Complete Guide To Using Instacart At Aldi

Complete Guide To Using Instacart At Aldi (+ Tips & Tricks!)

Aldi, the beloved US grocery chain with its German roots has partnered up with Instacart. But if this is your first time shopping online with Instacart, you might find it a little daunting.

  • Here is your complete guide to using Instacart at Aldi, with all the answers, tips and tricks you need to make the most the most out of each order and ensure a smooth transaction every time!
  • A Quick Overview Of Using Instacart At Aldi
  • Aldi customers are able to select Instacart delivery. This comes with fees ranging from $4-10. Pick-up costs between $2-5. Aldi also offers Instacart, which comes with a $9.99/month membership. This allows you to get free delivery if your order exceeds $25. In some cases, the prices on Instacart for Aldi groceries can be higher.

  • Keep reading for more information about Instacar ordering on Aldi.
  • Complete Guide To Using Instacart At Aldi (+ Tips & Tricks!)

    How Do You Place An Order At Aldi On Instacart?

    Instacart requires you to have an account. You can download the app in your App Store or go online to and then follow the steps to setup an account.

    For your debit or credit card, and possibly your electronic benefits transfer (EBT), card to add to your account.

    Instacart will display the stores that you can shop from once it has located you. You can choose the one you prefer, and Instacart will show you which stores you can shop from.

    After that, you can begin making your list. Both the app and the website can be arranged by store sections. This means that your baked goods, produce, frozen products, and other items have all been put together.

    When you place your first order, the app will create a shopping list called “Buy It Again” that includes previous orders. You can also reorder items by adding to it each time you place another order.

    Buy It Again, a place you should go if you’ve forgotten what you paid for something weeks ago. The menu also has headings that allow you to search by department.

    You should also pay attention to how many items are being sold. A banana can either be purchased in a quantity or by weight (in pounds). You can change the quantity and the measurement by clicking on the item.

  • Perhaps you think you are ordering 10 bananas. However, the truth is that 10 pounds of food will be in your hands if you don’t pay attention.
  • After you have completed your list, go to the checkout. To place delivery orders, there is a minimum $35 and a minimum $10 for pick-up orders.

  • You can view your shopping cart by clicking on the little white and green card icon located in the upper left corner of the app.
  • Check-out allows you to confirm delivery and pick-up, and select from available times slots. Make sure you have correct contact information; verify payment method; then go back through your shopping cart one last time before you place your order.

  • (This is also where you can enter delivery notes, like where they should leave the bags or whether or not you want them to knock.)
  • Scrolling down below the total you will find “Add promo codes or gift cards” which is a great option, especially for first-time shoppers. Most promotions are for free delivery.

    When you place your order, you will be sent a message of confirmation on the app (or web), and an email with confirmation. You also get confirmation push notifications.

    You then wait for the Aldi shopper’s start. When someone starts, you will receive another notification. This is your signal to watch your cart. Aldi shoppers tend to be very friendly. They will usually reach out via the chat function at the beginning of the order to say hello.

    Due to the fluctuating nature of Aldi’s stocking, it’s best to have your phone or web browser open during shopping. This will allow you to quickly answer any questions or if there are problems with an item.

    The shopper will be able to get you close to your order or refund you if you don’t have what you ordered.

  • Please note: If your pick-up/delivery is between 5 and 6 p.m. while your shopper begins around 1 p.m. don’t be concerned about your goods!
  • Aldi merchandise is kept at the proper temperature until delivery or collection to your vehicle.

    You will be notified via the app about each step in delivery or pick-up. If you chose delivery, often your driver will take a picture of your items and leave it there.

    Do Groceries Cost More On Aldi Instacart?

  • Aldi recognizes an Upcharge for Groceries when ordering from Instacart. The website states, “Instacart’s prices might increase for some items to offset the delivery cost.”
  • Instacart’s website explains, “While many retailers offer everyday store prices on Instacart, some retailers may set prices on the Instacart platform that are different than in-store prices.”
  • So yes, some groceries cost more on Instacart than in-store at your local Aldi, but Aldi still endeavors to keep prices lower than in rival supermarkets.

    Complete Guide To Using Instacart At Aldi (+ Tips & Tricks!)

    Which payment method should you use to purchase Aldi Instacart?

    Instacart allows you to sign up and add your debit/credit card. Or you can use Apple Pay. Aldi recently added EBT payments via Instacart. You can add this right at the sign up.

    Noting that customers are able to pay their SNAP-eligible grocery purchases with EBT but delivery/pickup charges and other fees must be paid separately using a debit or credit cards is important.

    You can find more information about Aldi Instacart or EBT payments in the guide.

    It is prohibited to pay cash, Venmo and PayPal as well as the WIC program.

    Aldi will give you bags when you order Instacart?

    Aldi provides bags for Instacart customers. However they will charge for them just as in store.

  • This is reflected in your receipt. The “Checkout Bag Tax” or the Fee will appear on it.
  • Although it’s an extra fee, expect to pay less than $1 and as little as a dime to quarter depending on how many bags are required.

    Complete Guide To Using Instacart At Aldi (+ Tips & Tricks!)

    Do You Have To Be Home For Your Aldi Instacart Delivery?

    Aldi Instacart delivers to your home. Aldi Instacart will deliver your items frozen until you come home.

    You can either order non-perishable items if you’re not home or make arrangements to be present when the driver delivers your order.

    How Do You Pick Up Your Aldi Instacart Order?

    Aldi, Instacart and other companies have made it easier to pick up your bags. To speed up the process, just before you depart, you can access your app and label yourself “On My Way.” Employees will know where to find your bag, which reduces your waiting time once you’re there.

    Once you reach the area, park your vehicle in its designated pickup spot. These spaces are marked in bright blue numbers (equally, any one). Each space has a sign indicating that it is a curbside pickup spot.

    You can click on the “I’m Here” button once you are parked.

    So that customers know where to send their order, they can also input make, model, as well as color information.

  • You can follow the app every step of your way from when “A shopper collects your bags” through “An shopper brings your bags out”
  • Turn down the window to allow them to ask you where you’d like the bags. When they give you the OK, it’s done! You should get a notification on your phone from Instacart thanking you for the pick-up order.

    Complete Guide To Using Instacart At Aldi (+ Tips & Tricks!)

    Tip your Aldi Instacart Drivers And Shoppers

    If curbside pick up is required, you should never tip the person carrying your bags. However, there is nothing to stop you from offering a cash tip after they have loaded your bags up.

    Deliveries are an entirely different matter. Tipping should be expected since 100 percent goes to the driver and accounts for the bulk of their income.

    Either in-app or cash tipping is possible. To tip in the app, you can set a maximum of 5 percent on your order. But 15-20% for great service is ideal (in any industry).

    What if you have a problem with your Aldi Instacart Order

    Instacart provides a solid system to quickly address any problems.

    Instacart lets you submit issues using the app.

    The app will pop up asking you to rate the most recent transaction. You can then choose to “Get Help” and the app will guide you through each step.

    You can submit a problem if you realize a week or more later that you have an Aldi order issue. To submit a problem, simply visit the Instacart App’s main webpage and tap the three horizontal dots in the upper-left corner.

    Your previous transaction will be displayed if you choose “Your orders”, which is the first option in the list. Each one will have a “Get help” button you can choose. The app will help you navigate the whole process.

    Instacart can usually refund you quickly if you aren’t satisfied with an order. Instacart will refund you if you receive something that you did not order.

    You can return any item that you haven’t received within a reasonable time frame at an Aldi shop.

  • To assist the cashier, bring the receipt from your smartphone to a register. (Read about Aldi’s full return policy here.)
  • Complete Guide To Using Instacart At Aldi (+ Tips & Tricks!)

    Why Doesn’t Instacart Have That Aldi Product?

    Aldi may not be able to sell some products via Instacart.

    One example is a patio set that might not fit into shopper’s car. They can’t upload the item to the app.

    Does Aldi Instacart Accept Coupons?

    Aldi’s Instacart shopping center does not accept manufacturer’s coupons. However Instacart can offer discounts on selected items each week.

    Instacart can help you find them by scanning your phone.

    Instacart may also have app-wide offers, such as $20 discount on orders $100 and above. This promotion was done in 2020 during the holiday season and applied to all stores selling through Instacart.

    These don’t occur often, but when they do, it’s a great deal, especially at a store like Aldi, where items are already so cheap.

  • Conclusion
  • Aldi’s Instacart shop is a convenient extension of the company’s low-priced, no-frills business model, and if its popularity is any indication, online ordering, plus delivery and pick-up at Aldi, should be here to stay.

    How Do I Use Aldi Instacart? allows shoppers to download and use their app. Once they have filled the shopping bag with groceries, the site will take them to Next, they select a delivery window, which can be anywhere from an hour to up to a week later, while at checkout. Instacart’s personal shoppers pick up, pack, deliver and collect their orders. Sep 18, 2018,

    Does Aldi Provide Bags For Instacart Shoppers?

    Aldi gives bags with Instacart orders. Aldi gives you bags when you order Instacart. But, unlike in shops, they will charge for them.

    Aldi has higher Instacart pricing

    A. ALDI offers the best grocery prices every day. Instacart prices could differ slightly from those in the local stores. Instacart’s prices might be slightly higher in some cases to help cover delivery costs.

    What Are the Earnings of Aldi Instacart Shoppers

    It all depends on the order. Instacart provides an estimate of potential earnings for every order and guarantees shoppers will earn at least $5 for each delivery-only batch and $7 to $10 for each full-service (shop and deliver) batch.

    .Complete Guide To Using Instacart At Aldi (+ Tips & Tricks!)

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