Best Under Sink Water Filter

Best Under Sink Water Filter

If you are still thinking about getting an under sink water filter, then think really, really quick! Chances are that your home may need it sooner than later. The folk who think that city water treatment is enough for clean and safe water may be a bit misadvised. This is not fault what the water authorities do. In fact, the local city water treatment is an extremely vigorous process – aiming to eliminate all sorts of contaminants so that all city dwellers receive very clean water.

However, after the large-scale processing at the plant, the water that is supplied over homes is still found containing certain amounts of hazardous contaminants. Why? The answer is simple – what happens down the road in the water pipes. Most of them are old and are lined up with different forms of dangerous elements such as lead, arsenic, mercury, hormones, and other sediments. These usually dissolve and are carried along the water until the homes of many residents. You don’t imagine yourself quenching the thirst with such water, do you?

Having known about the bad news, there’s always light at the end – you need purchasing the perfect under sink water filter. This is the perfect technology you want to take advantage of. It helps with the filtration of water thus minimizes many potential hazards. With this option in your home, you won’t panic about the health of your family.

The under sink water filters for residential are able to produce many gallons of clean, safe water in just a day. But the question comes in locating the right unit for your home. Since there are many kinds of these devices in the market, you will always need quality time getting the best. But no need worrying; we have already done the difficult part for you and assembled the models we find highly efficient, high performing and reliable. Look on for the best under sink water filter and pick your favorite!

What Is an Under Sink Water Filter?

This is a water filtration system which is installed under your sink in the kitchen. It comes in handy for eliminating contaminants from the water. The contaminants could be in form of bacteria and pollutants such as mercury, arsenic or other heavy compounds. Unlike other water filters for residential use, the under sink water filters are designed having large builds. Therefore, they are not portable and you will have to milk your pockets really well on purchasing the unit.

These under sink filters process large amounts of water. The rate of work is faster and performance is top-level compared to similar devices. The under sink water filters are installed under the kitchen sink and thus not visible creating unnecessary kitchen outlook. In other words, they don’t take up your precious space in the kitchen. Again the water filtration system can actually filter a wide range of contaminants in the water.

Here Are the Best Features of Under Sink Water Filters

The under sink water filters are popular among many residents. The reason for this being that they come with a host of advantages that make them top choices among many households. If you choose getting an under sink water filter and install these under sink filters, the following are the benefits you will get:

1. Fairly Easy Installation

It’s definitely going to be easy installing the under sink water filter units. They come with straightforward manuals and clear instructions. The good thing about these devices is that you can even do the installation yourself (DIY installation). However, they may be slightly complicated compared over the countertop or other conventional water filters. But basically, you don’t need to be an expert plumber to do have them placed under your kitchen sink.

2. Cost-Efficient

The under sink filters are not going to clear your pockets as such. They are budget-friendly in terms of initial cost of purchasing them (although you might spend a little bit higher) and the upkeep costs along the way. But they will save you huge amounts of money you could have used in buying bottled water. In the long term, they even save you money more than other types such as faucet filters or countertop (these could be cheap to buy but not as efficient in the long term).

3. Easy Maintenance

Maintaining these under sink filters isn’t hard when compared over their similar counterparts. What you want to do is just carry on the regular filter maintenance tasks; for example, you change the cartridge beneath the sink, a very easy thing to do.

4. Compact Models

When buying equipment, everyone wants getting something that would take the smallest of spaces in their home. The under sink water filter is not an exception – it comes with a compact design. Hence, it’s space saving and well, you will just “hide” it under the sink of your kitchen.

5. Variety of Models

The good news about the under sink water filters is that they come in different models. If you want the simple models that have one filter cartridge, you’ll get. Or perhaps, you need the multi-filter units or you want the one that not only does filtering, but also enrich the water with minerals, the market is loaded with them. There are two main types: the conventional and simple under sink water filters.

How Under Sink Water Filters Work

It’s important that you know how the under sink filters work. So before you consider any model, we are going to tell you how their systems work. But even so, you may need understanding the two major types:

Simple Under Sink Water Filter

This is called “simple” because of the ease of installing the system. But not actually the way it works. With this under sink water filter, all the cold water supply from the pipes is diverted through the filters. And the delivery of water is through a regular faucet, not a separate one. In the process, no hot water enters the system due to the fact that the under sink filter is only connected to the cold water supply lines.

Furthermore, the system has the advantage of ease of use. You don’t need to install a separate faucet for cold filtered water and another one for cold unfiltered. Perhaps this is why they cost less than the other systems. The other advantage of these under sink filters is that they don’t require any modifications like drilling holes for installation. But the problem comes when you are required changing the cartridge filters more often.

Conventional Under Sink Water Filter

The conventional under sink filtration systems need a connection diverting water from the main cold water pipe through them. Usually, a short plastic tube is preferred for the connection. The filtered water passes through them and comes out using a separate faucet that goes above the sink. Unfiltered hot and cold water can be used from the original faucet. The conventional under sink system is constantly under pressure. When you open the filter faucet at the sink, water will flow through the under sink filter and hence moving out of the faucet.

The under sink system needs a special faucet for filtered water (of course you need this water for drinking). This should also be attached or fitted on the cold water line. You will need an extra hole on your sink or countertop for the special faucet for filtered water. Drill the hole if it isn’t available.

This system comes with a number of advantages. For example, the lifespan of under sink filter cartridges is relatively long compared over the simple filters. Also, high-quality water is produced. The shortcoming here is the trickiness with the installation.

Reverse Osmosis Filter

This filter uses the process of reverse osmosis eliminating the contaminants from water. The resulting purified water is transferred and delivered through a separate faucet. The unfiltered water is drained away or channeled elsewhere for use in non-drinking applications.

The reverse osmosis membrane is ultra-thin. Therefore, before water with large sediments reaches this layer, it should undergo a thorough process of filtration through pre-filters. The RO membranes will do a very effective job when it comes purifying water. Apart from being difficult to install, the reverse osmosis membranes are hard to install and they come at a price.

How to Buy an Under Sink Water Filter

Well, it’s now time upon buying one for your kitchen sink. But the problem is there are many brands and models on the market. Don’t panic… here are the critical pointers for you.

1. Filtration Efficiency

You will need to look for the capacity of the under sink filter removing contaminants from water. Keep an eye on the filtered water output also. A good water filter should eliminate most of the contaminants, at least.

2. Budget

While the initial cost is going to determine whether you’ll be taking the under sink filter or not, consider the future costs on the filter. Save to buy a high-quality device that will have minimum replacement costs – don’t look so much at the market price. Remember to keep within your budget limits.

3. Maintenance & Installation

The under sink filter system should be easy to install and carry out maintenance. DIY filters enable you to personally do the job yourself. Even so, your plumber should not have a tough time to install or do a quick maintenance task on your filter system.

4. Compatibility with Tap

Look for the under sink water filters that can work with a single-dispensing or 3-way kitchen tap. The conventional filters allow you to keep your existing taps; you don’t need to change to another tap.

Best Under Sink Water Filters Today

Right next are our top-six best under sink filters we have identified on the market. They are reliable, high-performing and efficient. 1

Ecosoft 3 Stage Under Sink Water Filter System

Best Under Sink Water Filter


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The Best Undersink Water Filter We Recommend!

If you are after that tasty, fresh-looking drinking water, then Ecosoft is not far from you. This under sink device is best for budget and comes with all the necessary features you could wish for a water filter. The design is crafted with elegance and therefore, it’s very attractive to the eye and good blend for the kitchen. It is popular among most homeowners and is considered as one of the best under sink water filters you can find on the market. For safe and clean drinking water, the undersink filter uses a multi-stage (3-stage) processing technology to effectively decontaminate your water for drinking and other uses.

Think about all sorts of contaminants in your tap water. The undersink water filter system has a Polypropylene Melt Blown Filter that removes all sediments and very tiny solid particles. The carbon filter will then remove any heavy metals and other harmful elements such as mercury, arsenic or lead. From this layer, water goes through the third/final filter, CTO Filter. Here, the bad odor is expunged from water so that water is pleasant to the smell and taste. Don’t worry about replacing the different parts of this model. It’s easy doing it. You can do the installation yourself and you don’t even need any plumbing skills for this. The installation kit comes in a complete package made easy for installation. So you can access your clean water in no time 24/7.

The undersink system looks durable with the top-quality filter housings and mounting brackets it’s constructed of. For this reason, possibly, it has been provided with a 1-year warranty. The only big issue with this model is that the filters need replacements after you reach 400 gallons of water. Because their cartridge efficiency at this capacity would have gone down. Otherwise, the system offers you everything great you want in a water filter. In case you suspect that your water is not well purified, mostly of biological contaminants, consider a whole-house UV purifier in addition to this.

  • This under sink water filter looks durable with top quality construction.
  • There is a 1 year warranty on this under sink water filter.
  • The under sink water filter is able to remove all sediments and very tiny solid particles.
  • The carbon filter in this under sink water filter will remove any heavy metals and other harmful elments such as mercury, arsenic, or lead
  • The design of this under sink water filter is very attractive to the eye.
  • This under sink water filter needs replacement after 400 gallons


Woder 10K-DC Ultra High Capacity Under Sink Water Filtration System

Woder 10K-DC Ultra High Capacity Under Sink Water Filtration System Image


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Woder Technology under sink water filter systems are extremely efficient and does remove 99.99% and above of the impurities from your water. In the process, your water is left having the essential minerals you need for everyday health; magnesium, calcium, potassium. It has been favorably rated and reviewed by past buyers and is considered one of the best under sink water filters on the market. This cleansing process is referred as selective filtration. Let your fridge be free from the bottled water because of this unit a real high-tech purifier.

The system does not utilize the reverse osmosis process that would remove even the most important minerals from the water. The design of these under sink filters are completed by the finest of materials which have been tested and accepted in the laboratories. Meaning that any questions regarding the quality of these under sink filters are eliminated completely. The model lasts you until the minimum of three years – it’s able to process until 10,000 gallons of water – without any hitches down the road.

Mounting the unit over the wall is effortless and the good thing is that it comes pre-assembled. So you don’t even need doing any installation. It comes with Direct Connect hoses that are directly installed over the existing cold water valve and faucet that goes out of the sink. In just five minutes, you will be done with mounting. You can also secure the unit with a money-back guarantee just in case it develops unusual problems within an unexpected period of time.

  • This undersink water filter removes 99.99% of impurities in your water.
  • The water filter has a special cleaning process called selective filtration.
  • This water filter lasts up to 3 years
  • This water filter is able to process up to 10,000 gallons without any hitch.
  • Mounting the water filter over the wall is effortless as it comes pre-assembled.
  • Some users indicated taht the flow has slowed down after 2 months.


Culligan US-EZ-4 Undersink Drinking Water Filtration System

Culligan US-EZ-4 Undersink Drinking Water Filtration System Image


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Getting the next level with this water filtration solution. You will be provided with the purest water thereby helping you save all the money that you’ve been spending on bottled water. It is also considered as one of the best under sink water filters you can find on the market. The water is clean, odorless, tasty and pleasantly smelling – right from this filter. The Culligan under sink water filter system is cost-effective and will do for you the perfect processing job for six months running. At the same time, the filter removes very high-profile elements like chlorine, lead, mercury, turbidity, MTBE, bad taste and odor.

The installation of this filtration unit is very simple, no hassle here. It mounts on the wall effortlessly. It comes with a stainless steel faucet that does not rust or corrodes. This makes sure that the model will last for long without wearing out. In case you want replacement for the filter cartridge, the filter system includes quick connect fittings that you only need to twist on and twist off for the replacement. If you feel that your current cartridges are under performing, you are at liberty upgrading the current ones to improve the filtration levels. You do not need cutting off your water supply when changing these cartridges.

You don’t need to doubt the credibility of the materials used making this unit. The filter cartridge is tested and certified by the NSF international laboratories and has been given a clean bill of health for the water that comes out of them. Thus, the quality of the water processed by these under sink water filters is high and safe for drinking.

This water filtration system also has a 2-year limited warranty that comes with a capacity of 500 gallons and the filter lasts until a period of 6 months before another replacement. The under sink filter also includes a LED filter life indicator that helps you in determining when you require changing your filters. No need of doing lots of guesswork when doing a replacement.

  • The water filter helps you save money you’ve been spending on bottled water.
  • The water filter removes high-profile elements like chlorine, lead, mercury, etc.
  • The installation of this water filter is very simple and no hassle.
  • The water filter crtridge is tested and certified by NSF International laboratories.
  • This water filter comes with a capacity of 500 gallons and the filter lasts up to 6 months.
  • According to some users noted that the fitting was cheap soft plastic.


Filtrete Advanced Under Sink Change Water Filtration System

Filtrete Advanced Under Sink Change Water Filtration System Image


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Looking at Filtrete, we notice a dedicated under sink water filter with great filtration capability. The water filtration system is popular among many homeowners and is considered one of the best under sink water filters on the market. It efficiently and effectively removes the microbial cysts, chlorine taste, and odor, silt, sand, rust, and soil among other elements so that you have extremely clean water safe for your household. With a filter capacity of 2000 gallons, it’s arguably among the units many would find very useful for their kitchens. In fact, the reviews reveal so.

When it comes to installation, it’s as easy as 1,2,3. In just 30 minutes or under, your filter will be up and running and this will go for about 6 months before you can again think about making the filter replacement. You don’t need to have any special faucet – the under sink filter connects your kitchen or bath faucet very easily.

And when changing the filters, you won’t hassle and it doesn’t get messy; just a twist is enough for the task. The system has been tested and certified by NSF international and therefore approved for doing water infiltration. This means that the product is of high-quality and the water coming out of it’s clean, safe and what your household just want.

The cost of getting this product is not the one scares you off. It’s a budget-friendly option that will save you so much money. Therefore, if you are looking for the under sink filter, delivering only clean water in your glass, check this one. It’s a very high-performing, priceless system that works conveniently for you.

  • The water filter has a great filtration capability.
  • This water filter efficiently removes the microbial cysts and chlorine taste.
  • The water filter has a high capacity of 2,000 gallons.
  • The water filter is easy to install and connects to your kitchen and faucet very easily.
  • The price on this water filter is quite affordable.
  • Some users reported their water filter leaked.


CuZn UC-200 Under Counter Water Filter-50K Ultra High Capacity

CuZn UC-200 Under Counter Water Filter-50K Ultra High Capacity Image


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CuZn UC-200 has gained a lot of recognition for its high-level performance. The product has received positive ratings and reviews from past users and is considered one of best under sink water filters you can find on the market. It has an indispensable capacity of 50,000 gallons that extends all the way to an astonishing 5-year period. This means that you will not replace the cartridge filter for the whole of that period – what a device!

This water purification system is the ultimate solution when it comes on eliminating sediments, impurities, and unwanted metals from the water. Whether these are organic contaminants or water-soluble cation heavy metals like lead and mercury, get the water through this system and see the purity of the resulting water.

It’s highly rated among many people because of the ease of installation it comes with. You will not require a third additional faucet. Rather, it allows for a direct connection over the main cold water line. Its design is simple and compact and the compression hose is made of stainless steel. You can, therefore, connect it over a hot water line since it comes with a durable housing. If you get stranded during installation or any issue for that matter, just connect the highly-responsive customer care team for consultation.

The 3-stage filtration process is a thorough one. You can be sure of super clean water for your household. The CuZn under sink filter has three layers of media for filtration. The outermost layer is responsible for removal of larger sediments like sand, silt, plastic fibers or rust among others. The middle or second layer is acid washed coconut shell activated carbon filter. It ensures that chemicals such as chlorine, chloramine, herbicides, pesticides etc. are all eliminated. Then it reduces bad odor and taste.

  • A great 50,000 capacity that this water filter has.
  • The water filter lasts up to 5 years.
  • This water filter is able to remove both organic contaminants or water soluble heavy metals like lead and mercury.
  • The design of this water filter is simple and compact.
  • The 3-stage filtration for this water filter is very thorough and sure to filter out most if not all impurities mentioned in the specs.
  • Some reported cases that the water filter does not filter properly.


APEC WFS-1000 3 Stage Under-Sink Water Filter System

APEC WFS-1000 3 Stage Under-Sink Water Filter System Image


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Another popular model is this APEC WFS-1000. It also utilizes the three-stage filtration process which sieves through all possible impurities and risks for high-quality drinking water. The item is considered one of the best under sink water filters The system has durable filters that you can depend upon for thorough filtration processes. This offers you a reliable solution for your household water supply. The under sink filters will do the perfect job for 12 months running which is something you want to get from any filtration system.

While cleaning your water, the filtration unit does not affect the nutrient quality of the water. Thus, the important nutrients are not accidentally or intentionally removed along with the suspect impurities. So you are going to have water with improved taste, color, smell and of higher alkaline quality.

Installing APEC WFS-1000 to be part of your sink is easy, fast and fun. There are no additional parts you need to use for mounting or installation. In fact, this design comes with all the equipment you may need for installation. If you want, you can always get the one with pre-drilled holes which makes it easy for mounting on the wall.

You will pay a bit more than what is enough for an average filter of this caliber. However, you are guaranteed higher performance, classy faucet, superior filter cartridges and a durable housing that would last. The only downside of this model is the fact it’s not designed to remove TDS. Nevertheless, this is a filtration system that any serious household should be having in their kitchen. Unless the quality of water your family ought to take is not as important as the work APEC WFS-1000 does.

  • This water filter also utilize a three-stage filtration process.
  • The water filter can do a great job for 12 months.
  • Installation on this water filter is very easy.
  • The water filter model is very popular.
  • The water filter is not designed to remove TDS.
  • The water filter is a bit pricey.

Bottom Line

That was our list of recommended water filters. We hope you found what you liked among those brands.

The type of under sink water filter you decide having in your kitchen matters a lot. The importance of sink water filtration, as you know, cannot be underrated. But it’s not just going to happen – you will need the best under sink water filter for this. Fortunate enough, the market is loaded with a variety of models and styles that will help you with your sink filtration. Which is why we have assembled the best among best for you so that you don’t hassle for one. You will definitely be vindicated by picking one of these for your sink filtration. You will be enjoying the purest of water in that beautiful glass of yours thanks to our recommended water filters. All the best!

Summary of Best Under Sink Water Filter Products

Ecosoft 3 Stage Under Sink Water Filter System

Woder 10K-DC Ultra High Capacity Under Sink Water Filtration System

  • The water filter is efficienet and remove 99.99%

Culligan US-EZ-4 Undersink Drinking Water Filtration System

  • The installation of this under sink water filter is simple and hassle free.

Filtrete Advanced Under Sink Change Water Filtration System

  • The water filter capacity is at 2000 gallons.

APEC WFS-1000 3 Stage Under-Sink Water Filter System

  • YOu wil pay a bit more for this under stink water filter.