What Is A Costco Business Center?

What Is A Costco Business Center? (Who Can Visit + Products)

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Founded March 18, 1850

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Buffalo, New York

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New York City




United States
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Jeffrey C. Campbell


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Corporate banking



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43.66 billion




US$4.3 billion




US$8.06 billion



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US$188.55 billion



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US$22.18 billion



Berkshire Hathaway

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Costco is known for enticing shoppers with their exclusive memberships, bulk buying, and crazy deals. Costco Business Centers are a great way to save money for shoppers.

  • Is it worthwhile to visit a Costco Business Center? Let me tell you what I found out from my research.
  • What Is a Costco Business Center? (Who Can Visit + Products)

    What does Costco Business Center look like in 2022

    Costco Business Centers are targeted towards small business owners for buying a range of office supplies, drinks, and snacks that can’t be found at traditional Costco Warehouses. There are currently 17 Costco Business Centers in America that anyone with a Costco Membership can access.

  • To find out more information about a Costco Business Center, what type of membership you need to visit, and the benefits, then keep reading!
  • What is the Difference between Costco and a Costco Business Center

    A Costco Business Center is usually smaller than a regular Costco, with the shopping process being stripped back for shoppers to make it more straightforward.

    Although they are smaller than regular Costco, Costco Business Centers can offer exclusive items. Customers are encouraged to go to Costco Business Centers because 70% of items in them are not available in regular Costco locations.

    Costco Business Centers have fewer amenities, which means that they do not offer gas stations, photo services or pharmacies.

    Costco Business Centers are not being able sell some items that were found at Costco regular Costco.

    Additionally, Costco Business Centers focuses more on snacks, office supplies, and cleaning supplies to tailor businesses.

    While Costco Business Centers still may offer food courts, customers report less wait time and shorter queues.

    What Is a Costco Business Center? (Who Can Visit + Products)

    What time are Costco Business Centers open?

    Costco Business Centers offer different opening hours than regular Costco. Costco Business Center’s opening hours are, for example, Monday to Friday from 7am-6pm; Saturday from 7am-4pm; and Sundays closed.

    Costco Business Center websites are available seven days per week, 24 hours a year.

    Can I Buy From Costco Business Center Online?

    Yes, it is possible to order from a Costco Business Center online, by phone, or by fax to be delivered to your home or business. The website for Costco Business Center is open 24/7 to make it accessible to shoppers.

    Costco Business Center online orders of $100 or less will incur a $10 delivery charge

    It can take between 2 to 5 working days for your Costco Business Center to arrive at your home or business.

    What Is a Costco Business Center? (Who Can Visit + Products)

    Do I Need A Special Membership For Costco Business Center?

    Costco Business Center access is available to all business members. A Costco Business Center is available to anyone who has a Costco member.

    Just show your Costco membership to gain entry to Costco Business Center and Costco.

    Costco Business members have early access to the Costco Business Center

    Costco Business Center does not offer early access for Costco Business Center members who have Costco Gold memberships. Early access is usually reserved for Costco Gold Members, which costs $120 a year.

    Costco Business Centers usually open earlier than regular Costcos, so shoppers should go earlier to get bargains.

    What Is a Costco Business Center? (Who Can Visit + Products)

    Costco Business Center Benefits:

    Costco Business Centers are usually less crowded and have a better layout, which makes it more intuitive to find what you need. Costco Business Center items are usually available in bulk sizes, such as 40lbs of potato.

  • Costco Business Centers have neon signs available for companies, including advertising foods and beverages. This can allow them to cut down on the cost of these items that are often expensive.
  • Costco Business Centers frequently run savings events that customers do not need coupons to participate in, as deals are applied directly at the register.

  • Costco Business Centers offers savings promotions that can be seen up to 14-days before an event takes place. This means shoppers have the opportunity to save even more.
  • Costco Business Center can also deliver your products to you at your residence or workplace. Costco Business Center claims that this is possible. This allows you to order more items at Costco.

    How Do I Get A Costco Business Membership?

    You can either apply in store or online for a Costco Business Membership. You will need to prove your business by providing proof such as a business license and 3 supporting documents.

    For Costco to activate your business membership, you’ll need to make a Costco Warehouse visit so that a Costco employee can check your documents.

    If you want to resell items purchased from a Costco or a Costco Business Center, you will need a Costco business membership to allow for resale to be legal. Your Costco business membership will include a Costco Membership Card.

    Learn more by visiting our post on Costco Cash Card. See why Costco offers such low prices and how Costco gives you no shipping charges.

  • Conclusion
  • Costco Business Center, a small version of the regular Costco that offers more rare items at larger sizes, is smaller and toned down. The center is great for businesses, as they offer items that can easily be resold.

  • Costco Business Centers is not limited to Costco Business Members. Costco Members can access the Costco Business Centres to shop and secure great deals.
  • .What Is A Costco Business Center? (Who Can Visit + Products)

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