Does Usps Ship To Puerto Rico?

Does Usps Ship To Puerto Rico? (Cost, Is It International + More)

You can mail to almost any address in the United States with the United States Postal Service and be assured that it will reach the destination.

U.S. territory aren’t considered states and some of them can be found over vast water bodies.

It’s possible you may be asking: Is USPS shipping to Puerto Rico? The USPS has a very small, but still important territory in Puerto Rico. It is located just off the Caribbean coast. Here is the answer to your query just below.

Does USPS Ship To Puerto Rico? (Cost, Is It International + More)

Does USPS Ship To Puerto Rico In 2022?

Since 2022, Puerto Rico has been shipped by the United States Postal Service. Puerto Rico falls under domestic shipping and no customs form is required. USPS customers located in the contiguous 48 US states can use the USPS to ship items to PR just as if they were shipping to anywhere else in the U.S.

  • For all the information you require about shipping to Puerto Rico (including how much it will cost, which method is the most economical, and whether flat-rate shipping is possible), keep reading!
  • Which Shipping Methods Are Available To Puerto Rico

    Shipping to Puerto Rico from the 50 U.S. states costs the same as it does to ship from, say, Florida to Texas, but it does require some extra attention when it comes to labeling. reports that Puerto Rico residents are living in “urbanizations”, which is what we consider neighborhoods or parts of cities (see Squirrel Hill/Shadyside/South Side).

    So when shipping to PR, you will have to label the envelope or package to reflect that.

    As such, it reads:

  • Name
  • Urbanization
  • Place Number, Street Name, Apartment Number
  • City, State, Zip +4
  • points out helpfully that not all people have a street address. Instead, the mailpiece should be addressed to a number of houses and an urbanization.

    Although you do not need any additional shipping documents to Puerto Rico (such as a customs forms), you may want to secure the package’s contents.

    The item will be traveling a lot farther – PR is still 1,000 miles from the southernmost tip of Florida – than it would within the States.

    Does USPS Ship To Puerto Rico? (Cost, Is It International + More)

    How Much Does It Cost To Ship To Puerto Rico With USPS?

    Puerto Rico does not fall under the domestic shipping rate of the USPS so shipping there will be the same as anywhere else in the U.S.

    So you can still send a plain letter by using just a stamp.

    However, you might want to send something larger like an envelope or package.

    The best option is to use the flat-rate USPS envelopes and boxes.

    Priority Mail offers this kind of packaging at a flat rate, no matter how heavy, and with fast delivery times up to two days.

    Below are some of the top Flat Rate Options and their Prices:

  • Flat rate Priority Mail envelope: $7.95
  • Priority Mail Flat-Rate Box Small, $8.45
  • PriorityMail Flat Rate Box, Medium with top-loading $15.50
  • Priority Mail Flat Rate Box, Large: $21.90
  • For the full list of options and prices, you can check out the chart on this page.

    However, you might find yourself in a hurry. You want to make sure that PR receives the package as fast as possible.

    You can then ship Priority Mail Express Flat rate, which is similar to Priority Mail but quicker.

    Envelopes as well as Legal Envelopes and Padded Envelopes will not ship to PR Priority Express.

    Priority Mail Express delivers your package within one day to PR, for as little as 6 pm six days a semaine.

    One exception to this rule is Sunday. If you send on Saturday, and need the envelope by next day, it will cost an extra $12.50.

    Additionally, Priority Mail Express service starts at $26.35 depending on your location and destination.

    Does USPS Ship Flat Rate To Puerto Rico?

    USPS Puerto Rico offers two flat rate shipping options.

    The first, less inexpensive and slower choice is the Priority Mail Flat Rate service, which includes both envelopes and boxes.

    The second, more expensive and quickest choice is Priority Mail Express, which unfortunately only ships envelopes to PR.

    The section below provides more information about the price breakdown as well as box/envelope choices.

    Does USPS Ship To Puerto Rico? (Cost, Is It International + More)

    How much is it cheaper to send Puerto Rico USPS mail?

    A postcard sent via First-Class mail costs just 40 cents if you want to leave a message in Puerto Rico.

    Priority Mail flat rate shipping is your best option if you have more weighty items to send.

    Not only do the flat rates apply to any weight up to 70 lbs., Flat Rate comes with three-day shipping, tracking at no extra fee, as well as Saturday delivery at no extra fee.

    You can order Sunday delivery with an additional charge if the USPS is closed for business.

    Priority mail flat rates start at $7.95 per envelope, and go up to $21.90 per large flat rate box. Medium costs $15.50, while small is $8.45.

    This compares to Priority Express envelopes which are the fastest and most affordable option, starting at $26.35.

    We can also compare USPS’s prices with those of FedEx or UPS. Each treat Puerto Rico the same way as an international customer, which will result in eye-wateringly high prices.

    FedEx International Economy can ship a 10 lb. box from Pennsylvania to San Juan. package, will set you back $109.52.

    UPS offers the most affordable shipping service for similar items at $87.42.

    It is hard to find a better shipping option than USPS, which can send large packages up to 70 pounds to Puerto Rico for as low as $21.90. USPS will be your best choice.

    Is Shipping USPS To Puerto Rico International?

    USPS shipping to Puerto Rico cannot be considered international. Postal Service treats mail to and from PR as domestic, and it charges domestic rates.

    However, this is not true for all shippers. FedEx and UPS treat Puerto Rico shipping as international.

    For most people living in the U.S., the best way to send mail to PR is via the traditional postal service.

    Does USPS Ship To Puerto Rico? (Cost, Is It International + More)

    Does Shipping To Puerto Rico Require Customs Forms With USPS?

    You do not need customs forms to ship anything to Puerto Rico via USPS.

    PRI is considered a U.S. territorial. Postal Service handles mail from both outgoing and inbound as domestic.

    To learn more, check out our posts regarding whether USPS ships Canada, USPS updates tracking, USPS shipping to Canada.

  • Conclusion
  • Puerto Rico has been designated domestic territory by USPS despite its location at 2,000 miles of the closest U.S. shore.

    Rates to and from Puerto Rico are included in the flat rate postal and next-day rates. The result is that correspondence to the Caribbean island feels more personal and connected.

    .Does Usps Ship To Puerto Rico? (Cost, Is It International + More)

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