Does Kfc Take Apple Pay

Does Kfc Take Apple Pay In 2022? (In-Store, Drive-Thru + More)

For retailers, hoteliers, landlords, and others, contactless transactions have quickly become the standard. It’s safer than traditional credit or debit cards to make contactless transactions for customers and businesses.

  • Contactless transactions are becoming more popular and you may be curious if KFC uses it. Read on to find out whether KFC accepts Apple Pay!
  • Does KFC Take Apple Pay In 2022? (In-Store, Drive-Thru + More)

    KFC to Accept Apple Pay by 2022

    KFC does accept Apple Pay as a valid payment method at most store locations as of 2022. KFC also accepts Apple Pay online, in-store and for drive-thru orders. KFC is also accepting Google Pay and Samsung Pay as mobile payment. In the future, the restaurant may accept more methods of payment.

  • KFC customers who frequently order meals will be interested in the different payment methods available and their best practices. Here is what I found out about using Apple Pay at KFC!
  • Is KFC Taking Apple Pay at The Drive-Thru

    KFC uses Apple Pay to pay at their drive-thru.

  • You can make payments by tapping the lock button, located on the right side of the iPhone. After that, you will need to rest your finger over the sensor until it displays ‘Done.
  • Face ID iPhones can be authenticated by looking at their screen or entering your password.

    Does KFC Take Apple Pay In 2022? (In-Store, Drive-Thru + More)

    What is Apple Pay? How can you use it at KFC?

    KFC can accept payments via your iPhone or iPad. To pay for meals at KFC with your iPhone, simply follow the step-by-step instructions below:

    Step 1: Search for Apple Pay in the Appstore and then download Apple Pay on your iPhone.

    Step 2 : Next, go to your phone’s Settings and click on “Wallet & Apple Pay.” Finally, tap the + icon.

    Step 3: Click “Add a card” then “Continue”. Select the payment option that you prefer. Enter your debit or credit card details.

    Step 4 – You will need to confirm the details for any cards you have already stored on your Apple account and agree to Apple’s terms.

    Step 5: After you have completed the verification, your bank will authorize you to use Apple Pay.

    Step 6: If your iPhone uses touch ID, double-tap on the home button on the screen (or lock button on the right-hand side) and rest your finger on the sensor until it says ‘Done’ to make payments after card approval.

    You can verify your purchases with your iPhone using a face ID.

    Apple Pay at KFC: How do you use it?

    Apple watches can also be used for payments at KFC restaurant and drive-thrus. To set up Apple Pay on your watch, use the following guide:

    Step 1: Click on the “My Watch” tab of your iPhone.

  • Step 2: Click “Wallet & Apple Pay.”
  • Step 3: Input your details.

  • Step 4 – Tap “Next.”
  • Step 5: Wait for your bank verification.

    Step 6 – Double-click side button following bank account verification to reveal your default card.

    Step 7: Next, type your password. Then place your finger over the Apple Watch until it emits a sound.

    Repeat the above steps to add additional cards to your account.

  • Apple Pay to Order Online KFC Deliveries
  • One convenient part of ordering food from KFC is that you can do so using the restaurant’s app. These steps will help you use Apple Pay to place orders online at KFC.

    Step 1: Register for an account using the KFC mobile application. You don’t need an account to continue your order.

    Step 2 – Choose your restaurant of choice and select a pick up time.

    Step 3 – Add the meal to your cart

  • Step 4: Check your order and then click on “Continue payment.”
  • Step 5: Enter your contact and delivery information and choose Apple Pay for your payment
  • method.

    Does Kfc Take Apple Pay In 2022? (In-Store, Drive-Thru + More)

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