Is Superstore Based On Walmart?

Is Superstore Based On Walmart? (Is Cloud 9 Real + More)

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Superstore, which was 30-minutes in length and centered on the daily lives of several employees working at big discount stores, received a lot of laughs from viewers between 2015-March 2021.

  • Called Cloud 9, #1217, the store was like a character of its own, and its relatability. Well, that was probably because it reminded a lot of people of their neighborhood Walmart. Superstore is based upon Walmart. Below is the answer!
  • Is Superstore Based On Walmart? (Is Cloud 9 Real + More)

    Walmart’s Superstore:

    Cloud 9 (the hypermarket shown in Superstore) bears many similarities to Walmart. But, there has never been any official confirmation that Walmart is actually the setting for the fictional place. Cloud 9 features elements from Target as well as Walmart. Target has been named as a potential rival.

  • For more information on Cloud 9 and Superstore’s production, as well as whether the Superstore creatives were actually employed in real superstores, see all of my data!
  • Is Cloud 9 Real?

    Cloud 9 is a fictional retailer chain. It is not real, though it bears many resemblances to real big box chain stores.

    Cloud 9 corporate, according to Superstore Wiki Page, is based out of Chicago. However they have locations throughout the world.

    There are many things that can be criticized about its employment arrangements. For example, employees do not get paid overtime, nor health insurance.

    Employees at Cloud 9 can only use the toilet once per shift, and only 15 minutes are allowed for lunch.

    Like a corporate office, the main headquarters manages all lighting and temperature settings for the individual stores.

    Cloud 9 is similar to Walmart’s Great Value. It started out as Halo. Later, it became SuperCloud.

    Is Superstore Based On Walmart? (Is Cloud 9 Real + More)

    Superstore as a Parody of Walmart

  • Oxford Languages describes parody as “an imitation or style of a writer, artist, genre with deliberate exaggeration to comic effect.”
  • If we take Oxford Languages at its word then yes, Superstore is a parody of the Walmart experience.

    Superstore may be outdone in this department by Walmart.

    These are real stories of Walmart employees who have seen some crazy things.

    Sometimes life is even more astonishing than fiction.

    Walmart Superstore Writer:

    It isn’t clear if any of these writers or producers worked at Walmart. However, they did consult with OUR Walmart.

    OUR Walmart is now called United4Respect. It’s a labor advocacy non-profit that advocates for greater equity and equality in retail employment.

    Composed of both former and current employees, it’s no wonder OUR Walmart/United4Respect was able to help the creators at Superstore portray ultra-realistic scenarios.

    Is Superstore Based On Walmart? (Is Cloud 9 Real + More)

    Are Superstores Filmed in Actual Stores?

  • Superstore did not film in an actual Walmart. The first episodes were shot inside a K-Mart.
  • According to Showbiz Cheatsheet, the actors were even mistaken for employees and got asked many times where certain items were.

    The first season was a huge success. Production moved to Universal Studios in California on a 3-story soundstage.

    Walmart Supercenter covers an average of 182,000 square feet. However, this set was not going to have that many people.

    To give it the appearance of an enormous building, they set up around 22,000 sq. feet. It makes the store seem longer.

    Checkout registers, scanners, and other items are authentic and repurposed from Ralph’s and Fresh & Easy.

    Superstore products are real?

    Watch Superstore for any amount of time, and you will see many recognizable brands.

    These brands, like Pepsi and Keurig, have signed clearance agreements with Superstore, allowing them to show their labels on the screen.

    Some Quora users believe that Superstore may have paid the brands for product placements.

    Whatever the case, when mixed in with Cloud 9’s store brand items, it certainly makes the set pieces feel more real.

    This only increases the familiarity with Cloud 9 compared to real Walmarts we all shop at.

    If you want to know more about Walmart, make sure to check if Walmart owns Wayfair, if Walmart has a tax-exempt program, and if Walmart takes VSP & EyeMed.

  • Conclusion
  • Cloud 9 employees, and Superstore itself feel like Walmart’s direct competitors. Yet none of these creators have officially stated that it is true.

    I think that’s wise, because a show like Superstore speaks to the universal experience of retail workers everywhere, whether it’s Walmart, Target or any other department store out there.

    Cloud Nine Superstore – Is It Real?

    The Cloud 9 Superstore is a fictional hypermarket discount store.

    Is Superstore Based On Real Stories?

    Superstore’s cast is actually friendly. As it turned out, the get-together took place in real life with COVID-19 precautions. Variety reports that the cast had an informal wrap party and watched the film in Ferrera’s yard after shooting was over. April 8, 2021

    Are Cloud 9 stores still available?

    Cloud 9 is an American big-box retail store chain based in Chicago. Its website is

    .Is Superstore Based On Walmart? (Is Cloud 9 Real + More)

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