What Does Available For Pickup Mean Usps? + Other Faqs

What Does Available For Pickup Mean Usps? + Other Faqs

USPS Tracking is a great feature for shipping. It comes with several notifications that will help you track where your parcel is.

  • But what does the “available for pickup” notification mean, and what do you do about it? What did I discover?
  • What Does Available For Pickup Mean USPS? + Other FAQs

    What does USPS 2022’s Available for Pickup Look Like?

    USPS has made your package available for pickup. This means the parcel was not delivered to you, and that it is unavailable to be collected at your house. If a delivery fails, the parcel is highly valuable or the courier has forgotten to take it.

  • Keep reading to discover how to cut down on time and effort in arranging for a pickup of a shipment.
  • When can I pick up my Package?

    The best thing about having your package moved and made available for pick-up is the freedom to choose when and where you wish to take it.

  • Important to remember is that your package will not be kept by the Post Office forever.
  • In general, packages will be available to pick up at the post office for up 15 days before being returned to their sender.

    What Does Available For Pickup Mean USPS? + Other FAQs

    Why is my USPS Tracking Device indicating that it’s available for pick up?

    There are three main reasons that a package becomes available for pickup rather than being delivered to your door, which are listed below from most to least common.

    Failure to deliver a package on delivery is usually the first reason why a package becomes available for pickup.

    A courier cannot deliver packages that require a signature if you aren’t at home. Instead, they must take it back to the postoffice.

    Sometimes your package may not be available until multiple delivery attempts are made. However, packages that arrive during Christmas or any other busy season will likely be moved by the post office to make them pickable sooner.

    You may also see a listing for a package that is available to pick up. This is due to the fact that your package, whatever it might be, is just too precious not be taken home.

    Sometimes merchants will choose this option when sending a package containing precious metals.

    Either way, this is an option selected at the time of shipping that requests that the post office hold the item for pickup to avoid the item being lost or stolen.

    It is possible that the human factor, which may be less common but still very likely to cause your package not being available for pickup, has caused it to become unavailable.

    USPS processes hundreds of million of pieces of mail per day. This leaves ample room for just a handful of items to go unnoticed.

    It’s possible for a courier to accidentally leave your parcel at the Post Office while they are on their way. This will prevent you from bumming down your courier or delaying your shipment further.

    This is most common at Christmas because there are so many packages. Pushing the packages up until the next morning could lead to serious problems for courier productivity.

  • You can pick your package up no matter what reason. This gives you control over when the package arrives and keeps it safe.
  • How can I get a USPS Package?

    The next question is how to pick your package up at the postoffice and what information you require.

  • The majority of times, getting your package is quite simple.
  • You should always have proof of identity and your tracking number handy in case someone needs to verify you before they hand over your package.

    You can also visit the post office to let the clerk or postal worker know that you have an item available for collection.

    They’ll likely ask for your name and ID to help verify your identity before giving you the package, but they may also request additional information like the tracking number.

    Learn more about USPS delivery service by visiting our post on whether you can pick-up a package at USPS or if USPS ships at night and how much USPS costs per item.

  • Conclusion
  • USPS does not notify you that the package is available for pickup. It means that it won’t arrive at your house by USPS. Instead, the recipient must go to their local post office to pick up the package.

    You may experience this because of failed delivery attempts, packages that are too costly to be left on your doorstep or from a courier who forgot to drop it off.

    It is important that you note when you receive this notification that your package will be returned to sender within 15 days.

    Your ID and tracking number are required to collect your package from the postal office. This will allow them to confirm your identity.

    .What Does Available For Pickup Mean Usps? + Other Faqs

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