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Home Depot Pro Xtra In 2022 (Who Can Sign Up, Price + More)

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Home Depot has many ways to help loyal and regular customers save money while buying tools, supplies and equipment at the well-known home improvement retailer.

  • Home Depot Pro Xtra membership may sound familiar to you. Find out more about what I have discovered!
  • Home Depot Pro Xtra In 2022
  • Pro Xtra – Home Depot’s loyalty plan that saves time and money. In addition to receiving members-only business tools and benefits, as of 2022. This program is for professionals working in the field to save money on their overall business costs.

  • Continue reading to find out more information about Pro Xtra Memberships, including who is eligible, what the cost of memberships are, and which benefits members enjoy.
  • Home Depot Pro Xtra In 2022 (Who Can Sign Up, Price + More)

    Home Depot Pro Xtra – Who is eligible to sign up

    Professionals are the best candidates for this loyalty program. But, to get signed up you do not need to be licensed.

    If you’re planning a big home improvement project or you’re simply a frequent shopper at Home Depot, you can enjoy the same benefits as professionals do via this membership.

    How Does Home Depot Pro Xtra Work?

    Pro Xtra offers many advantages, including the possibility to access other Home Depot areas that aren’t available to regular shoppers.

    A pro account will be created on both the app and website. This allows you to track and redeem your online and in-store purchases as well as any special offers.

    Additionally, you’ll have a Pro Xtra virtual ID through your mobile app, reloadable gift cards to use with spending limits and e-receipts, and even a commercial credit card for big spend projects.

    Simply scan your virtual identity when checking out to access your account. Make sure that you login online if you want to shop in-store.

    Failure to comply with this requirement will result in your spending not being tracked, and potentially losing your perks.

    Home Depot Pro Xtra In 2022 (Who Can Sign Up, Price + More)

    How much does Home Depot Pro Xtra costs?

    Home Depot Pro Xtra Membership is totally free if only you want the basic membership.

    You will have access to a number of perks and personalized offers without worrying about cost, but there are other steps to get more rewards.

    Paint rewards, for instance, allows you to enjoy a larger paint discount the more paint you purchase.

    The Home Depot Pro Xtra Terms and Conditions state that you can choose to be a member or a bronze, silver, or gold member for paint rewards.

    As part of these rewards, you will get a maximum discount of 20% if you spend a minimum of $6,500 on qualifying purchases.

    Home Depot Pro Xtra – Which Benefits Does It Offer?

    Home Depot Pro Xtra offers a variety of benefits that will suit professionals as well as everyday shoppers. These include paint rewards and purchase tracking.

    Below is a listing of all the main benefits and rewards offered to Pro Xtra Members:

  • Volume Pricing
  • It is much simpler to bulk purchase your materials for jobs or projects using volume pricing.

    Just make a project list and include all the necessary materials (such as paint or lumber). Then, bring the completed list to your local Pro Desk to receive a quotation.

    This is a much cheaper option than just buying each piece and cashing them all at the checkout.

  • Paint Rewards
  • If you’re a professional painter, or you simply enjoy sprucing up your home once and a while, the Paint rewards will be excellent for you.

    Your entire color history will be available for each purchase. This can help you find the shade magnolia that was used at your previous job.

    Additional benefits include dedicated rep support as well as discounts according to how much paint you purchase each month.

    These are the basic calculations for qualifying purchases. They include all D24 paint supplies.

    Check out the following table to see more on the available discounts.

  • Personalized Offers
  • Members who are Pro Extra receive special offers for products and services which regular customers do not get. These offer can be sent by mail, email, or via the Home Depot App’s message center.

    You will receive coupons and discounts for your frequent purchases.

  • Purchase Tracking
  • This app is best for professionals, but it can also be used by average DIY-ers to save your purchases and organize them in one place.

    This allows you to quickly track purchases, store receipts and arrange each purchase according to job or PO.

  • Text2Confirm
  • If you need employees in your company to quickly buy your products for your job while you’re still out on the job, you can authorize employee in store purchases quickly via Text2Confirm.

    It is an easy and cost-effective way to be sure your funds are being used for the purchase you want.

    You can setup cards for your employees by being a business owner. When a purchase occurs, a text will go to your cell phone.

    You can easily deny or approve purchases made with these cards from your phone with a simple text.

  • Pro Xtra Perks
  • These perks, which can also be used to earn personalized offers through purchases are finalized.

    When you make a purchase at Home Depot you can scan your virtual ID to unlock additional perks such as free drinks and snacks.

    Home Depot Pro Xtra In 2022 (Who Can Sign Up, Price + More)

    Home Depot Pro Xtra – How Does Returns Work?

    Pro Xtra return policies are different than those for regular Home Depot.

    Return it to Home Depot with your receipt/shipping Email, your credit card information, and your valid ID to request a complete refund.

    You can view Home Depot’s Return Policy in greater detail by clicking here

    Home Depot Pro Xtra Offers a Discount

    Home Depot Pro Xtra members can get a 10% discount for certain products

    The best discount is currently available through Paints Rewards. You will be able to get specific and personal discounts for your account as well, however, this has been mentioned before.

    Home Depot Pro Xtra In 2022 (Who Can Sign Up, Price + More)

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