Best Steam Cleaner

Comparison: Choose the best steam cleaner in 2020

You probably already know: cleaning products that we use everyday are often very dangerous. They represent a risk to the world and, in parallel, they are far from harmless to humans (skin irritants, releasing toxic substances for breathing, etc.).

When we know, moreover, that different chemical solutions are not always live up to their promises in terms of efficiency, turn to a unit operating only with water is tempting.

You’ve decided to buy a steam cleaner?

In order to make the right choices to obtain this element appliance, find a colleague through a comprehensive and detailed guide to action.

The steam cleaner ideal for keeping an always clean inside

What is a steam cleaner?

Comparison: Choose The Best Steam Cleaner In 2020

The steam cleaner is a must in many families. This is a working machine with an engine that heats the water. The temperature rises high enough for the liquid becomes steam. The latter, kept in a part called the “boiler room” is fed to the brush via a propellant.

Depending on the situation and needs of the user, the vapor can be transported flexible brush, squeegee or gun – knowing the different cleaners usually have several tools of this type, depending on the model. The temperature is so high that the deep cleaning is done quite simply, without requiring excessive physical effort.

The steam cleaner is ideal for loose rugs and other carpets. Some are pledged more specific accessories for even more targeted uses. Thus, it is not rare to clean windows with this appliance, while other options may exist, the image of the feature to take off the wallpaper.

Visually, the steam cleaner often has an appearance similar to that of a vacuum cleaner. However, the comparison stops on purely aesthetic similarities because, in terms of functionality, it is indeed two different alternatives completely, many homes use simultaneously.

Why buy a steam cleaner?

If you are looking to better clean the house without having to increase your efforts, you will find a good compromise with the steam cleaner. This device has been specifically designed for the work of removing tough stains, for example, is facilitated. In general, if you hope to save time and energy with excellent solutions in home appliances, we urge you to read this entire comparison, with a view to select the steam cleaner that you soon will.

Note that this was not only supposed to wash quickly soil the house. Against all odds, you also use this to refresh your tissues (those couches, but also some clothing and other textiles, if necessary) to maintain the inside of the car and even to take care of some other appliances.

If you think about regularly solutions to reduce your environmental impact every day, you will naturally appreciate this device that allows you to wash effectively, all without ever having to apply chemical preparations properties, not always successful, but often aggressive. Finally, victims of respiratory problems because of allergies (pollen and dust mites in particular) can fully benefit from a steam cleaner: it is able to purify the air and remove all those little pollution that make life impossible !

The different types of steam cleaners

Comparison: Choose The Best Steam Cleaner In 2020

It is not difficult to speak of the qualities of a steam cleaner: the reading these information, you have probably already grasped how this little device can help you in everyday life. However, if you visit online shopping sites, you will see that the choices are many. How to navigate in a market so varied? We have distinguished, for you, the main selection criteria that may be useful for your consideration.

Single or Multi

Autonomy: limited or unlimited

Why talk of autonomy on a product that only works on sector? You’ll understand that it is not question of battery. However, there are many cleaners Steam unlimited autonomy: concretely, they heat up quickly and can be filled during the cleaning. Conversely, if you opt for a pressurized boiler, it will take the pressure and the thermometer down with a view to refill the tank: it is small, you can not clean surface without significantly pause.

Power and pressure: performance indicators

You are not obliged to take to your home, the best steam cleaner, with the most amazing settings that exist on the market. Your choices will be conditioned by two essential criteria: your budget and needs. However, keep in mind that a good steam cleaner works with an output of around 1250 watts – even when one reaches 1500 watts input range, which is less environmentally friendly. The pressure is a decisive criterion: 5 bar, it is extremely high, but it will take at least 3 bars on the cheapest products, to achieve a satisfactory experience.

When choosing your steam cleaner, it is important to keep in mind the strengths – and the limitations – of such a device. Overall, the majority of people convinced by this system point out that allows for cross-cleaning without much effort. This is a real advantage, especially when you consider that this method also remains safe for the planet, since no detergent product is needed.

Meanwhile, if you have carpet or rugs at home, you know that a complete cleaning and perfect with a conventional vacuum cleaner is not possible. With the heat of the steam, it manages to effectively remove all dirt – especially mites – which tend to nest in the heart of these soils. And against a particularly stubborn stain, this device is able to show its effectiveness.

Given all these advantages, how to identify some weaknesses in the steamer? Specifically, we can qualify the ecological aspect of this solution because multiple models include a feature to use detergent. There is often a coveted option, as it offers an even cleaner result with – in addition – pleasant odors. But this choice implies a concession to you to know what your preferences are.

Finally, steam cleaners that do not have unlimited autonomy are less convenient to use. Indeed, when the tank is empty, it takes some time before filling it again. This choice is not recommended for intensive use, because you could lose time between refills.

What budget provide for a steam cleaner?

Comparison: Choose The Best Steam Cleaner In 2020

For the same type of device, the steam cleaner, rates vary very surprising way: not easy to navigate for consumers! To help you make your choice, we will detail the various price ranges that you can access on the market for you to determine your needs, the budget to find your own cleaner.

For starters, if you are looking for a steam cleaner at entry costs around € 60 for this purchase. At this price, you can choose from several makes and models. Many first price references are sold 60 € to 100 € approx. Naturally, we should not expect a device that also makes vacuum – or count on too much power. However, there are very good quality / price ratio, and this even in the entry level, as you will read later in this buying guide.

Around 150 € up to 250 €, you can identify midrange steam cleaners. Often displayed performance rather honest – and it is possible to find products come with a number of accessories to benefit from several features. Many brands are positioned in this niche around € 200, you choose the one that offers the most attractive options for you.

Finally, beyond € 300 and above € 500, one can still find steam cleaners. Naturally, it switches to the high-end – and the requirements are not the same. At this price, you should not make concessions: you have a great pressure, unlimited autonomy, useful accessories, but also multiple features. In fact, if you spend € 500 for this purchase, choose a cleaner that also has the capacity to aspire, for example!

How to choose a steam cleaner?

The budget is a determining factor when it comes to choosing a steam cleaner. So, when making your decision, you will inevitably start by looking at the price – and you put on references available for you. This is a useful first step to start the selection and progress in the purchasing process. Thereafter, we can advise you on different features that you will identify the most effective device for you!

Your choice of steam cleaner will be conditioned by the flow:

Depending on the soil to clean your home, it will therefore be vigilant on this criterion. Subsequently, note that the pressure is rarely less than 3 bars and does not often exceed 6 bar. The higher, the better the quality of cleaning (all without too much effort on your part).

If two models cost the same amount and that one of them does not have unlimited autonomy, there will of course be aware that test because it will be decisive if you like clean your interior without losing time. Finally, depending on your particular needs, some accessories will get your attention. You find that window washing is complicated? Enjoy some devices that offer this feature with the right tools.

How to use a steam cleaner?

Comparison: Choose The Best Steam Cleaner In 2020

The steam cleaner is a simple product to handle: it is specially designed for some household chores rather complex without it becoming really easy, fast and no longer require so much energy. However, before you begin, it should still be interested in the steam cleaner use of advice: in this context, never forget to read the manual that came with the device.

Before getting started, fill the water tank and press the firing button: one model to another, the speed is not the same, and it will take more or less time before the water is at the right temperature. When the LED indicates that the device is ready for use, install the proper tip, then release steam by pressing the button provided for this purpose.

On carpets, considered particularly sensitive surfaces, we recommend to press too hard. If the dirt is stubborn, he should rather go several times and spend more time at this stage. On wooden or velvet fabrics, very sensitive, you must spray at a distance. If necessary, you can even place a thick cotton between the brush and the surface to be cleaned to protect it further.

Your steam cleaner can also be used to smooth out the clothes, cleaning radiators, shining windows or removing stains from tile joints. Always be sure to raise the accessory for every job for best results.

Some tips to clean and take care of your steam cleaner

The most formidable enemy for a steam cleaner, always tartar. This can affect performance – and even participate in premature wear. Remember you regularly address the full scaling of the device, knowing that you can theoretically use products specifically developed for this purpose (and if you prefer the homemade solutions, opt for water mixed with baking soda).

However, note that most cameras have a limescale filter, which eliminates the need descaling too often. It is important to keep in mind the presence or absence of this room to know how often it will be necessary to undertake this preventive work.

If your device has not been sold with a cleaning solution and no information regarding the possible use of chemicals is not on record, do not use cleaning agents with the cleaner, except for descaling .

In parallel, we must never use water that was softened because the calcium and magnesium are replaced by sodium, a substance harmful to the unit. Finally, before performing the cleaning of the unit, always make sure it is fully cooled, with a view to avoid burning problem.

Remember, standing water tends to encourage the development of germs and bacteria: between cleanings, we recommend that you empty the tank, to avoid letting water accumulate and then let dry the tank before close it.

Comparison: our favorite steam cleaners

If you decided to order or purchase a new steam cleaner for your home, now that you know all the criteria that must be analyzed, it is time to look at the available supply! To help you make your selection easier, we chose 10 models that are real assets. Your future ally household is perhaps at the heart of this comparison: take the time to read it carefully.

Comparison: Choose The Best Steam Cleaner In 2020

We always look easier to products that are as accessible to every budget without, however, make concessions on the most popular performances. And in this, the Polti vaporetto Flexi Pro 85 emerges as a success. In terms of pressure, with 4.5 bar, no hope of a miracle: the figure is quite low considering other offers on the market.

Yet thanks to its unlimited autonomy, to its adjustable flow 0 to 110 grams per minute and its integrated LEDs, this cleaner is shown as a very pleasant and easy to use device. And it falls perfectly well, because when you buy this type of electrical equipment, is sought to accomplish more easily some household tasks ordinarily take time and require a lot of energy.

In only 6 minutes the water is warm and the device is ready for use. You are free to choose from the 9 accessories included: the Vaporflexi brush, very suitable for all situations will help you easily clean different types of soil. You will reach the nooks and will reach even washing under furniture, for example. When you face a particularly stubborn dirt, you can simply press the Turbo steam function, ideal to limit efforts, even on the most complex jobs.

On a model so complete in appearance, we could enjoy the presence of a compartment to have a little cleaner and circulate fresh smell in the house. However, we understand that the manufacturer could wish to imagine a greener device! However, for the next model, consumers expect something even more practical, including controls on the handle.

– Expensive for an extra vacuum

– No small accessories

– A suction head incompatible with some recesses

Marketed in the middle of high-end steam cleaners, the Polti MCV85 Unico has all the pretensions of great reference: it has three functions and can both suck that clean and dry before it. Moreover, thanks to its pressure of 6 bar, it offers a very satisfying result. If you want a camera that you will greatly reduce the effort for the household, you’ll appreciate this more powerful solution.

We noted the presence of an option that is not available on all models of this reference: you can add a pleasant smell to your home with the deodorant Frescoaspira. Of course, if you are looking instead to limit the use of chemicals, you have the ability to live without you without any difficulties, the impact on the quality of your cleaning will be non-existent!

If you have allergies at home, you quickly perceive the difference to a low steam cleaner range: here the 5 steps filtration through the HEPA system 13 removes all dust particles, there including finer. The air quality is better, which is very valuable for people who are not usually bothered by mites. Numerous accessories are supplied with this product, 17 in total. A significant accumulation, which attests to the variety of features on this creation by Polti.

But it will keep in mind that if you want to enjoy the Polti Unico MCV85, you will have to pay the price. If the argument scented pellets is one that seems to convince you more, think more before buying: indeed, the smell is a very subjective quality – and you might be disappointed with the result.

– Expensive for an extra vacuum

– No small accessories

– A suction head incompatible with some recesses

On the surface, it might seem that the cleaner Polti Lecoaspira FAV80 is a midrange reference: it is not so, since this is a product that is sold for a fairly substantial price with high performance. For example, the pressure of 6 bar no chance encrusted dirt particularly, all without having to redouble their efforts. But the main strength of this reference is also: it is a product which simultaneously serves as steam cleaner and vacuum cleaner with water filter.

So even if it Polti vaporetto an investment purchase, it relieves you of a vacuum cleaner, which finally allows you to have fewer home appliances, forever as many freedoms. In parallel, you will appreciate not wait 6 minutes until the water is at the right temperature, ready to be transformed into steam.

If you want to reduce consumption, you can use ECO Mode, even a Turbo steam function and another Turbo Vacuum allow to face the most difficult situations. Naturally, if a model high-end, you get unlimited autonomy. To top it all, the ability to extract fluids is a real asset that is found too rarely!

Nevertheless, it should be noted that no serious effort was made to optimize the filter, which could be enjoyed on a model that has everything a quality reference.

– Expensive for an extra vacuum

– No small accessories

– A suction head incompatible with some recesses

If you need a steam cleaner not too bulky and easy to use for a unit whose area is small or medium, interest you a little longer to Thomas VAPORO 792,023 Buggy model. Certainly, its pressure of 3.5 bar does not offer the opportunity to end quickly with the most encrusted grime. But with many accessories stowed under a hood, you still get a versatile that you can apply in many circumstances.

For example, you have a window scraper with cloth if cleaning windows is a hassle for you, it will now appear as a simpler and less tiring operation. Moreover, the fact to have a steam gun, two brushes (one copper) and even a small window washer allows you to face different situations with confidence.

Still, it will keep in mind that the 11 minute warm-up time you will be a problem if you need your steam cleaner quickly. In parallel, the steam flow rate of 40 grams per minute remains quite low, which officially sets this reference as an excellent solution for a small apartment or to help in a big house.

– Expensive for an extra vacuum

– No small accessories

– A suction head incompatible with some recesses

The steam cleaner Dirt Devil M319-0 Aquaclean is down our ranking in terms of price, since it is among the cheapest reference our selection. However, we do not situate the last places: it has a quality / price rather satisfactory. Even if it does not naturally takes on extraordinary power, this device is capable of providing conventional household tasks at home.

For starters, we enjoyed find on this reference, not less than two tanks. You can fill the first with water and, if you wish, use detergent for the second, to obtain a more conclusive result. Depending on the surface and depending on your needs, simply adjust the steam flow and detergent: power adapts to circumstances, which is convenient to vary the cleaning intensities.

Your rectangular turns into triangular brush brush: this device knows how versatile enough to clean up all the parts and all configurations! We emphasize, finally, that the choice of adding a scale filter is a very good bet for the manufacturer, since it is an effective method to extend the life of the device.

Of course, since this cleaner is usually sold at less than 80 €, do not expect ease of use and lack of effort in all circumstances. To arrive at the end of heavy soiling the elbow grease will remain indispensable.

– Expensive for an extra vacuum

– No small accessories

– A suction head incompatible with some recesses

Presented as a multi-function steam cleaner, model Karcher 15130000 SC3 remains fairly accessible in terms of price, which explains its capabilities are modest. Specifically, versatility is only possible thanks to the presence of different accessories: a round brush, a hand nozzle windscreen with a pencil jet nozzle or a nozzle to ground. At this price, not to hope for a device that can also suck!

Rather convenient to use, this steam cleaner is suitable for various maintenance of the house, as different nozzles enable a varied use. You will appreciate to benefit from unlimited autonomy: even if the tank is not necessarily very large, you can fill as needed again without having to wait until the temperature decreases.

With a nozzle floor sophisticated steam is distributed evenly: without much effort, you will manage to clean your interior. All floors can be cleaned, except raw wood surfaces. For storage, a space dedicated to accessories is included in the machine, which allows you to organize effectively.

Nevertheless, a price so affordable, it will deal with a few limitations: already, you’ll need several outlets, because the power cable is rather short. In parallel, the power – and thus the effectiveness – of the device is limited. An honest product considering its price, but no miracle in sight!

– Expensive for an extra vacuum

– No small accessories

– A suction head incompatible with some recesses

Unpretentious, the Polti Vaporetto Eco Pro 3.0 is presented by its manufacturer as a conventional steam cleaner. It is particularly useful to clean the house every day, but also shows performance for more complex jobs, like maintenance of a barbecue or a car.

If you are looking to mobilize this type of device to remove your daily chemicals and thus apply steam under several different household tasks, this model may suit you. Indeed, since it comes with many accessories, it is excellent in various situations: washing windows with a suitable kit, floor cleaning with a brush and a small brush, access the corners with an extension use a mop, a windshield or even a steam wand.

Better yet, the different professional accessories (to be ordered in addition) can be installed on the cleaner, to the Steam Desinfector image to sanitize all surfaces or iron compatible with all fabrics, even delicate. Also note that this cleaner is effective on the floor tiles but also the carpet.

Nevertheless, some disadvantages disappoint us, especially when we know that many other devices are sold at lower prices. For example, no unlimited autonomy, even if you can provide washing for one to two hours with a tank, depending on the intensity of your use. In terms of handling, the manufacturer must make further efforts, because the grip is not completely intuitive.

– Expensive for an extra vacuum

– No small accessories

– A suction head incompatible with some recesses

You do not necessarily looking for the best steam cleaner, but have rather need a device of this type to provide some occasional household chores? You will love the Karcher SC2: it is cheap and is quite satisfactory, especially when we know that it is a creation proposed by a trusted brand.

You should note, before your purchase, that this product is a compact model: we must not expect the same power with a bigger template: here, the pressure does not exceed 3.2 bar. Still, you can clean approximately 75 m² with this device that does not have unlimited autonomy (to fill the tank, wait until the water temperature decreases).

Exclusively designed for home use, this small appliance product Karcher includes several accessories that you can easily clip and unclip. If you do not have much strength, you will come anyway to use this cleaner that weighs 4 kilograms. It will be easy to handle and store, even in a small closet.

Ready in 6 minutes, the Karcher SC2 offers beautiful surprises. Although its speed is not adjustable and if its performance is clamped, it is as a product rather handy when you need a steam cleaner to a smaller apartment, for example.

– Expensive for an extra vacuum

– No small accessories

– A suction head incompatible with some recesses

In the range of steam cleaners middle is the vaporetto 95 Pro Turbo Flexi. His promises are not exceptional, but its performance is very satisfactory for the user. For example, if you need to clean for hours at a time, you will enjoy unlimited autonomy of this reference. Furthermore, throughout your laundry work, you get a pressure of 5 bar.

According to your own preferences, you can adjust the flow of steam up to 120 grams per minute. This option is very relevant, especially if you want a lower power on fragile soils. In addition, the heating time of 6 minutes is appreciable. Furthermore, many accessories are included in the purchase, and you can easily store them in a compartment provided for this purpose.

This device is a wealthy Vaporflexi brush, famous for its convenient and flexible side that users often welcome. In parallel, the fact to have the Turbo steam function is very comfortable, especially when we want to reduce efforts on a particularly dirty area. Even the carpets, your device will perform and provide satisfactory results.

However, since this device is quite expensive vaporetto, one might expect some additional features: in the mid-range, storage space for the power cord is not too much!

– Expensive for an extra vacuum

– No small accessories

– A suction head incompatible with some recesses

On paper, the steam cleaner Karcher 15125000 SC5 is intended for more complex tasks and large houses: powerful, capable of heating in 3 minutes and has a 1.5 liter tank, it also has a option to adjust the steam flow depending on the surface to be washed: a high throughput will be useful whether to remove more dirt, even a lower rate will be advised as soon as the coating seems more fragile.

The tank has an unlimited autonomy. Its maximum pressure of only 4.2 bar, do not necessarily will claim very convincing results in no time: it will emphasize the most dirty surfaces, even if the camera is a very good solution for cleaning more regular, on surfaces that are not too exposed to dirt.

Still, this steam cleaner is sold at a hefty price. In this range of prices, we have already found more sophisticated products, more robust, with higher performance and more interesting functionalities. Although this cleaner is represented by a trusted brand and is a good choice, we can classify the best places: the price / quality ratio is still questionable.

– Expensive for an extra vacuum

– No small accessories

– A suction head incompatible with some recesses

Conclusion: the freedom to choose

Throughout this comparative guide, we have done everything possible for you to submit several alternatives at varying prices. Thus, all the products presented are not placed at the same level of requirement, but all has undeniable strengths!

From entry-level model available to all the highly sophisticated product, more expensive, but really efficient, there are all kinds of solutions on the market to find yours, first analyze your needs, then you will recognize the best compromise.

If you have considered several as very helpful in this guide, do not hesitate to make it known to your friends and family – and contact us if you want more information with a view to obtain the best steam cleaner.