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Best Cookware Set For Poached Eggs

For poached eggs I do a “glug” of white vinegar in the water which helps with coagulation and does not impart any flavor. I then crack the egg into a fine mesh sieve and just swirl for a sec before putting into the whirlpool, that helps the wispy egg white parts be removed and what you will get is a beautifully poached egg in the ideal teardrop shape that professional chefs get and it really helps to have the best cookware set under 200.

Best scrambled eggs is to put a little milk in than beat as much air in to them as you can. whether it be with an immersion blender or just fast whisking it. Makes the best fluffy, moist not wet scrambled eggs.

It you put some vinegar in the water for poached eggs, it will help the coagulation, making easier to get a good results.
I would not use boiling water, I would keep the temperature just below the b.p., I.e. 98 Celsius, add vinegar and store before put the egg.