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Usps Book Shipping In 2022 (Price, Delivery Times + More)

USPS has services available to ship virtually anything, it seems. USPS Media Mail, a service that allows you to send books by USPS is an outstanding option.

  • However, you may have some questions about Media Mail. Like, how much does USPS charge for Media Mail shipping? Keep reading to find out more about shipping costs and the rules you need to follow!
  • USPS Books Shipping in 2022
  • USPS provides several options for shipping books starting in 2022. With its Media Mail program, in addition to Priority Mail Express Express (Priority Mail Express), the postal service also provides extremely low shipping rates. Media Mail packages arrive within two to eight days and cost on average more than half of other options.

  • You can find out more information about Media Mail and the cost of shipping.
  • USPS Book Shipping In 2022 (Price, Delivery Times + More)

    Which is the cheapest way to ship a book with USPS?

    Media Mail for books shipping through USPS is the least expensive option. Media Mail can be used to ship books for less than 1 pound. That’s more than many individual books. It costs only $3.19.

    Priority Mail Pricing starts at $7.95 for a comparitive package and increases depending on its size and weight.

    As you can see, that makes Media Mail more than 50% cheaper than Priority Mail.

    What is the shipping cost for a book shipped with USPS?

    Media Mail Prices start at $3.19. They increase depending on the weight of each pound.

    For packages weighing less than 2.6 pounds, you’ll need to round it up to 3 pounds.

    Here’s an example of Media Mail shipping costs based upon weight.

  • 3.99 – Weight does not exceed 1 pound
  • Do not exceed 2 pounds in weight: $3.82
  • Maximum weight is 3 lbs: 4.45
  • You shouldn’t weigh more than four pounds.
  • Weight doesn’t exceed five pounds: $5.71
  • Weight doesn’t exceed six pounds: $6.34
  • Weight doesn’t exceed seven pounds: $6.97
  • Weight doesn’t exceed eight pounds: $7.60
  • Weight doesn’t exceed nine pounds: $8.23
  • 8.86
  • Media Mail packages are able to weigh as high as 70 pounds. I only include shipping charges up to ten pounds to keep it simple.

    USPS Book Shipping In 2022 (Price, Delivery Times + More)

    Why Is USPS Media Mail So Cheap?

    Media Mail is inexpensive for a few reasons. Media Mail is a USPS-subsidized service.

    It is slower than most other shipping options and only offers the most basic options. Compliance checks are also required. Let’s examine each one.

    Since over 80 years, USPS has subsidized Media Mail.

    Since the 1938 creation of the program by President Roosevelt, the purpose has been to encourage individuals to send education materials to the post.

    USPS purchases books and educational materials for a loss. Media Mail can be accessed at such a low price because of this.

    Media Mail is also more economical than traditional shipping options. Media Mail can arrive in as little as two to eight days, but it may take longer.

    A Priority Mail package delivered on cross-country trips will arrive four times quicker than a Media Mail mail package.

    Media Mail is also affordable because it offers a very basic service.

    Priority Mail has up to $50 worth of insurance. Priority Mail can send or return it for free. Media Mail gets only a oneway ticket.

    With that, if a Media Mail package has to be forwarded or returned, the recipient or the sender will have to pay the extra postage before getting the box.

    In addition, Media Mail insurance costs extra.

    Media Mail is also cheap, as it is the only mail class that the post office can open legally and check the contents.

    This means that if you attempt to add a few more items to your book shipment, USPS may open it, find out you’re not only sending books and punish you.

    Technically speaking, USPS could charge you for mail fraud. It’s likely, however that your package will be returned to you or held by USPS for the postage due from the recipient.

    If it is, both you and your recipient will need to pay the Media Mail rate plus any First-Class/Priority Mail charges.

    How long does USPS Media Mail take?

    USPS claims that Media Mail arrives within two to eight business day.

    It is important to remember that the distance it travels and the busyness of USPS can make it take longer.

    USPS Book Shipping In 2022 (Price, Delivery Times + More)

    Is USPS actually able to check media mail?

    The USPS certifies Media Mail’s contents, although not nearly as often as one might think. USPS’s process is more spot-checking rather than a thorough review.

    USPS cannot keep up with the volume of Media Mail mail packages it receives every day. USPS is responsible for more than 173,000,000 pieces First-Class mail each day.

    The USPS doesn’t have the time or resources to check all Media Mail mail packages.

    This is why USPS inspects thousands of Media Mail packages every day.

    It may not seem like much at first, but that’s a small amount compared to how many letters were sent using Media Mail postage.

    As long as the package meets USPS standards, there are high chances that your package won’t be flagged.

    How Do I Package Books For Shipping With USPS?

    Follow these steps to ensure that your books arrive at their destination intact.

  • 1. Collect Supplies
  • Shipping box
  • Rolle of corrugated cardboard
  • Tape for packing
  • Scissors
  • Clear plastic bag
  • You can also use bubble wrap or packing peanuts to pack your items.
  • Books
  • 2. Keep the book in a clear plastic bag
  • Put the book in a clear plastic bag or bubble wrap and close the zip lock if using a bag. You can also tape the bag closed if the zip lock is not available.

  • 3. Cardboard Cardboard to Secure The Book
  • Use a corrugated paper roll to cover books. It will prevent them from being damaged during shipping.

  • 4. Place The Books In A Shipping Box And Add More Protection
  • To protect your books, you can wrap them in packing material like packing peanuts, bubble wrap or craft paper.

  • 5. Send the books to us with a shipping label
  • Go to the Post Office and request a stamp. You may also print it at home. After your package is complete, you can hand it in to USPS.
  • For more information, please visit our USPS blog posts about USPS laptop shipping and USPS guitar shipping. You also can find USPS media mail delivery times.

  • Conclusion
  • USPS Media Mail can be a good option when shipping books. Not only are rates more than 50% cheaper than other services, but your package will still arrive in a timely manner.

  • You can still send books to your friends and family by using the postal mail, provided you accept that it is a non-standard service.
  • .Usps Book Shipping In 2022 (Price, Delivery Times + More)

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