What Does Offer Phase Ext Mean For Usps? + Other Faqs

What Does Offer Phase Ext Mean For Usps? + Other Faqs

The United States Postal Service offers a number of prestigious benefits, including the federal benefits package.

This is why the USPS hiring process can be so intense and prolonged. The Offer Phase Ext section of the hiring process can be frustrating for you.

What does the Offer Phase Ext signify for USPS staffing? It’s good or bad news. These are the facts.

What Does Offer Phase Ext Mean For USPS? + Other FAQs

What Does the USPS Mean by “Offer Phase Ext”?

The USPS Offer Phase Ext is the last step in the hiring process. Prospective hires in the USPS Offer Phase Ext have accepted an offer of employment from USPS. They have also been fingerprinted, drug tested, and they are now waiting to hear the final results.

  • Continue reading to find out more about this phase, how it can be long, if you got the job and what Offer Phase Ext means in the overall hiring process.
  • How long does the USPS offer phase expire?

    My research shows that while the USPS offers phase ext of the hiring process for the USPS is very close to its end, it can last for quite some time.

    Reddit comments have indicated that some Reddit posters have said they were “stuck in this hiring purgatory” for weeks.

    A respondent to an Indeed thread said they were in the Offer Phase Ext Category for about a month.

    Basically, unless there is an urgent need, USPS is going to take their time moving through the hiring process.

    If you are currently in the Offer phase Ext category and have completed some steps after submitting your application, please don’t panic.

    You should expect to be waiting at most for a couple of weeks and even up to a full month. Yes, it really can take that long, but that’s just how USPS has to do things.

    Overall, The Postal Service is a diligent employer who has an eye to its budget.

    While federally they are connected, USPS operates independently from the executive branch.

    The President can’t appoint U.S.Postmaster General, the head of the agency.

    He or she can appoint the board who nominates and votes for the Postmaster, though.

    The agency cannot accept public funding.

    Instead, all their operating expenses are generated through postage/services. This includes stamps, shipping classes and so on.

    Hiring employees can be an expensive endeavor (the time investment alone necessary to train! ).

    So USPS wants to ensure that they are hiring the best candidates and the ones most likely to stick around for a while; they want to get good ROI, like any business.

    You shouldn’t be concerned if the Postal Service hires you faster than Kroger, Target or other stores.

    People who have been there know that the final stretch is when you reach Offer Phase Ext.

    As an important aside: some workers report that even though they’ve been with the employer for months, their accounts still show “Offer Phase Ext.”

  • Don’t take that as a sign that your job is done!
  • What Does Offer Phase Ext Mean For USPS? + Other FAQs

    Does USPS Offer Phase Ext Mean You Got The Job?

  • Current employees and new hires of the Postal Service agree that Offer phase Ext is their “home-stretch”.
  • This means that you have successfully completed most of the hiring process. Congratulations! It wasn’t easy.
  • Now you are ready to go through a background investigation, take a drug test and have your fingerprints taken. You and USPS have now waited for those results.

    According to study-education.com the next step would be your orientation letters.

    This basically means you’re conditionally hired as long as you pass all screenings and test.

    Be patient. Even though you may be a conditional employee the waiting time could last for up to 3 months.

    What are the steps for hiring USPS personnel?

    Some may be curious about where Offer Phase Ext fits in the overall scheme of the hiring process.

    This is a brief overview.

    Wait to find out if you are a match for their requirements. If it appears that you are a suitable match, you may be invited to take Postal Exam 473. To be qualified, you will need to get a minimum score of 70. If you pass, you will likely be asked to take part in an interview either individually or as a team. You might even be asked to go to both.

    You are also on the pre-hired list at this stage.

  • The process of hiring staff involves basically compiling a report or file that can be reviewed. To perform background checks, you will need to consent. USPS can extend conditional offers of employment if the applicant is still considered a good match. After being fingerprinted and passing a drug screen, you will be called. The Offer Phase Ext is now complete. You’ll wait and wait…and probably wait some more to hear back on all the results. You may receive an orientation letter if you have passed all screenings and tests. You’re a success!
  • Please keep in mind that the above is an overview only and can vary between Post Offices depending on their processes.

    Our posts about USPS can be found on the USPS pre-hirelist, federal jobs and orientation.

  • Conclusion
  • Potential employees will find the USPS Offer Phase Ext section of their hiring process a positive sign. That means the USPS Offer Phase Ext part of the hiring process is a positive sign.

    You will mainly just sit back and wait for the USPS to do its work. It will perform your background check as well as get results from your drug testing.

    The process can last for as long as three months. You should mentally prepare yourself for the challenging, yet rewarding, journey ahead.

    .What Does Offer Phase Ext Mean For Usps? + Other Faqs

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