Does Costco Sell Plan B

Does Costco Sell Plan B In 2022? (Price, Who Can Buy + More)

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Costco owns over 500 US locations, and all have a large selection of quality goods and services at reasonable prices.

What about Plan B? Can it be purchased in Costco’s drugstores I’ve done my research and this is what I uncovered.

Does Costco Sell Plan B In 2022? (Price, Who Can Buy + More)

Does Costco Sell Plan B In 2022?

Costco sells Plan B both to members and not-members starting in 2022. Customers can now buy Plan B One Step Emergency Contraceptive at Costco via mail or specialty pharmacies. Costco plans B typically cost between $7.99 and $30.

  • How much is Plan B at Costco? And can it be bought by anyone? Here’s all the information you need about buying Plan B at Costco!
  • Costco – What Does Plan B Cost?

    From our research, we found that the price of Plan B at Costco warehouses varied in price from store to store.

    The price ranges from $7.99 to $40, but it can differ depending on where you are located.

    Plan B, as a general rule will cost anywhere from $30 to $65. Costco’s One-Step Emergency Contraceptive is usually priced around $48.

    Does Costco Sell Plan B In 2022? (Price, Who Can Buy + More)

    What do I need to be a Costco Member in order for me to buy Costco Plan B?

    You do not have to be a Costco member to buy Plan B from most Costco pharmacies. Costco pharmacies open to everyone, where permitted by law.

    Costco membership is a good option if you need to be able to buy Plan B or any other drug.

  • You will get a lower price for prescription drugs if you present your Costco card to a participating pharmacy.
  • This offer is unlikely to apply because Plan B can be bought in Costco pharmacies without a prescription.

    Costco Pharmacy is it good value for money?

    Costco’s pharmacy can be very affordable! It doesn’t matter if your Costco membership is not active.

    As with all other products sold in Costco’s stores, Plan B and prescription medications sold at their pharmacies are very competitively priced.

    Consumer Reports actually found Costco as one of the top places in America for buying affordable medication. The only competitor is This online-only provider comes in second.

    For exact pricing information on Plan B or other drugs, contact your Costco pharmacist.

    My guide on Costco and pet prescriptions can be found at Costco also offers prescription delivery services. Costco may accept EyeMed and VSP.

    Does Costco Sell Plan B In 2022? (Price, Who Can Buy + More)

    Conclusion: Do I have the right to buy Plan B from Costco?

    You can purchase Plan B from any Costco pharmacy, regardless of whether you are a Costco member. Costco doesn’t require you to have a prescription.

    Costco will sell One-Step Emergency Contraceptive for less than any other pharmacy. Costco members can’t get Plan B at a discount because they are not eligible for prescription medications.

    Do You Need A Membership To Buy Plan B At Costco?

    Costco members don’t have to purchase Plan B at most Costco pharmacies. Costco pharmacies, where permitted by law, are generally open to everyone. Costco membership is a good option if you need to buy Plan B drugs or any other medication.

    Can Guys Purchase Plan B?

    You do not need to show identification to buy Plan B One-Step. All ages are eligible to purchase Plan B One Step, My Way or Next Choice One Dose.

    Is Costco Plan B Effective?

    The 87% effectiveness of this product is when it’s taken in the right way. You only need one pill. This makes it easy to use. The medication doesn’t hang around in your system too long.Dec 7, 2020

    What Does a Plan B Pill Price?

    What is the cost of Plan B? Plan B one-step usually runs between $40 and $55. Generics such as Take Action, My Way and Option 2, Preventeza or My Choice, Aftera and EContra are generally cheaper — around $11-$45. An alternative brand, AfterPill, can be purchased online for $20 and $5 shipping.

    .Does Costco Sell Plan B In 2022? (Price, Who Can Buy + More)

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