Walmart Tire Warranty Explained 2022

Walmart Tire Warranty Explained 2022 (What’S Covered + Price)

Walmart sells several top tire brands at low prices. This selection will help you find the best tire brand for your needs.

  • But, when you find the perfect tire, you want it to last! Walmart’s tire warranty is a great resource. To find out more about Walmart’s helpful warranty, just keep reading!
  • Walmart Tire Warranty 2022
  • Walmart now offers two different tire warranty plans. Walmart Road Hazard Warranty (40/$10/tire) provides coverage for flat tires, general wear and tear over the life of tires. Walmart’s Limited Lifetime Balance Warranty ($56 per automobile) protects tire balancing, rotation services, and other tire-related activities.

    Also, you can purchase one or both of these warranties when purchasing tires at Walmart’s Auto Care Centers.

  • Keep reading for more information about each warranty plan.
  • Walmart Tire Warranty Explained 2022 (What's Covered + Price)

    What is the Walmart Tire Balance Warranty?

  • This plan will have you covered for the entire lifespan of the Walmart tires!
  • The initial payment is $40-$56 per vehicle. After that, you will get free tire balancing and/or rotation services.

    This warranty plan is very helpful for maintaining the health of your tires and is available to purchase alongside Walmart’s tires at any Walmart Tire & Lube Express store.

    Walmart Tires: What is the Road Hazard Warranty?

    Road Hazard Warranty Plan is available for approximately $56 per vehicle or $14 per tire and includes maintenance.

  • This warranty covers you for any road-related damage or wear.
  • This plan covers flat tire repairs as well as non-repairables within the first 25 percent.

    All Walmart Tire & Lube Express stores nationwide offer the Road Hazard Warranty.

    Walmart Tire Warranty Explained 2022 (What's Covered + Price)

    What is the difference between tire warranties at Walmart and other retailers?

    Our research has shown that both the warranty plans are good for as long as the tires last. They also come at a similar price, $40 to $56 per 4 tires.

    Walmart recommends buying both warranties plans for tires. But ultimately, it’s up to you as the customer.

    These experts suggest that the Lifetime Balance plan addresses a basic need for tires and is more effective in fitting them. The Road Hazard warranty covers any damage to the tires over time.

    Walmart Tire’s Balance Plan Lifetime Warranty Will It Last?

    The plan is good for as long as the Walmart tire has been bought with, up to the point that you either decide to stop using the tire or purchase another one.

    Walmart Tire Warranty Explained 2022 (What's Covered + Price)

    Walmart Roadhazard Warranty: What’s the Lifespan?

    This plan covers the life span of the Walmart tire that the warranty is bought with until the customer decides to change the tire completely (estimated 25,000-mile life span for tires).

    What Is Covered In Walmart’s Road Hazard Warranty For Tires?

    This plan generally is regarded as an add on’ or ‘extra’ warranty with respect to Walmart’s Lifetime Balance Plan.

    This warranty plan is ideal for people who are more likely to stay with one tire for long periods of time.

    Furthermore, the warranty protects your tires from wear and tear including damage due to potholes.

    Walmart Tire Warranty Explained 2022 (What's Covered + Price)

    How do you file a Walmart Tire Warranty claim in Person?

    If your appointment was not made over the telephone, you will be able to schedule one in person at your Walmart local auto service center.

    They may be able to serve you right away, however, this is dependent on their staff availability.

    What Is Walmart’s Return And Exchange Policy For Tires?

    If you do not have a warranty that covers your tires, you can return an unused tire from Walmart within 90 days of the initial purchase date.

    You must provide your receipt and any original tags, though whether the return is accepted is at the staff’s discretion and, therefore, can differ from store to store.

    Walmart’s Road Hazard Warranty allows you to exchange or repair your tires if they are damaged.

    Walmart Tire Warranty Explained 2022 (What’S Covered + Price)

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