Does Usps Deliver On Sunday?

Does Usps Deliver On Sunday? (First Class, Priority + More)

Our fast-paced lives have made us accustomed 24/7 access to news, information and shopping.

It’s not surprising that Sundays have become less of a day for relaxation and rest than they once were. Perhaps you have seen the USPS truck from your windows on Sundays.

  • So, does USPS deliver on Sunday? It might surprise and delight you to find out the truth!
  • Does USPS Deliver On Sunday? (First Class, Priority + More)

    Does USPS Deliver On Sunday In 2022?

    The United States Postal Service does make some deliveries on Sundays, which typically include Priority Express mail, as well as Amazon packages. USPS cannot deliver First-Class, Priority mail or other types of mail on Sundays. Priority Express shipping is a premium service that is much more expensive than First-Class mail and includes a next-day or 2-day guarantee.

  • Below you will find information about the types of mail that USPS delivers on Sundays and how much they cost. You can also find out if your nearest post office is open on Sundays.
  • Is First Class Mail Delivered by USPS on Sunday?

    Unfortunately, First-Class mail is not delivered by the United States Postal Service on Sundays.

    First-class mail is the type of mail we associate with “normal” mail. That includes letters, bills, or any item sent with at least one stamp.

    Furthermore, First-Class mail was designed to deliver items in a reasonable time frame.

    For Sunday delivery, First Class mail will not be accepted.

    Does USPS Deliver On Sunday? (First Class, Priority + More)

    Can USPS Send Priority Mail Sunday?

    Just like First-Class delivery, USPS does not deliver Priority Mail on Sundays. However, Priority Express Mail will deliver on Sundays.

    Priority Mail Express and Priority Mail Express are different in terms of shipping times, as well as the prices.

    Priority Mail, for example, ships within 1-3 business day, but there is no guarantee.

    Priority Express however is an entirely different ballgame.

    The Priority Express delivery option is available to people who have urgent needs. Priority Express can be delivered by USPS on Sunday.

    You can select next-day, 2-day, or same day delivery depending on where you are and the recipient.

    According to the USPS, most U.S. addresses can be reached next-day. This is especially true for flat-rate envelopes and postcard-sized mailpieces.

    For a nominal fee, however, you can mail next-day Priority Express shipping to an item on a Saturday. It will reach its destination in time for Sunday.

    The price for this service is $12.50. This includes the base cost for next-day, 2-day, and 3-day shipping.

  • This fee will be charged for delivery to a bank holiday.
  • Priority Express also includes tracking and insurance, as well as the guarantee that if the mailpiece doesn’t reach the destination by 6:30 p.m. on its expected date, you get your money back.

    What Does Sunday Delivery by USPS Cost?

    Priority Express orders that will be delivered on a Sunday can incur a $26.35 charge plus $12.50 for delivery.

    Keep in mind, however, that the base charge is the least expensive price for the lightest weight; the more your package weighs, the more you can expect to pay.

    The tool below can help you calculate your shipping costs.

    Priority Express is the only service that USPS offers domestically that delivers on a Sunday.

    The Postal Service and Amazon negotiated a 2013 deal to ship packages on Sundays.

    The program began in large cities but has now expanded to encompass a larger area of the United States.

    Amazon also delivers on Sundays without additional charges.

    Does USPS Deliver On Sunday? (First Class, Priority + More)

    What Time Does USPS Deliver Mail On Sunday?

    While delivery times can vary depending on the item, USPS will guarantee that it arrives by its scheduled day if Priority Express is used.

    Sender eligible to receive a full refund

    Amazon parcels are the second type of mail USPS delivers to on Sundays. The company leaves a large window for delivery.

    Checking on your delivery status will show you that it is extended up to 8-9 or 10 pm.

    There are high chances that your package will arrive sooner than you expect. states that the Sunday postal carrier are not the regulars of the week, but “temps” who work on Sundays to make extra money.

    Is there a Sunday opening of the Post Office?

    USPS occasionally delivers on Sundays. However, post offices stay closed.

    USPS considers Monday to Saturday regular business days, however Sunday is the only day that full-time postal employees can expect to have off.

    Even though you are unable to go to the postal office for anything Sunday morning, you can still use many of the online USPS tools such as printing labels and scheduling pick-ups.

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  • Conclusion
  • USPS doesn’t deliver First-Class mail or Priority mail Sundays. However, they will cover Priority Express and Amazon parcels.

    Priority Express delivery on Sunday costs extra $12.50 but includes money-back assurance that your order will arrive within the time frame specified.

    .Does Usps Deliver On Sunday? (First Class, Priority + More)

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