Instacart Publix Delivery

Instacart Publix Delivery In 2022 (How It Works + More)

Publix Super Markets, Inc.


Founded September 6, 1930

; 91 years ago




Winter Haven, Florida

, U.S.


George W. Jenkins
Number of locations


Area served
Key people
  • Aprons
  • GreenWise (products)
  • GreenWise Market (stores)
  • PIX

  • Presto!
  • Publix Sabor
  • Increase

    billion (2019)


  • Increase

    billion (2018)


  • Increase

    billion (2017)


  • Increase

    billion (2016)


  • Increase

    billion (2019)


  • Increase

    billion (2018)


Total assets

  • Increase

    billion (2017)


  • Increase

    billion (2016)


Total equity

  • Increase

    billion (2017)


  • Increase

    billion (2016)


Number of employees
225,000 (2021)




Publix has established a reputation in the grocery sector, with websites like The Kitchn naming it the “Best Grocery Store Ever.” The Publix chain is limited to seven southern states. But, the smaller size allows for a pleasant shopping experience.

  • But convenience can be pleasant. So you may wonder- does Instacart Delivery have Publix? Can you order online and get your Publix delivered? You can find out more by reading on!
  • Instacart Publix Delivery In 2022 (How It Works + More)

    Instacart Delivery Has a Publix In 2022

    Instacart delivery is possible from Publix in every state where Publix has a presence in 2022. Customers can receive their grocery orders at their front door in as little as one hour, using Instacart or by choosing the pick-up option. Publix Instacart can be more costly than in-store shopping.

  • For more information on Instacart Publix, including how it works and how much it cost, as well as whether alcohol can be delivered to you or paid using EBT, please read the following!
  • Publix offers same-day delivery on Instacart

    If you are a resident of one the following states

  • Alabama
  • Florida
  • Georgia
  • North Carolina
  • South Carolina
  • Tennessee
  • Virginia
  • Publix Instacart can be used to place same-day orders.

    Instacart has a two-hour delivery average. Priority delivery costs more if you are in hurry.

    Instacart Publix Delivery In 2022 (How It Works + More)

    How does Instacart Publix Delivery work?

    Instacart has a Publix option that is convenient and quick to use.

    Instacart requires you to have an Instacart account. When you order pick-up from multiple places, there will be the option to select one of them. Proceed to check out by placing items into your cart. Check out allows you to pick your delivery slot from all available slots. Choose your preferred method of payment, fill in any details about delivery, and click on the next screen. You will now be able to choose the tip amount you want for your driver. (I’ll go into more detail about that later in this article). Submit the tip and sit back and wait until your shopper begins. Keep an eye on the progress of your Publix shopper once you get notification. You’ll be notified when they are done shopping, and they will check out.

    You should ensure that your web browser or phone is always open with notification turned on.

    Instacart will send you multiple notifications in order to keep you informed about the status of your shoppers. These include whether they are starting, questions answered, and so on.

    They may replace out-of stock items without you indicating a note. In these cases, they will use their best judgement and pick one for your benefit.

    Instacart shoppers will be able to help you navigate Publix so you won’t end up buying something that doesn’t suit you.

    After your Publix groceries are dropped off, most drivers snap a photo of the bags on your property (for both their records and yours) and send it to you.

    A notification will appear asking you to rate your order. You can also boost the ratings of a driver/shopper by giving them five stars or some compliments.

    You can also reassess how much tip you leave at this time, especially in the case of a bad experience.

    What is the cost of Publix Instacart?

    Publix Instacart uses Instacart’s standard pricing structure.

    Instacart Express can be purchased for only $10.

    For $10 a month or a $99 annual flat fee, you can get your Publix delivered for free (orders over $35), your pick-ups for free (over $10), and cut your fees in half.

    Publix Instacart is $3.99 per order for same-day delivery. This includes service fees and a total cost of $35.

    To pick up your order, it’s just $1.99, with no service fees.

    If you’re ordering delivery, you can choose Priority delivery and have your groceries shopped and delivered faster for a small fee in the $2 range.

  • Also, don’t forget to factor in the tip!
  • Instacart Publix Delivery In 2022 (How It Works + More)

    Is the price of Publix higher on Instacart than it is elsewhere?

    Instacart offers higher prices than Publix. Instacart also has a disclaimer located near the Instacart logo for customers to be aware.

    You will see that it simply says, “Higher prices than in-store” and this is very typical.

    Instacart allows stores to add an extra charge in order for them to be able cover their operating costs.

    How Do You Tip Publix Instacart Delivery

    Although the website states that tipping your Publix Instacart driver is optional, it should be done.

    But you still have the option to anticipate great service and, if needed, change your tip.

    Not only is it important, but also that they see the final amount, which includes the tip, before accepting orders.

    If you tip too much, or even worse, not tipping at ALL, the higher-rated shoppers will likely pass your order along.

    Instacart Publix Delivery In 2022 (How It Works + More)

    Publix Instacart Accepts the EBT

    Publix Instacart offers EBT-SNAP acceptance in all 50 states.

  • While it may not be applicable to every Publix, each location marked as “Accepts EBT” will allow you to easily identify which ones.
  • Does Publix Instacart Deliver Alcohol?

    If you live in North Carolina or Virginia, your state allows for the delivery of alcohol via Instacart.

    Publix Instacart is also available. You can order alcohol online and get it delivered straight to your house.

    To be sure, check out your Publix Instacart shopfront. Your store may not offer beer or wine, or “Alcohol” if they aren’t included in the product category.

    Our posts include information about Instacart taking EBT and Publix tipping.

  • Conclusion
  • Publix Instacart delivery combines the quality of beloved products from Publix with the convenience and reliability of Instacart. Publix Instacart will charge an additional fee for certain goods. However, Instacart also allows you to pay with EBT.

    Why Is Publix charging more for Instacart

    Why is there a service fee? This fee will be used to support Instacart’s customer service. Instacart can operate the service and charge this fee to customers of Publix. This fee doesn’t go directly to the shopper and isn’t considered a tip.Sep 18, 2019

    How Does The New Instacart Work?

    What is Instacart, exactly? Instacart helps you find customers that need grocery shopping. You use the app to sign on, find orders, then shop and deliver those items to your customers. You can get paid instantly, and can also cash out with tips.

    How Does Instacart Work Publix?

    You can place an order online at Once your order is complete, you will be prompted to select a time to pick up your order at your selected Publix. Once you are notified that your order is available, drive to the Publix where you’ve chosen.

    Does Publix Instacart Delivery Tip You?

    The default tip of 5% is the amount you selected for your last order. A minimum tip is $2 for each individual store delivery. It’s possible to modify your tip at the time of placing your order as well as within 24 hours after you receive your delivery. To view the Delivery Tip, tap on Checkout.

    .Instacart Publix Delivery In 2022 (How It Works + More)

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