Can You Buy Subway Bread

Can You Buy Subway Bread In 2022? + Other Common Faqs

Big Boy Restaurants

Big Boy Restaurant Group, LLC

Big Boy
Limited liability company
Casual dining

Predecessors Big Boy Restaurants International, LLC

Elias Brothers Restaurants, Inc.

Marriott Corporation

Robert C. Wian Enterprises

Bob’s Pantry
Founded August 6, 1936

; 85 years ago




(as Bob’s Pantry)

Glendale, California

, U.S.


Bob Wian
Warren, Michigan

, U.S.
Number of locations
Area served
  • Michigan (59 stores)
  • California (5 stores)
  • Ohio (2 stores)
  • Nevada (1 store)
  • North Dakota (1 store)
  • Wisconsin (1 store)
  • Thailand (2 stores)


Key people
Tamer Afr (CEO, 2020–present)

David B. Crawford (CEO, 2018–2020)


Bruce Ferguson (CFO)

Robert Liggett, Jr.



(Chairman, 2000–2018)
  • Big Boy hamburger
  • Brawny Lad sandwich
  • Hot Fudge Cake
  • Slim Jim sandwich

  • Strawberry pie



Subway is well known for its six-inch and one-foot-long sandwiches. Subway customers can add flavor to their sandwiches by using a wide range of breads.

  • You may now be wondering if there is a way to order Subway bread online and bring it home. Do you often wonder if Subway breads can be ordered a la cart?
  • Can You Buy Subway Bread In 2022? + Other Common FAQs

    Is Subway Bread Possible in 2022

    Subway will no longer allow you buy bread without purchasing a sandwich. You can still buy bread, if you request a sandwich with vegetables. Subway previously baked its bread locally, but now uses an out-of-site oven to produce its loaves.

  • So, you can’t buy a loaf, but you can purchase the bread alone as a sandwich without toppings. If you’re interested in learning more about Subway bread, continue reading!
  • Why Can’t You Buy Subway Bread Outright?

    Subway’s current structure requires that you purchase products from its menu. Bread is not an option.

    Therefore, bread customers cannot buy it because there is no SKU number or register setting that allows them to track the sales.

    You can’t buy bread without toppings if you purchase it as a vegetarian sandwich.

    Subway might also be able to get a SKU number for this bread so it can be added to the menu as an item that is available for purchase.

    Can You Buy Subway Bread In 2022? + Other Common FAQs

    Which Bread Types Does Subway Serve?

    Subway stocks a range of breads that can be used as base ingredients for their many sandwiches. Subway breads are gluten-free and come in the following varieties:

  • 9-Grain Wheat
  • Multigrain Flatbread
  • Italian
  • Parmesan Oregano
  • Italian Herbs & Cheese
  • Flatbread
  • Subway may not make bread in its restaurants, but they do try to get bread out quickly, so that it is fresh.

    Also, even though the bread has been made gluten-free, it may still be prepared with shared equipment.

    What is the best bread to buy in a supermarket?

    You can come pretty close, but Subway bread is not available in all stores.

    Subway sandwiches are loved by many, but some Subway lovers claim that Amoroso’s Italian Rolls is a good alternative.

    It is possible to locate local bakeries that offer bread, buns or other hoagie-type buns. These are perfect for creating subs.

    But, buying baked bread might be expensive as freshly baked bread from specialty stores can be pricey.

    Can You Buy Subway Bread In 2022? + Other Common FAQs

    Can You Make Homemade Subway Bread?

    Subway’s bread is easy to make. There are tons of online recipes. For instance, one recipe mimics Subway’s Italian herbs and cheese bread.

    Additionally, you can search for Subway copycat bread and locate numerous recipes shared by at-home chefs looking to recreate Subway’s signature sandwiches.

    The process may be fun, educational, and enjoyable for all the family.

    Subway Bread Fresh:

    A few years ago, Subway used to bake its bread fresh every morning at the store. Subway started baking gluten-free bread off-site in 2021.

    Subway’s restaurants also offer traditional flatbreads, multigrain and Italian-base sandwich loaves. There are also a handful of other options.

    Your local shop may sell these products.

  • Delicious hearty Italian
  • Honey Oats 9-Grain
  • Jalapeno Cheese
  • Monterey Cheddar
  • Parmesan Oregano
  • Roasted Garlic
  • Rosemary & Sea Salt
  • Rye and Gluten-free Bread
  • If you crave one of the specialty loaves, call your local Subway restaurant to see if the bread is readily available.

    Can You Buy Subway Bread In 2022? + Other Common FAQs

    Is Subway Flatbread Made Fresh?

    Flatbreads can also be made on-site, just like regular Subway sandwiches. Subway assures fresh bread by ensuring that it’s purchased as soon after being baked.

    Subway offers these flatbreads in artisan style, and they are quite healthy.

    Subway flatbreads can be a good choice for healthy sandwiches.

    You can toast subway bread

    Almost every style of bread offered at Subway can be toasted upon request by all Subway franchises.

    Customers choose this option either because they want to melt cheese on sandwiches or because they like a more crunchier texture.

    To toast the bread, you can prevent it from drying out if the sandwich is to be taken home for later.

    Can You Buy Subway Bread In 2022? + Other Common FAQs

    Subway Sandwich Bread Lengths

    Subway sandwiches come in either 12-inch or 6-inch versions.

    Even though Subway was sued for claiming that their 12-inch Subway sub wasn’t actually as long, it is still a foot-long.

    Subway’s bread sales will be a success.

    Subway is being asked by a petition called FreeTheBread on to stop it selling its bread.

    While the petition only has 26 supporters and is now closed, it does beg the question of whether Subway will try to find a way to profit from selling loaves to customers.

    The problem comes down to profitability, since selling bread on its own may not make business sense.

    To make the venture profitable, one would need to buy hundreds of breads each day.

    We have posts about Subway that will help you find out if they offer vegan options and whether Subway also offers salads.

  • Conclusion
  • Subway does not sell Subway bread alone; however, there are a few workarounds where you can procure a loaf without toppings.

    Subway loaves may not be officially on their menu, but this helps the cashier make the sale.

    In general, businesses won’t sell anything unless they make significant profits from it.

    This is what happens when Subway sells bread. Customers who clamor for Subway bread may be disappointed.

    Can You Buy Frozen Subway Bread?

    You can’t. There is no “frozen Subway bread” and the dough itself is only sold to Subway franchised restaurants. Subway restaurants bake the dough throughout every day.

    What is the Subway Fee for a Loaf of Bread?

    They are $1.25 for 6 inch and $2 for a foot long. They are delicious bread and I love it so much that I can make my own sandwiches without paying $6 to $7 for mine.

    Subway Sandwiches: What kind of Bread does Subway use?

    You can use it in any type of sandwich. While it has no distinct taste, the subway bread does contain a mild sweetness. This bread is soft and flaky. Calories per 78g is Calories FROM Fat 18, Calories:210

    Subway is allowed to call their bread bread

    The Irish Supreme Court ruled that all varieties of Subway’s sub rolls (yes, even the whole-grain) cannot be considered bread because they are too sugary. Close your eyes and picture yourself outside a Subway. The Subway smells like that. Oct 1, 2020

    .Can You Buy Subway Bread In 2022? + Other Common Faqs

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