Best Badminton Racket 2020

Best Badminton Racket 2020

best badminton racket 2020


Best Badminton Racket In 2020 For 2020, badminton game, playing style and need to new equipments changed a lot. To be successful in this game, players require lightweight and ultra strong material.

Badminton equipment manufactures are doing a lot to stay ahead of the badminton game’s changing pace.

You can take an example. Yonex just introduced all-new Astrox series. It helps players achieve exceptional power, while giving them more control. This rotation theory ensures that the weight is distributed evenly so that players can get maximum power and control.

Li Ning also launched the 3D Caliber, Turbo Charging, and aeronaut series in 2019-20. Aeronaut Series 2020 is the latest innovation in aerospace technology. This series offers better racket aerodynamics which help to improve frame swing speed.

The 3D caliber series, which is also created by taking into account the head series, has been designed with most recent material science and cross-section. These features allow for ultimate power transfer and maximum control of shots.

For players who love to play with head light series, Li Ning in 2020 launched the Turbo changing series. Players will experience the ultimate racket swing speed thanks to new cross sections of their frames.

Victor badminton on other hand developed all new Aurospeed series in 2020. Aurospeed comes with headlights that incorporate RTC/WES.

.Best Badminton Racket 2020

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