Usps Assistant Rural Carrier

Usps Assistant Rural Carrier (Job Description, Pay + More)

USPS is an federally operated and owned company. Federal employees are known for their excellent pay and benefits. You might be a candidate for USPS if you are unsure.

  • What are the benefits and pay for the USPS Assistant Rural Carrier role? The job was interesting to me, so here are my findings!
  • USPS Assistant Rural Carrier In 2022
  • From 2022, an Assistant Rural Carrier for the USPS assists Rural Mail Carriers on their routes. The Assistant Rural Carrier is a part time position. They deliver mail on several routes, when full-time postal carriers are not available. This means that the hours worked by these assistant rural drivers can vary. Assistant Rural Carriers get benefits and make between $19 and $20 per hour. There are many advancement opportunities.

  • To learn about what it takes to be an Assistant Rural Driver with USPS, keep reading.
  • USPS Assistant Rural Carrier (Job Description, Pay + More)

    What is the Job Description for a USPS Rural Assistant Carrier?

    For any position that is open, a job description will detail the job’s primary responsibilities and required qualifications. It also includes typical hours.

    The USPS will post most of its jobs on its internal website called eCareers. Therefore, job descriptions are not always readily available.

    After some research, however, I discovered an auxiliary site that has some great information, including the duties and responsibilities of a USPS Assistant Rural Carrier.

    This is the list of general duties and responsibilities in which a USPS assistant rural carrier has to perform:

    You can load the packages as they arrive in your vehicle.

    Delivers packages along a specified route to customers.

    Sorts mail in delivery sequence for the assigned route.

    Receives and signs for accountable mail.

    You can load mail and parcels in your vehicle.

  • You deliver mail and packages to your customers using a specified route.
  • For accountable mail, collects money and receipts
  • Takes care of mail at the curbside.

    Offers information on routine matters postal to customers.

    Retours undeliverable and returned mail. Submits receipts and money to the Post Office.

    Prepares appropriate time records.

    It provides mail security for all occasions

    You may need to deliver a vehicle if the employer has not provided one.

    All weather conditions are considered when working outdoors.

    Carriers may be required to load and unload trays and containers of mail and parcels weighing as much as 70 pounds.

    You should maintain a clean and professional appearance.

    Additionally, if you want to check out more of what this auxiliary site says about the USPS Assistant Rural Carrier position, you can click here.

    How Much Does An Assistant Rural Carrier For USPS Get Paid?

    USPS calculates its most important workers’ earnings using a pay-scale. It combines hourly wages with employee time with USPS.

    This being said, USPS’s Assistant Rural Carrier candidates start at $19 an hour.

    Also, USPS employees typically get one to two raises a year based on how well their Post Office location performs.

    USPS Assistant Rural Carrier (Job Description, Pay + More)

    What Does The Schedule Of USPS Assistant Rural Carriers Look Like?

    As Assistant Rural Carriers tend to be part-time, they are sometimes incongruent with full-time rural transporters.

    Usually, the Assistant Rural Carrier position requires you to have an open schedule because you have to come in when other carriers call out sick or are on vacation.

    The Assistant Rural Carrier job is a non-career-relief position, which can lead to a career.

    The size and number of potential carriers will determine the hours that Assistant Rural Carriers work.

    Even if you don’t work for the facility, it is possible to take on additional work from nearby post offices.

  • But, just be sure to get permission from the local Postmaster first!
  • These hours can also vary depending on the season. The Christmas season is a prime example of this.

    As most full time carriers have the right to leave, assistance rural drivers will be available for all days except weekends.

    How do I become a USPS assistant rural carrier?

    In order to apply for the position of Assistant Rural Carriers, USPS requires that all applicants must successfully complete the Virtual Entry Assessment. MC (474)

    Here you will find detailed information regarding the assessment, study guide, and other resources. You also have the option to learn more about how the test works and ways to alleviate anxiety.

    After passing the assessment, you will have to go through training in different areas.

    These KSAs cover safe driving habits, driving rules, and other skills that are relevant to the carrier’s job duties.

    The applicant will be disqualified if they fail to prove any KSAs.

    Along with the KSAs, the entry assessment and a driving license, you will need to pass mandatory drug screenings.

    Additionally, you must meet the following requirements:

    Be a citizen or legal alien of the United States.

    Minimum 18 years or a high school diploma.

    Be able to pass a physical to prove you are physically capable of handling the duties that come with the carrier position.

    USPS Assistant Rural Carrier (Job Description, Pay + More)

    What is the best way to get a job at USPS as an Assistant Rural Carrier?

    To apply for an Assistant Rural Carrier job with USPS, you must first create an account at eCareers. This is an internal job board that USPS uses.

    You can also find a detailed guide to creating an eCareers profile, looking for work, and applying for different jobs.

    Once you’ve made your eCareers account, ensure that you meet all of the requirements listed above for Assistant Rural Carrier.

    After you make an application for eCareers the assessment may appear. Or, it may take some time for someone to reach out to you to ask you to take the assessment.

    You will be required to pass the background screening and drug screen. Also, proof of citizenship, driver’s licence, and proof that you are a citizen will also be requested.

  • It can take approximately four months to process your application. So don’t worry if you don’t hear from anyone immediately.
  • For expediting the process you can visit your local Post Office.

    If you want to learn more about USPS, check out our posts: how to get a USPSPO box; if USPS has a good job and if USPS works for the federal government.

  • Conclusion
  • The USPS Assistant Rural Carrier position is part-time and non-career relief. It primarily serves full-time carriers that are unable to work.

    Assistant Rural Carriers make an average of $19 an-hour and can work flexible times because they often have to take on other carriers with very short notice.

    A Rural Assistant Carrier performs many duties, with the majority of these relating to delivery and transportation of different mail items.

    An Assistant Rural Carrier job requires that you are 18 years old and be a US citizen.

    USPS requests that you pass an assessment after applying to eCareers.

    Do Assistant Rural Carriers Get Raises?

    Do rural carrier associates get raises? Retrospectively, the rural mail carriers will see a 1.3% increase in their pay and an additional three over the course of the agreement. These rural letter carriers will receive cost-of life adjustments in addition to those wage increases. …

    Payouts for Cca or Rca: Who gets more?

    CCAs are generally more successful than RCAs because they have more work hours. Jun 22, 2020

    What is an assistant rural carrier?

    An average US Postal Service Assistant Rural Carrier’s (ARC) hourly salary is $20 The average salary for an Assistant Rural Carrier at the US Postal Service is between $4 and $21.

    Can Rural Carrier Assistants Receive Benefits

    While serving as an RCA, you will receive the following benefits: Annual leave and sick leave (when you serve on a vacant route for more than 90 calendar days or when the regular carrier is on extended leave). All hours over 40 worked per week are eligible for overtime pay

    .Usps Assistant Rural Carrier (Job Description, Pay + More)

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