Where Does Subway Get Its Meat

Where Does Subway Get Its Meat In 2022? (Your Full Guide)

Subway is synonymous with delicious sub sandwiches, and the many varieties of lunch meat and other meats Subway offers are always fresh and tasty.

  • You might be curious about Subway’s source of meat. Well, I’ve been wondering about the same thing, so keep reading to check out all my research!
  • Where Does Subway Get Its Meat In 2022? (Your Full Guide)

    Subway: Where will it get its meat in 2022?

    Subway gets its lunch meats through various sources, such as Perdue West Liberty Foods Foods, Keystone Foods, Ed Miniat and other suppliers. Subway’s chicken has been antibiotic-free since 2022. The company plans to have no antibiotic-containing chicken, turkey, beef or pork by 2025.

  • Keep reading to find out more about Subway’s meat and seafood suppliers. All the answers are here for you!
  • Subway’s meat suppliers

    West Liberty Foods, a Iowa-based company has been Subway’s primary supplier of cold cut combo meats and turkey for many decades.

    In fact, West Liberty Foods was named Subway’s Supplier of the Year in 2001.

    Subway also uses antibiotic free chicken. It is procured from many companies, such as West Liberty Foods or Perdue.

    Subway sources its other meats from different suppliers. Subway says it heavily relies on the local suppliers in this country.

    Where Does Subway Get Its Meat In 2022? (Your Full Guide)

    How do Subway sell meat?

    Subway offers several types of lunch meats and other meat products for its many sub sandwiches, salads, and wraps.

    Subway is currently offering the following meats

  • Turkey lunch meat
  • Steak
  • Black Forest Ham
  • Meatballs
  • Salami
  • Roast Beef (has been discontinued during certain times but could be coming back)
  • For lunch, chicken
  • Grilled chicken
  • Tuna
  • The Subway menu may include a few of the meat varieties, but it is not all inclusive.

    Subway’s Sustainable and Healthy Meat Products: What Changes Have They Made?

    Subway prides itself on its changes to more healthy, antibiotic-free lunch meats.

    Subway chicken, for example, is antibiotic-free and they are working to get all meat products that way.

    Subway emphasizes that it takes ethical, sustainable and environmentally-friendly measures to make its meat products.

    For example, one of Subway’s poultry suppliers converts waste from its chickens into organic fertilizer, which can then be used for other aspects of farming.

    A 50-acre farm is also owned by another supplier of chickens. This wetland treats waste from poultry plants and provides habitat for many kinds of wildlife.

    Where Does Subway Get Its Meat In 2022? (Your Full Guide)

    Can All Subway Meats Be Made From Turkey

    It’s a myth that all of Subway’s lunch meat products are actually all made from turkey. People spread the rumor for any reason. But it is simply false.

    Subway’s cold cuts combo meats are made of salami and bologna.

    But, Subway’s Black Forest Ham and other lunch meats are authentic.

    What Is Subway’s Tuna Made From?

    While some would argue that seafood is not technically meat, it’s basically in the same general category.

    Subway stated this by stating that their tuna sandwich is sold at all Subway stores and locations worldwide.

    Subway also uses skipjack tonna, which Subway considers the best species of fish to use.

    Where Does Subway Get Its Meat In 2022? (Your Full Guide)

    Subway Steak – What’s it Made Of?

    Subway’s steak sandwiches are popular and many people wonder about what the meat is made from. Subway’s steak may not be the kind of steak you might get at a steakhouse, but it does contain some beef.

    However, this steak product looks and feels like jerky. It’s also pre-cooked.

    Subway might not be able to make steak sandwiches with top-quality steaks, however many Subway customers love the sub when it comes with melted cheese or vegetables.

    You can read our post on Subway toppings, freshness, and Subway cheese varieties if you’d like to learn more.

  • Conclusion
  • Subway purchases its lunch meats, grilled chicken and beef products from many suppliers including Perdue and West Liberty Foods and large corporations.

    Subway believes in ethical, sustainable, and fair methods of procuring its meat and seafood products.

    Subway’s chicken comes from where?

    Our U.S. chicken suppliers are Perdue, West Liberty Foods, Keystone and Ed Miniat. All are HAACP-approved, BFC- or GFSI-certified, and USDA-inspected on a daily basis. SUBWAY(r), which regularly inspects each supplier, ensures that they maintain high quality standards.

    What’s the Ingredient List for Subway Meats?

    CBS News used to describe Subway’s meats as, “a processed mixture of actual meat, lots of water and modified food starch, soy protein concentration, and goosed with artificial flavourings.” “Feb 9, 2021

    Subway: What kind of meat does it serve?

    Subway sandwiches can be made with many meat choices. Many restaurants offer turkey breast, chicken breast and turkey bologna.

    Subway Meat is All Turkey Based

    You can find more information about all our subs at www.subway.com. Except for the Cold Cut Combo and the Turkey Sub, our meats do not contain turkey. Thank you so much for reaching us. Your company’s use of cheap turkey-based meats speaks volumes about you. July 31, 2016.

    .Where Does Subway Get Its Meat In 2022? (Your Full Guide)

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