Costco Mattress Return Policy

Costco Mattress Return Policy In 2022 (Simply Explained!)

Costco offers an affordable and surprisingly large variety of furniture including mattresses, tables and couches.

  • You may be curious about Costco’s return policy for mattresses. This is all you need to know.
  • Costco Mattress Replacement Policy 2022
  • Costco accepts returns on mattresses, memory foam and air mattresses. Costco’s 100% Satisfaction Guarantee means that customers will be able to return any mattress they don’t like or wish to exchange it.

  • Continue reading to learn more about Costco’s mattress return policy.
  • Can You Return An Opened Mattress To Costco?

    While many mattresses are returned unpacked by companies, like IKEA or Walmart, you may be able to send an open mattress back to Costco.

    Costco allows customers to return mattresses without having to worry about original packaging.

    Costco Mattress Return Policy In 2022 (Simply Explained!)

    How Long Do You Have To Return A Mattress To Costco?

    Costco’s mattress returns aren’t subject to the standard nine-month period of others stores.

    Costco’s guarantee covers mattresses. It doesn’t have any time limitations on the amount of time you may return an item after it has been purchased.

    If the mattress appears to be used, and it was bought a long time ago, employees at the returns desk might have a hard time believing your story.

    If this is the case, it may be up to the discretion of the store manager to accept the mattress return.

    Additionally, if you have purchased a memory foam or shape-conforming mattress, it might take longer to realize the material isn’t comfortable or working for you as these types of mattresses take longer to settle when laid on.

    Costco’s open return policy proves to be especially helpful here. Many customers are able and willing to accept a return up until a month after they purchase.

    Are you eligible to receive a refund for your mattress return?

    Absolutely! Costco’s Returns Department will quickly process your refund.

    There will not be any delays in refunding the mattress once it has been returned to the store.

    For the same price, members can get their refunds in cash.

    Some items require extra processing time if you return your mattress online.

    Also, the Costco representative will pick up the mattress and drop it at the depot.

    Refunds will generally be issued on the purchasing card in 30 days.

    Costco Mattress Return Policy In 2022 (Simply Explained!)

    Are You able to Return a Mattress to Costco Online?

    Costco allows you to easily return your mattress. If you don’t like the mattress you ordered from, simply request a return or replacement online.

    Log in to, select Orders & Returns, and follow the prompts for a return label. You can also schedule a pick-up from your home.

    For extra-large or difficult items, Costco will send you an email with additional instructions. The cost of returning your items is not extra. Your refund includes any shipping or handling fees.

    Is it possible to return a mattress from Costco without a receipt?

    Costco allows you to return mattresses and any other products without needing the original receipt. Your membership card is required to be brought to Costco’s returns counter. This will allow the staff to check your order history and issue a refund.

    Costco doesn’t require original packaging, however all components and any accessories are required to return the mattress.

    Costco Mattress Return Policy In 2022 (Simply Explained!)

    Is it possible for someone else to return your mattress to Costco?

    Other people can’t return your mattresses if they are not listed on your household membership.

    Just like other Costco returns: The original buyer of the mattress has to be the one who returns it.

    The mattress purchased as a gift by a member of the cardholder is exempt from returns.

    In that case, the recipient can bring back the mattress as a gift return, but they will need the purchaser’s membership card number.

    Costco cash vouchers will allow you to get the reimbursement.

    To learn more, you can see our other guides on things to know before buying a Costco mattress, the Costco furniture warranty, and if Costco delivers mattresses.

  • Conclusion
  • Costco allows you to return any mattress, online or in-store. It all depends on the way that it was purchased. The refunds process is quick and you don’t have to wait for the return deadline.

    It doesn’t matter if you have the receipt. Just bring your Costco Membership Card with you to Costco when you return the mattress. The returns desk will arrange for your refund.

    .Costco Mattress Return Policy In 2022 (Simply Explained!)

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