What Is Code 3 At Lowe’S + Other Intercom Meanings

What Is Code 3 At Lowe’S + Other Intercom Meanings (Guide)

Lowe’s, like many retail shops, has its own codes. Lowe’s announces these codes to employees via intercom. These codes may be confusing for customers.

  • Have you ever heard code 3 or 50 over an intercom at Lowe’s? If so, then you might be curious what they mean. I was curious too, so here’s what I found out in my research!
  • What’s the Code 50 At Lowe’s

    Code 50, another commonly heard code over Lowe’s’ intercom is also available.

    You will hear Code 50 when you are in the loading area. If this happens, employees who do not assist customers must report to the loading areas.

    However, Lowe’s uses Code 50 to load large deliveries when there isn’t enough staff available at the loading docks to quickly unload them.

    What is Code 99 at Lowe’s?

    Code 99 can be used at Lowe’s in emergency situations in many Lowe’s locations.

    You must, however, wait for additional instructions if you are a customer or employee and you receive this code from the overhead.

    What Is Code 3 At Lowe's + Other Intercom Meanings (Guide)

    Does Every Lowe’s Store Have The Same Intercom Codes?

    Lowe’s’ stores only have Code 3 and 50 as official intercom codes. These are the codes that Lowe’s stores have programmed into their intercom system.

    You may also find different intercom codes between districts and stores. However, there are many common codes found in Lowe’s, like Code 75 or 99.

    Lowe’s Stores Use the Same Intercom Codes as Other Stores

    No, every company will have its own intercom codes. Although there may be some similarities, the codes used at Lowe’s will usually be different from those used at Home Depot or Walmart.

    The only universal code for intercom is Code Adam, which can be used to locate a missing child in the shop.

    But, you won’t find this in every Lowe’s location. It’s also applicable across many American malls.

    What Is Code 3 At Lowe's + Other Intercom Meanings (Guide)

    Lowe’s What is ‘Code Adam’?

    Lowe’s like most retail stores will shout “Code Adam” through the intercom system in their stores to alert parents that a child has disappeared.

    That will mean the announcement of Code Adam is most likely to be followed by the child’s description in order for a search to find them.

    Employees must respond to the call “Code Adam” by stopping what they are doing and helping find the missing child. Delegated employees can also monitor the shop’s entrances, exits, and security systems.

    Lowe’s can then call the police if staff cannot locate the child within ten mins.

    This code does not only apply to Lowe’s. It was also created by Walmart.

    It has been adopted by many retailers, supermarkets as well as grocery and convenience stores.

    Is the Intercom Code at Lowe’s For Shoplifters What Is It?

    Lowe’s employees can’t disclose the sensitive codes they use for shoplifting, shoplifting potential, or shoplifting.

    Shoplifting is still illegal in many stores, but the code for shoplifting remains secret.

    Staff are also less likely than ever to call the shoplifter and communicate with him or her over radios.

    It’s also not the job of Lowe’s workers to confront shoplifters.

    They instead take the description of each suspect along with their license plates (if they are possible) in order to make a case.

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  • Conclusion
  • Code 3 is one of the most common codes to hear on Lowe’s overhead, and it means that more employees are needed on the cash registers or in another area of the store.

    Lowe’s code numbers can vary between stores or regions. If you do hear the code 3, it is not an indication of emergency.

    What is code 3?

    Code 3 can be used to report a missing child.

    What is a Code Blue at Lowe’s?

    Merchandising Services Teams (MST) are the blue shirts. They are Lowe’s associates that serve customers differently. MST associates are responsible to maintain the store’s aesthetic appearance.

    .What Is Code 3 At Lowe’S + Other Intercom Meanings (Guide)

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