Can You Use Duct Tape On Usps Packages

Can You Use Duct Tape On Usps Packages In 2022? (Guide)

Can You Use Duct Tape On USPS Packages In 2022? (Guide)

We all turn to duct tape to aid in all sorts of issues but can it be used to ship and send a USPS package?

It is important to ensure that your parcel arrives where it should. Here are the guidelines for tapes that you can use on USPS mail packages.

Is it possible to ship a USPS package with duct tape in 2022?

You cannot use duct tape to send a USPS parcel. The USPS is strict about what tape can be used and duct tape does not belong on their approved list. USPS will refuse to send you any packages with ducttape on them. They will instead offer you their approved packing tape to buy.

  • You will find out which other options USPS accepts. We’ll also discuss why ducttape doesn’t belong on this list. Keep on reading!
  • Can You Use Duct Tape On USPS Packages In 2022? (Guide)

    Why Can’t You Use Duct Tape On USPS Packages?

    While Duct Tape has many uses, it is best to use its abilities elsewhere.

    Duct tape will not stick well to cardboard, so it’s not an ideal choice for sealing and protecting packages in transit.

    USPS is concerned that your package arrives at destination in good condition. They have specific rules regarding what materials may be used. Unfortunately, due to its weak gripping power, duct tape cannot be used.

    Is USPS allowed to give away tape?

    USPS is a simple shipping service. You must purchase all shipping materials.

    USPS cannot supply you with free tape. You are responsible for making sure that the package is properly taped shut using approved tape.

    If you are unsure if it is the right tape, USPS has its own tape available to purchase. Additionally, you can also purchase approved shipping tape directly from the USPS website.

    Can You Use Duct Tape On USPS Packages In 2022? (Guide)

    What kind of tape does the USPS accept?

    USPS recommends that you use a standard, clear packing tape to secure your cardboard package.

    Standard packing tapes can be used. You decide what one you prefer and how much. However, paper tape is not approved by the company.

    Most general retailers and grocery stores carry packing tape. You can order the tape online, as well as purchase it from your local USPS.

    What Tape is Best?

    For most standard boxes, clear packing tape is the best route. Because packing tape can adhere to cardboard it is the best choice for sealing your packages.

    It will suffice to place a few strips of tape in the centre of your box to make sure it reaches its destination safely.

    For more information, please visit our other posts on whether USPS scans packages or not, as well as if USPS certifies documents. You also can see how USPS tracks updates.

  • Conclusion
  • USPS accepts a few different types of tape but duct tape is not one of them. Duct tape is not designed to aid in shipping boxes and opting for a standard packing tape is your best bet to ensure you don’t run into any issues.

    Shipping tape can be purchased directly by the USPS for those who are unsure about which tape to choose.

    .Can You Use Duct Tape On Usps Packages In 2022? (Guide)

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