Best Water And Dry Vacuum Cleaner

Comparison: Choose the best water and dry vacuum cleaner in 2020

In some cases, the choice of a conventional vacuum cleaner is not enough: indeed, there are more powerful devices and more sophisticated, especially used in the professional sphere.

This kind of multifunction vacuum cleans floors more easily, generates better results and is compatible with most varied coatings. If you are seeking, you, the results worthy of an expert work, you can consider to get this kind of product.

Check out our full comparison allowing you to select the best water and dry vacuum cleaner for your needs!

Industrial wet and dry vacuum cleaner: zoom on a camera as adopted by individuals!

Water and dust vacuum cleaner is considered a much more powerful device than the versions only for home. If you have work ahead, you’re probably trying to get one! And against all odds, sometimes mobilize for some of the most classic work to keep a completely clean and healthy home: that is the solution? In what cases is it suited? Discover all the secrets of this less known apparatus as its main competitor, the canister vacuum cleaner.

What is a water and dust vacuum cleaner?

Comparison: Choose The Best Water And Dry Vacuum Cleaner In 2020

Theoretically, water and dust vacuum cleaner is, above all, a device which is used in household enterprises or as part of large-scale work at home. However, some individuals do not fall within these specific situations gradually appropriated this device apparently very impressive. Indeed, if you are addicted to hygiene, you have probably already wondered if your vacuum cleaner cleans well all the dust …

People allergic to dust mites, for example, can easily identify which device to choose to remove all this dirt causing sometimes significant respiratory problems. The public might be interested in this appliances more powerful device, capable of providing more meaningful results and thus improve the quality of the air inside a home or apartment.

In general, you should know that vacuuming dust and water is ideal for cleaning dirt than a conventional vacuum cleaner would not withdraw properly. For example, if you have a fireplace in your home, you encounter maybe trouble when to remove the ashes: a situation easier to solve with appliances suitable! In parallel, it is also possible to unclog a sink with models designed to suck water, which is a really practical advantage.

Visually, this vacuum cleaner is as a sled tank. It is more imposing than a conventional vacuum cleaner, but also appears to be more robust.

Why buy a water and dust vacuum cleaner?

Instead of the traditional filter, the water and dry vacuum cleaner has, as its name suggests, a water tank. By air call phenomenon, dirt is routed to the tank and, thanks to the presence of water, they will leave more. When they begin to accumulate significantly, they form a sludge. For allergy sufferers, no mite is given to air, which significantly limits the risk of sneezing, itching to have or even having trouble breathing.

The bag or the tank of a bagless vacuum cleaner are real nests problems for allergy sufferers! So when they choose to purchase this equipment, they often put an end to several years of difficulty vacuuming at home. Finally, the first individuals likely to opt for a professional vacuum cleaner are the individuals who suffer from allergies. With this product, they finally have a method with which they are not afraid of the dust escaping, much more efficient than conventional vacuum cleaners have the best filtration systems.

In general, a water vacuum may be desired and dust when seeking a solution for simultaneously cleaning liquids and solids. Indeed, it is very useful to remove water or wash all kinds of dirt, including those sometimes resist the brush vacuum cleaner, for example. If you are planning major work at home, you will also need an object of that type to clean more easily after passing the workers!

Different types of wet and dry vacuum cleaners

Comparison: Choose The Best Water And Dry Vacuum Cleaner In 2020

You look seriously at buying a water and dust vacuum cleaner: Discover the different alternatives that exist today, particularly to help you make your choice easier!

Mixed individual filters or filter

On the water and dry vacuum cleaner to each other, the filtration mode does not always work in the same way. Indeed, with a mixed filter, you can suck liquids or dry dirt simultaneously, without having to perform any action. However, if the unit has two filters, one must refer to the manual to switch from liquid aspiration strong suction (or vice versa).

single or multiple features Hoover

Professional cleaners are primarily characterized by their greater power than conventional vacuum cleaners. But in some cases, the device can also be equipped with special features: sometimes you can – for example – clean carpets, rugs or inside cars. In this case, it is then necessary to introduce the hot water in the reservoir and the operating mode is different. Finally, to better choose water and dry vacuum cleaner, you have to think in advance to its true purpose.

Please note that some vacuums even allow the use of specific tools such as the sander or saw: in these cases, they are ideal for use for DIY. Thereafter, you must know that the price is a criterion of relatively important choice, since you can afford this kind of device for a fairly accessible sum or, conversely, you plan on much more expensive models. The final selection will inevitably depend on the budget you can spend on this investment!

The advantages (and disadvantages) of wet and dry vacuum cleaners

What are the benefits of improved water and dry vacuum cleaner? Difficult to profile type it ideal! In fact, since each model includes its specificities, we can easily say that several references are recommended in specific circumstances. To find the perfect compromise, simply correctly identify his needs! Indeed, in this environment, the ranges are highly variable, there is the inexpensive brands that appeal to a large number of people, ideals intermediaries for a more versatile use – or high-end creations, which often meet highly targeted queries.

Still, if we were to develop a common benefit to all water and dust vacuum cleaners, we can not keep quiet efficiency. Where your canister vacuum shows its weaknesses, the other equipment, operating in a different way, proves its power. It washes easily all types of coatings, it is designed to easily suck the liquid and it has a filtration system that leaves no room for dust in the air. When doing work (carpentry, wallpaper or anything that can dirty the house), it becomes a must to clean the site. In specific cases, to unclog a sink or clean wet ground, he shows himself again very efficient. To top it all, note that this device is used without paper bag, which is always greener!

These various advantages they have a price? If you choose vacuuming site at home, it will prepare you for some small drawbacks. Indeed, the maintenance of the device asks a minimum of time and remains a messy operation. Specifically, even if you do not risk the allergy attack you in occupying the tank, you need not fear darken your hands or be exposed to unpleasant odors if you waited before emptying all. Finally, this is usually unpleasant, but it must be done often enough, especially if we want to avoid foul lifts. Finally, if you are clumsy, remember that this is a water tank: make sure that everything is clipped, because this kind of vacuum can quickly be overthrown!

If you are a fan of the household quickly and (almost) done well, water and dry vacuum cleaner is probably not the product that suits you. However, if you prefer well done and unshipped work, you will certainly appreciate this solution. And more generally, all those allergic to dust mites welcome this innovation represents for them a more than satisfactory revolution.

What budget provision for water and dry vacuum cleaner?

Comparison: Choose The Best Water And Dry Vacuum Cleaner In 2020

If you want to offer a water and dust vacuum cleaner, know that you can buy one at any price! Indeed, if you have a small budget and if you do not plan to apply this device for large-scale tasks, you can absolutely choose one that costs less than 80 €. At this price, you do not really have all the benefits of a true vacuum. Still, if you’re just looking to avoid the dust fly, for example, you can perhaps get away with this compromise!

From € 80, if we are still in the entry level, there is already beginning to find more sophisticated models, to meet more specific needs. Up to 120 or 130 €, the references listed are affordable and, most often, is as the preferred consumer solutions. You will be reassured by the robust appearance of a vacuum cleaner that cost a hundred euros, and you will LOVE her more power.

Thereafter, it is quite possible to go upmarket and exceed, for this proposed purchase, the symbolic sum of € 400. Remember that this is a product for professionals: If you want results worthy of a cleaning company, it will naturally put the price! In parallel, we must know that some vacuum cleaners water and dust, not always distributed in conventional stores are worth even more. However, for use in a particular, high-end models are largely sufficient.

Should we pay full price when you want a good professional vacuum cleaner? Against all odds, in the list of products that we will introduce to you, we can also find references rather accessible, which enjoy a good quality / price ratio. So, for a successful purchase, it does not necessarily have to spend as much money. The ideal is to compare all available offers in your price range and to determine which one seems the most honest.

How to choose a water and dust vacuum cleaner?

You may have already understood from reading our buying guide: to select its well water and dry vacuum cleaner, we must first identify its needs. In this sense, it is relevant to compare the devices together and define what are the most effective products, your approach should always be modeled on what you specifically need. For example, if you frequently use the function to suck liquids, make sure that you turn to a well-performing model in this area.

If you have carpets and other carpets at home, it is highly recommended to consider the possibility of choosing a multifunction vacuum cleaner, which can also leach the soil easily and thereby clean the house in its entirety, including all types of soils . In a different spirit, one must not overlook the size of this ally of the household. Indeed, quite often it is much larger than the canister vacuum.

Therefore, you must ensure that you have enough space to store the device when not released. Learn also about the handling of the vacuum cleaner. Some professional products are heavier and more cumbersome: it would be a shame to buy something you will hardly use later.

How to use a water vacuum and dust?

Comparison: Choose The Best Water And Dry Vacuum Cleaner In 2020

Every day, your water and dry vacuum cleaner will be almost as easy to handle as a conventional canister vacuum cleaner. Indeed, to turn it on, you have to press a button and then one slides the brush on the ground as you would with a traditional camera. Here, there is no need to work on dry ground, since the device is capable of drawing water without any difficulty.

If your water and dry vacuum cleaner can also wash the carpets, we must think carefully read the user manual as all models do not work the same way. In general, always use a cleaning solution (such as water is added to the reservoir), and to ensure to fill the whole with hot water.

Most often, the wet and dry vacuum cleaners are also easy to move a conventional product. However, compared to a smaller model “broom” rather compact, it must be remembered that the dimensions are larger. However, consumers will soon get used to this size. If regular use is easy, maintenance is more complex: it is a point on which we would like to stop to help you get the most out of your vacuum.

Some tips for cleaning and caring for your water and dry vacuum cleaner

The maintenance of your water and dry vacuum cleaner is a specific job which can take time if it becomes a reflex, the task finally appear simple and compelling! If you aspire to the “dirty” water to dry land or to unclog the pipes, it will naturally think about draining the tank after the operation because the stagnant water could then generate very unpleasant odors. The container can easily be thrown into the sewers. However, after this step, sometimes you clean the walls to prevent dirt from accumulating.

If you use the vacuum cleaner dust and water to remove dirt, they will clump together in water and float to the surface. Over time, they will form a kind of mud. Again, to avoid incurring unpleasant odors, do not hesitate to empty the whole after cleaning.

In general, even though a conventional vacuum cleaner does not empty necessarily every cleaning operation, we advise you to frequently empty the vacuum cleaner Water and dust, because it is never safe to leave water stagnate too long. Also note that in some cases, change the filter regularly (for how often, see the manual of your product).

You now know almost all the peculiarities of water and dry vacuum cleaner. If you think very seriously about you offer, discover our comparison, it will allow you to choose the model that most closely matches your expectations!

Comparison: Our favorite water vacuums and dust

If you do not know to what reference you turn to find the best water and dry vacuum cleaner in your case, find our selection of 10 references in the sector. We present their peculiarities, their positive points but also their negative points – all in the perspective to help you make your decision before you buy!

Comparison: Choose The Best Water And Dry Vacuum Cleaner In 2020

If you need a multifunction vacuum cleaner, model Vax 7151 6 in 1 is bound to get your attention. This is the quintessential versatile product, which will accompany you in a variety of tasks. Ideal for routine cleaning at home, it effectively removes dirt, food crumbs, but also pet hair and hair.

In parallel, you can use this vacuum to clean your carpets or rugs. This feature will suit you especially if, at home, one or more person (s) suffer (s) allergies. Indeed, by eliminating all irritants that can accumulate on carpet (pollen from the outside, animal hair, dust mites), you greatly improve the quality of life of the most sensitive issues. In addition, with the head of washing SpinScrub, rotating brushes clean the soil from textile fibers in all directions, thereby to recover all dirt, including those that are not aspirated by a canister vacuum.

If you are fond of cleanliness, the option to clean the upholstery you please without any doubt. The device simply cleans sofas and other mattresses, which offers the opportunity to live in a more clean inside. With a washing head Hydrodry the Vax 7151 as shampooing hard floors with a cleaning with warm water with a cleaning product designed for this purpose.

This vacuum also comes with plenty of accessories and offer ultimately a great value.

– Expensive for an extra vacuum

– No small accessories

– A suction head incompatible with some recesses

Initially, we know the Einhell brand for its DIY tools. Against all odds, it also manufactures its own water and dust vacuum cleaner, characterized by its many features. The 30 liter recovery tank used to collect all kinds of dirt, be it ash, dry dust or rather wet components. To be more practical, the device is pledged a long flexible three meters, which is useful when working on a large room such as a garage, for example.

To remove all that has been sucked in, simply press a button drain: maintenance of water and dry vacuum cleaner Einhell TE-VC 2230 SA will not cause you theoretically no soreness, which is always satisfying. Thanks to the presence of a filter, only the liquid is expelled at the time of discharge; in this sense, it will still reach into the dirt to service, a must when you have a yard vacuum . We must not forget that this model remains a major appliance: if it works with a powerful engine ensures you a truly effective, it weighs about ten kilograms, which is not negligible.

– Expensive for an extra vacuum

– No small accessories

– A suction head incompatible with some recesses

Even as some cleaners are specialized in water or ash, Karcher MV3 Fireplace is able to provide these two different missions, making him an excellent professional vacuum cleaner. Visually, first of all, we can easily say that this model is true to the brand identity: the basic colors are respected and, above all, the side we appreciate very “robust”, which remains reassuring when it emphasizes the quality and solidity.

You certainly soulignerez the effectiveness of this device on the terms of ergonomics: it does not take much time to learn and adapt to its relatively large dimensions. When we know that this is a product that carries a water reservoir, stable appearance is reassuring, because it protects small accidents (reverse vacuum can, in some cases, faster arrive !).

With this cleaner, cleaning both the dust pet hair, ashes or liquids. You can even manage to remove a non thick mud. Thus, in the context of work, for example, this model easily shows all its advantages. When leave him in the closet, you get the car function to store all the accessories on the appliance and dispose of the entire equipment in a confined space. However, note that the power cord, 4 meters long, does not allow maximum mobility without changing outlet.

– Expensive for an extra vacuum

– No small accessories

– A suction head incompatible with some recesses

Apparently, the vacuum cleaner Karcher WD4 is less impressive than the vacuum of traditional construction, often very large and obviously very robust. Yet it ranks in a good place in our comparison, particularly because it is characterized by very appreciable performance given its reduced price and dimensions. Its stainless steel tank of 20 liters can clean up dust without having to empty the tank.

In addition, the flexible measuring 2.2 meters in order to easily act on an important radius. Depending on the brand Karcher, this model makes you enjoy an equivalent suction power 1600 W 1000 W only consuming electricity. We note that it is only possible to suck small amounts of water, which is a limitation. However, we appreciate being able to spend cleaning the moisture that dust without ever having to change the filter.

To top it off, the filtration system is especially convenient. The method for removing the filter is patented: the action takes place in seconds, without ever having to consider a direct contact with the dirt. This vacuum cleaner is both useful on hard floors than on carpet vehicle or garage: it is relatively versatile, comfortable to use and handy.

– Expensive for an extra vacuum

– No small accessories

– A suction head incompatible with some recesses

If you often tinker at home, you may opt for the Karcher multifunction WD3P, a very decent model for quality / price. Indeed, this product is sold at a rather affordable price and offers in return appreciable performance. For example, we emphasize the hose length, 2 meters, really convenient when you have to clean a room as big as a garage.

In addition, the socket for power tools easier to clean dirt caused by a particular tool to enable saving time and energy to people who perform manual labor. According to the manufacturer, the model generates power equivalent to 1400 W for a consumption of 1000 W, so it is frugal.

Against all odds, this is not only useful on a site: we also enjoy at home, to vacuum floors, carpets and even the terrace, since it is possible to remove the water with. In general, we consider that this vacuum cleaner is highly effective for home use or small jobs. On a larger project, it will show its limits, because it was not a very large tank and because it does not clean the ashes.

– Expensive for an extra vacuum

– No small accessories

– A suction head incompatible with some recesses

The vacuum cleaner Karcher AD3 Premium 2 1 is primarily designed to clean the ash and other dry soil. Thus, you are particularly intended if you want to clean a fireplace or barbecue, for example. We also insist on the “home” side of this device: with its nozzle to the ground, it may well be mobilized to wash your apartment or house.

To ensure robustness, this reference is built with a stainless steel tank and a metal hose. When you use it, you do not have fear of damaging it, because it inspires confidence automatically! The choice of material is crucial for an ash vacuum, since it allows to suck dirt still warm without damaging the whole.

Perfectly sealed, this vacuum cleaner does not leave any dust escaping during cleaning, which is more comfortable for the user. Nevertheless, keep in mind that the filter is quickly crowded: for optimal operation, you will often carry out maintenance. We even recommend to go through this step after each use: the filter can be cleaned with water, provided you let it dry all before restarting the unit.

In the water category and vacuums dust, Karcher AD3 Premium 2in1 shows a weakness: it is effective on the ashes and all types of dust, but remains unable to draw water.

– Expensive for an extra vacuum

– No small accessories

– A suction head incompatible with some recesses

With the blower function, its long cable 6 meters, 2.2 meters of its flexible or power of 2000 W suction for a power consumption of 1300 W, the wet and dry vacuum cleaner Karcher WDP6P displays performance that the are entering the high-end! To afford it, there must be a substantial sum, but consumers can make sure to focus on a quality reference.

This product is supplied with several accessories: a combined water and dust nozzle, a long nozzle, a hose with adapter Power tools, a suction hose of 2.2 meters, as well as two stainless steel suction tube 0.5 meters . In parallel, the unit operates with a 30 liter tank, the volume is large enough for large-scale household.

In general, if you equip this model Karcher you can pick up heavy particles with the nozzle to the ground, but also simultaneously washing water and dust with suitable nozzle. In addition, thanks to the choice of a triple thick cotton filter, performance in this area is 10% higher than comparable references. Finally, through the adapter designed for this purpose, you can suck dust and other dirt from a power tool, a considerable time for work!

– Expensive for an extra vacuum

– No small accessories

– A suction head incompatible with some recesses

With its engine with two high-performance wheels, the industrial vacuum Klarstein IVC-50 does not disappoint: it is very powerful. It is connected with a power cable that measures no less than 8 meters, which lets you great freedom of movement. In addition, the tank capacity is 50 liters: you can remove large amounts of dust in one go, without stopping to empty the container. Note that this receptacle is made of steel, which ensures a real resistance to dirt and corrosion.

In parallel, this model has a cushion brush and a fine brush: it is very useful when it comes to remove dust and pet hair from fabric surfaces. In everyday life, being able to count on a 1.3 meter suction hose appears to be a real highlight because you can simply access the corners more difficult to clean normally.

The ability to adjust power, many accessories, the choice of anti-vibration gaskets to secure the various components or mobility wheels are so many benefits that make this product a real benchmark for wet and dry vacuum cleaner . Given the price of this model is sold, can be classified on a fairly high level of requirement: Yet despite the fairly high rate, we regret the absence of more innovative features.

– Expensive for an extra vacuum

– No small accessories

– A suction head incompatible with some recesses

With its stainless steel tank of 17 liters, water aspirator and the dust Karcher WD3 Premium remains a small-scale model, which will not be very effective over a work zone where it is necessary to remove a large amount of dust. However, it is very useful on a more punctual household, through its various tools: a nozzle to ground with very handy wheel, a blower function to collect dust and leaves in one place or the cartridge filter Karcher, which allows simultaneously sucking up water and dust.

If the unit’s power consumption is reduced to 1000 W, the brand says that power is worthy of a 1400 W model, to enjoy a powerful product without requiring too much power. In a different spirit to open the container and empty the tank without difficulty, you can mobilize the push pull system &, which we consider very convenient!

This cleaner can also work well with or without a bag. Since it is rather light, we invite users to be especially vigilant, because it can easily overturn, which could generate little unpleasant accidents.

– Expensive for an extra vacuum

– No small accessories

– A suction head incompatible with some recesses

In the sphere of building professionals, it uses classes to determine the suction power of different devices. Makita vc2512l is a class L. In other words, it can clean the dust with a limit value greater exposure to 1 mg / m3, so it is less efficient than class M (greater than or equal to 0.1 mg / m3) or H (less than 0.1 mg / m3). Still, given the price, we can consider that offers significant performance, especially when it comes to remove all dirt after completing the work.

The “blower” function is present on this model, and capable of cleaning – according to your preferences – with or without a bag. In parallel, the Makita vc2512l is holding an washable PET filter, we recommend regular maintenance, especially if you remove dust in large quantities. For a more conventional use, this reference also comes with a brush to the soil. She is able to suck up water and other fluids on the floor.

Depending on your needs, you can choose between the dust bag and the water bag. Still, some consumers have raised the low capacity of this reservoir. It may contain up to 25 liters of dust, 18 liters of fat dust or 11.5 liters of dry dust. Limits that remain correct, but of course it will not be reluctant to empty the tank regularly if you clean particularly dirty areas.

– Expensive for an extra vacuum

– No small accessories

– A suction head incompatible with some recesses

Conclusion: a versatile product often!

Contrary to what one might think spontaneously, vacuuming dust and water is not only a device that is used on construction sites. Indeed, many models are fully compatible with everyday use at home, for cleaning floors, but also the furniture.

Your choice will inevitably be linked to the nature of the tasks: there are no universal standards in this field, selecting the best water and dry vacuum cleaner depends on your own criteria.

Finally, if this comparison was useful, please submit it around you, all other persons potentially interested in the purchase.

And if you are looking for more specific information before you decide, we can help you!