Best Washer Dryer

Comparison: Choose the best washer dryer in 2020

The idea of ​​simultaneously equip you with a washer and dryer you seem complicated?

Know that there are devices combining both features: Drying the washing machines.

The first advantage of this choice seems obvious, since it allows considerable space saving. Must be prepared to make concessions before purchasing such a hybrid product? Can we, however, also benefit from good performance with two machines purchased separately?

Discover all the information that will be useful in order to obtain the best washer dryer possible!

A practical and versatile perfect hybrid

As the name suggests, the washer-dryer condenses into one device, two different actions: it cleans and dries your clothes. These solutions are increasingly known, but some families are reluctant to take the plunge, fearing especially lose efficiency on one of the features – or even both. As you will see in this comparison, washing machines Drying have nothing to envy to the single-function devices. They display more than satisfactory performance at varying prices. As you select the alternative that suits you best, with this complete guide to buying Drying washing machines.

Comparison: Choose The Best Washer Dryer In 2020

Washing machines Drying realize a beautiful promise: they allow to wash and simultaneously drying machine, which is especially handy when lack of space to install two different devices. According to a study by the Interprofessional Group of Household Appliances equipment manufacturers (GIFAM), 6.5% of French households were equipped in 2013. Since then, this rate is climbing!

Despite his progress, the choice of this solution remains a minority: many households opt for single use of a washing machine, and simply allow to dry clothes outdoors (less than three on family owns a clothes dryer). However, this device is gradually gaining popularity and attracting more and more interest. It is fully compatible with our evolving lifestyles, since we are more likely to live in town, in less spacious apartments that rural homes.

In addition, in certain habitats, we do not have the necessary evacuations for the establishment of a conventional dryer. Opt for a washer-dryer is used to drain water from the laundry and the washing by the same conduit is a simple solution. In this way, the moisture does not enter into the housing and the installation is very easy, since only a conventional connection.

He has the washer-dryer assets a premium washing machine? Many models are actually very sophisticated, offer various cleaning programs, wring until 1600 rpm and have a real comfort of use (LCD, delayed start, etc.). Nevertheless, this solution is generally more energy intensive than conventional alternatives, even if manufacturers tend increasingly to the energy classification “A” (while traditional machines are sometimes rated A ++).

Why buy a washer dryer?

Buying a washer dryer is often motivated by the objective of saving space at home. However, we must not forget that this unit can address other issues.

If you do not have specific evacuation for the dryer, for example, know that the washer dryer is plugged into a standard connection, as found in all homes. If you rent, you will enjoy having no request to make the owner to install your appliances!

We also emphasize that the Drying washing machines are devices generally very sophisticated. In fact, they work with induction motors, are considered more resistant than their competitors. In addition, there is a quieter mechanism: a nice surprise for families accustomed to conventional alternatives.

If you have not yet found the necessary equipment to take care of your own machine, you can also choose the washer dryer as original equipment! This decision will enable you to make a single purchase instead of two.

Different types of washing machines

Comparison: Choose The Best Washer Dryer In 2020

There, on the market, different categories that differentiate and compare them washing machines. The main alternatives that present themselves to you, and some information that will help you select the one that seems best suited to your needs.

Washing machine top or front

As its name suggests, the washing machine “top” is loaded from the top. The front, meanwhile, has a front opening. The choice between one of these solutions will depend on the constraints of your home: given your landscape, perhaps it will be more convenient to select one or the other of these alternatives. The choice between top washer or window will also be done based on your available space, models “top” being less wide. However, if you are looking for a large capacity, it is best to turn to a device with loading door.

Washing machine built, integrated or freestanding

All washing machines are not installed the same way. The built-in models are easy to slide under a work plan. Built-in appliances, meanwhile, are perfectly compatible with the decoration of a beautiful kitchen. In fact, you can place them in the work plan and then add a facade in keeping with the piece of furniture. Finally, free poses are the most common alternative, allowing you a set up where you want.

Washer dryer

Ideal for small housing in which there is little free space, the washer dryer combines, in one unit, two basic functions. The purchase of this device requires full attention as you purchase simultaneously a washing machine and a dryer, you must ensure that all performances are consistent with your needs.

The advantages (and disadvantages) of the washer dryer

If you are looking to maximize space in your own home, you know certainly the main strength of the washer-dryer, living in the space savings it offers. In addition, although most of the models presented in this guide are comparative washing machine window, you can find some references that open from the top: still comfortable freedom!

Better yet, you can also inquire for your hybrid device is built into your kitchen, to combine practicality with aesthetics. Once launched the machine, you will understand that induction motors are much quieter than those used in simple devices, content to wash clothes.

Financially, the washer-dryer is logically more expensive than the washing machine. However, if you turn to the entry level, for example, you’ll pay a sum rather attractive, lower than if we had to buy separately the unit for cleaning and one for dry.

Still, we must pinpoint the few limitations of the washer dryer. Thus, it is not ideal for larger families, since the drying capacity is always lower than the washing capacity. If you run a full machine load, it will partially unload before initiating drying. Finally, most often, washing machines Drying use more electricity and water than their competitors in the market – washing machines now display often equal rating to A + or A ++, against A or B for washing Drying towels.

What budget provide for a washer dryer?

Comparison: Choose The Best Washer Dryer In 2020

In this shopping guide highlighting our 10 favorite Drying washing machine, we will mainly develop in the mid-range models. They typically cost around 500 €. At this price, you can claim various advantages: a model to another, it should compare the features, because the benefits do not always lie on the same plane.

You can also move towards washing machine Drying cheap, ranked entry. They usually cost 300 € to 450 €. They may have some limitations, particularly in terms of capacity or spin, which will be lower (1 000 to 1 200 rpm for poorer students).

Conversely, if you have more important requirements, you may be considering to purchase a drying high-end washing machine. The different models in this category theoretically cost € 600 to € 700, but prices can sometimes fly out to meet even the highest demands. If you have a large family and you use regularly the washing machine, for example, you will no doubt enjoy the comfort offered by these alternative sophisticated, robust and often characterized by their multiple features.

How to choose a washer dryer?

The criteria for selection of a washer-dryer are enough, since we must not forget that this machine is completely hybrid. So, when making your selection, you need both to look at the properties for cleaning and drying them. The main criteria to your attention:

Energy rating

The Drying washing machines are more energy efficient than single devices. However, if you want to focus on energy savings, know that A rated models are not so rare. Others are classified B: their impact on your electricity bill and water will naturally be higher. Unlike conventional alternatives, note that the washer-dryer needs water for washing and for drying.

The spin speed

Situated around 1000 revolutions per minute range for inputs and can increase to 1600 rpm, the spinning speed is an important criterion. Higher it is, the less drying time is high. However, at the same speed, is sometimes observed differences in the spin cycle: this criterion must be taken into account, but needs to be put.

The capacity

In general, the drying capacity of less than 2 kilograms the cleaning ability. Thus, a washer-dryer that can clean 7 kilograms of laundry will be a drying capacity of 5 kg. For a full charge cleaning cycle, we can not all dry then. Remember that test, because if you multiply the number of cycles, you pay water and more electricity.

The functionality and ease of use

In terms of handling, all washing machines Drying is not the same. For example, those who are pledged an LCD screen are generally easier to program. Other features such as delayed start or the possibility of partially creases from clothes, can make the difference when choosing.

How to use a washer-dryer?

Comparison: Choose The Best Washer Dryer In 2020

If you have already used to use a washing machine and a conventional dryer, you will quickly understand how your new washer dryer! Indeed, the programs are generally quite similar, and getting started is easy. For the connection of the device, do not hesitate to get help from a professional if you have any doubts. But know that many, many people only realize the connection: just plug the water supply and drain hose correctly, referring to the instructions specified in the manual.

Subsequently, consider drying capacity (not the washing capacity, which is higher), before loading your machine. If you want any dry simultaneously, it will not completely fill the drum. If you do a wash cycle with a device at its maximum capacity in terms of washing, it will be essential to dry in two separate cycles, or leave some dry textile outdoors.

Do not forget to look at the labels of different clothes, with instructions for washing and drying. Some delicate matters can not be cleaned at low temperatures and do not support a tumble. If you do not want to see your favorite outfits deteriorate, please follow these instructions!

Some tips to clean and care for your washer dryer

Your washer dryer is a real investment. In order to increase its life and protect you to some easy breakdowns to avoid, some maintenance tips can be applied. First, know that you can regularly clean the drum. You can run a cleaning cycle after dropping white vinegar and baking soda inside, but you can also pass a damp cloth, if you do not have a lot of dirt to remove.

Many people think that we must always use a water softener. In reality, everything depends on the hardness of your water. If the latter is not too loaded with limestone, the scale formation risks are less important. However, if you know that you are exposed, do not hesitate to introduce Calc tablet before each cleaning cycle.

Remember, also, to clean the filter regularly. Remove dust, hair or pieces of tissues that may have been accidentally nest it. On one model to another, the maintenance instructions may vary: refer always to manufacturer’s instructions, which you can find in the manual.

Comparison: our favorite Drying washing machines

There are a wide variety of Drying washing machine on the market: how to choose one that will match perfectly the needs of your family? For you, we have selected – and classified – 10 particularly interesting models. Discover them and compare them with each other to succeed in finding the best washer dryer for you!

Comparison: Choose The Best Washer Dryer In 2020

The qualities of the washer-dryer Hotpoint AQD1070D69FR are varied: it has all the pretensions of a high performance device that does not show its limits, even in front of a large family! Indeed, its 10 kg washing capacity is especially convenient.

With technology Hydro Thermal Tech, washing respects fabric colors because it is performed at constant temperature. In addition, various functions are available, including the ability to launch an express 30 minute cycle. Its 16 wash programs and 3 drying programs (wool, synthetic, cotton) will satisfy you, since you will quickly understand how this solution is versatile! In terms of power, spin at 1600 revolutions per minute is also a real strength.

To top it all, this device is rated A in terms of energy consumption. So do not weigh too much on your energy bill.

– Expensive for an extra vacuum

– No small accessories

– A suction head incompatible with some recesses

Best washer dryer for large family is certainly the model Hotpoint AQD1171D 69ID EU / A. It can clean up to 11 kilograms of laundry, making it the washing machine with the largest capacity of all this guide! Unfortunately, it will deal with a capacity of less drying, as always with this type of device (7 kilograms here).

On design, Hotpoint shows its capacity for innovation. The design is very modern and very creative. On the practical side, you can choose between 16 wash programs and 3 drying programs. Thanks to the “Green Woolmark” for example, you can insert into the machine textiles it normally hand wash.

Furthermore, the spin is up to 1 600 revolutions per minute. A rate that does not damage the machine – but saves electricity by reducing the drying time. Comes with a self-cleaning pump, this device also has a child safety, anti-flooding system and instant door lock.

Given the promises of this washer-dryer Hotpoint, we deplore the lack of steam technology, which could further improve the rating of the model.

– Expensive for an extra vacuum

– No small accessories

– A suction head incompatible with some recesses

Like advantage of the best technological innovations when buying electrical appliances? The washer-dryer LG F855G64WR probably meet your expectations. It has very practical indicators, such as for closing the door, or the one that warns in case of failure. In addition, you get a real comfort due to the time remaining witness to the possibility of mobilizing the delayed start and program end signal.

We emphasize the multitude of programs available on the washing machine: Intensive, sheets, extra rinse or Baby Care are so many different cycles that allow you to adapt the behavior of the device to the desired result. In terms of drying, you still enjoy a wide variety of choices: Ready to board, low temperature or willing to put in the closet!

With its energy class A, this device is among the most energy efficient in this roundup. Its noise level can reach 72 dB – and do not drop below 57 dB: this is not very loud, but other manufacturers have managed to make even quieter! And if we were pointing the biggest weakness of this flagship model finger, we evoquerions 3 kg difference between the cleaning ability (8 kg) and drying (5 kg).

– Expensive for an extra vacuum

– No small accessories

– A suction head incompatible with some recesses

You do not want to be the best washer dryer, but rather are looking for a device that does not cost you too much money: look closely at the Continental Edison CELLS75DD. With a capacity of 7 kg for washing and 5 kg for drying, it is appropriate for a medium sized household, and presents itself as very comfortable for a single person or couple without children.

Marketed at a lower price alternative to mid-range, this device is classified as “B” in terms of energy performance. There will be more intensive than electricity more expensive Drying washing machines. Nevertheless, since the spin is up to 1 200 rpm, you can easily reduce the impact of drying on your energy bill by reducing the drying time.

In total, 15 programs with counter, washer dryer remains versatile and adapts to the needs of consumers. You can use the delayed start, launching the machine during off hours (if the electricity contract allows you). On consumption, you should know that 53 liters are needed to clean and dry for 44. The water bill will also be monitored, to ensure that this economic purchase will not increase your usual consumption too.

– Expensive for an extra vacuum

– No small accessories

– A suction head incompatible with some recesses

With her child secure its MIL or its temperature limit, the washer-dryer Samsung WD80J5430AW combines the positives: it is up to all the expectations of the consumer, both in terms of robustness on that versatility. Designed in a modern design, it is easy to program, since the information is clearly communicated on an LCD screen.

With a capacity of 8 kilograms for washing and 6 kg for drying, this device will meet the needs of an average family, but will show its limits whether to maintain the machine more children, particularly because of the ability to less drying. The sleek shape of the drum has been specifically designed for cleaning smooth textiles. The holes for draining water are small, which reduces the adhesion phenomena of tissue on the walls.

Through management Fuzzy Logic, washing and drying parameters adapt to the load of laundry, but also to the selected cycle. Very reassuring with its various safety, this device will be enjoyed by all persons seeking features that make the difference. Indeed, it is not malfunction indicator on all models, but this “little more” is really convenient, especially when you want to take care of his equipment.

Nevertheless, we regret, for a reference obviously very well conceptualized, not reach that level B energy performance, also knowing that the absence of a smoothing system may disappoint.

– Expensive for an extra vacuum

– No small accessories

– A suction head incompatible with some recesses

If we love the washer dryer Haier HWD8436 is primarily because it is economical to buy and to use. Indeed, it is sold at a price more attractive and, in parallel, it is classified “A” for energy performance, which means it requires little power for a device of this type (since others sometimes sold more expensive, are classified B).

When you operate the washing machine, you can clean up to 8 kilograms of clothing. However, you can not exceed 5 kilograms when dry all. This difference of 3 kg can be debilitating, and encourage you to do two separate drying cycles, which – this time – would not be very efficient electricity.

If you are attached to hygiene, a small feature will grab your attention: you can achieve an antibacterial wash. There is also a “baby” program, another special for the jeans and even a hand wash. And if you do not have time for too long cycle, the program express 15 minutes you will be very useful.

The limitations of this model is very advantageous may be felt upon drying because you do not have the possibility to choose between different programs. The capacity of 5 kg is slightly debilitating but thanks to a good spin (1400 rpm), it is theoretically possible to reduce the drying time.

– Expensive for an extra vacuum

– No small accessories

– A suction head incompatible with some recesses

With a more affordable price, the washer-dryer Indesit IWDC6125 has interesting qualities for anyone who seeks to equip a device 2 in 1. In practical terms, this solution cleans 6 kg and 5 kg dry laundry. Side spin, the speed of 1200 revolutions per minute is sufficiently high to reduce moisture and thus decrease the time required to dry the whole.

The control panel is simple to use: you can easily choose between different preset programs. For example, if you launch a “hand wash” you can fearlessly incorporate your sensitive textiles, like those of wool. The spin will be softer if you enable the “silk” function. Better yet, a program to wash sneakers available. This is a rarely touted by manufacturers asset but acclaimed by sporting families, among others.

Rather versatile, washer dryer will offer you no real surprise in terms of noise level, because it remains noisy. The absence of indicator to know the remaining time, as the energy classification in category “B” may represent brakes for consumers. However, we maintain that this solution is perfectly Indesit reliable and convenient, especially if you like to put all kinds of clothes (and shoes) in the washing machine.

– Expensive for an extra vacuum

– No small accessories

– A suction head incompatible with some recesses

The washer-dryer Hotpoint CAWD129EU is built: if you want to seamlessly incorporate into your kitchen, you can theoretically do, provided to make the necessary adjustments. So if you are attached to the decor, you will appreciate being able to find a device that requires no aesthetic constraints.

When using the washing machine, turn the super mute, it will significantly reduce noise pollution. You have a choice of 16 wash programs and 3 drying programs. You can also, if necessary, delay the start by 3, 6 or 9 hours. This device is equipped with a self-cleaning pump system, which simplifies maintenance work.

The capacity of 5 kg for drying and 7 kg for the wash should in most cases, but will be insufficient if you used the comfort of a machine 10 kg, for example. Wringing at 1200 rpm, the device is rated B for its energy performance. We advise you to take initiatives to shorten the duration of drying: do not overload the drum or restart a spin cycle. These steps will reduce moisture before you even start the dryer, which will limit the impact on your electricity bill.

– Expensive for an extra vacuum

– No small accessories

– A suction head incompatible with some recesses

The washer dryer Featured VLTS6134 will seduce you for its innovations. Indeed, it is a model including the steam function. A real plus for many creases from clothes and save time on storage. When washing, you can choose between different programs: quick, wool, cold, heavy or delicate – and steam, of course.

The cleaning capacity of 6 kg – and 4 kg for drying. To offer you a better experience, the washing machine is equipped with an anti-foam detector and automatic balancing. The selection of the delayed start is possible: it’s very convenient if your electricity contract includes peak hours.

Washing machines Drying “top” are quite rare, but this model comes under the category. As its name suggests, it is charged and discharged at the top. This is not really an asset – or even a default, because everyone has their preferences for use. However, it is useful to know that this choice allows you to win even in space, because the machine is very narrow!

Of course, if you want clean sheets, quilts and clothes of several family members simultaneously, you will find limits to this machine, whose capacity is more appropriate to a small household.

– Expensive for an extra vacuum

– No small accessories

– A suction head incompatible with some recesses

Many people wish to invest in a washer dryer for lack of space. If you really want to maximize space, know that the model Brandt WTD8074SF stands as a less bulky, especially because it is top loading. The downside? Even if you can wash up to 8 kilograms of laundry, the drying capacity does not exceed 4 kilograms.

But since this is an especially for small housing unit, you can easily imagine that target small families or singles. With this in mind, it offers all the qualities we hope to him several special programs including one that makes ironing easier, intensive washing and special cleaning delicate laundries. If you want to reduce your electricity bill, you can without any problems delay the start to predict the peak hours.

An indicator lets you know where you are in the wash cycle, and you also get a witness remaining time very practical. We regret that this solution be classified only B in terms of energy consumption, while other models in the same price range to achieve best performance. The spin at 1000 rpm, too, can show its limits, especially if you want to minimize the duration of the drying cycle.

– Expensive for an extra vacuum

– No small accessories

– A suction head incompatible with some recesses

Conclusion: find the compromise to save space without losing money

To buy and to use the washer-dryer is not always more expensive than the duet washer and dryer independent. Indeed, models are available for purchase, and some offer energy performance quite satisfactory. We must know exactly what your needs to mature this purchase.

Identify the minimum capacity required for drying – because this is the main weakness of the washing machine Drying, who can not dry a complete machine. Later, if you find a suitable solution, you will definitely appreciate the comfort provided by a device 2 in 1.

Best washer dryer is the one that suits you best, regardless of the notes we have given in this classification: the 10 models selected for the comparison are interesting, although they have different characteristics.

This reading helped you in your decision making? Share it around! If you have questions, please ask us, we will be happy to answer them.