Best Iron

Comparison: Choose the best iron in 2020

The people who clean and tidy lot of laundry every week often lean toward the steam plant.

However, when you have limited needs or when it moved into a new home for the first time, the iron is one of the first purchases.

If little is known enough that universe, it is not always easy to select the most suitable model, knowing that we find all kinds – and especially prices.

To help you find the best Iron considering your own needs, discover our full buying guide: how to read and share around!

Choosing the iron: all you need to know

Need a camera to be able to wear your shirts after washing? On a solution to beautify your pleated skirts and dresses? Even as more and more people are going for some ironing jeans and T-shirts, other clothing should definitely undergo this step, especially if you want to wear them to work or during an important meeting. Here are several tips that will help you choose a good device to fit quickly.

What are the origins of the iron?

Comparison: Choose The Best Iron In 2020

Needless to say, what exactly is an iron: it is a must that everyone masters! But did you know that ironing dated back to the first century before Christ? Indeed, at that time, they used metal pans filled with charcoal to smooth tissue. A practical and probably very complex binding, but already the first glimpse of the concept of ironing BC.

more accurate traces date back to the seventeenth century in Europe, when mobilized cast iron tools and triangular to flatten the clothes, and the object was previously heated in a fire. Closer to our current devices, electrical resistance irons were invented in 1882 by American Henry W. Seely. In Europe, the first aircraft arrived with Calor society in the 1920s.

Today, if the iron is a product present in most homes, this is sometimes a collector’s item that really fascinates. Indeed, some older models are exhibited in museums dedicated to technical and / or crafts. Even more surprising, in Allier, you have the opportunity to visit the museum irons Longwy, with some 3000 rooms, making the property the place houses the largest collection of its kind in Europe.

Why buy an iron?

You will inevitably think about buying an iron if you have everything you need to wash clothes, but nothing for it to be folded and worn properly. This is a must for shirts, clothing that wrinkle easily to the washing machine or pleated skirts. Generally, one frequently uses this device for easy storage in wardrobes. Thus, although some clothes well withstand cleaning and are not really crumpled, many individuals spend still an “iron shot small”, to better put everything on the shelves of closets – or fill the bag more easily when you travel!

The iron is not as popular as before, because he did dethrone the steam plant, posing as a simpler alternative to use and more efficient. However, if you do not tend to spend hours on your ironing work, a simple iron, cheaper and less cumbersome, will prove more than enough. In general, if you do not have a large budget or if you are not necessarily one to suit every your machine, you can totally get away with this alternative.

Remember that buying an iron will not be enough. Indeed, it will, in parallel, provide a table specifically designed for the job. Again, it is possible to find in many stores (household appliances, but also in the shops of home products). Ideally, it will focus on a stable alternative that will offer maximum comfort. Try also the height and ensure that iron rest is provided, wherein a perforated plate is always more convenient to circulate steam.

The different types of iron

Comparison: Choose The Best Iron In 2020

Visually, the various irons that you can identify commercially resemble quite often. Still, there are different variants depending on the options, we observe both impacts on price and performance. The different types of irons that are found most often on sale:

Irons to dryness

As its name suggests, the iron board dry runs without water. Logically, it is lighter than conventional methods. However, since only the weight of the sole and the heat involved, the results are much less convincing than a device mobilizing water. Today, it is very often neglected alternative because considered insufficiently powerful.

Steam irons

Today, steam iron is the most common alternative. It should not be confused with the steam plant, as this is a simple iron, thanks to its water reservoir has the capacity to produce steam. They are found in all price and with all kinds of features. On one model to another, if the vapor is always present, its speed is not always the same: it is a parameter to assess well before positioning a reference.

Irons for travel

Difficult to carry irons in his bag, because it is still a device that take up much space. But for those who still need to have an iron in order to wear clothes perfectly manicured, there are small models suitable travel. These are fewer on the market, but it can be found quite easily.

Irons wireless

Pledged its own battery, the iron board wireless does not need to be plugged in to work. This is a very useful alternative when looking for mobility. However, performance is generally less satisfactory than on conventional models, also knowing that the battery can weigh down the device.

The advantages (and disadvantages) irons

Since you’re planning to purchase a new iron, you’re probably wondering what are the strengths – and limitations – of this unit. For starters, if you are someone rather mobile, you will naturally prefer that solution to the steam plant. Indeed, the simple iron is quite compact. Without giving a satisfactory level of performance, you can absolutely choose a model with practical dimensions, which will allow you to carry the device without too much difficulty.

Meanwhile, if you do not have much knowledge in the machine world, you will definitely get away easily with a traditional iron. Most often, the various settings are fairly intuitive – and you can instinctively familiar with the power and functionality of your own device. No technique is needed, even if you notice that the more you practice, the less it is difficult.

Also, if you do not have an unlimited budget to fit you in appliances, know that this purchase will be nearly painless! Indeed, the first models in the entry level, are very affordable. By opting for the conventional iron, you can access great rates because, before the rise of steam power plants, the price of iron is usually placed on the lower levels.

Nevertheless, keep in mind that the iron will show its limits if you have a lot of laundry to take care of. In this case, you will have plenty of time to achieve your goals – and the work will be much more tiring than with a steam plant. This is why we recommend the simple iron mainly to singles or young couples, even though a plant may be necessary as long as the family grows.

What budget provision for irons?

Comparison: Choose The Best Iron In 2020

The price of iron is extremely variable. Specifically, if you visit a website selling online or in a store that sells this product, you will see that for a very low price, you can equip yourself with irons. For example, a ‘journey’ model can cost ten euros only! However, for this type of reference to 10 or 15 €, you should know that the iron will not be enough for home use, although there is occasional.

In the discount universe, there are several models of irons board between 10 and 20 €. By this amount, you do not put on well-known brands as the major players in household appliances usually offer more expensive alternatives. In addition, you do not necessarily find these references in store, but on sites like Amazon (knowing that some models are available, which do not allow to choose from).

Between 20 and 60 €, we place ourselves on the true entry for Iron knowing that the closer to € 60, more devices are sophisticated. In short, if you spend € 50 to fit you, you can theoretically already count on a reliable, robust and powerful. That is why we insist on affordable side of Iron, whose prices are much lower than steam power plants.

The devices midrange usually cost around 100 €. Major brands are widely represented. If you have the budget, you can easily afford to buy the latest models and modern, affluent of innovations often satisfactory at the time of use.

Finally, beyond € 100, one can already say that is placed on the high end. In this universe, the excellent quality products remain accessible. Some models easily exceed the 150 € they usually satisfy fans of ironing that do not yet wish to refer to a steam plant, or looking to be able to simultaneously use both solutions.

How to choose irons?

Several criteria must absolutely get your attention when choosing your iron. These are parameters that you can confront in order to compare the alternatives that present themselves to you.

The steam flow

More linen is moistened, it is more flexible – and ironing is easier. We advise you to always watch the steam flow irons before go to it because it is a decisive criterion. In general, this parameter varies between 20 and 50 g / m depending on the model. The closer you get to 50 g / m, the better the efficiency of the unit. We also point out that certain references are equipped with a “dry” feature that allows a short time to get even more steam. This possibility should arouse your interest if you regularly board of the rebels tissue.

The weight

You will wear it in hand for many hours more the iron is lighter, the better your convenience. A standard model usually weighs 1.5 kg: this is not negligible, especially when one is chained for two or three hours to get to the end of one or more cart (s) clean cloth. On the most sophisticated references, one approaches the kilogram lighter weight observed: always compare the weight before you buy.

The sole

On the sole, several points need your attention. For starters, look good shape: ideally, it should be sharp enough at the end to reach small corners hard, like the necks of the shirts or the area around the buttons. In addition, it must be able slide as easily as possible on textiles. Finally, the presence of a maximum of holes on the surface provides better heat distribution, for generally more satisfactory results.

The power and heating time

An iron stronger theoretically generate more steam, which simplifies your task. We advise you to focus on close models of 2400 watts, even when one is rather instead of 2200 watts entry. More iron heats up quickly, less energy it consumes: So remember to compare the heating time, a criterion directly dependent on the power.

These functions that change everything

Irons, ever more modern, sometimes offer really interesting features. For example, those who coped better limestone are highly recommended. If you see that there is a limescale rod or a self-cleaning system, you should take this detail into account: it is a real advantage. There are other “extras” that can make a difference: an automatic stop after a few minutes of inactivity, for added security, or anti-drop function, to prevent water spots and lime on tissue.

How to use an iron?

Comparison: Choose The Best Iron In 2020

Using a pressing iron is very simple to understand and, even without a big accustomed, you can master this machine quite easily. However, keep in mind that we always adopt a different attitude depending on the nature of the tissue.

To begin, read the care label, which can deliver crucial information:

An iron Crossed reports that do not use the iron (especially true for silk or nylon).

If the iron logo is accompanied by a dot, extra caution: use low temperature and mode “dry”.

If the iron logo is accompanied by two points, an average temperature is sufficient and you can use the steam (that is, most often, polyester).

If the iron logo is accompanied by three points, you can use a high-temperature steam (valid usually for cotton and linen).

Meanwhile, to avoid any wrinkles, we have to start with the inside to head outdoors – and always adopt this. If you need to iron a large towel or cloth, place the rest of the fabric on a chair so as not to offend the already treated parts.

Some tips to clean and take care of your iron

Our comparison will be able to help you find the best Iron considering your needs. But once you have chosen the best place, it will take care, in particular to prevent it being off way too premature.

In general, the issue of iron is the same as all other household products that work with water: the limestone risk is omnipresent. If your model is holding an anti-scale system that works with specific cassettes, be sure to change them whenever necessary. A manual scaling is also possible, especially if your iron has no protection against this problem. It will then mobilize natural products like vinegar, and renew when the scale returns.

Also, be aware that you need to regularly clean the base to maintain its effectiveness. To this end, we basically recommend using a soft cloth and proceed just after ironing, when the surface is still warm. Attention expect still to cool a minimum in order to avoid burns. If you find that there are some more dirt, you can also do with a soft sponge and soap diluted with water.

Comparison: our favorite irons

Now that ironing has no secrets for you, you’ll be able to start taking care of your laundry. Discover a selection of 10 devices that may please you: we have chosen them for their strengths, but we are also presenting their limits, with the aim to help in the best way possible!

Comparison: Choose The Best Iron In 2020

Really powerful, the Iron Philips GC3810 / 20 rotates with a motor 2400 W, which increases the ease of use, a very valuable asset in everyday life. Marketed in the middle range, it offers a function to dry 150g, which helps eliminate wrinkles, even when they are very stubborn.

The Philips brand also careful design of its sole opting for SteamGlide Plus system. Able to slide well on all types of textiles, it provides – in parallel – a uniform steam distribution. On the level of form, it is characterized by its advanced Triple Precision, tapered and ergonomic, perfect to get away honorably – even in the most delicate areas.

Limestone is an enemy to your iron, but this reference Philips fight effectively against the phenomenon through a dual action system. The limescale pellets are very easy to use and avoid the scale does not come cause damage. Unfortunately, we regret the absence of an automatic stop function for safety, also knowing that it is a shame not to be able to adjust the steam (although Philips offers a rather sizeable automatic setting, the user lacks freedoms on this point).

– Expensive for an extra vacuum

– No small accessories

– A suction head incompatible with some recesses

Why do many people have the iron board Calor FV3920C0 home? Probably because he is a classic that can please all profiles! Indeed, this is a product that has the minimum required functions, those that can have some comfort. Better yet, it presents itself as an affordable alternative to all budgets.

Powered by an engine of 2300 watts, the iron board offers sufficient power for your typical tasks. It can even itself as an ally for the most difficult stages, thanks to its pressing function, to achieve a rate of 120 g / min (instead of 35 g / min Traditionally). Better yet, a vertical smoothing function makes ironing easier, since it becomes possible to operate on a garment expanded with a hanger.

In short, despite its low price, this model does not compromise on features: it offers all the qualities we search irons. Many surprises accumulate when using the unit, the convenient to the sole self-cleaning system rather useful – through the power, really good. Finally, we would nevertheless enjoyed greater effort on the ergonomics plan.

– Expensive for an extra vacuum

– A suction head incompatible with some recesses

One of the objectives of the iron Bosch TDA503001P Sensixx’x DA50 is clearly understandable: the brand does not disappoint you, this is why it sells this model whose engine is particularly powerful. This last criterion is it only counts for one can consider that iron is a good compromise? Since it is more expensive than other solutions, we seek to know its real advantages, so whether you’re going to get for your money.

To begin, refer to this brand allows embarking on a purchase of trust because the Bosch brand is known for its products of the highest quality in the field of home appliances. If you want to reference a little more original than most devices sold on the market, you will enjoy the red color and the creative curves of this model.

Of course, the aesthetic is not the only argument in favor of the iron. We particularly retain the Calc function, which is handy to limit the presence of tartar, a function rather well advanced on this reference. The ability to use the vertical steam is a major asset. However, we consider that the handle is too thick, even when the device is relatively heavy.

– Expensive for an extra vacuum

– No small accessories

– A suction head incompatible with some recesses

You will soon see by observing its shape: the iron board Rowenta DW6010D1 is a highly accurate device, thanks to its well-pointed soleplate. It is characterized by a very unique design: the brand has dared to use the few colors in this universe, while adding little decorations on the structure. If you like the great appliance, you will inevitably filled by this purchase.

Let us now to the practical side with its mode Eco Steam, this product allows you to achieve savings in significant energy, all without ever having to give up the effectiveness of a good iron. Furthermore, the sole distributes steam optimally. It slides perfectly on the textile and guarantees to assume this complex work and tiring easily.

With pressing a function up to 180 g / min and a continuous flow of 40 g / min, Rowenta seeks to present a product that could be considered as the best iron. For this, the brand does not forget to protect its iron limestone with a dedicated function, even though the drip function prevents inadequate deposits on the fabric. On the ergonomics plan, we congratulate the handle design: it is convenient and pleasant.

If you do not have the habit of ironing, this model will make you look a bit complicated to learn, with all its features and its specific ergonomics. Its high power also involves a lot of water costs: it will have a nearby jug to fill the tank often enough.

– Expensive for an extra vacuum

– A suction head incompatible with some recesses

A scratch-resistant sole and a high steam output: the promises of the iron Philips GC2995 / 35 have already attracted many families. For a still very reasonable price, we enjoy high performance: dry function enables to drive up the rate up to 160 g / m, the sole is both practical and durable, anti-drip system prevents all spots time and emphasizing board is treated, including the presence of a non-slip grip.

We underline the choice of this famous SteamGlide soleplate: it slides perfectly on the machine, which offers a very significant comfort – especially if you have many clothing store. The presence of an anticorrosion coating increases the life of this sensitive part on most irons, which is an asset. And if you want to store your iron even while it is still hot, no problem: a storage box compatible with the heat is included.

Remember also that the vertical steam, a popular practice when lack of time and when you want perfect results, is also possible with this device. With these beautiful performance on paper, we consider the pressing effect remains limited compared to that offer other models. But we recommend this device, which remains a largely reliable reference in the field.

– Expensive for an extra vacuum

– No small accessories

– A suction head incompatible with some recesses

You will enjoy not actually take the form the vast majority of irons, generally bulky and still limited by the presence of a power cable? Test the model Calor FV9960C0 it amaze you with its many innovations in terms of ergonomics. Specifically, the user is free to move with this wireless device.

Extremely manoeuvrable, the first iron wire without Calor ranks in the high end. It comes with a simple recharging base to use: you can recover the battery during ironing and thus you are never handicapped by a lack of autonomy. Better yet, you can occasionally solicit pressing function, allowing the steam flow to achieve the 150 g / m.

Even if this purchase is an investment, know that it can theoretically support you for a while. Indeed, an integrated anti-scale system significantly reduces the presence of tartar. To top it off, the fuel filler flap is particularly wide, increasing your comfort.

Still, we can not classify this device over other references which, despite their power wire, offer superior performance. If you are looking innovations on ergonomics, we recommend you to look at this reference. However, if you need a lot of steam and a great power, it is best to turn to more conventional alternatives.

– Expensive for an extra vacuum

– No small accessories

– A suction head incompatible with some recesses

As you have already seen in this comparison guide, many irons operate with oscillating power between 2000 and 2400 W. So naturally, this model Techwood MVT-186 may leave you puzzled at first. We selected this guide because it is particularly accessible. This purchase is almost no impact on your budget, the product even up to a level lower fare to all line inputs found on the market.

In fact, this camera is a compact, quite useful if you are used to travel a lot. It will not expect acommodations performance: the rate does not exceed 15 g / m. Specifically, you do not repasserez thick jeans or fabric robust easily. However, to complete your outfit almost ready, for example, this solution will do.

Thus, we consider this reference rather as an extra product, which will delight people distressed at the thought of showing up at a meeting with wrinkled clothes. This is not really an iron that can be pressed during a 2 or 3 hours straight, the work will be tiring for the user – not counting the loss of time due to lack of power.

However, we note the presence of an adjustable thermostat and a “steam” button, two interesting features that ironing is easier.

– Expensive for an extra vacuum

– No small accessories

– A suction head incompatible with some recesses

In the field of home appliances and small devices useful in everyday life at home, we know all the solutions proposed by Severin, a generally accessible brand to the general public through its attractive rates. His iron, BA 3210, is also marketed at a very attractive rate. You probably will not regret your purchase because, even if it is classified in the entry level, this got us nice surprises.

First, the presence of a vertical steam function is pretty amazing and, of course, it is appreciable. The flow in this case, does not exceed 70 g / m. Nothing very powerful, but sufficient capacity to reach after partially wrinkled clothes. For your convenience, you can adjust the amount of steam up to 30 g / m in normal mode.

We were pleasantly surprised by the lightness of the device by the care provided to small as important features that scale inhibitor or by automatic stop, convenient and secure. However, we keep in mind that the device has a rather limited power and is, in terms of ergonomics, quite improved.

– Expensive for an extra vacuum

– No small accessories

– A suction head incompatible with some recesses

On paper, the Iron Bosch TDA2630 includes several features that we usually appreciate: the dry mode, the anti-scale system, or automatic shutdown. Thus, this alternative is as versatile rather: if you make this purchase, you can use it on any clothing, whatever the complexity of the task.

In practice, we would still insist on the limited power of the device: the steam output of 25 g / m and that of the dry method does not exceed 80 g / m. Despite its many features, the device is incompatible with ironing more tiring, especially if you need to work on heavy fabrics and thick. It is sufficient for simple clothes to maintain and for singles or couples without children!

Despite a lack of attention to the design of the sole and limited performance, we emphasize that the manufacturer was able to capitalize on various uses (dry, classic, vertical), while also thinking about an anti-calcification system, very important for increase the lifespan. This iron remains an economical and reliable alternative, but some performance can be improved for future releases.

– Expensive for an extra vacuum

– No small accessories

– A suction head incompatible with some recesses

No, the model Aigostar Ceramic Purple 31HGE is not the best iron that you can find on the market. Rather, it deserves its place in our ranking because of its low price and its satisfactory performance, given the purchase price. On an entry level, we are not surprised that the maximum rate is 90 g / m. It’s not much, but it may be enough to iron clothes for a small family.

In addition, a special effort was made on the design of the sole. Ceramic, it is gentle enough for sensitive fabrics and powerful enough to remove wrinkles without having to multiply passages. The power of 1600 W is very limited, but the manufacturer did not forget to insert an anti-scale system and an anti-drip function.

The brand also promises a self-cleaning system that actually proves disappointing. It just removes small impurities that accumulate in the steam chamber, which is not similar at all to true innovation.

If you do not iron very often or if you need a complement for travel, be content with this economical and practical device … But go your way if ironing is a ritual that, at home, takes several hours each week!

– Expensive for an extra vacuum

– No small accessories

– A suction head incompatible with some recesses

Conclusion: often economical and always practice

The iron, even to the constant development of steam power, retains a certain attraction: it is a more accessible device, because even with a limited budget, we can offer the mid-range and take full advantage of a model rather sophisticated.

This comparative guide probably helped you to better understand what we must look before choosing a device: the steam flow, power, different functions or the design of the sole and weight. Now if you have already selected the best iron for you, please share this buying guide around you, to also help your loved ones to consider this purchase.