Best Steam Mop

Comparison: Choose the best steam mop in 2020

If you are a fan of the household, you probably know: it is not enough to clean the dust and dirt that collects on the floor.

To flirt with perfection, providing a steam mop is essential!

You want your home is clean and you hope to find a device that can meet your needs without much effort?

What budget provision? What are the main criteria to look for the right choice?

Discover all our useful tips before your purchases with this comparative guide!

The steam mop must for complete cleaning

Visually, the steam brush may look like a vacuum cleaner. However, the comparison stops at this level: the features are totally different – and even complementary. It can be used both on the tiles, rugs and other carpets. It is versatile and able to remove stains you thought definitive! Generally, we choose to make this purchase when looking for a device designed to replace the mop. Knowing that performance is clearly superior to those of a simple soil washing with a bucket of water and a suitable tissue, it would be a shame not a precious ally in the home.

What is a steam mop?

Comparison: Choose The Best Steam Mop In 2020

The steam mop is an appliance found in many families. It is designed with a tank for storing water. In operation, it uses water to turn to steam. If we value this method, it is primarily because it is environmentally friendly. In fact, no need to buy incredible amounts of cleaning products: water vapor sufficient to clean. With high temperature, dust is captured and removed quickly – and dirt is just off the floor. Better yet, the surfaces on which you will spend with your device will be disinfected, because different microbes do not survive the heat.

For a long time this device was rather reserved for professionals. However, he invested the retail market for several years – and seems to attract a growing number of families. Why you may need this appliance? If you have children, for example, you will definitely find useful to kill bacteria that accumulate on the ground.

It should distinguish the steam mop steam cleaner. The first is perhaps best known: it fills the same role as the steam mop but comes in quite imposing dimensions. Conversely, the steam mop is a more compact solution, which is very valuable for housing in which one does not have much space to store materials.

Why buy a steam mop?

First of all, you may want a steam mop if the steam cleaner is a product that appeals to you, but you seem too large. The alternative model “broom” will meet your expectations, since it is present in more practical dimensions, especially when you live in a small apartment and do not have a big garage to store various objects daily.

Some people plan to provide a steam mop for more varied goals. Indeed, there are some models sold with many accessories, which mobilizes for a more thorough cleaning of the house. For example, you can learn about some devices with tips to shine the pipe – or remove the marks on the windows. It is very versatile references, again with the use of steam, facilitate the implementation of several household chores.

If you are sensitive to ecological issues, you will also want to opt for this product that cleans and disinfects without chemical. More worth buying these wipes that are consumed in seconds and automatically discarded, or even to invest in all detergents more toxic than each other: the steam mop is environmentally friendly because it kills bacteria simply with heat some water.

Finally, if you have lots of carpet and / or carpet in your home, cleaning with water vapor will certainly seduce you. It will allow you to easily remove dust and other dirt that accumulate on these surfaces, presenting himself as a good alternative to avoid allergies to dust mites problems.

Different types of steam brushes

Comparison: Choose The Best Steam Mop In 2020

The steam mop into the category of steam cleaners: it differs from models “sled” or “Hand”. However, even within this notion of “steam mop” is sometimes includes several very different devices. What are the important criteria to be observed before making his choice? The main features that should help you compare the different products available.


All brooms Steam do not use the same pressure. And the more the pressure, the better the performance! If you choose a more promising model in this test, you will manage to clean more without having to increase your efforts. At entry level, there are often pressure of 2.5 bar – they can climb up to 3.5 in upscale bars. So if you want the best steam mop, you must bring the 3.5!

Compatibility with carpets

The duration of heating

If you choose a steam mop “unlimited autonomy”, the tank can be filled at any time and start-up takes less than 3 minutes. However, pressure boilers are less convenient because they require 5 to 15 minutes to be operational. Moreover, it is not possible to fill the tank for the household: it must wait until the temperature and pressure have decreased.

Tartar is a scourge for all appliances that use water: the steam mop is no exception! It will provide regular maintenance to avoid problems. Also, opt for less sensitive materials to the vessel, in the image of stainless steel which will calcify little. You can also invest in water filtration cartridges if it is a model for “unlimited autonomy”.

The advantages (and disadvantages) of steam brushes

No chemicals

If you have the habit of washing your floors with bleach, you probably know this recurring fear of dirty clothes, especially when they are black … And if you chose other detergents, you may suffer -being of skin irritation in use, as these aggressive solutions can damage the hands. As you aim with your steam mop, you can leave all these chemicals in closet and settle for water. It is much simpler and much less dangerous.

Effective in killing the bacteria

The format broom also involves some positives: first, you do not drag the machine behind you, so you avoid back pain that often follow the cleaning sessions. This form also shows its strengths when storing the equipment: it does not need much space in the closet!

Less powerful than steam cleaner

Despite all its qualities, the best steam mop is not necessarily up to the steam cleaner, larger, but also more powerful. The reservoir is smaller and cleaning is achieved with a lower pressure, if you have a big house and if you want to wash the floors often it may take rather think about buying a larger model.

What budget provide for a steam mop?

Comparison: Choose The Best Steam Mop In 2020

Browsing through our shopping guide, you’ll find 10 different models of steam brushes sold at varying prices. Generally, the steam mop is as an accessible device. At entry level, several devices cost less than € 50.

However, if you are looking for something a bit sophisticated and if you enjoy home appliances designed with a minimum of robustness, it will naturally spend more money with a view to offer this new ally of the household. There is a wide range of products between 50 and 100 €, sometimes even references offered by well-known brands. With this budget, you can make sure to make a good investment that will satisfy you in the long run.

Models sold in over 100 € generally offer satisfactory performance yet. If you have a big house and if you think often use this solution with a view to cleaning the different parts, it is entirely appropriate to devote a little more than 100 € this purchase for your home.

Finally, as with all electrical appliances, one can also find the high-end to more than 200 €. By having this envelope available, you can offer the highest performance, most original designs, the more options and the most prestigious brands. Some references are sky high in terms of autonomy, power or lightness.

As always when it is necessary to equip the house, your choice is naturally conditioned by your own needs. For example, if you want to better clean your windows, you will turn to models that have a specific adapter. If you are crazy carpets, you need something powerful for their regular cleaning. In addition to these criteria specific to each family, some other parameters can help you choose your new companion: we group in this comparison guide.

First, the presence of accessories is a good indicator: when there are many, we can estimate that the product is more versatile and therefore generally satisfactory. If you have hardwood floors that you do not want to damage any reason, looking primarily skates microfiber (sometimes called cover, wipe or cloth). In the best cases, they can be cleaned with the machine. Also, if you have special needs, do not hesitate to look at what are the tips included with the broom.

The most sophisticated references are not just compatible with all soils: it is also effective products on a parquet floor vinyl, linoleum or carpet. Of course, if you only have tiles and no carpet at home, it is not very useful to look at this criterion. However, the ability to wash all types of coatings is a good indicator that can be mobilized to assess the quality of a reference.

But ultimately, the pressure and power remain the most important criteria, those that you absolutely must see when you confront several steam brushes between which you hesitate. The more pressure to bring out the steam is high and close to 3.5 bar, the better the performance of the unit. In low range, the pressure of 2.5 bar is often insufficient to provide completely satisfactory results.

How to use a steam mop?

Comparison: Choose The Best Steam Mop In 2020

In terms of household at home, the steam mop is not a device that is sufficient in itself: it is a useful additional tool for the clean feeling is even stronger! So before you go out of this closet, first ask your traditional vacuum cleaner to remove the main dirt ground. If you want to save time, you can also simply the sweep, slightly less effective, but still useful.

Thereafter, keep in mind that the steam mop is not specifically designed to clean very dirty rooms or really dirty. It is very useful to finalize a working household and clean the air. But in a kitchen with a lot of grease encrusted too long or in a space where you have done the work, you must start by more aggressive cleaning before moving to the steam mop. In general, it is especially useful for maintenance work to keep a clean house.

Never forget that your steam mop works with water. If you have soil that is not really waterproof, do not clean that way. The best solution is to start with a test on a small area, with a view to avoid any nasty surprises or damage.

Otherwise, the use of a steam mop is intuitive enough: we must know if you – or not – unlimited autonomy, to control stage water filling. Cleaning is simple to perform, since just drag the broom on the ground or the surface to be cleaned. On one model to another, some of the subtleties in the settings and features are available: remember to read your manual before starting.

Some tips to clean and care for your steam mop

As you may have read earlier in this buying guide, the main enemy of your steam mop is tartar. It will be even more formidable on metal vessels. Look carefully at the time of purchase, of what material the tank is made: stainless steel or special coatings are preferable. In addition, you can purchase water filtration cartridges, only if you have opted for unlimited autonomy model.

For your steam mop retain a great appearance and maintained for a long time, do not hesitate to spend a damp cloth over the whole more or less regular structure, to prevent the accumulation of dust and traces. It is also recommended to rinse the accessories with water. However, do not use too strong detergents to clean: do not forget that the main advantage of the device is its ability to kill bacteria without chemicals! And even to remove tartar, you can get away with natural remedies like vinegar.

In everyday life, always take water from the tap to make this steam mop: Do not add detergent and do not buy demineralised water.

After drawing up the steam mop sketch of a device that may soon invest your home, we offer a list of 10 models that caught our lust. Watch carefully: you may find the heart of this guide, the model that will meet all your expectations!

Comparison: Choose The Best Steam Mop In 2020

When searching for your steam mop and you read the various comparisons, you can quickly get lost among all these promises versatility, practicality or efficiency. Is Black + Decker FSMH13101SM QS takes? Besides its good quality / price ratio, it looks like a perfectly designed machine for home, functional and simple to handle.

In 15 seconds, your steam mop is ready to go into action. We noticed its lightness, its power but also its flexibility, since it can rotate 180 °. However, a limit still reviewing for Black + Decker: indeed, when washing windows, wear the device and the gesture is rather tiring to achieve.

– Expensive for an extra vacuum

– No small accessories

– A suction head incompatible with some recesses

More than versatile, the steam mop Philips FC7020 / 01 is considered a hybrid: it has a rotary brush for scanning and a steam cleaner. The combined action of these two devices facilitates cleaning and provides a real time saver for users. For heating in 30 seconds, the 0.45 liter tank has a capacity of approximately 20 minutes, the promises are not exceptional, but remain honest to a model available for purchase and able to show multitasking.

The unit turns on with the foot and has a 6 meter cable: it is rather convenient and comfortable for everyday use, especially when a lot of cleaning up to do and not feel like getting tired unnecessarily. Moreover, thanks to SteamPlus system, the ground is almost dry after the passage of the device. Another time saver for users!

The two pads supplied with the product are designed microfiber washable. The fabric is renowned for its ability to remove stains, but also to effectively absorb dust. When you make a break, stopping is automatic: a still appreciable security. Finally, thanks to the scale filter, you can confidently fill the tank with tap water, while being careful to watch from time to time the appearance of tartar.

– Expensive for an extra vacuum

– No small accessories

– A suction head incompatible with some recesses

On paper, the manufacturer shows the steam mop Polti vaporetto SV440 as a product 15 in 1! A beautiful promise which actually refers to compatibility with all types of surfaces: tiles, parquet, marble, carpets and rugs, the hob, hood, valves, seals, glass or even clothing. More than a household appliance for washing the floors of the house, this model is designed to clean all that is dirty home!

Do Vaporforce his brush, the device distributes steam extensive way, which increases the cleaning efficiency. Integrated hair more easily remove the dirt. We also present this model as small, light and easy to handle. The versatility is achieved through a wide range of accessories that they will clean the items that you would perhaps not thought of reach with a steam mop, like curtains or radiators, for example.

Against aging of the various parts, a scale filter is installed: it lets you use tap water and limit the presence of tartar. Finally, to top it all, a diffuser fragrance leaves a sweet smell hovering in your home: it is nice and perfect to finalize perfectly clean! Still, those seduced by the ecological side of the steam mop may be skeptical of this option, which requires the use of a chemical. Note also, the list of disadvantages, the fact that the brush may seem very robust, which does not always facilitate confidence!

– Expensive for an extra vacuum

– No small accessories

– A suction head incompatible with some recesses

In the steam brush universe, manufacturers are engaged in a ruthless competition: who will do the most promise? The Black + Decker FSMH16151 is really ambitious, since it is 15 in 1! Thus, according to the brand, it is possible to perform all household tasks useful at home with this new ally of cleanliness. Directly on the handle, you can easily choose your soil type (parquet, tiles or marble). Thereafter, the flow adapts to the target surface. An LED indicator confirms your choice: the use of this feature is simple, even if you are not naturally gifted with technology.

With a steam flow both powerful and constant, you easily come to overcome the stubborn dirt. And in case of difficulty, you can press the Steam Boost button that allows you to have up to 50% more steam for about ten seconds. If you like your inside feel good, you also have the opportunity to use a location for scented capsule. Of course, if you are against chemicals and if you prefer settle for water vapor, it is quite possible!

Depending on your needs, you can turn this unit by hand cleaner, which is great when you want to clean the kitchen or the bathroom, for example. Manoeuvrable, light, strong and pledged a swivel head 180 °, Black + Decker product is very practical and robust. Its scale filter allows you to use tap water safely. Everything comes with multiple accessories for the Steampress creases from clothes, a tool to clean the joints, a carpet adapter or a small glass scraper.

Some consumers have reported that some accessories are less convenient than others, obviously, with a beautiful promise versatility, this steam mop can not be as effective on 15 different jobs! And if you want to offer you gem for the home, it will devote a substantial budget, because it is of course not an entry.

– Expensive for an extra vacuum

– No small accessories

– A suction head incompatible with some recesses

When Black + Decker brand presents FSMH1621R model as a steam mop 10 in 1, many consumers are naturally attracted. According to the manufacturer, you can clean through this valuable device: soil, of course, but also clothing, carpeting, plumbing, windows or ovens. If you face complex tasks, you can apply the steam boost, which you can eliminate 99.9% of bacteria. Chores also feared that the maintenance of the barbecue appear as childish when you finally bought that precious ally of cleanliness.

In the market, you will hardly find a steam mop that can heat up too rapidly it is ready in 15 seconds. It comes also as an easy subject to handle, since it weighs only 3.5 kg – and is well thought on the ergonomics plan to simplify handling. We specify that the reservoir 0.35 L is rather small, which can be a problem if you have a big house and want to have a good autonomy.

In use, we can see that the power is not explosive – but still enough for everyday use. However, we regret the lack of space to store many accessories supplied with the appliance: steam mop must be functional and easy to store items, but you will find a solution for yourself if you want to have different intelligently accessories.

– Expensive for an extra vacuum

– No small accessories

– A suction head incompatible with some recesses

Black steam mop + Decker FSM1630 equipped with a motor 1600 watts, is the ideal device to clean and freshen the small size of housing medium. Through its AutoSelect technology, you can choose the type of soil you clean. This option is especially designed for the steam flow adapts to the nature of the job. So when you have particularly stubborn dirt to remove, you can get up to 50% more steam.

The steam system is ready in 15 seconds: it’s fast and convenient, especially when you do not want to drag the time to clean! The autonomy of the tank varies according to the amount of steam used. However, if you plan an hour of cleaning, for example, it will inevitably force himself to fill several times the water tank.

Pledged anti limestone filter, this unit is used without any problems with tap water. We recommend that you periodically check for tartar and maintain it all, but you should not encounter major difficulties on this point. In parallel, you will surely love being able to choose between 2 heads: one rectangular, ideal for large rooms and one triangular, perfect for nooks and crannies.

Some small negative points should be noted for this reference: we doubt the quality in the long term, the scratch for fixing the wipes. Moreover, the limits of this are real for large housing: prefer this choice only if you live in an apartment or a medium-sized house.

– Expensive for an extra vacuum

– No small accessories

– A suction head incompatible with some recesses

With an output of 1550 watts and a good steam flow, Vileda mop 146,574 is a rather effective instrument when it comes to remove traces, even if they actually seem inlaid on the floor. And if you need to work on more sensitive surfaces, you can also adjust the flow rate, which is a real asset when you do not want to damage a fragile soil, for example. Depending on the nature of the surface and the amount of work you can choose two different flow rates.

Unlike certain other products of the same type, this model does not have a removable reservoir. To help you recover from the water, the manufacturer provides a spout rather convenient. You will need to use it often enough, since the autonomy of the brush, once filled with water, does not exceed 20 minutes. Very handy, this device is designed with a triangular head that we appreciated: it is useful to sneak into the corners where dirt frequently nest.

With this product, you get two microfiber covers that can be cleaned in a washing machine at 60 °. The power cord is long enough, allowing you to have a great freedom of movement when using the steam mop. Conversely, if you live in a small housing, power wire 6 meters may seem like a disadvantage because you will have difficulties to roll up and move without tripping!

– Expensive for an extra vacuum

– No small accessories

– A suction head incompatible with some recesses

One of the first advantages of Karcher steam mop 15162640 SC1 will appeal to people who do not want to spend too big bucks to buy this: it is a rather affordable product sold at a generally affordable price. In addition, the brand Karcher is well known and trusted, which can consolidate some people in their purchase. However, be aware that this is a reference Karcher cheapest for this category of devices.

In this sense, we prefer to indicate that the power is not exceptional – and the steam flow is limited if you make that choice. Still, if you tend to need assistance for daily household, you will make a good compromise with this choice! Although it is not compatible with the floors, it is rather versatile: you can use the tiles of a bathroom, windows or even the kitchen worktop.

– Expensive for an extra vacuum

– No small accessories

– A suction head incompatible with some recesses

Rather economical, the steam mop H.Koenig ECO420 is both able to clean, degrease and sanitize – all without any chemicals. This is the main asset of all products in this category: one can easily understand that this device does not present itself as an upscale and sophisticated reference, it simply essential.

Nevertheless, we note the presence of two suction heads, which will allow you both to clean your floors and wash various surfaces in the kitchen, the bathroom (or even your windows). In thirty seconds, it is warm enough and therefore ready to use. It has a reservoir 0.42 L, enough to get an acceptable autonomy.

With this steam mop, various accessories are provided: a brush, a quick round brush, several mops, a spatula or an angled nozzle. With these facilities, you can easily choose this device for quite different jobs, that we should disinfect the soil or shine mirrors. However, since this is an input product range, the finishes are quite basic and the ease of use remains basic.

– Expensive for an extra vacuum

– No small accessories

– A suction head incompatible with some recesses

Ready in 20 seconds with an engine designed 1 300 W and capable of removing 99% of mites: steam mop Finether 1300 W holds all the basic promises, those are essential for product search. But keep in mind that this reference has primarily as an entry level: it is not expensive to buy – and we do not expect miracles when we buy it!

For example, no scale filter on this model: it will pay attention to the scale and regularly maintain it all, to avoid premature failure. On the ergonomics plan, we emphasize the presence of a rather practical triangular head, which you certainly please if you need to reach the corners difficult to access. 0.45 liter of the tank is not extremely large, but still an acceptable capacity, since it is known that the ability of other blades does not exceed 0.5 liters rarely. Still, power does not surprise you, since it is modest enough, especially because the head is provided as a single steam outlet.

– Expensive for an extra vacuum

– No small accessories

– A suction head incompatible with some recesses

Conclusion: a practical purchase but not always enough

Our buying guide will help you to see more clearly: you may have already found the best steam mop for your home. The opportunity also to understand that this new ally remains an extra device. Indeed, since it is compact, the size broom involves some limitations.

The steam brushes are less practical than steam cleaners for large-scale cleaning, because they have autonomy and limited effectiveness. However, if you have more modest needs little space to store your various appliances, you will certainly enjoy this functional solution and not greedy in space.

We invite you to share this comparative guide around and why not contact us to tell us about your experiences with the steam mop!