33 Impossible To Pronounce Ikea Furniture Names

33 Impossible To Pronounce Ikea Furniture Names (+ Meanings)

When we look back at the origins of IKEA, it becomes clear that Ingvar kamprad, an Almhult resident, founded the company. IKEA was founded in 1994 and has continued to sell high-quality accessories and home furnishing at an affordable price.

Each item is uniquely named in the Swedish language, which can often be tricky to pronounce unless you speak the tongue.

  • We have listed 33 impossible-to-pronounce funny furniture names and the meaning behind them; if you accept the challenge of reading these names aloud, keep on reading!
  • 33 IKEA Furniture Names That Are Hard to Pronounce [+ Meanings]
  • Before We Start
  • It is important to fully understand IKEA’s context-based names. The quirky names were created to assist founder Thomas IKEA in quickly identifying certain items regardless of dyslexia. Therefore, every category of furniture was named in accordance with a key.

    Norwegian place names can be found in hall furniture, beds, and wardrobes. Names for bookcases are based on professions or names of Scandinavian boys. Sofas, armchairs and dining chairs, however, are named after Swedish cities. Rug names are similar to those of Danish cities.

  • Why not try this? You can find the name of the beloved charcoal-grey corner sofa bed at this link. It is published biweekly by the Norwegian Communist Party, which was founded in 1941.

  • The word “cirrus cloud” is simply one type of cirrus cloud. It’s reflective of the cloud-like shape that this blue cushion follows. It is used in Swedish spelling, and is sometimes pronounced as the “au sound” in English.
  • Untrained eyes may find this word confusing. But pronunciation is simple: “yeeper-lig” is the Swedish spelling for excellent.
  • The BJORKSNAS series is named after a Swedish village; Bjork itself means tree, which fits the natural wooden, Nordic appearance of the furniture line. Swedish vowels such as O may seem daunting; however, they are pronounced as “i” or “u” in numerous dialects.

  • 5. ORFJALL
  • The popular Vissel Blue and White Office Swivel Chair, ORFJALL was named after the small Swedish village of Norrmalm.

  • 6. EKET
  • Versatile EKET cabinets have minimal features and are ideal for use in all rooms. The word “Eket” is a singular plural of the uncountable noun “eke”, which originates from old Swedish connotations of ‘oak.”
  • 7. VIKTIGT
  • IKEA collaborated with Swedish glass and ceramic designer Ingegerd Raman to craft handmade glassware and naturally woven furniture. “Viktigt” derives from the concept of a person with high status and importance. It is much easier than you might think to pronounce the word. Simply silence the G (Vik-tit) and it will be easy.

  • The FROJERED Fronts are made from natural bamboo and designed to bring a fresh, modern feel to your kitchen. Named after another village within Sweden’s southern region, the surfaces have been named.

  • IKEA Rugs are named after either villages in Sweden, Denmark or both. For example, the STENLILLE rug is named after a city in Denmark’s Eastern Region, formerly known as West Zealand County.

  • 10. BEKVAM
  • We now know that the “A” vowels can be spoken in many languages as the “e”, so pronunciation of the BEKVAM step stool shouldn’t prove difficult. Interpretation of the word “Bekvam”, which means “providing comfort” or “providing ease and security.”
  • 11. EKOLSUND
  • Ekolsund Castle is in Uppsala County. The EKOLSUND Gunnared lightbrown-pink recliner shares a name with it: Ekolsund Castle. The 14th-century was the year that the castle was first established.
  • 12. SVARTA
  • Swedish can be confusing if you are not used to its pronunciation.

  • 13. HEMNES
  • IKEA beds have similar names to rug, and are named after regions in Norway. Hemnes, for example, is located in Nordland Country (Norway), which lies south and east of the border with Sweden.

  • 14. BESTA
  • The BESTA storage system is designed to support modern life. It has a stylish and sleek look that can be used for any purpose. BESTA means endurance and stability, which is what these storage pieces are!
  • 15. FNISS
  • The FINISS wastebasket is literally a giggle. This would imply that all poor jokes go in the garbage. Don’t let the spelling put you off; pronounce the word exactly how it looks.

  • 16. NISSEDAL
  • NISSEDAL black framed mirrors are timeless pieces for every home. Where did that name come from? Nissedal is located in Telemark, Norway. This rural municipality was named after Telemark River.

  • 17. EXPEDIT
  • EXPEDIT Storage units are the perfect storage solution for vinyl enthusiasts. They come in 16 different compartments. Similar to IKEA bookcases and EXPEDIT storage units, the word “Expedit” can also be used for shop clerks or assistants.
  • The EXPEDIT Collection was unfortunately discontinued in 2014. We now have our next item.

  • 18. FJALLBO
  • Although hard to pronounce, IKEA’s modern industrially rustic shelving units and storage cabinets are named after good nature. Funnily enough, “Fjallbo” originates from the Norse sneeze!
  • 19. KVARTAL
  • IKEA’s lamps are named after units, measurements, nautical phrases, and Swedish locales. KVARTAL, which is the English word for “quarterly,” sounds very cool.

  • 20. ANRIK
  • IKEA’s sleek coffee pot looks great! The name ANRIK is derived from the phrase “rich with heritage”.
  • 21. VITTSJO
  • It has deep contextual meanings. “Vittsjo,” was where Gustavus Adolphus (the Swedish King) almost lost his life during the 1612 Battle of Vittsjo. The durable IKEA glass cabinet is named after Vittsjo, which is rich in Swedish heritage. This area can be found in Hassleholm Municipality.

  • The tongue-twister is actually easier to pronounce that you may think. This silicone bakingware was named after SOCKERKAKA which is the “sponge” cake.
  • 23. APPLARO
  • IKEA’s outdoor furniture has been named after Scandinavian island names according to the key. The modern APPLARO Series is, unsurprisingly, named after a charming town that can be found in Stockholm.

  • 24. MINNEN
  • Your child can relish memories in their uniquely designed MINNEN bed, which grows alongside your child with handy extendable features. This bed seems to fit perfectly because “minnen”, as it is also known, means “memories”.

  • 25. BRIMNES
  • We will be focusing on IKEA bedroom furniture, but we also want to pay attention to how “Brimnes” is pronounced. There are many ways of translating the name (“d-brimnes”), and some translations ending in a “d”. Named after a tiny village in Southern Sweden, the favorable wardrobe collection is called “Brimnes”.

  • 26. KYRRE
  • Originating from the Old Norse word “krr”, “Kryrre” translates as “calm and peaceful.” Not the name you’d necessarily expect for a simple birch wood stool!
  • 27. INBJUDEN
  • IKEA has created a series of INBJUDEN romantically designed furniture for weddings. In English, “Inbjuden” is defined as “invitation,” something you’ll certainly need to attend a wedding!
  • If you know this story, you will be aware that Godmorgon means “Good Morning” in Swedish. IKEA wants you to relax with its functional but stylish bathroom collections.

  • 29. VARMER
  • IKEA’s range of winter accessories includes functional furniture as well as cozy decoration. The VARMER line is also named after the Swedish word for warmth, which makes it a strategic match.

  • 30. IDEALISK
  • The chances of you being correct if you make a guess about this one. “Idealisk” is the Swedish way of saying “ideal,” which may reflect the polished, stainless steel appliances.

  • 31. BARBAR
  • IKEA’s bird print tray is designed with an angled edge for comfort and easy grip. IKEA chose “Barbar”, which is a translation of “carryable,” as the name for the tray. This choice is undoubtedly a reflection on the product’s design.

  • 32. RODASK
  • RODASK Rugs are light brown to bright orange in color and bring warmth into your house. You’ll find different textures coming together harmoniously in this rug, which is made with both cotton-chenille and woven cotton. You’ll notice that the rug is named “red-ash” because of its name.

  • IKEA named their specially crafted oak top table after Morbylanga Kommun is just one of two municipalities situated across the southern half of the Swedish Baltic island of Oland. MORBYLANGA’s table shares a lot of the same character as its surroundings.

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  • Conclusion
  • For those who don’t speak IKEA’s lingo, the furniture names of IKEA may be confusing. However, the quirky names undeniably bring authenticity to the brand, truly setting them apart from their competitors.

    How to Pronounce Ikea Furniture Names

    According to IKEA, it’s pronounced as “EE-KAYUH”. IKEA has shared the pronunciation a few times over the years, but it’s an easy thing to forget — especially when everyone around you says it a certain way. You don’t have to be perfect if it’s not your first time. IKEA is not a word. December 20, 2021

    Ikea’s Use of Strange Names

    Ingvar kamprad, founder of IKEA, created the system. Kamprad had dyslexia and struggled to remember the number order in the item codes. So he swapped the numbers for names. So he switched the numbers for names. He found it was easier to remember what each item meant and therefore made fewer mistakes in filling out forms.

    What Do The Names Of Ikea Furniture Mean?

    Sofas, coffee tables, bookshelves, media storage and doorknobs are named after places in Sweden (Klippan, Malmo); beds, wardrobes and hall furniture after places in Norway; carpets after places in Denmark and dining tables and chairs after places in Finland.Feb 3, 2008

    What Does Bjorksnas Stand For?

    BJORKSNAS is the name of a Swedish village. Bjork means tree. July 8, 2016, YDDIGEN.

    .33 Impossible To Pronounce Ikea Furniture Names (+ Meanings)

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