Best Multifunction Robot

Best Multifunction Robot

Comparison: Choose the best multifunction robot in 2020

Best Multifunction Robot

Designed to cut, grate, blend, chop, the multifunction robot can perform many tasks, up to 50 for some models.

What is the best food processor?

To help you, here are the essential information and a comparative guide to multiple devices. Features, strengths, disadvantages, prices, read us. It tells you everything!

Photo Title Buy
KLARSTEIN Lucia Rossa Electric Kitchen Mixer, Multi-function Stand Mixer, 650W, 5.3 qt Bowl, 1.3 qt Mixing Glass, Mixer Grinder, Dough bowl, Dough Blender, 6 speed levels
Air Fryer KUPPET 5.8Qt Multi Function Electric Hot Air Fryer with 6 Cooking Presets, Automatic Switch-Off Oven Oilless Cooker Extra Large Capacity Nonstick Basket Fast Cook Oven 1700W
Nurxiovo 3 in 1 Stand Mixer 850W 6 Speed Tilt-Head Kitchen Standing Mixer with 6.5QT Stainless Steel Bowl, Dough Hook Whisk Beater, Meat Blender and Juice Extracter Black
NutriChef NCFP8 Ultra Quiet 600 Watt Powered Electric Processor & Vegetable Chopper Multipurpose 12 Cup Food Processor, Speed Function for Easy Prep-6 Attachment Blades, Day White

What is a food processor?

A device that rasp and cutting

Comparison: Choose The Best Multifunction Robot In 2020

A multifunctional robot is an electrical appliance comprising a base, a bowl and interchangeable elements capable of shredding, cutting, mincing or mixer. How does it work ? It’s very simple, choose the blade according to your desire, insert the clips on the robot, run the device, it is responsible for the cut.

Depending on the model, the camera is equipped with blades or discs. Their number may vary, their cutting size too. Some offer finely slice or so thicker. Others will be able to grate Parmesan or turn your potato fries (fried disc).

A device that mixture, and mixed ax

Some multifunction robots are equipped with a blender. It is positioned in place of the bowl and has blades rotatable at variable speed. No need to cut your fruits, include banana, peeled kiwi, yogurt, run the blender and your smoothie is ready. Mix vegetables and preparing soup. Another advantage of the multifunctional robot, it ax. You will have the opportunity to chop meat and all kinds of more or less hard foods (cereals, vegetables, coffee).

The robot can also offer accessories that can help you in pastry. A whisk to mix the preparations and conduct a batter for example. A disc emulsify to develop foams dessert or whipped. It may also include a centrifuge or a juicer for fresh homemade juice!

Why buy a multifunction robot?

Because it helps you as a commis chef

Comparison: Choose The Best Multifunction Robot In 2020

One of the main missions of the multifunction robot is to make your everyday cooking. As a clerk, it relieves you of some tasks. These tasks are generally those that demotivate you in the kitchen, such as cuts. They take time and sometimes tiring. The robot is therefore charged to perform simple but heavy tasks (cutting a potato gratin or a kilo for fries, chop vegetables, slice). It prepares you just have to have and to cook.

Another advantage of the multifunction robot, it can handle the meat and sauces. With the disc emulsify it prepares mayonnaise. With the chopper, he ax red meat to help you cook a hash or a farce.

For young parents, multifunction robot can help in the design of baby food jars. Compotes, pots, first meal, the camera will accompany you for many years.

Some robots, more elaborate, will be useful to lovers of pastry. Equipped with a whisk or a mess, the mix and knead your device preparations cakes and your various pasta (broken, buns, bread). The functions are so extensive that there are now cookbooks multifunction robot.

For its attractive price

The multifunctional robot price range is from 40 to 140 euros. The budget therefore can benefit, it is not expensive for the services it provides. First, you save on many appliances and utensils. With it, no need to bother with a mixer, a cheese grater, electric whisk or a juicer. This is a significant saving.

Second, you save space. These devices are relatively compact regardless of the chosen capacity. They are equipped with storage drawers for knives, kits for discs. The accessories are stacked or fit together. 2in1 3in1 or whatever, you always save time and space in the kitchen!

The different types of multifunctional robots

Comparison: Choose The Best Multifunction Robot In 2020

We must consider their needs before choosing a food processor. Some propose ten functions, other forty. Some are simple to use, others more difficult to handle. What are they and how to classify?

basic multifunction robot

It is equipped with basic accessories. A disc or blade to slice and chop finely or so thicker, a chopper and a disc for grating. Depending on the price, some models have a higher or lower power, more or less capacity and a number of more or less variable drives. These discs will be able to emulsify preparations to design chips or grate parmesan. Be careful though, some blades can be bought extra.

Consider your dexterity. All robots are not used in the same way. Blades, discs, interchangeable chopping bowl, choose one that seems easiest to use, most appropriate. If you have children at home, think also to devices with a drawer or storage case. These are blades, better avoid them lurking in the house!

plurifonction Robot

It is provided with one or more additional elements. The robot offers the basic features (chopping, slicing, and mincing) but thanks to some accessories included, it can do more.

The blender is commonly accessory included with the robot. It allows you to mix many foods, more or less hard. Depending on the model, capacity varies the speed also. Other accessories, whisk to beat the egg whites and mix the preparations, the knife for slicing, the juicer to juice the trouble to prepare the bread. They are numerous ! Please read the detailed each device. It is she who will help you discover what is achievable and whether the accessories are included or buy extra.

The advantages and disadvantages of a food processor


Comparison: Choose The Best Multifunction Robot In 2020

First advantage of this little device, it is gifted in many areas. He minces, grates, slice, mix, ax, press fruit, makes smoothies. It can according to the models, grind coffee, crushed cereal, develop foams, make fries, sauces or soups.

Easy to use

The multifunction robot is accessible to all. It contains a speed control knob on the front. Aside from that, just choose the accessory for the function of the clip or affix the camera and start. It’s simple but still beware of sharp blades when you use it.


The food processor has only one or two speeds. It is not noisy unlike pastry robots that can reach ten speeds. Ditto for stability, the camera moves a lot less when it rotates more slowly.

Time saving

You can advance your recipe, the appliance manages the cutting rasp in your place, and in large quantities.

Affordable price

This appliance is available on budget. Count 40 or 50 euros for a basic model, $ 100 for a robot offering forty functions or two accessories (juicer and blender).

fragile Accessories

This is the disadvantage of multi-function robot. His bowl is plastic. So wear out faster, can easily scratch and stains quickly. It usually turns to orange color after some preparations of grated carrots. The blender is also sometimes plastic and the machine is completely plastic. Prefer stainless steel.

What budget to provide a multifunctional robot?

Comparison: Choose The Best Multifunction Robot In 2020

It depends on the desired functions and usefulness as you. For daily use, prefer such a solid unit.

A device about 50 euros

This is a basic unit, competent to slice, grate or mince. It does not usually contains blender but some models offer 2in1 bowl able to fulfill this function. Power is generally between 300 and 750 W. The capacity of the bowl is between 1 and 2 L.

5-7 Accessories are usually offered. Are always included, a disk for slicing, shredding and one for a metal knife to prepare meat. Next, the functions vary additional accessories available. Emulsifying disc, insert to granulate, the choice is yours.

Between 60 and 100 euros

This price range offers accessories that can carry up to 28 functions. The power is 700 W minimum and bowl capacity is 2 L. At that price, you get the blender. So you can mix food simply and quickly.

This price range is ideal for regular users. The discs are strong enough, usually steel. Some devices offer a pickle, fries a disc or a disc Parmesan.

Beyond 100 euros

Forty features a powerful engine exceeding 1000 W, a bowl with a capacity of 3 L, this range is ideal for those who often cook and consequent amount. Knife stainless steel ultra sharp and stainless steel discs for perfect sturdiness. A juicer, a centrifuge, a whisk to mix, a mess, a hook to knead, so many accessories that can be offered to multiply pleasures.

How to choose a food processor?

To choose, to consider his budget and needs, but also consider some essential.

Quality accessories

For regular or intensive use, prefer disks or stainless steel blades. More solid, this material will help keep your device for many years. For the choice of the knife, stainless steel is required. Prefer a knife with razor-sharp knives. It will be sharper and cut more finely. Bowls and the blender are plastic. If the tank is stainless steel, it is a plus!

Tank capacity

From 1 to 3 L, depending on your use. Amateur soups, single person, family, small area couple, avid cook, whatever your style is!

the device power

From 300 to 1250 W, the power oscillates. For grating and slicing, high power is not necessary. It is useful for mixing with a blender, kneading bakery and fight preparation. Play with speed to emulsify and remember that a powerful engine is a noisy engine

Number of functions

10 to 40, the choice is wide. Only you to determine what will be useful or not. Depending on your needs, some accessories will be needed. What is important is to develop an easy to handle. More complicated it is, the less one is motivated!

Unit size

The multifunction robot is not a bulky device. This mishap, it is the accessories. Where to keep the blender, disks, the whip, the juicer? Some devices offer storage kits within which the discs are stacked. Others include drawers where the blades are hidden. Finally, there are models for storing accessories directly into the bowl.


Easy Lock system to unlock the lid, non-slip feet, storage box for the blades, the devices are equipped with technology to minimize any risk of domestic accidents.

Using a food processor?

Very simple to use, you can prepare many recipes easily and quickly. Some examples :

Conduct a brioche dough in 10 minutes

Conduct a pizza dough in 15 minutes

Prepare a chocolate milkshake in 5 minutes

The manual is changing from one model to another. What does not change is the saving of time and ingredients. Many brands and cooking sites have their You Tube channel. Feel free to go there, revenues grow there! And sometimes they are even great leaders who guide you!

Some tips to clean and take care of your food processor

Taking care of a household appliance is make it a longer lifespan. So how clean it? How to eliminate odors, tasks and debris stuck in the blender?

Clean robot

Clean the blender

Cleaning discs or blades

Washing the plastic bowl

Stains that color the bowl

Eliminate odors and grease

Remove burns and scratches bowl

Comparison: Our favorite multifunction robots

Chop, mix, grate, cut, beat, what do you expect of a food processor? Establish a comparison is to help you find the one that suits you. Strengths, features, accessories, price, ease of use, what is the best food processor? Follow us, we detail everything for you!

What features for this device Philips Viva Collection HR7761 / 00? The power of the robot is 750 W. It has a bowl with a capacity of 2 L and a blender with a capacity of 1.75 L. 5 discs to slice, grate, blend, knead and chop complement the device. Finally, two choices of speeds and a pulse function are available.

Its strengths? His PowerChop technology. The angle of cutting and the blade shape guarantee optimum hash. The device can chop soft or hard foods such as coffee, for example.

Why buy this product? For its excellent quality / price. 28 functions are accessed simply. You can chop, grate, blend or grind coffee with ease. The large bowl makes up to five servings of soup and blender until five smoothies. Simple to use thanks to easily inserts discs, multifunction robot is all about fun and time saving!

Most ? The accessories are stainless steel and easily interchangeable. They are quality, easy to handle and use.

A disadvantage ? No storage kit is supplied with the unit. Warning, it can be dangerous for your family let hang accessories with steel blade.

– Expensive for an extra vacuum

– No small accessories

– A suction head incompatible with some recesses

What features for this device Philips Viva Collection HR7762 / 90? It is stainless steel and power is 750 W. The bowl is plastic and has a capacity of 2 L. It has two speeds and a pulse function. It is equipped with a blender and a grinder. In all, 9 accessories available for 28 functions to perform!

Its strengths? These multiple functions, 28 in all, thanks to 9 accessories. A mess to mix all kinds of pasta, a steel knife to prepare meat and vegetables, a meat grinder, a blender, a fried-cutting and four drives. A disc to emulsify (whipped cream, mayonnaise), two discs for slicing according to the desired thickness and a pellet disc for grating parmesan reduce or chocolate powder.

Why buy? Because it is a 3in1 robot. There ax, mix and cut! Simple to use, inexpensive, it helps you daily. You prepare mince, mashed potatoes, soups and cocktails. You can even make the baby food and chips for all ages!

The more of this device? The accessory-cut fries. It works like a rasp. You insert the peeled apple earth, the robot is to turn it into carefully cut fries.

A disadvantage ? The box can store the accessories does not cover.

– Expensive for an extra vacuum

– No small accessories

– A suction head incompatible with some recesses

What are the characteristics of this device MCM68840 Bosch? Its power is 1250 W and the capacity of the plastic bowl is 3.9 L. The robot comprises a blender with a capacity of 1.5 L, stainless steel disks for slicing and shredding of a mess, a multi-function stainless steel knife, a juicer and a whip in stainless steel.

Its strengths? The Supercut multifunction knife stainless steel. Its ultra-sharp serrated blades allow for easy chopping many foods. Another advantage is the juicer and a whip in stainless steel. Ideal for beating eggs and prepare fresh juice!

Why buy this robot? For its versatility. 40 functions are possible for increasingly varied recipes. Gratins, fries, meringue, whipped cream, smoothies, soups, hash, homemade juices, you’re spoiled for choice! Thanks to its many accessories, the cutting device, mixing, minces, mixes, whips and kneads. Easy to use and handle, it is more accessible to beginners in the kitchen.

Most ? Safety child and stainless steel accessories (two discs and whip) which can be stored in a compact and portable package.

A disadvantage ? Trouble. We must have the hand in order to boot! Do not be discouraged, try several times.

– Expensive for an extra vacuum

– No small accessories

– A suction head incompatible with some recesses

What are the characteristics of this device MUM58K20 Bosch? It is an arm robot. It is very effective for pastry and bakery. Its power is 1000 W and seven speeds are available for varying the textures (fluids, creamy, light, foams chocolate). The bowl is stainless steel with a capacity of 3 L. It also has a blender 1.25 L, discs for slicing and grating, a whisk, a drummer and a hook.

Its strengths? It is a food processor and a mixer. A motor is located in the arm of the machine. When mixed, the unit reproduces the planetary movement, essential in patisserie. It ensures the homogeneity of the mixture along the lines of hand gestures.

Why buy? If you like bread and pastry. The unit prepares exceptional breads: baguette, bread, cereals, wholemeal. Chop your meat, make a hamburger bun and your Saturday evening dinner tray is ready! Squeeze the fruit, prepare a juice, a smoothie, a jam, a wand house, brioche, and here’s your breakfast on Sunday morning!

Most ? Its stainless steel bowl full and pastry kit (whip, beater, hook). Another advantage is its design. The device is available in a dozen colors. Brighten up your kitchen a touch of yellow, green, pink or purple!

A disadvantage ? The price. Pastry robots are generally more expensive.

– Expensive for an extra vacuum

– No small accessories

– A suction head incompatible with some recesses

What features for this device Moulinex Masterchef 5000 FP513110? The power of the robot is 750 W. It has two speeds and a pulse function. It has a bowl capacity of 2.2 L, a blender 1.25 L with steel blades and a kneader. 2 discs allow to grate or slice, disc will emulsify.

What are the strengths of this robot? It is a culinary wizard can help you lower costs. Power is correct, the interesting ability and functions are different. You save time in the kitchen and your vegetables are carefully cut.

Why buy? This device is a good price / quality ratio. It helps you every day for the preparation of vegetable casseroles, fresh juice, vitamin soups or ground meat. Stable, strong and silent, it is easy to use and takes up little space in a kitchen.

Most of this robot? Its storage system. The power cord is hidden in the unit and discs have a box.

A disadvantage ? Missing accessories. They have to buy extra (trouble, emulsifying disc). However, their price is not excessive.

– Expensive for an extra vacuum

– No small accessories

– A suction head incompatible with some recesses

What are the characteristics of this device MCM3501M Bosh? Its power is 800 W. It is equipped with a bowl mixer with a capacity of 2.3 L and a blender with detachable blades with a capacity of one liter. Two speeds and a pulse function are available. Two stainless steel discs to grate and slice are supplied with the robot and a mess, an accessory to beat, mini chopper and a mini coffee grinder.

Its strengths? It is robust. The unit is in stainless steel, discs too. Another advantage is multifunctional. You can skip many devices such as the beater or mixer.

Why buy this model? It is ideal for recipes that require a lot of cutting. Solid, slice it carefully and without wear. You can make family meals with ease, a cottage pie, for example. The unit will handle your meat chop, cut your potatoes, mix them into a puree and even grate your cheese. It’s convenient and you find the taste of homemade dishes.

Most ? The built-in storage. It is a space saving and more security. Sharp accessories are safe.

A disadvantage ? The price of the device. It must need regularly. The advantage is that it is robust. It will take you a very long time.

– Expensive for an extra vacuum

– No small accessories

– A suction head incompatible with some recesses

What are the peculiarities of this Seb DO221F00 Store ‘Inn model? With a power of 750 W, the robot is composed of a bowl of 2 L and a multifunctional knife. It has two metal segments for slicing, grating and slicing and a drive to emulsify. For ease of use, has a handle on the bowl and spatula to remove the bowl preparations.

What are its strengths? Its metal accessories. The metal is synonymous with quality and durability. It allows to grate and effectively resolve many foods (fruits, vegetables, grains, meat preparations, coffee).

Why buy? For its simplicity. This robot is a great way to reconcile with the kitchen. The camera in your place the most demotivating tasks in the kitchen. Cut vegetables, grate potatoes regularly for a potato gratin, mince meat, beat eggs, mix tomatoes to soup, everything is much easier!

Most ? The integrated storage drawer to the device. After cleaning accessories, simply put them in the drawer under the engine. site security and gain guaranteed!

A disadvantage ? The functions are limited. No blender to mix.

– Expensive for an extra vacuum

– No small accessories

– A suction head incompatible with some recesses

What are the features of this unit Kenwood Multipro Home FDP623WH? With a power of 1000 W, the robot consists of a bowl having a capacity of 3 L, a small bowl of 0.9 L and a blender 2L Many accessories complete the appliance: juicer, juicer, 6 functions, 2 speeds, pulse function, a trouble, the choice is wide!

Its strengths? Multiple accessories! A centrifuge, a juicer, a blender, a stainless steel knife, a mini bowl, a mixer bowl, two disks for grating and slicing, a disc for Parmesan, a disc for fries, a pickle and a whip! Can not run out of ideas, and equipped!

Why buy this model? Because it is plurifonction! You will find the taste of homemade without spending hours chopping vegetables in the kitchen. Stuffed tomatoes, pies, soups, salads, casseroles, chocolate mousse, jam, whipped cream, sauce, meringue, it’s simple and you treat your guests!

Most ? Parts and labor are warranted for two years. Another advantage is the technology TotalClean centrifuge for easy cleaning of the accessory.

A disadvantage ? The body of the device is of plastic, its parts also.

– Expensive for an extra vacuum

– No small accessories

– A suction head incompatible with some recesses

What special features for this device Moulinex Masterchef 2000 FP211110? Its power is 500 W and the capacity of the plastic bowl is 1.5 L. It is provided with a blender, a grinder, a disc emulsifying and several cartridges vegetable cutter. Also available are two speeds to vary the textures of the preparations.

Its strengths? Its Easy lock system. Just press a button to the lid unlocks. Another strong point, cartridges vegetable cutter. They allow to grate and slice thinly or so thicker for casseroles or soups. They also cut potatoes for making chips.

Why buy? This is an easy to use and robot handling. Compact and transparent, it is discreet in your kitchen. Multifunction and competent, it helps you daily to knead, chop, mix, blend, blend, beat, beat, grate and slice, all for a very affordable price.

Most ? Some simple recipes presented in the manual. They allow you to concoct classic sauces such as mayonnaise or cocktail sauce, homemade pasta such as pastry or pizza dough. Another plus, the unit is not bulky.

A disadvantage ? The bowl and the majority of accessories are plastic.

– Expensive for an extra vacuum

– No small accessories

– A suction head incompatible with some recesses

What features for this model Philips HR7605 / 10? Its power is 350 W. The robot consists of a bowl with a capacity of 2.1 L and a metal blade to puree, chop and mix. It has three metal inserts for granulating, grate and slice, disk and emulsifying an oil pouring.

Its strengths? This is not a bulky camera unlike the majority of multifunction robots. It fits easily in a closet and accessories, themselves, are easily placed in the bowl. Gain guaranteed place and secure!

Why buy? To save time every day without breaking the bank! In no time, he grater carrots, onions, cheese and prepared mayonnaise. It slice of ham and meat ax. It is a simple aid, practical and valuable. You can even develop a batter or a smoothie. A total of 15 functions are possible.

Most ? Its lid locking system, called “click”. Reassuring when one is surrounded by children!

A disadvantage ? Its small size does not make great preparations. Ideal for a couple or a person daily preparing a salad to eat at the office.

– Expensive for an extra vacuum

– No small accessories

– A suction head incompatible with some recesses

to conclude

We hope this guide will help you find the best food processor for your needs. One that will meet your needs and will offer to help you in no time. You still hesitate? Talk around you, share this comparative guide and leave your review!