Lowe’S Protection Plan

Lowe’S Protection Plan (What’S Covered, Lost Receipt + More)

Lowe’s will often offer a warranty on new appliances, which can include tools and other items.

  • But some warranties last only a few months so maybe you’re wondering if Lowes provides additional warranties. This is why I looked into Lowes’ protection plans. Here’s what I found!
  • Lowe’s Protection Plan in 2022
  • Lowe’s provides several protection options, including core benefits plans that are applicable to all plans starting in 2022. You can get coverage for major appliances as well as outdoor power equipment. Lowe’s protects you with power surge protection, product substitution, cost coverage, as well as labor and part costs.

  • How does a Lowe’s plan protect you? Read on to find out more, including whether the plan is refundable!
  • Lowe's Protection Plan (What's Covered, Lost Receipt + More)

    What are the Covered Under Lowe’s Insurance Plan?

    Lowe’s insurance plan provides four primary benefits. They apply to the vast majority of available plans.

    From there, you will be able to view particular protection plans as well as their benefits, on Lowe’s Website. But, the majority of them include:

  • Replacing the product completely
  • Lowe’s will replace your product if it experiences an issue due to a defect in manufacturing (rather that accidental damage).

  • Parts And Labor
  • Lowe’s will cover the cost of parts and labor to repair everyday wear and tear for the product in question, which comes into effect after the manufacturer’s warranty ends.

  • Protection from Power Surge
  • Lowe’s is able to cover your costs for parts and labor in the event that there’s a power cut.

  • Replacing or fixing it
  • Lowe’s will offer to pay to replace your product if it needs repairs, even for different defective items.

  • Find out more about Lowe’s Appliance Warranty in our previous blog!
  • What does Lowe’s Protect Plan do?

    Lowe’s will often include the manufacturer’s warranty with your purchase of a small or major appliance.

    Lowe’s also offers extended coverage to protect your product once the warranty ends.

    An extended warranty covers you for any problems that your product may have after its warranty period ends.

    However, if you have an issue with your product that is not due to accidental damage or abuse, Lowe’s can help you with parts, labor, and repairs.

    Make a claim by visiting its website, or calling Lowe’s 1-888-77LOWES (56937).

    To make any claim through the protection plan, you will need your receipt to prove the purchase.

    The plan that you select will determine whether you have either a partial payment or a monthly plan.

    For further information, check out the terms and conditions of each plan on Lowe’s website.

    Lowe's Protection Plan (What's Covered, Lost Receipt + More)

    How long are Lowe’s protection plans?

    The duration of your protection plan is dependent on how long it will be paid and if it continues to be paid.

    You have 30 days from the date you purchased your item to purchase a protection plan.

    Lowe’s Pro customers can register serial numbers within 30 days. Your item will remain covered.

    Each product plan is different in terms of time. One example is the standard power tool protection plan, which can be extended for up to four year.

    These protection plans also start as soon as you get your product, or when the manufacturer’s warranty ends.

    Before you buy a protection plan, double-check all the details to be safe.

    Lowe’s Can Look for Lost Receipts

    Lowe’s can’t reprint any old receipts. However, it might be possible to locate the receipt based on the date you bought the item.

    Digital receipts are possible on MyLowes cards and Pro accounts for up to several years.

    The ability to save receipts digitally helps to simplify warranty claims, as you won’t need to keep your paper receipt in good condition and worry about losing it.

    Lowe's Protection Plan (What's Covered, Lost Receipt + More)

    How Do I File A Claim With Lowe’s Protection Plan?

    Call 1-888-72-LOWES (56937 if your product is having issues. You will be able to arrange an appointment and have the product examined to determine the best course of action.

    This is why it’s important to bring your protection number and other documents with you when you call. Also, know your product brand and model numbers.

    If you require an in-home repair, you must ensure that someone 18 years or older is present during the repair service. The professional won’t be able repair the problem if they don’t.

    Can I Cancel my Lowe Protection Plan?

    Cancellation is possible if your plan doesn’t meet your needs.

  • P.O. Post Office Box 100
  • Rapid City
  • S.D.

  • 57709
  • Your cancellation will be effective the day Lowe’s receives your request by mail.

    Lowe's Protection Plan (What's Covered, Lost Receipt + More)

    What is the refund policy for Lowes Protection Plan?

    Yes. Let’s suppose you cancel your plan of protection within the first 30 calendar days.

    In such cases, you can get 100% back your purchase price, less all labor and payments.

    But, cancelling your plan before 30 days is enough to receive a partial credit.

    Lowe’s does not charge cancellation fees, no matter how you cancel your Lowe’s Protection Plan.

    Lowe’s is also featured in our articles on Lowe’s appliances warranty and Lowe’s false price policy. You may also find out if Lowe’s accepts PayPal.

  • Conclusion
  • Lowe’s offers an extended protection plan to cover several different products available in its store, including major appliances, small appliances, and many more.

    Although protection plans can vary by product, the majority of them include replacement and repair services.

    You can also file a claim by simply calling Lowe’s, and have your plan information available on-hand.

    What Voids An Appliance Warranty?

    The warranty period has expired. Parts or defects are not covered. A product defect or part is not covered if it has been misused or neglected to be maintained properly. It has undergone significant modifications to its functionality, which may have an adverse effect on its performance.

    What does a Protection Plan cover?

    Protection plans are service contracts that guarantee maintenance, repair or replacement of major household systems for no extra cost. A lot of plans offer routine maintenance or safety checks. Customers have the option to request service visits at no additional charge if an emergency occurs with their equipment.

    Lowes Will Refund Protection Plan

    30 percent of your coverage plan’s cost can be requested back after the contract is up. Use of the Keep it Running Reward’s 50% preventative maintenance reimburse doesn’t make you a service call, but you can still claim Payback Reward.

    Are you required to have a receipt for a protection plan?

    No matter how you register your plan, your phone coverage is always active. For future claims, you will need your purchase receipt. Registering your receipt will ensure that it is on file so you have it available for any future claims.

    .Lowe’S Protection Plan (What’S Covered, Lost Receipt + More)

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