Home Depot Shoplifting Policy 2022

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Home Depot Shoplifting Policy 2022 (Cameras, Security + More)


Large retail outlets are prone to shoplifting. Many retail chains have put in place policies that discourage and prevent people from shoplifting.

  • Home Depot is the biggest home improvement retailer in the United States, so you might be interested to know more about their shoplifting policies. Let me tell you what I have learned about this policy!
  • Home Depot Shoplifting Policy In 2022

Home Depot has a shoplifting policy that states shoplifters will not be released by security personnel until police arrive. Shoplifters could face charges as early as 2022. Home Depot also has security cameras and guards in place to prevent loss.

  • Keep reading to discover more about Home Depot’s methods for loss prevention, shoplifters being caught, and other details.

Home Depot Shoplifting Policy 2022 (Cameras, Security + More)

Does Home Depot Have Loss Prevention?

Home Depot uses a variety of loss prevention strategies to safeguard its store assets.

Specialists in asset protection monitor their loss prevention plan, helping to prevent shoplifting and dealing with problems that may arise.

Home Depot also has another method for preventing loss. They use power tools that cannot be activated at registers.

Home Depot uses this point-of-sale activation method to offer loss prevention tools that are not disruptive to loyal customers.

Home Depot tested this new way of loss prevention. Now they plan to offer these power tools in every Home Depot store.

Home Depot monitors security cameras

Home Depot monitors security cameras at its stores regularly as part of its loss prevention programs.

Home Depot has cameras that can be used to monitor checkouts and store aisles as well as parking lots.

Home Depot invested $250 million in store renovations to protect 300,000. Employees, reduce losses and improve customer experience.

Verint allows Home Depot to view CCTV footage remotely or inside its stores.

Home Depot also has the ability to show evidence of shoplifting to law enforcement, as well as other incidents in order to safeguard assets and pursue criminals.

Home Depot uses deterrents like security boxes and spider wraps to protect its inventory and stock.

These are placed on its products to alert security members if items are being stolen from the store.

Home Depot Shoplifting Policy 2022 (Cameras, Security + More)

Home Depot offers facial recognition

Home Depot doesn’t use facial recognition despite its commitment to loss prevention such as security camera systems.

Axios has reported that Home Depot is involved in Fight for the Future. However, it refuses to use facial identification to protect people despite the security precautions it could offer retailers.

Home Depot Security Guards

Home Depot employs security guards to safeguard assets in addition to other security measures.

Home Depot Security guards are Asset Protection specialists. They monitor security cameras and work with the police.

While these security guards are allowed to follow subjects around the store and enforce shoplifting policies, they are not allowed to apprehend shoplifters as per Home Depot’s policy.

Home Depot employees are not permitted to arrest shoplifters, as this could put them in serious danger.

Home Depot will terminate any employee who is found shoplifting at their workplace.

Home Depot Shoplifting Policy 2022 (Cameras, Security + More)

What is an Asset Protection Specialist at Home Depot?

Home Depot’s asset protection specialists can stop shoplifting.

Home Depot’s asset protection specialist can identify shoplifting incidents, review security cameras and ensure that the Electronic Article Surveillance works properly.

They are advised, just like all other Home Depot employees not to take any chances to capture shoplifters.

The Home Depot policy on shoplifting requires that asset protection professionals report unsafe situations to their managers or supervisors.

Home Depot Does Home Depot Charge Shoplifters for Their Crimes?

Home Depot has a policy of prosecuting shoplifters caught at its shops.

Home Depot security will hold shoplifters at large until the police arrive, then they are taken into custody.

Criminal charges can vary depending on the amount of attempted theft at Home Depot.

It will result in a second-degree misdemeanor for objects less than $100, while it will lead to felony grand theft for items greater than $300.

You should keep in mind, however that criminal proceedings for shoplifting from Home Depot could vary depending upon your location.

Home Depot Shoplifting Policy 2022 (Cameras, Security + More)

What if you shoplift?

Multiple reports claim that shoplifting at Home Depot can result in you being banned.

However, it’s unlikely that you will be barred from all Home Depot locations unless there is a serious criminal offense, such as armed burglary.

Home Depot How Much Loss Does Shoplifting Cost?

Home Depot did not reveal the precise amount of shoplifting revenue it lost per year in order to safeguard its assets.

CNBC reported however that shoplifting, and other retail crimes, cost Home Depot an average of $81 million per year, according to their $108 billion annual earnings.

Home Depot can prevent shoplifting, retail theft, and other criminal acts. This can reduce losses that could lead to customer charges.

Home Depot Shoplifting Policy 2022 (Cameras, Security + More)

What Are The Most Common Things Stolen From Home Depot?

Online research suggests power tools as the most frequently stolen items from Home Depot.

Power tools may be a popular choice for shoplifters at Home Depot because they can be easily transported out of the store, and also are very valuable both in use and resale.

To combat shoplifting, Home Depot have been working with pawn shops and similar retailers to recover its shoplifted or stolen items.

Shoplifters may also be attracted to smaller and more pocket-friendly items at Home Depot.

This is also the case for items with security tags in the packaging, which can be easily discarded so the item can be stolen.

Some reports also indicate that Home Depot has a number of shoplifters who steal from stores and then return the items in exchange to cash or credit.

What happens if you steal from Home Depot

It’s likely you will face criminal charges if you are found stealing items from Home Depot.

Home Depot can provide video evidence of your arrest and testimony from security officers that may be used against it.

Note that you will likely be given a criminal record for theft from Home Depot, as well as potential jail time.

You can read more information about Home Depot policies in our posts related to Home Depot’s firing, termination, and wrong price policies. Also, learn about Home Depot’s mission.

  • Conclusion

Home Depot has a variety of strategies and tactics in place to prevent shoplifting and similar retail thefts from occurring within its stores.

Home Depot may be the victim of shoplifting, and this can result in financial ruin for the retailer.

Home Depot’s loss prevention strategy to combat shoplifters includes security guards, video cameras and security officers. Home Depot workers are warned not to go after shoplifters. This is to protect themselves from injury and possible danger.

Is Home Depot a No Chase Policy?

Stephen Holmes from Home Depot’s corporate offices says: “No merchandise, or other asset, is worth risking life of our associates, customers, that is why we have strict policies against following shoplifters in a manner that creates an safety risk for anybody, that includes chasing shoplifters through the parking lot. Mar 28, 2020

Home Depot Does Home Depot Track Shoplifters

Shoplifters found in Home Depot’s stores are taken into police custody. Shoplifters will be held at Home Depot until police arrive, when they are taken into custody by the police. Depending on the value of the attempted theft at Home Depot, the criminal charge will vary.

What Is Home Depot Theft Policy?

Home Depot employees are trained to wait until the customer leaves before they confront you. Security will keep you in the store while they arrest you.

What Happens When You Steal From Home Depot

The store sells everything you need, such as flooring, tools, and appliances. You could face serious charges if you’re caught at Home Depot stealing. Shoplifting from Home Depot can lead to a criminal record which could last a lifetime. Punishments may even include jail time.

.Home Depot Shoplifting Policy 2022 (Cameras, Security + More)


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