Best Robot Confectioner

Comparison: Choose the best robot confectioner in 2020

Previously reserved for professionals, mixer, it has since established itself on the work plan of many people’s kitchens.

The models have multiplied the possibilities also, so how to choose the best pastry robot?

To put you, we have prepared this comparison and gathered all the essential information.

Make your choice based on your needs and your use!

What is a robot pastry?

A stand mixer

Comparison: Choose The Best Robot Confectioner In 2020

Also called robot arm, mixer, can be classified into two categories. The first, the “pure” pastry. She kneads, whips, mixes and performs all kinds of pasta and cake preparations. The second is multifunctional. This means it can grate vegetables, mince meat or squeezing fruit.

Whether pastry or multifunctional, the robot consists in the same way: a base, an arm, a tank and three basic accessories (rod, sheet and hook). What changes are the characteristics of each element. One or more motors, power, tank capacity, components and accessories material, number of speeds. Based on these features, the device will be more or less powerful, robust and versatile.

According to the devices, it is possible to use additional accessories. These are in addition to the robot and allow to extend the functionality: meat grinder, juicer or juicer.

A robot that manages your preparations

The pastry is one of the most difficult disciplines. Why ? Because it requires precision and rigor. The measures are the gram. Gestures and techniques are observed. Very often, even having complied with a recipe A and Z, choux pastry is missed and buttons are not presentable.

Why buy a mixer?

Because it is accessible to the novice

Succeeding a meringue, a brioche, macaroons or pastry, it is not within the reach of everyone. With the mixer,, it is! How? ‘Or’ What ? The whip, for example, is not the same as an electric whisk. It’s bigger. A larger amount of air is incorporated: the preparations are best fitted. Another advantage of the robot whip, planetary motion. It is a mixture of technique that involves rotating the whip on himself and around the vessel. The advantage? Preparation is whipped evenly and nuggets of chocolate or pecan are fully incorporated into the cake batter.

Another discipline is also accessible to beginners: the bakery! With the hook, it is easy to knead bread dough or a brioche dough.

To save time and lots of energy

Without mixer, it is impossible to use a hook. And without hook, you must knead the pasta by hand. It’s tiring, painful at the handles and it is long! When one has little strength in hands, mixer, is an essential device. He can whip 10 whites, three kneading pizza dough, a preparation for 40 cupcakes, it’s invaluable. You preserve your energy and you save time. While cooking, you are free! Free to move forward on your recipe, free to relax!

The different types of pastry robots

basic mixer,

It offers accessories and functions dedicated to baking. A glass or stainless steel vessel 3 to 6 liters to mix the preparations. A power ranging from 400 to 1200 W depending on the model and three accessories. The first, the tail may be of metal, plastic, patented for its technology to reach the bottom of the tank, or with a planetary rotation. The second sheet is used to make pies pasta and mix by crushing. It can be plastic, metal, but also provided with a flexible edge. Last accessory hook. Metal or plastic, its mission is to knead.

According to the price range chosen, the model will be more or less powerful, more or less stable on the work surface, high capacity, secure, guarantee, robust or silent.

pastry multifunction robot

This range of robots is equipped with a pastry kit but it can also perform other functions. Which ones? The robot can chop meat, shred vegetables, squeezing fruit, contain a blender, a juicer, an ice cream machine, a machine that can prepare ravioli or accessories to stuff. How does it work ? It’s simple, these models have several motors outputs. The mixer, KENWOOD KMM770 is for example equipped with three motors. The first, located on top of the unit allows using a blender (high-speed output). The second placed in the arm, allows to whip, mixing and kneading (global output). The last positioned in height of the apparatus and before the (slow release) adds a grater.

The choice depends on your expectations, depends on your usage and your budget.

The main advantages and disadvantages of pastry robots

Save time

Comparison: Choose The Best Robot Confectioner In 2020

For professionals or students CAP pastry, some models a little more expensive, used to make large quantities preparations (capacity greater than 6 L). So you can prepare industrial quantities exceptional dish.

Save forces

A mixer can perform tasks that require strength and power in the forearm. Chopping nuts, mix solid food, mince meat, squeezing fruit, grate vegetables, crush food and knead pasta. It’s fun, relaxing, and much more accessible to the elderly.

successful pulp 100%

This is one of the highlights of the mixer,. Whether sanded, broken, pizza, bread or pancakes, pastas are all successful. This is very significant given that the pastry tends to discourage. Missing a bread that we spent hours kneading or a meringue that we tried to whip properly is demotivating. The mixer, designed to reconcile you with this difficult discipline, accurate and capricious.


When more than one engine outputs, the mixer, is capable of mixing fruit and mixing a preparation simultaneously. It is multifunctional and multitasking. Enjoy the efficiency of its blender, different speed levels that allow you to vary the textures, the grater or chopper.


You can find cheap models but they present some flaws: poor quality accessories, motor inefficient, very solid device. A quality mixer, is an investment.


It is a bulky device. The advantage is that with the years, design has advanced considerably. The robot is now a utensil that brightens our work plans as much as the coffee pod.

What budget provision for a mixer?

For occasional use: less than 100 euros

You start in baking? Like develop sweet treats from time to time? Know that pastry robots models are a hundred euros for the realization of many sweet dishes. What are their benefits? Some models have a whip reproducing the planetary motion. Others are equipped with a large capacity tank. All provide you with the three essential accessories: whip, hook, beater. Most are robot arm. What are their drawbacks? Lifetime. Accessories are fragile, the device lacks robustness, power and sometimes stability. Complicated for intensive use!

In a mixer, multifunction: 200 to 400 euros

Some robots confectioners complement a blender. It attaches to the upper arm and allows for soups or smoothies. This means that a motor is positioned there. The multifunction robots thus have several motors placed at different locations. The advantage? The device is multifunctional and multitasking. It grater and mix in blender the same time. He mixes soups and kneads bread simultaneously. A disadvantage ? The price. The device costs 200 euros minimum. To this is added the amount of accessories.

For professional use: 300 euros minimum

Lovers of pastry, bakery connoisseur, student CAP, professional craft, luxury mixer, is your ally. Large capacity, patented flex whip Moulinex that reaches the bottom of the bowl, whip stranded for aerated preparations, planetary motion, this range is expensive but it is exceptional. The unit is robust, stable and powerful because the transmission is direct. A motor is in the arm. It is efficient, convenient to use and its accessories are made of metal.

How to choose a mixer,?

Select the whip

Comparison: Choose The Best Robot Confectioner In 2020

Choosing the hook

the speeds

Recent Considerations

These choices are made based on your usage and your cooking level.

Using a mixer?

Conduct a pizza dough

Le blender

To make a smoothie, simply include uncut fruits in the blender. Add yogurt or vegetable milk to sweeten your smoothie, close and mix. It’s ready ! It remains for you to enjoy.

the chopper

Remove the bowl from the base and replace there by a chopper. Insert the food from the top of the chopper, the camera sets the mix. You can insert meat and choose the chop. You can insert a preparation pasta penne for example, choose the tip corresponding to this form of pasta and start the robot. The “penne” fall into a plate! It only remains to bake.

Depending on your needs and tastes, play with the accessories that can support your mixer,. You vary the pleasures and everything is homemade!

Comparison: Choose The Best Robot Confectioner In 2020

Maintain your robot is make it a longer lifespan. Composed of many accessories and components, what are the tips to follow for a successful cleaning?

Cleaning the structure

For plastic machines, cleaning is more difficult. This is a more porous material. Eliminate foods after each use. Do not wait until they dry and never use a scraper.

Metal devices are in turn more sensitive to moisture. So they should never be wet after use at the risk of degrading. Clean with a cloth and dry well especially the robot.

Cleaning the bowl

The glass and plastic converse more easily than steel. However, they tarnish and can break easily. Some are dishwasher safe but you can pour hot water into the bowl and add a small pinch of baking soda. No surprise for the stainless steel bowl, it is easily washed with a wet sponge and a little dishwashing liquid.

Cleaning Accessories

Dip them in hot water and soak for half an hour. Foods come off easily. Rub it remains some residue, rinse and dry.

How to find the best pastry robot? To help you find one that will meet your expectations in baking and pastry, we established a comparison. Ten models were selected. Functionality, durability, price, and asset quality of the accessories, follow us while we detail for you!

Comparison: Choose The Best Robot Confectioner In 2020

What features for this model QA502GB1 Moulinex Masterchef Gourmet? Ideal for pastry bakery, this robot with an output of 900 W is equipped with a stainless steel bowl of a blender 4.6 L. 1.5 L and a pastry kit consisting of a whip, a pickle and a blender round out the product. 6 speeds and a pulse function to emulsify are also available.

Its strengths? Its pastry kit and accessories. A cast aluminum mixer for cake batters, a patented stranded whip for egg whites firm and ventilated (up to 10 white), a utensil for grating and slicing and finally a blender bowl smoothies and soups.

Why buy this product? For its performance, its accessories, its robustness and its variety of achievable revenues. It is a professional robot that combines many advantages: planetary motion when mixing whisk stranded patented, stability at the head and ability to grate vegetables. Easy to use, its large capacity allows you to make three pasta pizza or forty cupcakes. Last but its ruby ​​red color!

His most? Its patented mulitbrins whip easily reached bottom of bowl and provides a perfect blend. His book of 40 recipes to discover new preparations and impress his guests. Its suction feet to ensure stability of the unit.

A disadvantage ? Accessory pricing. You can add a chopper or a centrifuge, only what is extra.

– Expensive for an extra vacuum

– No small accessories

What features for this model Klarstein Bella Nera TK2? The power of the device is 1200 W and stainless steel bowl has a capacity of 5 L. Compact and convenient to use, it offers 6 speeds for increasingly varied textures. He has a whip and a metal beater.

Its strengths? The device is efficient and fast. Power is optimal, its engine is robust and has a speed control for a very affordable price.

Why buy? It is a powerful and high capacity device. It is multifunctional and produces large varieties of dessert mixes, pasta and preparations in large quantities. It is easy to use, secure, stable and price is right. Compact, it takes up little space in the kitchen and simply mania. The whip and dough hook are metal.

His most? Its stability during kneading and its locking mechanism.

A disadvantage ? The power cable is short which can complicate usage.

– Expensive for an extra vacuum

– No small accessories

– A suction head incompatible with some recesses

What features for this model Kenwood Major KMM770 Premier? The body is made of metal, the bowl is stainless steel with a capacity of 6.7 L. The power of the device is 1200 W. The robot includes three motors outlets located at three separate locations of the robot (2 of the front and one on top). It also has a blender of 1.8 L and an electronic variable speed.

What are its strengths? Its three engines. They can accommodate thirty accessories. Mincer, grater, juicer, you can vary the pleasures and even cook the salt! How? ‘Or’ What ? In fixing them easily on the corresponding motor.

Why buy? For its versatility. It is a powerful and multifunctional robot. You can add a grain mill or a juicer to produce your own home juice. Prepare pancakes, brioche, bread, jam and take out your refrigerator of juice for Sunday brunch exception.

Most ? The recipe book to know the important points in making bread or meringue and discover delicious fruitcakes. Graters you will cut vegetables, the mixer to prepare a soup.

A disadvantage ? The cost of each accessory. The bill up quickly once we have added the price of the chopper, one of the rasp and multifunctional bowl

– Expensive for an extra vacuum

– No small accessories

– A suction head incompatible with some recesses

What special features for this robot Cookmii SM-1301? Its power is 1090 W. Six speeds with a pulse function allows to adapt to the preparations. The bowl is stainless steel. It has a handle and its capacity is 5.5 L.

Its strengths? Its system of planetary motion, essential in patisserie, which allows the homogeneous mixture. Its lid Splash and four suction cups that stabilize the unit.

Why buy? For its quality / price. It is easy to use (bowl with handle, simple parts to be assembled), powerful and high capacity. The planetary motion of the robot ensures a perfect mix. The device is low-noise, 100% secure and guaranteed two years.

Most ? On the engine soundproofing device is installed. The noise is less than 80 dB. Another asset protection. Overheated or overloaded, the power turns off automatically.

A disadvantage ? The hook and the mixer are plastic and covered with a silver layer.

– Expensive for an extra vacuum

– A suction head incompatible with some recesses

Why buy? This device is an excellent price / quality ratio. It is easy to use thanks to its technology Easy ArmLift. The arm is raised upon action of a button. Accessories are changing quickly and safely. mixer whisk, whisk beater, dough hook stainless steel accessories are solid and indispensable to the kneading.

Most of the device? The Safety function! This ensures optimum safety. The mixer bowl is locked and unused locations are protected.

– Expensive for an extra vacuum

– No small accessories

– A suction head incompatible with some recesses

What features for this device Kitchenaid Artisan 5KSM125EER? His body is zinc and the engine power is 300 W. The robot consists of a stainless steel bowl with a capacity of 4.8 L. It also has 10 speed and reproduces the planetary motion when kneads.

Its strengths? It is robust, no accessory is plastic. It is essential to ensure the life of the device. In addition, the robot is full of metal. Another strong point is the fact that it integrates the planetary motion. This movement plays on the homogeneity of the mixture.

Why buy? For its strength and quality of its pasta. This robot allows the realization of a large number of preparations worthy of a baker or pastry chef. Easy to handle and use thanks to this grip on the tank. Pasta is successful thanks to the robustness of the accessories and the mixtures are consistent with the global movement.

Most of this equipment? Guarantees (2 years for parts and hands to work, 5 years warranty “builder”) and also its retro design that we love!

A disadvantage ? The head of the robot tends to move when kneading. A quality engine allows not to use the device.

– Expensive for an extra vacuum

– No small accessories

– A suction head incompatible with some recesses

What special features for this model TZS First Austria FA-5259-3? With a power of 700 W, the device is equipped with a stainless steel bowl with a capacity of 5 L. The robot arm reproduces the planetary motion when kneaded. Depending on the chosen accessories, it can knead, whip, beat or stir. In addition, 10 different speeds are selectable.

What are its strengths? The planetary system. In pastry, this move provides a homogeneous mixture and a paste of exceptional quality. Its steel accessories, such as the whip and hook and finally his pulse function: perfect for incorporating into snow eggs.

Why buy? To delight your family! Shortcrust pastry, cookies, chocolate mousse, pizza dough, bread, brioche, with the planetary movement and the large capacity of the bowl, you do desserts, cakes and breads exception. It also has 10 speeds. Textures may be smooth, creamy and consistent.

Most ? His protection splash. Very handy when the machine running at maximum speed. Its quick-release system for easy accessory changes.

A disadvantage ? The robot is light, it’s an asset! Only when running at maximum speed, it tends to be less stable.

– Expensive for an extra vacuum

– No small accessories

What features for this model Continental Edison CERP530W? His body is metal and stainless steel bowl. The power of the apparatus is 530 W and the bowl capacity of 3.5 L. It consists of an arm whose opening can be locked for safety. 10 speed levels can be selected and a pulse function.

Its strengths? The pulse function that increases momentarily the rotational speed of the mixer and power. Another strong point is the 10 speeds that allow varying textures.

Why buy? Because its price is unbeatable for the features it offers. Capacity interesting, steel bowl, pastry kit, change speeds, splash cover, this robot is simple to use and allows you to perform various preparations in large quantities.

A disadvantage ? The device does not reproduce planetary motion. If you knead bread dough and insert brewing current nuts, they could be mixed with less homogeneity.

– Expensive for an extra vacuum

– No small accessories

What features for this device Winkel RX60? Its power is 650 W with capacity of 4 L. It has a swivel arm reproducing the planetary motion. 6 speed levels are selectable, and the model comes in several colors.

Its strengths? Its large capacity. 4 L allows for consistent of pasta preparations. From this base, you can make baguettes, bread or bread cereals.

Why buy? Inexpensive, easy to use, the device kneads, mixes, whips and beats. It is a valuable food aid. Its large capacity allows to develop delicious cakes for a birthday or a special occasion. Its 6-speed allow the production of different textures: Genoese, egg whites, cream, chocolate mousse. Its swivel arm, it facilitates everyday use.

Most ? Its colorful design and the little space it takes on the worktop.

A disadvantage ? His power is low and the mixture is not always done on bowl.

– Expensive for an extra vacuum

– No small accessories

– A suction head incompatible with some recesses

What are the characteristics of this machine Domoclip DOP153N? This robot is not a robot equipped with a sole arm. It is divided into three parts high. First, the base of the unit. The second, the glass tank with a capacity of 4 L landing on the base. The third, the vessel lid with motor 600 W inlaid which is attached the hook, whisk or mixer. Also included in this top, a speed controller button (10 choices).

What are its strengths? The first, the unit reproduces the planetary motion. Kneading is successful and the mixture is homogeneous food. The second, the lid completely covers the tank. It avoids all projections from the container.

Most ? Parts and labor are warranted for two years.

A disadvantage ? It is more difficult to handle than a robot whose arm is raised. Here, remove the entire top, ask and enter the tank.

– Expensive for an extra vacuum

to conclude

Breads, pastries, cupcakes, cakes, mousse au chocolat, brioches some devices today are able to reproduce the gestures and techniques of great bakers. Simple, effective, powerful and accessible to novices, they have become indispensable for some homes. Did you find the best robot pastry from this comparative guide? Give us your opinion and share this information to all professionals, amateurs or students in baking!