How Long Do Amazon Refunds?

How Long Do Amazon Refunds? (Taking So Long + More)

A large benefit to online shopping is that most companies will take back items for return, and refund the money swiftly. Amazon is a well-known company for its flexibility with refunds.

  • However, some Amazon customers may wonder exactly how long it takes to receive a refund for an item they’ve returned. You can read my full article to learn more!
  • How Long Do Amazon Refunds? (Taking So Long + More)

    Amazon Returns: What Time Does It Take to Refund Your Order in 2022?

    Amazon refunds arrive within a range of time depending on the method used to purchase. Refunds are generally processed within 30 days of the customer returning their order. Refunds for orders fulfilled through third-party sellers or Amazon Marketplace will be processed much sooner.

  • You can read on to discover more about Amazon’s refund policies for different payment methods, as well as the timeline for third-party seller refunds.
  • Do All Amazon Refunds Take the Same Amount of Time?

    When customers return an item to Amazon, both the refund method and the refund timeline are different depending on how a customer paid for their item.

    These methods are listed below:

  • Credit card: three to five business days
  • Gift card: Take two to three hours
  • Debit card: up to 10 business days
  • Up to 10 Business Days for checking your account
  • Up to 10 Business Days for SNAP EBT Card
  • Check your gift card balance in two-three hours
  • Promotional certificate: no refund issued
  • Prepaid Credit Card: Valid for up to 30 Days
  • Reward points: up to five business days
  • Cash in the participating locations: up to 10 working days
  • How Long Do Amazon Refunds? (Taking So Long + More)

    How Long Do Third-Party Amazon Refunds Take?

    Amazon orders are fulfilled only by third-party sellers. Third-party vendors who sell on Amazon must provide refunds within two working days.

    It will usually take between 3-5 days for the refund to appear in customer’s account.

    Customers should be aware that they can file an AZ Guarantee if the seller does not respond within 2 days. This will prevent them from having their refund requests ignored.

    How long does Amazon Prime refunds take?

    Amazon Prime customers who request a return for an order placed before them should receive their refund within three to five days.

    It may take up 30 days for the refund to be processed, depending on how the card is issued.

    Your payment method will determine the time it takes to refund you. A credit card pre-paid will take at least 30 days. A credit card can take from three to five to seven business days. Meanwhile, refunds for SNAP and EBT are processed in 24 hours.

    How Long Do Amazon Refunds? (Taking So Long + More)

    What is the best way to request a refund from Amazon?

    If customers are aware of how long the refund takes, they can request a refund by going to their account and doing this:

  • Log in to your account and navigate to “Your Orders”. Find the item that you want to have refunded. Select the “Problem with your Order” option, then click “Request a refund”. You can then click on “Submit”.
  • Amazon will review refund requests up to 7 days after they are received.

    Refunds will not be issued if they aren’t received within 30 days of when the request was made, but rather from the date the request is answered to.

    Some items may require customers to request a return before they can issue a refund.

    What is the best way to request a refund from an Amazon third-party seller?

    Amazon customers who need a refund can use the standard request process on the page “Your Orders” to request one.

    Simply locate your order, then select “Problem with Your Order > Request Refund”.

    Amazon reviews all refund requests within the week. Refund requests from third-party sellers will be reviewed within a week.

    Customers who have not been contacted by the company within two days can apply for an “A to Z Guarantee” to ensure their refund request isn’t ignored.

    How Long Do Amazon Refunds? (Taking So Long + More)

    Amazon’s gift return policy: how long do they take?

    When customers wish to return a gift they’ve purchased on Amazon, they will be refunded within 30 days.

    Their refund will be processed sooner depending upon the method of payment used.

    The following steps are required to return a gift.

    Access your Amazon account from a personal computer or a laptop. Then, head over to the Returns Center. Enter the order number you found in your order. Press Continue and choose the items from the order you wish to return. Select the item(s) you wish to return and click Continue.

    It is important that the customer notifies the seller if they are returning a gift from another party. The return will be approved and reviewed within two business days.

    Customers can still file an A-to Z Guarantee in the event that their request for a return or refund was not processed within a reasonable time to receive their refund.

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  • Conclusion
  • Amazon will not process refund requests within 30 days. However, most refunds should take place in 3-5 business days. Refund requests from third parties must be approved by Amazon within 2 business days. The funds will then appear on your account in approximately 3-5 working days.

    To receive a reimbursement, customers might need to request a return firsthand for gift returns. An A to Z Guarantee can be filed if a customer does not receive a return request in time.

    .How Long Do Amazon Refunds? (Taking So Long + More)

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