Best Massage Gun

Best Massage Gun

best massage gun

Men’S Health Lab Approved:

Men’s Health Lab has tested top massage machines to give you this ranking.

Best massage gun for heavy lifters:

This is the

Men'S Health Lab Approved:

“>best massage gun you can buy for a reasonable price.

Best massage gun for team sports:

Bring your best massage guns to the gym.

Top massage guns for serious athletes:

Best massage gun for a lighter touch:

best massage gun

The Men’s Health Editors’ Choices

After using percussive therapy over lockdown to help recover from home-based HIIT sessions and suboptimal WFH, the Men’s Health editors also contributed their suggestions.

The best massage gun you can buy for your pocket:

Best massage gun for runners:

Travel’s best masseuse:

Best massage gun for quiet use:

The best table-bound massage device:

Best massage gun for bang for your buck:

best massage gun

What should I look for in a massage gun?

If you are looking for the best massage guns to buy, your priorities should be noise, battery life, and quality. A more reliable product is usually referred to as a pricey one. If fully charged, it should be able to last several days or even a week. This assumes that the average user uses about 15 minutes per day.

Men’s Health Lab Approved. Our expert at Men’s Health Lab evaluated the quality of some the top massage guns available. As you will see, they rose to the occasion.

Each massage gun was tested and used for a minimum of 3 weeks. This allowed the experts to adjust their workouts and subsequent weight lifting, HIIT, running, and yoga.

Their ease of use, how they affected sore muscles, whether they moved smoothly across skin or muscle, and their effectiveness with the various massage heads included were the criteria. The final hierarchy was also determined by the overall design, portability, and any additional innovative features. Below you’ll see the Men’s Health Lab Approved logo for our top-rated massage guns.

However, we don’t stop at MH. The editors also revealed which massage guns helped them relax their legs, and loosen their lumbars when WFH was on lockdown.

So, if you’re ready to banish your foam roller for good, read on as we’ve picked a total of 20 of the best massage guns money can buy. Let’s get into more details!

best massage gun

The Best All-Over Massage Gun

Theragun Primo The Theragun Prima is part of Theragun’s fourth-generation of massage guns. Its prior equivalent was the Theragun Liv, which used to be in this list of best massage guns, and is also reviewed in-depth here The Theragun Prime’s main impressive feature is that it’s much quieter than its now-defunct counterpart. Although the volume is comparable to the Hypervolt Plus (which was louder) the Prime actually beats it. This is quite a difference from the Liv.

The upgrades don’t end here: The Theragun Liv was limited to two preset speeds, and only came with two closed cell foam attachments. The Theragun Prime, on the other hand, has five preprogrammed speeds, and includes five closed-cell mousse gun attachments.

The Theragun Prime, which retails for $299, is expensive but not as much as the Pro G4 below. The percussion massager is sometimes on sale for 249 dollars, so be sure to keep your eyes out.

The improvements made to the Theragun Prime make it worth the cost. I think the first Hypervolt is an alternative to the Prime. Both have similar features and are priced in the same range. You have the option of making your own choice!

best massage gun

Most Powerful Massage Gun

Theragun Pro Therabody’s Theraguns Theraguns Theraguns are the benchmark in percussive therapeutics, so it is only natural that its most extravagant, feature-rich and luxurious muscle gun model should be among the very best.

You can read more. The Theragun Pro G4’s new version is quieter than the old one. Theragun has had loudness as a major complaint since its beginnings. The brand decided to fix that.

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I’m not saying the Pro G4 is silent — the noise level is still louder than most other massage guns — but it doesn’t rattle my brain like the G3 did, thanks to Theragun’s new QuietForce Technology. The Theragun Pro G4 makes a fantastic choice for those athletes who want to be active and can tolerate a device that sounds like a turkey carver.

The Theragun Pro can provide legitimate percussive treatment multiple times per week. It features a rotation arm with ergonomic handle and 60 pounds of force. This percussion massager may be the best, but the price is not affordable for most people.

The TimTam All New Power Massager is my favorite high-powered massaging gun. However, it’s not the most expensive option. The power and quietness of Theragun Pro are worth every penny.

best massage gun

How to use a massage gun

Once you’ve got one, what’s the best approach?

“For warming up, the massage gun can be used to promote blood flow and circulation to warm up the tissue and to simulate the nervous system, prepping your body for activity,” says Giordano. The recommended method is to flush the muscle (float the gun up or down the muscle) for 15-30 second, then back and forth. The same approach can be used to treat mid-workout injuries. Giordano warns, “During a work out, it’s common to feel tight. You may want to stretch.” You can instead flush the area with water for 15-20 seconds, which will increase blood flow. You should feel a rush of energy and the muscles will be more relaxed for the remainder of the workout. Massage guns can also potentially help you recover from heavy sessions. Giordano says that relaxation will help reduce stress levels and promote healing. This can lead to anabolic recovery. It is recommended that you spend at least 90 seconds moving the muscle groups up and back. Giordano says, “There’s no need to exert excessive pressure or drill it into the body.” “If you find a ‘trigger point’ don’t dig into the area.” Make sure to avoid running the machine over bones and joints, and if it hurts decrease the pressure. He recommends moving slowly across the muscle, around 1-2 inches per second.

best massage gun


(Image credit to Shutterstock). Regardless of whether you saw a commercial or seen someone use one in a gym setting, we are here to answer any questions you might have about massage guns. It might appear to be a cordless drill and a tennisball at its ends, but a massage weapon is much more advanced than that. By using quick pulses and pressure to promote blood circulation, these handheld massagers help relieve tension and soreness in muscles.

When using a massage gun, the motorized percussion penetrates into deep muscle tissue so muscles relax after 30 seconds or so of use often without you having to apply much pressure to the skin. Many massage guns that are top-rated have multiple attachments. This allows you to get a deep massage in hard-to reach places, without needing to take a trip to the spa or to ask your spouse to do it.

This type of massage therapy can be used in clinical settings if you’ve had physical therapy and/or worked with a sports trainer or masseuse on your muscles. Now you can enjoy the muscle recovery benefits of massage guns from the comfort of home, any time you want since more companies are making them accessible for everyday pain relief.

best massage gun

There are many reasons why you should avoid it

Sportneer Deep Tissue Massage made the list due to its affordable price, large number of attachments available, easy portability, low noise level, and general value. It is lighter than other portable versions so you can take it with you. The Sportneer Deep Tissue Muscle Percussion Massager is a hit among athletes for reducing muscle pain. The massager comes equipped with six heads and five speeds, as well as an 11mm stroke ampltude.

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Reviewers like the price of this massage gun, the variety of attachments, and noise level. We voted this the top-rated massage gun for battery life and value, with a maximum of six hours per charge. One customer commented, “It does wonders for my fascia.” The massage gun can be used up to 3,200 PSIs. However, it has an amplitude of just so some people might find the pressure not intense enough. Some reviewers also found it hard to hit the entire neck area and back.

best massage gun

You Need to Know Before You Buy A Massage Gun

When shopping for the best massage gun, there are some things you should consider.

The device’s weight is another important consideration. Although most devices weigh less than 5 pounds, the difference between a lighter massage gun and a heavier one can mean your arm gets tired faster, especially if you’re holding the device in a hard-to-reach location, like your neck, shoulders and back.

You want a massage gun that can last for more than an hour. You won’t be using vibration therapy for an hour on your body at a time, but not needing to charge the device every time will make life easier. You should check to make sure that backup batteries are provided when you purchase a massager. It might make sense to carry two batteries in case you need them. This will allow you to not have to worry about one leg being massaged and the other having to be worked on.

Massage gun customers should also look at the device’s amplitude. This refers to the distance that the head will travel as well as how deep it penetrates the muscle. An amplitude massage gun can be more powerful than a vibrating massage gun, even though it travels at a slower speed. To reduce muscle pain, improve circulation and promote blood flow, massage guns with higher amplitudes should be able pinpoint a targeted area within the muscle.

The speed or frequency of a massage gun can be measured in strokes per minutes (PPM), or percussions per hour. This range is typically between 1,200 and 3,200 PPM. An intense massage is delivered by a frequency higher than the others. The lower setting of the massage device will allow you to deliver only a superficial, sport-style massage.

Consider how noisy your massage gun will be if you have small children or live in an apartment. Many of these massage guns are quite loud, making it difficult to use in the evenings for your recovery.

While consumers may be looking for the most effective massage guns on the market, they will need to consider a range of attachments. Most devices average about five attachment head options, usually a cushioned head, rounded, fork, and flat options, as well as some cone-shaped (bullet) attachments that target a specific area.

best massage gun

How To Use A Massage Gun

For Theragun users, the massage gun is compatible with the Therabody app, which has a number of different suggested routines aimed at problem areas you might want to focus on, like your lower back, or based on your sport, such as cycling or running. The app is free of charge and well worth downloading.

The following guidelines will apply to any home-use massage gun, including those not yet purchased by Theragun. First, there is no such thing as too much when using a massager. Experts say that a massage should only be done for one or two minutes to a large group of muscles.

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Secondly, no matter how exciting your new massage gun might be, you shouldn’t be using it every day. Sports physiotherapists recommend using percussive therapy alongside your other recovery tools, such as foam rolling, or Epsom salt baths. If you wish your massage gun’s effectiveness to continue, it is sufficient that it be used every few days.

Don’t use the massage gun to treat pulled muscles. After a race, or if you aren’t sure if you have pulled your calf, wait 48 hours before you reach for your massager. It is best to avoid massage guns for sprains and other inflammation injuries such as tendinitis/fibrillis. If you are unsure about the effectiveness of massage guns, consult an expert.

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best massage gun

A Professional-Grade Option For Serious Athletes

Amazon Therabody Theragun Pro The “Cadillac” percussive guns, with 85% of Amazon’s 5-star reviews, the Theragun Pro professional-grade tool is perfect for anyone who wants to target particular muscle groups. It has six attachments, compared to five on the Elite. Also, 60 pounds is more force than 40. It’s now on its 13th iteration, delivering 60% deeper amplitude and speed than older models, with up to 60 pounds of force. Although it is more powerful than the budget massage guns it doesn’t sound any louder. The connected app can be used to adjust the force and speed.

These are some of the comments: Theragun provided therapy on a regular basis without the need to pay a lot,” wrote a 5-star Amazon reviewer. “I use it before and after my workouts and it works like magic!”

best massage gun

Here are 14 of the best home massage tools to ease your aching muscles

To find the most effective massage gun for relaxation and fitness, the GHI tested a variety of different guns

If you often find your muscles feel sore after exercise, a good massage gun is a great pocket-sized substitute for a private massage therapist.

If you need to stretch your body during daily exercise or just for stress relief, then we have an assortment of top-quality massage guns to fit all budgets.

This is the best massage gun you can buy for a reasonable price.

Travel’s best masseuse:

Most effective massage for muscle recovery.

Best massage gun for runners:

Which Massage Gun Works Well?

  1. 1 Ekrin Athletics B37 Massage Gu
  2. Theragun Elite Percussion Massaging System – Overall Best.2
  3. Gusto.3 Flyby.F1Pro Deep Tie Massage Gu
  4. Most Quiet.4 FITPULSE Deep Tissue Massage
  5. Best Attachment Heads.5 LiBa Back and Neck Massage
  6. Most portable

Are Massage Guns Really Worth the Investment?

Leada Malek CSCS (a San Francisco sports physical therapist) says, “You can use a masse gun anytime you want to relieve muscle tension but it’s especially useful to use after a work out to promote muscle recovery and reduce muscle soreness.” Leada is board-certified through American Board of…Jul 01, 2021

Can Massage Guns Be Bad for You?

Massage guns, just like muscle strains can also cause ligament and muscle sprains. Inflammation is a natural response to injury. Jun 19, 2020

How can I pick a massage machine?

How to choose the right massage gun. People looking to purchase a massage gun may wish to consider: Power and speed: Most models of massage gun offer a choice of speed and power settings. Portable: Certain models offer greater portability and a longer life battery to make them easier to carry.

.Best Massage Gun

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