Does Aldi Sell Tofu

Does Aldi Sell Tofu In 2022? (Locations, Types, Price + More)

Although vegans and vegetarians make up a tiny minority of Americans, their view of meat consumption is growing in popularity.

As more people try meatless foods, supermarkets have expanded their product lines.

  • With an established selection of meat-free foods, you might be wondering if Aldi sells tofu, that soy-based staple in vegetarian and vegan cooking. This is what you need before going to Aldi!
  • Does Aldi Sell Tofu In 2022? (Locations, Types, Price + More)

    Aldi to Sell Tofu By 2022

    Aldi sells tofu under their exclusive, plant-based brand Earth Grown in 2022. Aldi offers tofu in extra firm, everyday, and regular varieties. They sell it for $1.75 per box. However, it does not appear that Aldi tofu is available in all stores.

  • If you are wondering what kind of tofu you can find at Aldi, where you can locate it, and why your store might not carry it? These details are included in the article.
  • Aldi What Type Of Tofu Do They Sell?

    Aldi’s extra-firm tofu as well as their regular firm were brought back by Aldi in the early 2021s to much acclaim from those who eat a plant-based diet.

    These products form part of Aldi’s Earth Grown private brand, vegan and vegetarian options.

    Aldi tofu can be a wonderful source of protein for vegans as well as vegetarians. Each three-ounce serving contains eight grams. An entire package contains 14 ounces of tofu.

    PETA, an animal rights group based in California, also recognized Aldi as a “great option for vegan shoppers” by awarding the supermarket chain a Topgrocer award in 2020.

    Aldi also sells tofu as part of their ALDI Finds collection. These tofu packages come with seven ounces and can be marinated in Teriyaki or Sriracha.

    Does Aldi Sell Tofu In 2022? (Locations, Types, Price + More)

    Aldi’s Tofu: How Much?

    Aldi’s Tofu costs only $1.75 for both firm and extra-firm. Brand name Nasoya is available at Walmart and costs $2.64 per 14-ounces.

    Where Is Aldi’s Tofu Located In Stores?

    Locating plant-based products in any store can be a hassle, so here is what you need to know about actually finding tofu in your Aldi.

    If your store carries it (more on that in the next section), it will be located in the refrigerated shelving area.

    It is not to be confused the refrigerated coolers where the milk juices, bacon and eggs are kept. The refrigerated shelving section (no door) houses the deli items such as sliced meats, cheeses and pickles. They are stored.

    It may be found near Take and Bake, for example.

    Do You Have Anyplace Else I Can Get Tofu

    You may need other meat substitutes made from plant-based proteins, such as tofu. Whole Foods or Costco will carry it. Target also carries the product.

    For more information on Aldi’s food offerings, check out the related posts. Find out whether Aldi also sells chocolates, bacon and ice-cream.

  • Conclusion
  • Aldi has firm and extra firm options for $1.75. But it’s not always easy to find them in stores.

    However, shoppers report that it is possible to find high-quality, great products.

    Do You Have Tofu at Aldi

    Aldi What Type Of Tofu Do They Sell? The entire package has 14 ounces. PETA, an animal rights group based in California, awarded Aldi a Top Grocer award in 2020. They also highlighted Aldi’s tofu as a “great option for vegan shoppers”. Aldi also offers tofu in their ALDI Finds line.

    What is the Difference between Extra Firm and Firm Tofu

    Extra-firm tofu has less water than firm tofu, which you notice in the difference in texture. Although the culinary options of extra-firm and firm are nearly identical, extra-firm doesn’t soak marinades. Extra-firm can be pan-fried, stir-fryed, or deep-fried in a much simpler manner.

    Why is There Not Tofu Available in The Grocery Outlet?

    Since U.S. coronavirus shutdowns began in mid-March, tofu shortages have been reported from Seattle to Washington, D.C., with manufacturers struggling to keep up with demand even as grocery stores rationed sales to customers.Sep 21, 2020

    Do Aldi Finds Come Back?

    Aldi Finds are sometimes rediscovered more often than once per year. These reappearances are most prevalent with small products and food items. For example, some regional or ethnic foods reappear a few times a year — or even once every couple of months — as do, on some occasions, specific car-related accessories.Jan 3, 2019

    .Does Aldi Sell Tofu In 2022? (Locations, Types, Price + More)

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