Target Sodastream Refill 2022

Target Sodastream Refill 2022 (Prices, Sizes + Exchanges)

SodaStream provides a quick and inexpensive way to drink sparkling water. The only problem is that it needs to be refilled periodically.

  • Target provides convenience services for its customers. You may wonder if your SodaStream can be refilled at Target. Let me tell you what I found about it.
  • Buy SodaStream Fills At Target in 2022
  • Target can now refill 60-liter SodaStream canisters at an average price of $16.95. That’s a half off the cost of canisters that retail for $29.99. If you prefer, you may also return your empty canister within 30 days from purchase to have it refilled.

  • You can find information on the various sizes of SodaStream containers that Target sells, as well as whether or not you can purchase them. Also, you will learn how to refill a SodaStream.
  • Target Sodastream Refill 2022 (Prices, Sizes + Exchanges)

    How Much Do SodaStream Refills Cost At Target?

    Target’s SodaStream refills cost vary from one store to the next. However, 60-liters of carbonator can usually be purchased for $15-20.

    Target’s average CO2 refill cost is $16.95. This compares to Walmart, Best Buy, SodaStream and SodaStream which each charge around $14.99.

    Or, buy a pair of SodaStream 60-liter carbonators separately at Target for $29.99.

    Note that you’ll also have to pay around $5.99 for standard delivery if you are buying carbonators from Target.

    What SodaStream Refill Sizes Are Available At Target?

    Target caters to 60-liter SodaStream carbonators, although they come in several sizes.

    You can also exchange older SodaStream models for 130-liter bottles at Target, which costs around $15.

    Target Sodastream Refill 2022 (Prices, Sizes + Exchanges)

    Is it possible to exchange SodaStream Cylinders at Target?

    Target offers the ability to exchange SodaStream Cylinders by simply bringing empty cylinders into Target’s Guest Services counter.

    By regularly exchanging your CO2 cylinders at Target, you could save as much as 50%. Remember that you must return empty SodaStream containers to Target within 30 calendar days.

    The full amount of the exchange fee will apply if you don’t bring your empty bottles in during that time.

    Make sure you contact the store before making your appointment to confirm that they are able to fulfill your request.

    What’s the time taken to replenish your SodaStream from Target?

    The amount of time it takes to refill SodaStream at Target depends on the method you choose. Simply exchange cylinders at Target, by simply visiting the store.

    Another option is to order a refill online with There are two delivery options available: home or same day pickup.

    When you order same-day pick up, the canister will arrive in 2-6 hours from when you placed your order.

    If you order standard delivery, the canister will be delivered within two business days. You may have to pay extra for next day delivery.

    You should keep an extra cylinder in your vehicle that can be used while the original is being refilled.

    Target Sodastream Refill 2022 (Prices, Sizes + Exchanges)

    Can You Buy SodaStream Devices At Target?

    Target sells SodaStream machines online and in-store. The price is $88.99 per SodaStream machine that has one CO2 carbonator.

    However, a better choice is to get the SodaStream bundle at $99.99. It includes 2 additional bottles.

    Target also has many SodaStream flavor options, including cherry, grapefruit and raspberry as well as flavors like cola, mango and mint.

    What Other Places Will Refill SodaStream?

    SodaStream cylinder exchange is meant to help reduce waste. So most retail chains sell refills and exchanges.

    The following is a directory of retail outlets that you can go to for refills on your SodaStream canisters.

  • SodaStream
  • Walmart
  • Amazon
  • BestBuy
  • Bed Bath & Beyond
  • Staples
  • You can also use SodaStream’s store locator to find the closest place to exchange your cylinders.

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  • Conclusion
  • You can save up to 50% of the total cost of a cylinder when you refill or exchange a SodaStream CO2 carbonator at Target. To return the empty unit to SodaStream, or Target, you will have to ship it back within 30 days. Target stores can either send you a refill immediately or same-day delivery. Target charges $16.95 for a refill of a 60-liter carbonator.

    .Target Sodastream Refill 2022 (Prices, Sizes + Exchanges)

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