Target Baby Formula Return Policy

Target Baby Formula Return Policy In 2022 (Your Full Guide)

Target has a wide selection of affordable baby care products that parents can shop, including top-quality brands Similac and PediaSure.

  • Target might be able to return a product that isn’t satisfactory if it has been purchased by you. Here is what I’ve found out about Target’s baby formula return policy!
  • A Return Policy For Target Baby Formula In 2022
  • Target will refund baby formula in 90 days for regular customers. Target Circle members who have RedCards or Target Circle members can get it back within 120 days. Target is able to return baby formula as soon as possible after 2022. For a complete refund, the baby formula must not have been opened and be unused. If no receipt is provided, customers may receive a store credit.

  • You can read on to learn about the return process of baby formula to Target.
  • Target Baby Formula Return Policy In 2022 (Your Full Guide)

    Which Baby Formula Can I Return To Target?

    You can return any unsatisfactory baby food within 90 day of the delivery or purchase.

    You have the option to become a Target Circle membership or to pay by Target RedCard. To get 30 more days, the timeline can be extended to 120.

    Target Baby Registry List: You have one year to return any unopened formula you purchased.

    Target’s Up and Up baby product is also covered under the satisfaction guarantee for one year. Target will allow you to return the formula within one year.

    Target’s store hours are usually 7 am-10 pm for all stores. You can return any item at anytime during these hours.

    Is it possible to bring back baby formula that you purchased in-store

    Return a Target baby formula product by heading to Guest Services.

    The cashiers must scan the appropriate proof of purchase, such as the original receipt on paper, digitally log receipt or return code.

    Target will also require a photo ID issued by the government to confirm your identity.

    After the item is confirmed and returned, you will receive a complete refund.

    Or, exchange it for something else at Target. But if you think the product is worth more than the original, then you must pay the difference.

    If you bought baby formula online at, you can return it to your local Target store for free.

  • Go to and select the item you would like to return. Then, request “Return in-store”.
  • The next step is to enter your return date and specify the local store.

    You will receive a return barcode exclusive to this store which you can take to the customer services desk at the store for a quick and easy return.

    Target Baby Formula Return Policy In 2022 (Your Full Guide)

    What is the best way to return baby formula by mail?

    Follow these steps to send back baby formula you have purchased online.

  • Your Account under the “Orders” option allows you to view all of your purchases
  • From the drop-down menu, select the baby formula to be returned with an appropriate reason
  • Select whether you want a replacement or a complete refund, and then enter your current shipping address
  • To print your free attachable shipping label, press ‘Submit.
  • Put the label on the package securely and leave it at the UPS office.
  • Note that refunds begin processing once Target has received the package, but you should allow 5 additional days for return inspection.

    Also, replacements are subject to availability, and so you’ll receive an exchange at no extra charge if replacements are unavailable.

    Are You able to Return Your Baby Formula Without a Receipt

    If you have an alternative method to show proof of purchase, baby formula can be returned to Target.

    Target can, for instance, authenticate transactions that were made with Target RedCards, Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover credit cards.

    If your purchase is verified, you’ll receive a full refund or regular exchange.

    If you are going to be verified, make sure that you have a government-issued photo ID.

    Target cashiers are able to deny returns where purchases can’t be proven. If this happens, Target cashiers may issue a merchandise returns card that is equal to the cost of the product you wish to return.

    To avoid losing printed copies, keep track of your Target Circle Rewards receipts.

    Enter the unique number of the receipt or scan the paper barcode using the Target app.

    Target Guest services can be reached at 1-800-440-0680 for any additional queries or questions.

    Can I Return Formula From Baby in the U.S.

    U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) states that baby formula products can be returned legally by retailers as long as they are not regulated under any special laws.

    But, each individual retailer will classify baby formula in a different way (either as food items or general merchandise) and adjust its return policies accordingly.

    You can contact an individual store to find their return policy regarding baby formula products.

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  • Conclusion
  • Target Circle and Target RedCard customers are entitled to return their baby formula within 90 days. Regular customers can only do so for the first time, but Target Circle members and Target RedCard subscribers have 120 days.

    Up & Up formulas are returnable within one year of opening. Target offers one year return on formula that has been purchased from their baby registry.

    In order to get a complete refund or exchange you must show proof that the purchase was made.

    .Target Baby Formula Return Policy In 2022 (Your Full Guide)

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