Who Is The Voice Of Home Depot Commercials

Who Is The Voice Of Home Depot Commercials In 2022?

Do You Know Any Women Who Voiced Home Depot’s Commercials

In 2022 it was not known if there were any females who voiced Home Depot’s commercial.

Many female actors have worked in Home Depot commercials despite this.

Are You the Voice of Old Home Depot Commercials

During the 1990s, Brian Cummings frequently did the voice-over work for Home Depot commercials.

  • Brian Cummings is the voice actor. A Home Depot commercial was aired in 1992, during an advertising break for WWF Superstars. This Home Depot commercial was aired by WNYW Fox Channel 5
  • Who Is The Voice Of Home Depot Commercials In 2022?

    What Was Home Depot’s First Commercial?

    Although Home Depot no longer has an official TV commercial, it still maintains one of its oldest ads, likely reflecting the original advertisement.

    The Home Depot advertisement was broadcast in 1985 on KTRK Channel 13 to promote the film The Five Pennies.

    The 1985 commercial features employees thanking customers and listing the best local prices for customers in Houston, Texas.

    How do you apply to voice Home Depot commercials

    You will need some experience in acting and voice-over to become a Home Depot voice actor. To do this, you may wish to go to a drama school or take an acting course and voice-over lessons.

    If you have voice-over experience and are skilled in voice acting, then you can look into hiring an agent to help you get work.

    It is important to tell your agent you want to voice over Home Depot commercials.

    Home Depot may hire voice talent depending on many factors.

    Home Depot is a great place to start your research.

  • Conclusion
  • Josh Lucas is the voice actor currently performing Home Depot commercials. Josh Lucas, an actor best known for his parts in “Sweet Home Alabama” and “American Psycho”, is Josh Lucas. Home Depot has had Ed Harris and Brian Cummings as past voices.

    .Who Is The Voice Of Home Depot Commercials In 2022?

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