Does Usps Print Labels?

Does Usps Print Labels? (Is It Free, Types Of Labels + More)

The United States Postal Service has made shipping and receiving mail an effortless, convenient facet of everyday life.

USPS provides affordable shipping options for any size order, including standard letter sizes and up to 70-lb. parcels.

Is it possible for USPS to print labels on behalf of their customers? Are you able to print your own labels? The answer is here.

Does USPS Print Labels? (Is It Free, Types Of Labels + More)

What 2022 USPS label printing will look like?

United States Postal Service has a program that lets customers create shipping labels from home and get them printed in the store for no extra charge. These labels are available to those without a printer and small-business owners who have an ecommerce store. USPS offers free printing of labels, however the shipping cost is extra.

  • Learn more below about what it costs for USPS to print labels.
  • Does USPS Print Labels For Free?

    The USPS prints shipping labels free of charge, but it’s worth noting that only the printing service is included and not the shipping label.

    Let’s go back.

    Just recently, U.S. Postal Service has announced the merger of their Label Broker program and Click-N-Ship.

    Click-NShip is their feature which allows customers to print shipping labels right from home.

    USPS indicated that they would address a common problem faced by many: The lack of easy access to a printer.

    It was noted by the group that more and more people are working from home so it is important to fix the apparent lack of printing access.

    Enter the Label Broker/Click-N-Ship integration, which makes it easy for both small business owners and their customers to access shipping labels when they need them.

    Although the shipping label will need to be purchased and may vary in cost depending on the parcel, the USPS provides printing services at no extra charge.

    Label Broker provides a great solution for customers who want or need free shipping.

    Does USPS Print Labels? (Is It Free, Types Of Labels + More)

    What’s the USPS label broker?

    The USPS Label Broker service gives postal customers easy access to shipping labels even if they do not have a printer at their home.

    Anybody who doesn’t have access to a printer may use this service for shipping labels. They can then be printed without charge.

    This is particularly important for those who own small businesses and store online that sell items that may require extra shipping or returns.

    Label Broker will work in tandem with USPS’s Other Service, Click-N­Ship.

    According to USPS, Label Broker can also be used as the printing option once the label transaction is complete.

    It will say “Print Your Labels” while “Print Labels later at The Post Office” is your last option. Choose that and then enter your email.

    The USPS will send you a QR code via email. If you are a small-business owner you can email your customer directly or forward it to them if necessary.

    Either they or you may take the code with them to the Post Office Counter. The postal worker will scan and then print the label free of charge.

    You must attach it to your package before you can mail. You can’t take it home.

    What Labels Does the USPS Print on Your Order?

    USPS will print whatever types of labels their Click-N-Ship service supports.

    As of right now, this includes Priority Mail Express or Priority Mail Express. Priority Mail International is also included. Global Express Guaranteed

    If you (or your customer) print the USPS Label in the Post Office, the recipient must attach the label to their package.

    The Label Broker service is not intended for printing the label at the post office then returning it home.

    Be sure to remind your customers to bring the package to the USPS Post Office.

    Does USPS Print Labels? (Is It Free, Types Of Labels + More)

    Are You Looking for a Prepaid Shipping Label at USPS

    Label Broker may not be available at all post offices.

    This can be done here using the locator tool.

    Enter your location and a list of post offices near you will appear. Click on each address to see the details.

    If Label Broker is supported by the shop, the service will be included in the “Services At This Location” section as shown below.

    The label broker appears to be quite common in most post offices.

    You can also search for it in smaller towns with one or fewer post offices.

    How can I get a USPS shipping label printed from my cell phone?

    Two ways to get your QR code from Label Broker into the post office:

    You can first show your USPS teller QR code using your phone. This is the most straightforward. This is all that’s required to scan and print the QR code.

    The QR code can be printed and brought to the office.

    Does USPS Print Labels? (Is It Free, Types Of Labels + More)

    While this may sound odd, it is true. Are you printing the document because there’s no printer at your home?

    As paradoxical as it sounds, perhaps you ran out of packing tape to affix the label at home, or you have bad handwriting that makes the USPS puzzle over your intended destination.

    Whatever case it may be, USPS relies on people to bring in the QR code of Label Broker via their mobile phones.

    Our posts include information on whether USPS notarizes documentation, how USPS scans packages and what USPS does to update tracking.

  • Conclusion
  • The United States Postal Service offers free printing of shipping labels via their Label Broker/Click-N-Ship mash-up.

    This is a great tool that anyone can use to save time and money.

    .Does Usps Print Labels? (Is It Free, Types Of Labels + More)

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