Best Electric Heater

Comparison: Choose the best electric heater in 2020

If heated to the power raises many questions. What type of heating choose?

Is it efficient? Adapted to the surface of my home?

To help you find the best electric heater, one that will suit your needs and your home, we offer this guide through all the essential information and a comparison of ten models.

What is an electric heater?

Electric Heating System

Comparison: Choose The Best Electric Heater In 2020

There are different modes of heating: Solar, gas, oil, electric or thermodynamics. The electrical heating mode can be an underfloor heating system, an electric boiler or an electric heater. What a difference between these three modes of electric heating? The radiator contains the characteristic to adapt to the surface of your home. According to documents, you can choose an electric heater of different power but also of different design (inertia, infrared heater, radiant panel). This is a kind of heating customized unlike underfloor heating.

The electric heater can be chosen as a means of daily or occasional heating. This category of electric heaters is named auxiliary heating. Limited and local, auxiliary heating is intended to supplement your heating or to help you out when central heating is interrupted between May and October.

A device with multiple possibilities

The electric heater 100% transforms electricity into heat. He then produced the broadcasts. How? ‘Or’ What ? Through its various technologies. It is they who will define the efficiency of the radiator. There are several types of electric heaters: convector, radiant panel, infrared heater, inertia or to warmth. Each model has its advantages and disadvantages. We will study all of the following parts.

Each radiator also has its own features. Depending on the model, you will have access to control panels allowing access to pre-recorded modes such as economic, antifreeze or open windows detection. You can learn a temperature and duration.

However, some models offer simple knobs to increase or decrease the heat diffusion. Some will be fixed, on casters, other wall. Sizes range, power levels and design too!

Why buy an electric heater?

For an additional heating

A backup heater allows operation independent of any central system. It’s comfortable and enjoyable especially in a bathroom or during a cold snap. The space heater is often electric. Why ? What are its strengths? First, it works with a simple outlet. You plug and then you can turn it on. Second, it heats quickly, in minutes. Your bathroom is warmed time to take your breakfast. Thirdly it is mobile. You can place it in your office and in a corner of your living room and finally in your room before bed.

To heat daily

38% of French electric heat with an annual average bill from 1726 euros. 35% heat gas to 1415 euros, 19% in oil for 1927 euros and 5% wood for 811 euros. The electric heater is the first heating mode selected. Why ?

Maintenance of electric heating is minimal. Once the device is installed, maintenance is virtually nonexistent. Moreover, its performance is sustainable over time. Second asset, its ease of use. Whether or not programmable, simple connection and you can simply install it yourself. Third advantage, the initial investment. It is small, almost two to five times lower than other heating solutions. Moreover, there is no energy to store. Simple and not very expensive!

For comfort

Opting for an electric heating method is choosing a heating mode accessible to the whole family. Intuitive and easy to use electric heaters are also accurate and programmable. Many economic modes are available, some are even able to detect human presence and open windows.

Fill a time, a time, a desired temperature and you can enjoy its automatic startup. You can for example ask him to set out a quarter of an hour before you return from work. Touch, economic and CO2-free, the electric heater is also able to quickly get up to temperature. It’s convenient and comfortable!

The different types of electric heaters

Comparison: Choose The Best Electric Heater In 2020

radiant panel, radiator inertia, infrared, heater, to warmth, to build, what are their characteristics and utilities?

The convector radiator

This type of heater warms the air by natural convection. Cold air enters the bottom before being heated and out from the top. The convector radiator is like a metallic box having a bottom and upper opening. The heating element is located at the bottom.

Its advantages ? It heats immediately and is priced low. The disadvantages? It consumes a lot.

The radiant panel

Also known infrared radiator or radiating the radiation panel transmits heat by an infrared radiation system. There are large-size panels can be installed on the walls and ceiling. The ceiling is popular for delivering a uniform and gentle heat. Its advantages ? Its comfort, the low price of the device. A disadvantage ? There are many choices !

The radiator inertia

A dry inertia, the resistance of the heater will heat a material present in the device (brick, ceramic, granite, lava, etc.). The heater will then restore the heat steady and sustainable manner. A fluid inertia, the electrical resistance will heat glycol, oil or coolant. Their assets? A moderate consumption. A disadvantage ? The price a little high.

The storage heater

Heat is produced using electric heaters but off peak! So enjoy cheaper rates. The heat is then stored in the storage block and broadcast day. Its advantages ? This is the electrical heating mode that uses the least. The disadvantage? The cost of the device.

The gentle heat radiator

It combines two systems. This is both a fluid and radiator inertia dryers. These electric heaters have the ability to heat a long time and consistently. It consumes moderately energy as inertial heaters. However they are usually cheaper.

The advantages and disadvantages of electric heaters

Large choice

The choice is very wide, up to 600 models of some appliances sites. It loses it but there is also happiness. Prices vary, functionality and design as well. Once the type of heating and on budget, the number of models will be reduced. 600 models, there is necessarily a place for you!


There are very intelligent models. Capable of detecting open windows and respect the temperatures and duration that you impose. Some have a manual mode and automatic competent enough to store your favorite settings. You can remotely control and enjoy many specific parameters.

Easy to use

Some models are more intuitive than others, but overall the electric heater is the heating mode accessible. Devices with a simple rotary button lights and adjusts easily. Just turn the knob to the desired heat level. Devices with touch screen have automatic programs to simplify use.

Low maintenance

Either fixed or wall, the electric radiator requires no special knowledge to install. A simple decision is enough to make it work. Wall mounts are provided when it comes to hanging. Over time, the electric heater does not require any revision or intensive cleaning unlike other devices.


According to the heating and models modes, the price can vary between 20 and 2000 euros. It is almost 100 times more expensive! Mind your electricity bill. Investing in an electrical device a little more expensive but economy is a very profitable operation!

Electrical installation Power

Look to your electrical installation. It is possible that depending on other devices plugged into your home, you find yourself in the dark!

What budget provided for an electric heater?

To equip and heat your home

Comparison: Choose The Best Electric Heater In 2020

We must have a comfort and invest in economic heating. Therefore prefer the radiator inertia. This radiator category is ideal for installation in the living room, in a bedroom or an office. It ensures a uniform and stable heat. The electric radiator inertia is silent and quickly rises in temperature. Moreover consumption is low and the air quality is preserved. Count 300 euros minimum for this type of device.

It also requires that the radiator is programmable. This will regulate the heating mode and consume less. Depending on the model, you will have access to economic preset modes, daily schedules, weekly or antifreeze.

For an extra heating

Portable heaters are heaters that run occasionally. In a kitchen, a bathroom, a hallway, a guest room, a hall, they do not work continuously. There are specific radiators to some of these pieces. The towel radiator in the bathroom, for example. Its uniqueness is quickly heated in record time and in a limited space.

Know that for those places that are not parts of life, a convector heater is ideal. Prefer a mobile device that is worn or roller regardless, with the objective that it can be used in several rooms: the office and the bedroom, for example. Expect a hundred euros for this type of radiators. The range varies depending on the options offered (design, programming, monitoring temperature).

In the bathroom, it is possible to fix a radiator blowing (height preferably). Within minutes, it will warm your bathroom.

If you love the amazing design radiators, you will also be spoiled for choice. Why not a convector radiator imitation fireplace? assured warm (about 100 euros)!

How to choose an electric heater?

Know the different types of radiators

To choose, we must study each type of heaters on the market. Thus will deduct the advantages and disadvantages. Let us help you, we summarize for you!

The electrical heater is a heater which heats quickly. But not evenly or permanently. It consumes a lot and dries the air.

The fan heater
heats quickly but noisy. This is ideal for backup heating, a bathroom, for example.

The radiant heater
pleasantly warm and evenly, only it is expensive and energy.

The electric storage heater that turns off peak and stores heat is economical but the stored heat can be substantial in some periods of extreme cold.

The dry inertia radiator heating mode that we recommend. It heats evenly and sustainably while preserving air quality and money! Now that you know the different types of electric heaters discover how are they living space suitable.

Knowing his house

Three criteria are taken into account: comfort, air quality and temperature distribution in the room. For some occupied rooms or passage, you can invest in without inertia radiant heaters or radiators. They heat up quickly! For the living, comfort is key. The radiator inertia, preferably soft programmable heat is ideal.

Knowing the power of its electric heating closer is important. A weak power, radiators may not sufficiently heat your home. You will then push the thermostat and eating excessively. Conversely, if the power is too high, you will have invested in unnecessarily overpriced heaters which consume more than necessary.

How to use an electric heater?

Calculate the required power

Comparison: Choose The Best Electric Heater In 2020

As seen above, the calculation of the required power is important. A lounge of 26m² surface does not require the same power as a living room of 60m². Calculate the power required can invest in a radiator that will consume efficiently. But how to calculate?

It is considered that a power of between 70 and 100 W per m². This number depends of course on where you live but allows for a fork. It is based on a well insulated room and having a ceiling height of 2.5 m.

This figure means that a piece of 10 m² must be equipped with a heater with a power of 700 to 1000 W. Note nonetheless that from 30 m², it is recommended to install at least two radiators. This facility will distribute power and consume efficiently.

Where to put my radiator?

The location ensures the proper functioning of the electric heater. First, always keep a distance between the wall and the floor (10 cm above minimum). Place them against exterior walls. This ensures better heat distribution. Finally, in a bathroom, always choose a radiator adapted to this piece and think never cover your electric heaters.

How to clean and care for an electric heater?

An electric heater does not require significant maintenance. What is needed is dust regularly to prevent dirt will settle on your walls (soot, yellow or black marks).

Dust off before starting up

Before turning on your heater in early winter, it is necessary that it be dusted. You can aspire to with a brush tip. You can also expel dust using a hairdryer or evacuate the gaps with a feather duster.

Comparison: our favorite electric heaters

After learning of the different modes of heating, you should choose the model. What is the best electric heater? To help you, here is a comparison guide of different models and types of heating. What benefits? What disadvantages? Methods, programs, consumption, prices, it explains everything for you!

Comparison: Choose The Best Electric Heater In 2020

Key points of this model Heliom DIO080956? It is a programmable radiator inertia. His heart is heating granite stone. It is therefore a dry inertia radiator. Its power is 2000 W. It has a programmable touch screen. So you can choose the temperature, duration information or choose a preset mode. Existing methods are antifreeze, automatic presence detection or open windows.

Its strengths? Its technology. It is a radiator inertia dryers. The electric heater stores heat in his heart warm. She then returned gradually. This is the most economical and comfortable heating mode.

Why buy? It is a cost effective and comfortable investment for heating large spaces. It is very efficient, you can save up to 45% energy. For a bedroom or living room, it’s ideal. The radiator ensures a sustainable and enveloping warmth. It is more programmable and touch. You will have the ability to configure and customize your heating. Finally, the apparatus is compact, thin and discreet. It adapts to any room.

Most ? It adapts and customizes. It detects the open windows, hold your wake time, your pace of work and sleep. Another advantage is its economical mode prerecorded.

A disadvantage ? This is an expensive device. Inertia Radiators are expensive. However, you save on your monthly electricity bill. It is profitable and comfortable!

– Expensive for an extra vacuum

– No small accessories

– A suction head incompatible with some recesses

What specific for this model Dimplex H 260/4 AKO? It is a blow heater. It’s wall, can not be installed and it has a heating power of 2000 W. The temperature level is adjusted with a knob. It is also lightweight (100 g) and small (50 cm).

Its strengths? It heats up quickly in a small space. It blows towards the front and gently. The breath is warm and draft-free. This is ideal for a bathroom. It can be placed vertically. It can be lowered for cleaning.

Why buy? Because he is competent to heat your bathroom. Turn it on waking, take your breakfast, it handles heat the room in record time. Composed of a metal shell, the device is robust and effective. Easy to use and efficient, power 2000 W heats of 15 m² surfaces.

Most ? Its metal box. It is good quality and very robust. Another advantage is its small size. It goes unnoticed in your bathroom.

A disadvantage ? Like most fan heaters, it is noisy. Another drawback, it has no on / off button. Take care when using it!

– Expensive for an extra vacuum

– No small accessories

– A suction head incompatible with some recesses

What specific for this model Klarstein HT006GL? That is a convector heater
Customizable 2000 W. Very close, it looks like a touch television. It is equipped with a control panel with LCD. You can adjust the temperature and customize some modes. The apparatus is also provided with a frost protection mode for maintaining a temperature at 5 ° C when going on vacation.

Its strengths? Power of 2000 W and its ability to heat rapidly. It can be used as auxiliary heating since its convection system allows it to heat up quickly. It can be used continuously for heating small areas. Thanks to its power of 2000 W, is competent enough to heat an apartment of 25 sqm.

Why buy? For its quality / price. The device can be fixed or set on foot. It can be used daily as help in a studio. It is more programmable allowing to customize the heating temperatures and the heating time. End, available in black or white, it is ideal for a bedroom or living room.

Most ? Its safety systems. It is waterproof. You do not have to fear splash. It is also equipped with child protection. It recognizes unintentional changes.

A disadvantage ? It is a convection heater. If you use it as usual heating mode, it will not be very economical.

– Expensive for an extra vacuum

– No small accessories

– A suction head incompatible with some recesses

What specific for this device EWT Nyman? It is an electric radiator that radiates heat by convection fan. The total power of the unit is 2000 W, the heating power of 1800 W. You can choose 2 power levels (900 or 1800 W). It is compact and looks like a fireplace. It mimics the
movement of the flames with a fire effect with a power of 130 W.

Its strengths? Its originality and heating power of 1800 W. You can bring a warm touch to your living room with its reasonable power and design.

Why buy? For those who regret not having fireplace in their living room. With this original heating, you will find all the charm of old houses. Eating and reading by the fireplace, relax in front of the fireplace is cozy and pleasantly relaxing. This heater is an extra heating, piped almost. He helps out, is the effect of a beautiful decorative object but should not be considered a heating mode. Mobile you can put it in your bedroom, your living room or office.

Most ? Its facade. Wood aspect of cherry with flames moving, it mimics the chimney effect.

A disadvantage ? We must consider this heating as a decorative object and not as a daily heating. For the price, we would like to have access to some settings.

– Expensive for an extra vacuum

– No small accessories

– A suction head incompatible with some recesses

What are the characteristics of this electric radiator Supra CEARAMINO1503? It consists of two independent heat sources: a power resistor and a ceramic block. It also has three power levels (600, 900 and 1500 W) and a humidifier with a capacity of 0.7 L for humidifying air and avoid inner dryness due to the radiator.

Its strengths? Its two cores heater and humidifier. The first heart is an electrical resistance which heats quickly. The second heart is a ceramic block providing warmth. Finally humidifier helps purify the air.

Why buy? Because it is powerful, robust and versatile. Power of 1500 W is used to heat the surfaces of 20 m². It is a solid and adjustable auxiliary heating, up to three possibilities for power. The device adapts to your interior. You can use it in an office as in a connecting room. Equipped with wheels and a handle, it moves very easily, simply shoot!

Most ? The heat diffusion. It is homogeneous. The radiator broadcasts on the sides and the top. Second asset, its tilt protection. You or impact, it automatically turns off.

A disadvantage ? The walls may be hot, be careful!

– Expensive for an extra vacuum

– No small accessories

– A suction head incompatible with some recesses

What are the features of this model KN-Keynice QN02E? This is a fan heater with a power of 950 W. It is compact, small size and has 3 levels of adjustment (wind, low, high). This electric heater is also provided with a rotation system.

Its strengths? Its rotary system. The heater blowing a hot air from the left and right side. This is not a one-way system. This technique can quickly heat a room and reduce the risk of dry air.

Why buy? This is an extra heating
compact and efficient. Cheap and small, it can be used in a guest room or at your feet if you work in an unheated office. You will troubleshoot and you will warm quickly. And its rotating system will allow you to heat evenly. It is convenient and we appreciate his presence when one tends to have cold feet!

The addition of this electric heater? It has a double security. Heating stops automatically when overheated. It also stops automatically when it is tilted. Convenient if you ever come to the shoving.

A disadvantage ? It is a radiator that makes service. Its aim is not to heat a room. Features are therefore restricted.

– Expensive for an extra vacuum

– No small accessories

– A suction head incompatible with some recesses

What features for this model Clatronic KH 3077? That is a convector heater. The thermostat is adjustable, three power levels are adjustable (750/1200/2000 W) and a protection against overheating is integrated. You can control the temperature and easy transport.

Its strengths? The three power levels. It is an asset that allows you to adjust the power depending on the workpiece. Is said to be 700 to 1000 W for 10 m². The coil can therefore be heated offices, small rooms and studios.

Why buy? For its quality / price. Inexpensive, it can still be heated surfaces 15/20 m² with its 3 power levels. It can further be wall or floor. Easy to use, choose the level thanks to a rotary knob and let it run. Within minutes your small room is heated. This convector radiator helps out very well!

Most ? He moves easily. It has wheels and can be wandered from room to room.

A disadvantage ? The hot air is released only from the top. Remember to never put on a shelf.

– Expensive for an extra vacuum

– No small accessories

– A suction head incompatible with some recesses

What special features for this device TZS First Austria FA-5570-2? It is an electric heating coil. Consisting of a knob, you can play with three power levels (750, 1250 and 2000 W). The device is mobile. It is also equipped with a protection against overheating and security against tilting.

Its strengths? It heats quickly. Thanks to its power, also thanks to the nonexistent preheating time. This is a hot air which is blown. However, it can be blown through three channels. The bottom of the radiator at the top and sides.

Why buy this electric heater? Because it helps out well and can heat medium surfaces anyway. It can help you to heat a room of friends before their arrival, an office before working. Students appreciate having this inexpensive model in their studio. Simple to use, discreet and modern, it is also equipped with protection against overheating.

Most ? It is safe
against tipping. If you ever spill it, it stops. Ditto for overheating. Another advantage is its design. The radiator is available in white or black.

A disadvantage ? The unit can not be wall mounted and the cord is short, 1,3 m.

– Expensive for an extra vacuum

– No small accessories

– A suction head incompatible with some recesses

What features for this model IH Engingeering BV? It is an electric radiator with infrared. It is equipped with three power levels (130 W, 450 W and 600 W) and attaches to the wall. It also incorporates a digital thermostat. Aesthetics side, it looks like an end panel and elegant.

Its strengths? This is an infrared heater. The light rays it emits provide good efficiency. Economic and invisible, it brings a healthy atmosphere to your home. It does not blow air, so it does not emit dust. The walls are dry, no fear that molds arise.

Why buy? This is an extra heating. It can not be used for larger areas. However, its infrared technology is very secure. It allows placing the unit in small areas or bathrooms. Thin, light, simple and installable horizontally and vertically, it is ideal for people with rheumatism and asthma. Last strengths, it is quiet and is easily installed.

The more this radiator? It has two protections against overheating.

A disadvantage ? Its heating power. 600 W heats an area of ​​10 to 15 m² maximum. You can install it in a small room, but it will forget the living room.

– Expensive for an extra vacuum

– No small accessories

– A suction head incompatible with some recesses

Key points of this model Delonghi HMP 1000? It is a radiant panel. It consists of a room thermostat and a programmer. Ideal for obtaining and maintaining the desired temperature. Its power is 1000 W and is emitted via a large radiant surface.

Its strengths? It is a radiant panel distributes heat evenly. It provides a pleasant feeling and does not dry the air.

Why buy this product? To heat small parts. It can be effective in auxiliary heating or to heat a maximum area of ​​15 sqm. With two speeds and two positions, you can adjust the temperature in the living room in which it is located. Finally, it is equipped with an overheating protection and anti-tilt.

His most? The type of heat it generates. This is a warmth like the one we offer the sun.

A disadvantage ? It is a bulky device. Black in color, it does not fit easily into any home.

– Expensive for an extra vacuum

– No small accessories

– A suction head incompatible with some recesses

To conclude

Did you find the heating mode for your home? The best electric heater for each room? You always hesitate from some models of our comparative guide? Check out the opinions of users, let us yours and feel free to share information!