Usps Pre Hire List

Usps Pre Hire List (What Does It Mean, Got The Job + More)

The hiring process for the United States Postal Service is, of a necessity, a selective experience; as a federally-adjacent agecy, USPS is not hiring just anyone.

USPS Pre Hire List (What Does It Mean, Got The Job + More)

You might have applied, checked your application and noticed it says “Pre-hire List” or something similar and wondered what that meant – are you almost hired?

Is the USPS’ pre-hire roster really that important? This is the solution.

What Will the USPS Pre-Hire Listing Look Like in 2022?

Once applicants submit their application and have passed the postal examination, they are placed on the United States Postal Service Prehire List. Candidates who meet this criteria are considered good candidates and brought to the office for more information.

  • It is important to understand the entire pre-hire process. What it takes, how long they last, the main steps and when you will hear back from USPS about whether or not you were hired.
  • USPS Pre Hire List (What Does It Mean, Got The Job + More)

    How does the USPS pre-hire process work?

    First, fill out an Application and Take Postal Exam 473 to begin the process of hiring with United States Postal Service.

    Although the test is more complicated than people realize, it filters out potential candidates. However, those left standing start the pre-hire process.

    Pre-hires generally look great on paper. Their test scores were adequate and their applications/resumes check USPS hiring boxes.

    USPS now wants to know if reality mirrors what applicants portray. says that you may not hear anything about USPS until a few weeks later after you move to the Pre-Hire List.

  • If your branch has a severe shortage it may not take long to get it fixed.
  • An HR rep will contact you to invite you to an “interview screening and personal test procedure.”
  • From that point, if your meetings well went and your tests scores were high enough, you could be invited for the pre-employment orientation.

    You’ll get to see the place you will be working, and you might even get to work.

    You can actually expect to work during orientation.

    This is because hiring personnel want to know if your skills match what you said.

    Are you a mathematician? Prove it. Is it possible to lift 50 lbs. That’s your chance. Great customer service? Let them know.

    Do not list any skills that you do not actually possess on your application. USPS, unlike other job opportunities, will discover if you are telling the truth.

    This step is required for prospective employees as well.

    Have you had a chance to see the work? Do you still desire it? It feels right for you. Is it possible to be 100% committed to the position?

    You have the option to decline the offer and continue with the process. This will allow you to save yourself (and the Postal Service) a lot in wasted time.

    Pre-hire orientation is the last stage before HR accepts a job offer.

    The hiring staff will review the completed report and then compare it to the ones for all other applicants.

  • The person who appears the most compatible will get an offer and move to the top of the pre-hire list.
  • USPS Pre Hire List (What Does It Mean, Got The Job + More)

    What length of time do you stay on the USPS Pre-Hire List?

    Postal Service hires carefully and takes a lot of time.

    Sometimes it might end abruptly at one point or another, if the hiring personnel have decided you aren’t going to be a good fit.

    If you go through the entire process and take the next steps, it could take up to six months until you receive a job offer.

    Many of those hours could just be spent waiting to hear back.

    If you are looking for an immediate hire, this is probably more of an exception than the norm. You can expect to wait, or politely inquire about your hiring staff if they have any estimates.

    Does USPS Pre Hire List Mean You Got The Job?

    Your application marked Pre-hire list does not necessarily mean that you were hired. This does not mean you will be hired.

    At this point, you can expect to schedule an interview for the position.

    USPS Pre Hire List (What Does It Mean, Got The Job + More)

    How long does it take for The Post Office to Hire You?

    The Postal Service will not be your best choice if you are looking for a quick job.

    It can take between three and six months to go from the time you apply to your job.

    You can assume you have been declined for the job if you’ve not submitted an application in six months.

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  • Conclusion
  • After filling out the application form and getting a good score on the USPS postal exam, you will find your USPS Prehire listing.

    Interviews and pre-hire orientation are done with all applicants. It is a great way for hiring professionals to gauge their talents and select the perfect candidate.

    .Usps Pre Hire List (What Does It Mean, Got The Job + More)

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