15 Things To Know Before Buying A Tv From Costco!

15 Things To Know Before Buying A Tv From Costco! (2022)

15 Things To Know Before Buying a TV From Costco! (2022)

Costco is known to have great prices for high-end items like televisions. When you need a TV replacement, the retail giant often has the most competitive prices. Are the deals really so sweet?

There are some things you need to be aware of before purchasing a flatscreen or smart television from Costco. Continue reading to learn more.

  • 15 Things to Consider Before You Purchase a Television From Costco 2022
  • 1. Costco Has Many TV Options
  • Costco has the best selection of sizes of TVs in any major box store. It also carries popular brand televisions such as Sony (Hisense), LG, Samsung, Sony and VIZIO (SANUS, WireLogic).

    Their sizes typically range between less than 40 inches to nearly 90 inches.

  • 2. Costco Offers Limited TV Options
  • While Costco does sell prominent brands of TVs in their warehouses, there aren’t as many options (brands, size, and screen type) when compared to Best Buy or Walmart.

  • 3. Sometimes, a “deal”, isn’t necessarily a deal
  • Costco negotiates with big companies in order to get you special discounts and lower prices. Costco can sell you a television for a discounted price when you sign up with one of the participating data providers.

    Their deals can sometimes be a bit disappointing. In fact, they often charge more through their “deals” than many of the other live-streaming options that are available.

    In order to save money, you might consider purchasing the TV only and bringing your own streaming services.

  • 4. The details of package deals can prove tricky
  • Costco is cheaper than many other retailers. But there’s one catch:
  • For example, AT&T customers might have to sign a 2-year contract with their company. This will prevent you from getting the discounted pricing.

    Also, even though the monthly cost may seem low at first, it can increase in the second year. You are stuck with a deal that is difficult to break and you pay for things you didn’t agree.

  • 5. Costco TVs have a very limited return window
  • Most Costco merchandise can be returned at any time for any reason, and you get your money back, no questions asked. Costco TVs are not eligible for this return policy.

    The return window for televisions purchased from Costco is only 90 days. This means that if the TV isn’t what you want, you can return it within 90 days. The TV cannot be returned for a refund.

    However, Costco does provide very generous TV warranties (see more below! ).

  • 6. Costco provides a Superior TV Warranty
  • Most manufacturers offer a one-year warranty on any television purchased from one of their stores. Costco on the other hand doubles this offer for a two-year warranty on any television they sell!
  • For televisions larger than 37 inches, Costco has the option of a three-year warranty plus technical support, for an added fee, of course.

  • 7. Protection Is Extra For TVs
  • Costco’s extended warranty is not the only option. Costco also has protection plans for physical defects.

    They will be charged an extra charge and must purchased within 90-days of purchase.

    Costco and Allstate have a partnership to offer these protection plans.

    Costco provides protection for the first two years and Allstate covers the remaining three.

  • 8. A membership is required to buy TVs
  • Costco, like many other club-type retailers has special pricing that is tied to Costco members. Simply put, no Costco member’s card, means you cannot shop in-store.

    Now for most people, this probably doesn’t seem like a big deal. Costco memberships typically cost around $50 per year. The majority of people believe that a Costco membership is the best route to amazing deals.

    This is true in principle. However, if you don’t live near a Costco or don’t do most of your shopping there, it probably wouldn’t save you enough money to justify the membership fee.

  • 9. Online Costco Matches Physical Costco For TVs And Other Products
  • You don’t have to drive to the store to compare televisions. Costco.com has everything you will find at a local store.

    There are several advantages to this:

    Comparing sets online is easier than shopping in stores.

    It is all the same price.

    Shipment is absolutely free

    Avoid long checkout lines.

    Impulse purchases are not as common.

    For a membership upgrade, there is no need for a sales pitch.

  • Here’s my guide for pricing matching with Costco prices.
  • 10. Costco almost makes it impossible for other retail outlets to match prices on TVs
  • A little tip is needed before purchasing a Costco television. There will be a difference in the model numbers of their televisions and the models sold at other stores.

    You can also insist on price matching if your model numbers match.

    If another retailer sells the television for less, you may want Costco’s amazing warranty. So, you ask Costco to match the other retailer’s price.

    Costco cannot price match because the model numbers of the models are different. It’s technically a different TV model than the one sold at another retailer.

  • 11. Costco Offers Tech Support for TVs on Select Days and Times
  • Costco is able to offer you technical assistance for problems with your TV, but it has some restrictions.

    Good thing your problem occurs between 5 AM – 10 PM on a Monday. Tech support closes at 10 PM each night, and holidays.

    If your television malfunctions, this can be very distressing. You might also experience a set failure during your favourite midnight program.

  • 12. No delivery or set-up fees for TVs
  • Costco doesn’t include set-up and delivery in the bundle of services that comes with TV purchases. It is unlikely that this will be an issue for the majority of people.

    But for the elderly or for someone who already has more than they can get done, this service would be quite helpful.

    Televisions don’t have a reputation for being light. They are also heavier the larger they become. For someone with health issues who can no longer lift heavy things, set-up might be highly problematic.

    For those with small cars, it might prove difficult to fit a big TV into their car. For many, having delivery and setup included can be an important bonus.

    This is not an issue, but it’s something you should be aware.

  • 13. Not all credit cards accepted
  • You won’t be able to afford the upfront cost of a TV because it is such a big purchase. Most of these purchases are made on credit cards.

    Costco will not accept MasterCard or Amex as it is not backed by Visa.

    Avoid embarrassment and double-check the card issuer before purchasing that Costco 60″ flatscreen.

  • 14. Costco Prices May Be the Best Even When They’re Higher
  • Costco is known to price TVs at a slightly higher cost than the other stores. The lowest price might seem like the best, at first.

    Costco is almost always the winner when you take into account their excellent warranty. Extended warranties give you more cash back than retailers for up to a year.

  • 15. Costco TVs – Get a gift card
  • Costco Gift Cards are available for those who sign up through Costco Partners to receive a Costco voucher. Depending on the particular deal you signed up for, you can get a gift card for as much as $200!
  • You can find my Costco guides for furniture and alcohol to learn more about purchasing products at Costco.

  • Research Is Key To Getting Deals
  • Costco offers great prices on televisions, but there are also some pitfalls. Research is key. Before making a major purchase, make sure you read through the small print. Costco offers the best deals. However, you may find a better deal elsewhere.

    Is Costco A Good Place To Buy A Tv?

    Costco offers a wide range of television brands and screen sizes. Costco is able to offer a decent selection of TV brands in both stores and online. However, it has less brands and models that you will find at electronics specialists like Best Buy. October 25, 2021

    Do Oled televisions get cheaper by 2021

    Korea JoongAng Daily reports that prices are dropping for all LG OLED TVs in 2021, with new models priced up to 20% lower than the launch prices of the equivalent 2020 models.Mar 4, 2021

    Why Are Costco Tv Models Different?

    These TVs won’t often have the exact same model numbers as other models. If the model numbers match, then you may be able to insist on price matching. How does this work? You might find a cheaper TV at another store, but Costco offers a fantastic warranty.

    Which Month is Best to Buy a Tv?

    Super Bowl Season, Black Friday and spring are when the TV deals that work best. Experts advise that timing is critical if you are looking for the right TV deal to match your dream screen. Black Friday, spring and Super Bowl are the three best seasons to purchase a TV.

    .15 Things To Know Before Buying A Tv From Costco! (2022)

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