Target Shoplifting Policy

Target Shoplifting Policy In 2022 (No Chase, Detaining + More)

Target is a popular target for shoplifters, who can sneak out and steal items from its stores without being noticed.

  • You might wonder what Target’s policy is on shoplifting and security. These are the results of my research.
  • Shoplifting Policy in Target In 2022
  • Target’s shoplifting policy was established in 2022. This involves surveillance systems with facial recognition, loss prevention security guards, and several deterrence strategies. The penalties range from store bans and fines to write-ups.

  • Continue reading to find out more information about Target’s shoplifting policy and whether Target has the ability to press charges against shoplifters.
  • Target Shoplifting Policy In 2022 (No Chase, Detaining + More)

    What Is Target’s Shoplifting Policy?

    Target enforces its shoplifting policy by placing security guards and surveillance equipment in all stores to find and apprehend shoplifters.

    Target will notify the police if the shoplifting is high-value or hazardous.

    Target enforces a no chase policy on shoplifters if they leave Target and attempt to run.

    Target has surveillance cameras in-store?

    Target offers extensive security features in stores, including 24-hour monitored surveillance cameras.

    These cameras include facial recognition technology and software for image analytics to assist with shoplifting prevention.

    Therefore customers have to be under continuous surveillance as they enter and exit the store.

    Target Shoplifting Policy In 2022 (No Chase, Detaining + More)

    Target Can Stop Shoplifters

    Target Asset Protection Security officers do not usually make an arrest until the suspected shoplifter leaves the store.

    You can request security to have a person stopped in specific situations by requesting a “variance exit” authorization.

    In order for this to take place, one must first be able to see the person approaching, taking and hiding the merchandise. Next, one should be able to observe the person purposefully going to the end point for payment.

    Can Target Detain Shoplifters?

    Asset protection target security guards have broad authority to hold someone, provided that they can provide reasonable evidence.

    Target’s security guards can ask the customer for assistance if they observe a theft or witness the customer leave without paying.

    Target Shoplifting Policy In 2022 (No Chase, Detaining + More)

    Target Shoppers’ Bags Searchable for Shoplifted Goods

    Target may check your shopping bag, provided that it is not mandatory and the customer consents.

    But they can’t search your clothing and personal items like your purse.

    Target security officers often approach minor thefts less intimidatingly. They try to get the shoplifter out of the store by convincing him to walk away without the item.

    Does Target Have A No Chase Policy For Shoplifters?

    Target’s in-store security officers are not allowed to chase after shoplifters if they try and run.

    Target has a “no chase policy”. Target security officers will follow shoplifters from a safe distance and observe.

    Meanwhile, Target’s security personnel can relay that information to the police, who are then responsible for catching the shoplifter.

    Target Shoplifting Policy In 2022 (No Chase, Detaining + More)

    Target’s Shoplifters Policy is “No Chase”

    Target won’t prosecute shoplifters who aren’t working in their store.

    Customers and employees are safe first. The police can take over dangerous situations.

    Other than shoplifting allegations, customers may file lawsuits against companies to seek compensation for their mistake.

    Customer requests for purchase receipts or to inspect the inside of a shopping bag are completely voluntary. The customer must agree to present proof of purchase.

    Target Press charges for shoplifting

    Target can’t press charges against someone who shoplifts from its stores.

    The company can request the assistance of a prosecutor to file a report to the police, but it does not have the power to directly charge anyone.

    Target, depending on your state’s law, can send a civil request letter asking for monetary compensation after a theft.

    Target Shoplifting Policy In 2022 (No Chase, Detaining + More)

    Does Target Build Cases Against Shoplifters?

    Target employees claim they can make cases against repeat shoplifters, according to them.

    Target employs a specific strategy to tackle shoplifters to prevent theft in their retail locations.

    Target doesn’t usually immediately arrest shoplifters who steal from the store. They wait until the value of all the goods exceeds a threshold that allows them to face a felony-level criminal charge.

    Target doesn’t explicitly mention this, however employees can attest that it is used in some places.

    Target does Target keep track of shoplifters?

    To help with loss prevention, some Target stores will keep a binder with surveillance camera images of shoplifters that have been identified but not caught.

    Target will also keep track of items that were stolen, and when it occurred. This information is required in any future legal cases.

    Target Shoplifting Policy In 2022 (No Chase, Detaining + More)

    How do you react if Target is caught shoplifting?

    It will depend on what store you’re in and which state law it is, but there are three possible outcomes if Target suspects that you have shoplifted.

  • Asset Protection security agents will arrest you and try to resolve the issue in-store
  • You could be banned from the store completely, with more serious consequences if you try to get around this ban
  • The police might be called, depending on what the value of your theft was, to bring you charges and/or fines.
  • The merchandise will be photographed and written up, if it’s returned by the customer.

    Stores will not be allowed to restock items if they are damaged or soiled.

    Is it possible to prosecute shoplifters after they have been caught by Target staff?

    If the police become involved for prosecution, the shoplifter will face charges of felony shoplifting if the merchandise value exceeds a minimum amount that is generally between $500 and $1000 in most states.

    Shoplifters who have taken less than $500 will be likely charged with misdemeanors or felonies. In addition, shoplifting charges could also be included under petty crime or another type of theft.

    Target Shoplifting Policy In 2022 (No Chase, Detaining + More)

    Target Shoplifting: How Serious?

    Target is a firm believer in loss prevention and has two locations, in Minneapolis and Las Vegas.

    This company employs these services in order to combat organized crime.

    Target is home to a high-ranking Loss Prevention Team that works hard to stop customers shoplifting.

    Furthermore, the severity of punishment and law enforcement involvement will depend on the level of theft and the perpetrator–Target tends to be more lenient with first-time teenage offenders and disenfranchised community members.

    Target’s Shoplifting Prevention Program: How does it work?

    Target operates a vigorous operation to discourage shoplifters.

    Video surveillance, undercover store security officers, and uniformed personnel are posted at some exits, which works to discourage any shoplifters.

    Target workers are taught to recognize potential shoplifting activities and use non-combative tactics like approaching customers and asking them if they can help you find items.

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  • Conclusion: Target Shoplifting Policy
  • Target maintains an aggressive shoplifting policy. They have security guards, surveillance cameras and security staff to keep their stores safe.

    The police have a zero chase policy. Shoplifters who are caught stealing can be arrested and prohibited from entering the shop again. The police can also be involved in shoplifting cases.

    How do you react if Target is caught shoplifting?

    Target works closely with local authorities to respond promptly when someone is suspected of shoplifting. When the police process the case it’s sent to a criminal court. There may be jail time, fines or community service.

    Can A Store Employee Physically Detain A Shoplifter?

    The In-Store detention of shoplifters Although the laws are different, generally store owners and employees can hold a suspect if they believe that the person is involved in shoplifting. However, shoplifters must not be held for longer than necessary.

    Does Target Wait For You To Steal A Certain Amount?

    “They will continue letting you steal, all the while they’re documenting the value amount of every single item that you are stealing,” said Arellano in the video. Dec 9, 2020

    .Target Shoplifting Policy In 2022 (No Chase, Detaining + More)

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