Best Dehumidifier

Comparison: Choose the best dehumidifier in 2020

The dehumidifier is used to reduce the humidity in a room.

Why this device is it essential? How to choose? The use? What differences between the models?

To help you find the best dehumidifier, here’s all the essential information and a comparative guide.

Features, capabilities, strengths, disadvantages, follow us, we will explain everything!

What is a dehumidifier?

A moisture absorber

Comparison: Choose The Best Dehumidifier In 2020

The air in a house always contains moisture. This moisture is not a drawback. Rather it is desirable. The humidity should be between 45 and 65%. Below this level, the air is too dry. Beyond that, the air is humid. The results ? Humidity apparent signs such as droplets on the walls, the result of condensation.

This can give rise to mold, visible in different places of the house. The floors may be damaged, the paint is peeling and black or gray spots may appear on the walls. To combat this phenomenon, apparatus, the air dehumidifier.

How does it work ?

While there are many models of dehumidifiers equipped with various technologies, the basic principle remains the same and can be divided into four stages. The first, the moist air is sucked by the apparatus. The second, the sucked air is cleaned of impurities through a filter. Third, the air passes through a low-temperature evaporator in order not to retain moisture. It condenses, turns into liquid then drains into a reservoir. Finally, the fourth and final stage, the air is purified and exits the dehumidifier.

Depending on the model, the amount of water absorbed is variable (up to 30 L for some) and more or less advanced features (timer, humidity sensor, delayed start, automatic stop). These are the available functions. However, there are two dehumidifiers families chemical or electrical.

Two families of dehumidifiers

The chemical dehumidifier is less expensive than electric dehumidifier. It is effective in a low humidity environment. How does it work ? The absorbed air is dried. This is an absorption dehumidifier which then returns the liquid in a tank.

The electric dehumidifier can be condensation or type “air dryer.” It is the most common model. It can extract a large volume of water. A condensation, the apparatus consists of a compressor and a fan. The compressor cools the air until condensation. The water is recovered and then emptied. The air is replaced in the form of heat. It is more effective in a hot environment.

The electric dehumidifier “air dryer” is meanwhile quieter. How does it work ? Air is sucked through a ventilator and a silica gel. This gel retains water.

This is according to your needs and moisture in your room that chooses the dehumidifier.

Why buy a dehumidifier?

To avoid allergies and respiratory diseases

Humidity is the amount of water contained in the air. The rate that is not to exceed 65%. In addition, it can cause diseases such as allergies or respiratory problems. rash, eczema, fatigue, headache, nausea, vomiting, eye irritation, symptoms are many. The human body is not willing to breathe high humidity. This is why diseases such as bronchitis, conjunctivitis or asthma may develop.

The figures are alarming. 84 million Europeans live in damp housing which would cost 82 billion euros per year to European governments (medical care). If measures were taken, there would be 550 fewer asthma. The dehumidifier plays an important role in regulating the humidity of your place of residence.

For its intelligent electronic functions

Today dehumidifiers come with different technologies to ensure your comfort and accurately monitor humidity. How? ‘Or’ What ? With the humidistat! The humidistat is an electric device capable of maintaining a humidity. He therefore operate the dehumidifier autonomously and optimally. When the level is reached, it is stabilized.

The devices can have other features such as automatic shutdown. The machine stops when the tank is full. So you save on your energy bill. Another feature contributing to the precision timer. You can program a start, a delayed start and customize some modes. Latest smart electronic features, the automatic defrost mode. Frost can damage the components of the device. This feature therefore allows the fan to rotate thereby melting the frost.

The different types of dehumidifiers

electric dehumidifier

Comparison: Choose The Best Dehumidifier In 2020

What special features for this type of device? Three things to remember. First ventilation system absorbs the air. Second, the air condenses and eventually turns into water. Third, the water is sent into a tank it will empty. Electric dehumidifiers are the most competent to solve moisture problems. They are able to dry the air. Your walls are so devoid of moisture.

What are the advantages of an electric dehumidifier? They are numerous. This device family can absorb a substantial amount of water (up to 30 L per 24 hours). There are many models in various designs, the more or less ability or equipped with many functions. The electric dehumidifier is easy to use. Very accessible, it is as intuitive when equipped with a digital display and automatic modes. Unlike chemical dehumidifier, it requires no charging.

Disadvantages ? Its price higher than a chemical dehumidifier, between 50 and 500 euros. It is electric so plugged in and therefore energy consumer. And finally its fan can be noisy.

chemical dehumidifier

What special dehumidifiers for this family? It does not run on electricity. These are cartridges or pellets absorbing air when it passes through the device. Once absorbed moisture, it turns into water. The water then drains into a tank that will regularly emptied. There are various chemical dehumidifiers models. They are compatible with many surfaces to treat. It can be small devices that are placed in cabinets or even larger models with two cartridges for surfaces of 40 sqm.

What benefits? Its simplicity and ease of use. Simply place it in the desired location. It is not noisy as it does not support a fan. It is efficient because it is not connected to mains. Finally it dries the air very quickly, 24 hours enough.

Disadvantages ? They warn but do not solve your moisture problems. We must also change the cartridges regularly (every two months). The size of the tank does not exceed the liter and its material are not always very strong. Should be used for small closet type areas, bathroom or kitchen.

The mini dehumidifier

It is the latest trend. Why ? It is a pocket-sized ships! Low power and its use is rather dedicated to motorhomes and cars. But the power of these devices is low and they are slower to dry the air. This is a good temporary solution!

The advantages and disadvantages of dehumidifiers


Some dehumidifiers are able to absorb 30 liters of water per day. What regain a healthy living space for the whole family. Some are capable of handling moisture over large areas, up to 70 m² for some models. They are more suitable for home use. Their design is modern and these devices are often compact.


This is one of the biggest advantages of the dehumidifier. It is autonomous when equipped with a humidistat and a digital display. This small technology allows you to track the humidity in your rooms and regulate automatically. You can have access to custom programming modes, with deferred start dates in timers. The only drawback is the price of the device.

Easy to use

The ignition of the device is effected by a button. Then we have to think about emptying the tank when it is full and changing cartridges if you invest in a chemical dehumidifier. Electric dehumidifiers equipped with a control panel are in turn very intuitive. They have many automatic programs to regulate the humidity of the room.

Low maintenance

If you invest in a chemical dehumidifier, it will consider changing cartridges or pellets regularly. If you invest in an electric dehumidifier, you will discover that some very intelligent models are concerned to preserve the life of your device. How? ‘Or’ What ? Thanks to defrost and the automatic cleaning mode. Whatever the model chosen, the dehumidifier is a device that simply plug and does not require any maintenance.


If it is small and light, you can wear it and move around the room where you want to regulate the humidity. The large models are in turn mounted on wheels. You do not break it back, you will simply need to pull such a trolley.


According dehumidifiers models, the sound level varies. Some are quiet and do not exceed 25 dB. Others may go up to 50 dB. The cause ? The ventilation system. It emits a noise when in use. This is not necessarily annoying, but if you need a dehumidifier to your room, be sure that test.


The best performing models and large sizes are quite bulky. Prefer compact forms or discreet devices if you do not get cluttered.

What budget to provide a dehumidifier?

Between 20 and 100 euros

Comparison: Choose The Best Dehumidifier In 2020

Between 20 and 50 euros, you will find some powerful electric dehumidifiers, small capacity but effective. 500 ml 1 L, they can help you out every day in small spaces. They are simple to use, simply connect them to the mains and start the unit. Their area of ​​application is 10 m² for models of twenty euros, 30m² for models of around one hundred euros.

The advantage of this price range? The units are compact, lightweight, portable and simple to use. They require little maintenance and just empty the water when the tank is full. A disadvantage ? The functions are limited. This range of dehumidifiers contains no humidistat or LCD screen. You will not be able to know or control the humidity of your parts.

Beyond 100 euros

You have two choices. Either you choose an electric dehumidifier with a large tank, or you opt for the intelligent model. Between 100 and 150 euros, there are models that can hold 4.3 liters of water. They are not equipped with a control panel to know the humidity in your room, however they have a defrost function and can solve large spaces moisture problems. A disadvantage ? They are noisy.

Models with a humidistat are the most expensive dehumidifiers. It takes 150 euros minimum for this type of devices. This range allows you to know the humidity in your home and especially to regulate. Depending on the model, some will be equipped with a timer, others will be connected via an application to manage the features of the device remotely.

How to choose a dehumidifier?

What criteria are to be remembered? We must consider the size of the room to be treated and the characteristics that you are importing.

Depending on the surface

The size of the model depends on the area you wish to treat. Measure the area of ​​the room you wish to dehumidify. Then refer to the capacity that is able to consider your device.

Attention for certain types of items you have to buy a special dehumidifier. This is the case of spa, warehouses, or pool houses.

Depending on the capacity of tank

In addition to the workpiece surface, consider the humidity present in your room. In summary, the amount of water present. Once the measured amount, choose an apparatus capable of extracting a number of liters of air with water. Some are able to extract up to 30 liters of water every 24 hours.

Portable or not?

Would you move your dehumidifier or it will serve only to a specific part? If you want a mobile device, you can buy a portable model or a model easily movable (equipped with wheels or handles).

Depending on the appliances

Electric dehumidifiers can be intelligent. They can contain electronic and programmable functions. Which ones?

Using a dehumidifier?

Comparison: Choose The Best Dehumidifier In 2020

You just bought a dehumidifier, or do you know when to operate. Some tips are to follow:

To solve moisture problems

Use a dehumidifier is give the room a pleasant humidity. It is when it gives a feeling of moisture and mold feels it must be used. Remember however that if the walls are moist and they have tasks, it must be used frequently. It is when you have been a victim of a flood that must run continuously.

To stay in good health

The dehumidifier must run continuously if you suffer from respiratory illnesses such as asthma or if you develop allergies. These devices allow you to feel better through the air purification.

How have the?

Do not have anything around the dehumidifier. Let circulate air for optimum operation (15 to 30 cm space).

Installing the discharge pipe carefully, preferably in a sink or bathtub. Always remember to hold to prevent it from falling. Finally, keep the cables and electrical outlets.

Close doors and windows of the workpiece

How to clean and care for her dehumidifier?

Comparison: Our favorite dehumidifiers

Now you know the essential for dehumidifiers. How to choose now? What features to consider? What assets? Disadvantages? To find the best dehumidifier, one that will meet your needs, we have established a comparison of ten models.

Comparison: Choose The Best Dehumidifier In 2020

What specific for this device Finether OL12-011E? It is an intelligent electric dehumidifier with an output of 220 W. It consists of an adjustable humidistat to standardize the humidity and digital display to read through three indicator lights. The tank capacity of 1.5 L, and the dewatering capacity of 12 L per day. Finally, it has an automatic shutdown.

What are its strengths? Its automatic adjustable humidistat. Thanks to him, the humidity level of the room can be regulated. A light moisture indicator alerts you based on the humidity level of the room. Then simply press the button “moisture” and the pressure increase by 5%.

Why buy this product? For its quality / price. The device provides access to intelligent settings to precisely regulate the humidity of a room. You can use a method of drying laundry. The fan speed rises, moisture then goes to 20% RH. Its digital display makes the operation and its weight of 10 kg, its compact design and carrying handle. Last but not least, the device consumes little (3.5 euros / week).

Most ? Access to a wind speed setting but the pipe for discharging water and transportability (handle, wheels, lightness of the unit).

A disadvantage ? The device is not equipped with a hygrometer to measure and regulate more precisely the humidity.

– Expensive for an extra vacuum

– No small accessories

– A suction head incompatible with some recesses

What special features for this device Supra DU201? It is an electric dehumidifier luxury! It has a digital display, electronic humidistat, a programmable timer and delayed start. The apparatus has a tank with a capacity of 4.5 L. The absorption capacity it is 20 liters per day.

Its strengths? They are numerous ! The built-in humidistat but the timer, programmable start and the digital display. The entirety of these elements allows to bring precision and skill in everyday life. You know the exact humidity and you have the ability to regulate.

Why buy this model? For its high-end performance. While the device is expensive but it brings flawless precision. Thanks to the digital display, you have access to a timer that tells you a term and a humidistat that tells you the humidity in the room. This device is powerful, capable of absorbing a large amount of water. His program modes (auto, comfort and continuous) are used to customize. Finally, it is capable of treating surfaces of up to 60 m².

Most ? Its design: modern, fine and brightened with a green line. His mobility is also an asset. The device contains a carrying handle on the top.

A disadvantage ? The high price of the device. This is a real investment.

– Expensive for an extra vacuum

– No small accessories

– A suction head incompatible with some recesses

What are the characteristics of this dehumidifier Inventor Power WiFi 25L? He is very smart ! Its wireless technology lets you control the camera remotely. It consists of a programmable timer, and several control modes. The capacity of the tank is 3L and the apparatus can dehumidify 25L / h.

Its strengths? Its modern wireless technology. You can remotely control the humidity level from your smartphone or tablet. Another plus, the unit detects the ideal level of humidity for your room. The results are fast and save you money.

Why buy? For his services. This is a dehumidifier connected allocated considerable autonomy. This remote program itself detects the humidity to reach in your room and restarts itself in case of power failure. It combines energy saving, time saving and safety. The device is compact, stylish, modern, sleek. It allows you to treat surfaces of 25 sqm.

Most ? The last advantage of online mode: it informs you need to change the air filter.

A disadvantage ? The sound level of 50 dB. For a room is high.

– Expensive for an extra vacuum

– No small accessories

– A suction head incompatible with some recesses

Key points of this model Amzdeal XROW-800A? It is an electric dehumidifier provided with a 1500 ml container. Its power is 72 W and the apparatus is capable of dehumidifying up to 700 ml per 24 hours. It is suitable for surfaces that do not exceed 20 sqm.

Its strengths? This is a portable, compact and lightweight, only 2 kilograms. It is silent when running (less than 30 dB), so you can use it in a room. Another strong point is its automatic shutdown. When the tank is filled with water, the unit turns off.

Why buy? For troubleshooting solution. The device is inexpensive and simple to use. Just plug it in and turning it back. It absorbs 700 ml per day and is proving to be useful in a bathroom. This prevents mold that form it. Silent, it can be installed in a room of children.

The more of this model? Its small size. The device is efficient, compact, and sober. Other strong point, that it will stop automatically. It’s reassuring for a child’s room.

A disadvantage ? He troubleshoots and prevents moisture problems. However, it is not efficient enough to solve a moisture problem due to water damage, for example.

– Expensive for an extra vacuum

– No small accessories

– A suction head incompatible with some recesses

What features for this model Trotec TTK 75 E? It is an electric dehumidifier equipped with a humidistat, an electronic defrost mode and three indicators: walking, defrosting and full tray. The reservoir capacity of 3 L, the absorption capacity it is 20L per day.

Its strengths? His humidistat included which adjusts the humidity and its absorption capacity. It is the performance of the fan that supports this action. The latter is capable of providing the capacitor very large volumes of air and ensure optimal dehumidification.

Why buy? For its quality / price low. The device is able to absorb large volumes. It is simple to use thanks to its intuitive three buttons and the dial. Just turn on and adjust the power of dehumidification. This device is an ideal solution in case of water damage. The air filter is easily accessible. It also filters pet hair and dust for those sensitive to allergies.

Most ? The ease of transport. The unit is equipped with wheels and handles. It may possibly be worn, it weighs 12 kilograms. Last asset, along power cable that allows it away water drainage pipe all electrical sources.

A disadvantage ? The device emits vibrations and noise during operation. Another drawback, it does not indicate humidity.

– Expensive for an extra vacuum

– No small accessories

– A suction head incompatible with some recesses

What specific for this model Excelvan XROW-600A? It is an electric dehumidifier equipped with a reservoir of 500 ml capacity and a single on / off button. It has an automatic stop and it is capable of removing 250 ml of water per day at 30 ° C. Finally the application surface is 10-20 m² max.

Its strengths? It is compact, lightweight and easily portable. It includes a green LED that change to yellow when the tank is filled.

Why buy? For its low price. He helps out over very well. Access, it is easy to use and alerts you when the tank is full. Connect the device, turn it on, it does the rest. Autonomous, you indicate that the tank is full and can be used in a small room or a bathroom. Light, it can be easily moved and therefore can multiply the services being placed in different rooms on different days.

Most ? The tray can stay two days without being emptied for a surface of 10 m². Another strong point is its unbeatable price and its long power cable

A disadvantage ? It is a small device. It is not suitable for large rooms. In addition, it eliminates only 250 ml of water per day.

– Expensive for an extra vacuum

– No small accessories

– A suction head incompatible with some recesses

What features for this model Klarstein Drybest 10? It is a device equipped with a compression engine with a power of 205 W. It includes a digital display, a tank with a capacity of 9 L and three rate settings: 60, 50 and 40%. The device has an automatic defrost function and can absorb up to 10 liters of water per day. The range is from 18 to 20 sqm.

Its strengths? Its compression driver capable of absorbing 10 liters of water per day and three drying results (60, 50 and 40%). Once the results achieved, the device stabilizes the rate then goes off. Last thing, the LED button to fill in the expected rate.

Why buy this product? For ease of use and skills. You can fill humidity to reach or choose from three preset modes. Once the rate reaches the device stabilizes and allows you to save energy. You can also absorb a significant amount of water, up to 10 liters per day. Finally, the apparatus is compact, white and black to bring a modern touch to your home.

Most ? The air filter to purify the air and absorb dust, pet hair and some bacteria. It is an asset when it is sensitive to winter ailments or allergies.

A disadvantage ? The scope. For that price, we would like to use it in a room of 25 sqm.

– Expensive for an extra vacuum

– No small accessories

– A suction head incompatible with some recesses

What are the features of this model Trotec TTK 100 S? This dehumidifier is equipped with a high-powered compressor. It has an adjustable hygrostat and an antibacterial air filter. Its power is 670 W, the content of the tray was 4.3 L and the apparatus is able to remove 30 L of water per day for surfaces up to 90 m².

Its strengths? Its integrated adjustable humidistat. This small technology adjusts the humidity. It works automatically. Another advantage is the large amount of water that the device is capable of absorbing 30 liters per day.

Why buy? To dry after water damage or to treat large areas. It perfectly and efficiently dehumidify premises or warehouses up to 90 sqm. Easy to use and to move thanks to its wheels, you will appreciate its efficiency and accuracy.

Most ? The apparatus is equipped with a discharge pipe. Water may be directed to the reservoir or to a pump which pours water in a bathtub. Just think well stall the pump when you use it.

A disadvantage ? This device is not suitable for small areas. It is powerful but very cumbersome. It is ideal for warehouse, office or for treating water damage.

– Expensive for an extra vacuum

– No small accessories

– A suction head incompatible with some recesses

What special features for this device Airplus AP01-901EA? It is an electric dehumidifier equipped with a tank with a capacity of 2.5 L. The extraction capacity is 600 ml per day. Simple to use, it consists of a single button for switching on and off and an automatic shutdown when the reservoir is full.

Its strengths? The device has a photocatalyst and purifying filter. Moisture is absorbed and the air is purified. The apparatus is capable of destroying bacteria in the air, to eliminate the germs and deodorize.

Why buy this model? Because it eliminates moisture odors and improves air quality. Its reservoir is good capacity and apparatus minimizes the amount of condensation in the room. When the container is full, the dehumidifier beeps. Take water, it is not clean! Last advantage of the device design. It is compact, white, fine, very modern!

His most? It is an aesthetic device that takes up little space.

A disadvantage ? The absence of adjustments. You can not measure the moisture content or settlement.

– Expensive for an extra vacuum

– No small accessories

– A suction head incompatible with some recesses

Key points of this model Delonghi DEX 16? This electric dehumidifier consists of a hygrostat for programming humidity and a Softouch control panel. It also contains an air filter and a pump for discharging water. Its power is 210 W, the capacity of the tank of 2.1 L and the absorption capacity of 16 liters per day. The device can treat surfaces of 75 sqm.

The strengths of the model? It dries the laundry, dehumidify the air and purifies. How? ‘Or’ What ? With laundry service. Excess moisture contained in the clothes is absorbed.

Why buy this product? For its versatility. The humidistat to measure and regulate the humidity of a room. The “laundry” promotes for its drying laundry. Carrying handle allows you to place the device in different rooms such as laundry or living rooms. Easy to use, you will also appreciate its aesthetics Italian!

Most ? The unit is light, it weighs only 9 kilograms.

A disadvantage ? For the price we would have access to more accurately. Only without digital display, difficult to know exactly the humidity of the room.

– Expensive for an extra vacuum

– No small accessories

– A suction head incompatible with some recesses

To conclude

Did you find the best dehumidifier? He that will solve your moisture problems? Feel free to share with your neighbors, moisture is a scourge that must be treated in time. Use our comparison guide to find the right functionality and feel free to share it with your friends!