, if you cannot find your package, give it at least one business day; beyond that, you can reach out to your local Post Office and file a missing package claim.

    .What Does Delivered To Agent Mean Usps In 2022? (+ Other Faqs)

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