Best Condensing Dryer

Comparison: Choose the best condensing dryer in 2020

You can not install any dryer in our homes and apartments.

Indeed, some models need to have access to a floor drain, and all accommodations are not adapted to this constraint.

In this case, the most practical and most cost remains the dryer condensation. But in the market, you will be able to find many references: how to choose the right one?

We looked for you all the information: Discover our guide before you make your choice!

The dryer condensing a staple home appliance

Today there are different types of dryers, but that which is most commonly found in households remains the classic condensing model. Its design closed circuit is compatible with all lifestyles. Even if you are renting a small apartment in which you do not have the option of installing an evacuation, you can aquire. Before selecting the best condensing dryer, take a few minutes to know everything about this device appliances: its mode of operation, its specificities, its benefits but also its potential limitations.

What is a condensing dryer?

Comparison: Choose The Best Condensing Dryer In 2020

For many years, dry clothes with the available resources, but it takes a long time to get there, especially in winter. The first electric dryer was developed in 1935 by an American living in cold regions of North Dakota. A first series production was launched in the late 1930s.

Now, the condensation dryer is as the alternative most frequently chosen. The prices are affordable, even if they are slightly higher than a discharge model. This device is adapted to the constraints of today: as more and more people live in an apartment, this extremely simple device to install seduced naturally.

Why buy a dryer condensing?

If you live in an apartment and if you still mobilize conventional dryers, you may have wanted to finish quickly with your laundry. Just enough space to put a dryer condensing: no need to carry out work or to use an evacuation, the unit is independent!

Concretely, the operation of a dryer in condensation is as follows: water the laundry is condensed and discharged into a reservoir. Simply empty the drip tray regularly. Installation is simpler than that of your washing machine: here, no complicated connection is rigorous, you need only connect the machine to a standard electrical outlet, and voila!

Above all, we recommend buying a dryer to all families who do not have yet: If the natural drying is sometimes possible in the summer, it is much longer and more difficult in winter. Similarly, no dryer, difficult to clean blankets, comforters, sheets and all large textile because the manual drying is like an obstacle course (not including the often prohibitive prices charged some laundries ). Even those living without children can enjoy the comfort of a condensing dryer: for a small household, just a compact model with a capacity of about 5 kilograms.

The different types of dryer

Comparison: Choose The Best Condensing Dryer In 2020

In this buying guide, we speak specifically of the dryer condensing widespread. But be aware that other alternatives exist: to make sure you are on track, take the time to learn about all the solutions available.

The evacuation dryer, an affordable alternative

If you want the cheapest dryer market, you will certainly turn to the models “evacuation”. Indeed, this is the alternative cheaper than we could find. Still, they are not used by all families. Indeed, you should anticipate this purchase because the installation will only be possible against a wall pierced. Another solution is feasible: the purchase of a tray to catch the water. A rather convenient kit, but not always very tight, which can increase the humidity in the air of the house.

The dryer condensing a good compromise between practicality and economic

The dryer heat pump: the best solution for energy savings

Looking for a sophisticated dryer and very greedy in energy? We urge you to interest you closer to these modern models, operating with a heat pump. Here, resistance is useless for drying clothes without spending too much electricity. With consumer ratings from A to A +++, these devices allow you to significantly reduce your electricity bill. They are also less aggressive for clothing: cotton the most sensitive materials, clothes do no shrinking or deteriorating during the cycle. However, drying is longer and these solutions generally cost more.

The advantages (and disadvantages) condensing dryers

If you used the evacuation dryer, you’ll quickly understand the main advantage of condensing dryer. In fact, installation is much easier and far less restrictive. The device is closed circuit, you should not plan to waste connection. This alternative is an evidence in the apartments that do not have the necessary equipment.

Even if you live in a house, if you own and you have the total freedom to do the work to install an evacuation, you may want to opt for a simpler solution, which you can move from one room to another. In block with the washing machine, in a garage, kitchen or utility room: you are free to connect the device anywhere you want, you only need a standard wall socket.

Some may fear the maintenance of the dryer: specifically, a device which is not taken care may deteriorate with time. In conventional models, it is advisable to regularly clean the condenser (the instructions may vary from one manufacturer to another, that’s why we recommend you read well the instructions). However, nowadays, there are also self-cleaning condensers that greatly simplify the task.

What budget provision for condensing dryer?

Comparison: Choose The Best Condensing Dryer In 2020

The price of a condensing dryer is very variable even as entry models are more affordable, there are extremely sophisticated devices, with convenient features and quality finishes … But they are often three to four times more expensive! As you know if you want a summary of innovations – or if you simply want an alternative to natural drying in the open air without, however, want a jewel of technology at home.

The first prizes are around 200 €. Up to 300 € about, you can find dryers designed by recognized brands, with satisfactory performances – and sufficient for small households and specific needs. Naturally, you will recognize the limits on these products: some have less capacity, others will consume a bit more power – or be a bit noisy. These inconveniences can be detected on all dryer, even when they are sold more expensive! So, if you observe that the level of sound entry-required model is high, relativisez: If you intend to put it in the garage, for example, do not bother. In sum, to be satisfied with a cheap dryer, simply be aware of the main advantages you need (and negatives you dread!).

Finally, beyond € 500, we already consider that the condensation dryer is as an upmarket alternative. At this price, you can also get a device with heat pump: If you use that amount for a condensing system, we advise you to be particularly demanding on all criteria, because it has to have all the advantages better condensing dryers.

How to choose a dryer condensing?

Power consumption

Power consumption is an easy yardstick to mobilize because manufacturers are obliged to specify, always in the same way, on the product label. As you may have read earlier, condensing dryer works with a resistor. It will therefore logically more intensive electricity that devices leveraging the heat pump. Still, you must close as possible to an A. Models classified A or B are more expensive, but you also reduce your energy bill.

The capacity

While it is imperative to consider the ability to compare different dryers them, we can not give you a universal council on the matter: it all depends on your needs. If you live alone or couples without children, you can without difficulty settle for a model 5 kilograms. However, it will take at least 7 kg for children – and if you have a large family, you naturally enjoy the great devices, sometimes dry up ten kilograms of laundry.

Mechanical or electronic

The dryer is cheaper than mechanical electronic dryer. When you use it, you have to choose yourself the duration of the drying cycle. The risk is simple: too short drying leave wet clothes and if it lasts too long, you will spend electricity unnecessarily. Electronic dryer seems more practical as a probe measures humidity and allows the unit to stop when everything is dry. Only downside, this solution is more expensive to buy, and also presents itself as more expensive when it comes to repairs.


How to use a dryer condensing?

Comparison: Choose The Best Condensing Dryer In 2020

To ensure that the dryer will not damage your favorite outfits (especially the reasons), be sure to return the clothes before starting the drying. Always check the label of your new clothes, because some can not stand the heat and ideally should dry naturally. This is the case of parts made of wool, silk or plastic (such as plies or waxed).

On the label of each garment, the pictogram with a dryer will help you make the right decisions:

A dotless dryer inside the circle indicates you can dry at any temperature.

With a point, you must dry at low temperature (up to 60 ° C).

With two points, you can dry at normal temperature (up to 80 ° C).

If the symbol is crossed out, you should not use the dryer.

We do not recommend to put the tights in the dryer, because they develop static and become uncomfortable to wear: they are often almost dry coming out of a machine that does a good job of spin, let them in ‘outdoors !

In terms of installation, it must be borne in mind that the heat dryer generates: therefore it must be positioned in a ventilated room, to prevent the temperature from rising too significantly. In addition, since drying can humidify the air, so do not “confine” this unit in a small space, because you could see mold appear.

Some tips to clean and care for your dryer condensing

The maintenance of a dryer is relatively simple. Do not forget to clean the lint filter after every load. Use your hands or, if you prefer a dry cloth. The water wash can be performed occasionally: in this case, not reposition the filter when it is completely dry.

Also remember to empty the tank of water after drying. On the instructions of your device, you will find all the instructions to follow (the process is not always the same from one model to another, since they are not necessarily designed in the same way). Every 6 or 7 cycles, clean the condenser. Just pass it under water.

If you clean regularly and maintain your dryer, you increase its performance: it will work better and faster, which will allow you to consume less electricity. Some parts like the humidity sensor can furring time. You can clean without removing all your dryer.

Finally, the outside of the dryer is easy to clean with a soft damp cloth. Never use too aggressive detergent, as this may damage the plastic.

Comparison: our favorite condensing dryers

Since you know all the criteria to help you compare dryers them and you know perfectly well how to maintain this equipment, discover our selection of 10 aircraft. They have our attention to their strengths: good quality / price, innovation or input range, we varied the prices and services to enable everyone to find a suitable solution.

Comparison: Choose The Best Condensing Dryer In 2020

Marketed for a reasonable sum, the dryer condensing Electrolux EDC2086PDW is characterized by performances that have nothing to envy the models located in the higher ranges! To begin, you should know that this device is pledged OptiSense the intelligent system. For you this means that your dryer will adjust the drying time to load and humidity. You have the certainty that each cycle is effective, without risk of electrical consumption, since the device turns itself off when the job is finished.

If your electricity contract allows you to differentiate the peak of peak times, you can use the delayed start, so the drying weighs less on your bill. In parallel with the alternating rotation, the machine comes out less wrinkled, limiting the duration of ironing that follows!

With a capacity of 8 kg, this unit can assert a condensation efficiency denoted by A and a noise level of 64 dB. With a really attractive price and extras as comfortable as the LCD, it stands as an excellent alternative for singles or small families.

– Expensive for an extra vacuum

– No small accessories

– A suction head incompatible with some recesses

Despite its rather attractive price, the Hotpoint TCDG51XB condensing dryer generally does not disappoint consumers. This is an electronic template, which you set with an LCD screen. It may seem a bit complex to handle at first, but you will understand quickly how to take full advantage.

Depending on your preference, you can choose between different programs: “bed and bath” ideal for linen is the mildest possible “fragile” to take care of sensitive textiles, “cotton”, “wool”, “synthetic “” mixed load “or” easy iron “. You even have the option to use cold air to the clothes that do not support too high temperatures.

A remaining time indicator is added to the device, which naturally helps you better organize, especially if you have several detergents to string! With a capacity of 8 kg and a rated condensing efficiency B, this device is based on very honest performance. This dryer is not supplied with dozens of innovations and amazing features. It has not, either, particularly aesthetic design. However, to use a classic, he is up to it.

– Expensive for an extra vacuum

– No small accessories

– A suction head incompatible with some recesses

When you want comfortable features, you often devote more budget to purchase. But with the dryer WTE84104FF, Bosch offers a very satisfying experience, innovation and a practical device – all at a slightly higher price than the entry level, but still very accessible.

For example, you get the anti vibration system designed by the brand, which reduces the sound level of the device (here, 66 dB). You can also enjoy the sensors simple and pleasant to use, even while you enjoy a condensation efficiency denoted B. Small flat for people who can save with peak hours: the “delayed start” function is not provided on this reference.

Excellent price / quality ratio, this dryer may disappoint larger families because the 7 kg capacity is limited. However, this volume is more than enough for a couple, for example. Finally, if several programs are available for your convenience, the “cupboard dry” lack, especially for people who hate ironing.

– Expensive for an extra vacuum

– No small accessories

– A suction head incompatible with some recesses

Sensitive keys, sleek design, LCD display: apparently the dryer condensing WTN83200FF Bosch offers a more than satisfactory experience for each user. The brand, for its part, does not fail to praise this creation she calls silent. Of course, you might expect that a dryer is never silent. However, we give Bosch a good point, because the sound level of 65dB is quite low for a device of this type! Specifically, to achieve this result, an anti-vibration system was added to the walls, also knowing that the insulation has been strengthened.

By designing a sensitive drying system, the manufacturer allows everyone to enjoy a homogeneous results after each cycle. The structure of the drum, for its part, has been designed to minimize wrinkles as possible. The programs, which can be selected with a clear and readable LCD, are varied: textile sport, automatic drying, easy iron, allergy or more anti folds, you’re spoiled for choice.

A technological jewel, this dryer is very innovative shows and actually performing. We regret the lack of fast drying mode. Moreover, given the accurately finished, we would have appreciated the presence of an enlightened drum. However, this feature is rare on the dryer condensation: this is just a small dot perfectible.

– Expensive for an extra vacuum

– No small accessories

– A suction head incompatible with some recesses

Through arguments as capacity of 8 kg and its really attractive price, the dryer Oceanic SLCE8W condensation will become a reference for all families looking for a good entry level. Programming the timer is electronic: the device stops autonomously when the clothes are dry. A tone was even intended to alert you to the end of the program.

On the security front, the manufacturer has implemented a protection against overheating, always reassuring initiative. In total, you can choose between 16 programs, to launch the most suitable drying textiles that you maintain. Generally, this dryer keeps its basic promise, but it is not comparable to mid-range models for some obvious reasons.

Indeed, when one opts for this dryer cheap, we made a cross on the LCD screen and the small innovations that simplify the maintenance of the condenser, for example. This device is functional and effective, since his note condensation is B. But design and design can disappoint if you expect something very elaborate.

– Expensive for an extra vacuum

– No small accessories

– A suction head incompatible with some recesses

Can dry up to 7 kilograms of clothing, Continental Edison CESLCE7 model is not necessarily recommended for large families. However, if you are single or a couple, it will certainly interest you! Located in the entry, the device is inexpensive to purchase. In use, it consumes as much as a conventional clothes dryer, since it belongs to the energy class B.

However, if your electricity contract allows you to benefit from off-peak hours, be aware that you will have to arrange to make savings, because this model does not include delayed start. Its features are very basic: no LCD or very sophisticated program, it simply essential. But because its note of condensation is B, and the noise level remains reasonable (65 dB), we recommend this dryer, especially suitable for a first purchase for a small family.

The basic contract good dryer is filled: a humidity sensor to control the state of the machine and thus unnecessarily avoids extended usage. For maintenance, no lights inform you of the need to clean the condenser or emptying the tank: it will just take good habits from the start. Please read the manual, so take care of your new dryer and increase its lifetime (valid advice whatever your choice)!

– Expensive for an extra vacuum

– No small accessories

– A suction head incompatible with some recesses

It has not all claims of the best condensing dryer, but still carries great benefits: the model GCC7913NB Candy is an excellent alternative for many families! Indeed, his ability to 9 kg is particularly useful when you have to clean and dry clothes more children.

Some special keys have been added to the device, to offer you more comfort: the smoothing, ideal for reducing the work ironing, but also the delicate drying, to take care of your most delicate fabrics. The levels of temperature setting is a major asset, knowing that freeze-drying is also possible.

Delay start until 24 hours is perfect for enjoying the peak hours and reduce the price of the electricity bill. On the maintenance plan, you’ll appreciate the Easy Box recycling bin: it is located on the window, which makes removing and cleaning! Better yet, you can get water to water plants, for example. An indicator light tells you that the condenser filter must be washed, and you are also informed when the water tank is full.

To top it all, Candy book a drain kit with its washing machine. If we were to point the finger a downside, it would most definitely the relationship between price and effectiveness: a model of mid-range, it is unfortunate that the efficiency of condensation is in class C.

– Expensive for an extra vacuum

– No small accessories

– A suction head incompatible with some recesses

The dryer Whirlpool DELX70113 comes with many programs, which you can easily select the type of cycle that best suits your needs. For example, if you do not take the time to separate the different types of textile washing, you will enjoy operating the “blend” command. Conversely, if you do not clean all the same way, you can choose between a “synthetic” setting “cotton” or “expert wool.” Better yet, the manufacturer sets the ready to wear the cupboard dry: to you to determine the most appropriate cycles for you.

In terms of the sheer effectiveness, this model has a rating of condensation “B”. It’s not exceptional, but many other products in the same range are classified. The capacity of 7 kg is largely sufficient for a couple. For a family, however, we recommend you see on larger models.

With many witnesses, you will quickly become familiar with this device: filter indicator Progress indicator drying or anti-crease indicator. You have the option to choose a delayed start up to 12 hours. Despite all its qualities, it must be recognized that this reference is not more recent: it will offer no significant innovations. However, if you are looking for a flexible dryer and safe, this alternative may be for you.

– Expensive for an extra vacuum

– No small accessories

– A suction head incompatible with some recesses

the most sophisticated condensing It does not always need the dryer that can exist. That is why, in our comparison, we also Valuing alternative effective and inexpensive, such as Haier D836W. We could blame the fact that no special effort has been made to facilitate maintenance (no indicator to inform you that you need to empty the tank, for example).

Still, this dryer has a capacity of 8 kilograms, which allows it to be large enough for a family of 3 or 4 people. He declined several drying programs: cupboard dry, iron dry, extra dry, cool, towels, etc. So if you like your laundry to be soft and comfortable to wear or use, you will necessarily use these features that soften up textiles.

The condensation efficiency is denoted C. We are therefore not in a high-performance model: for optimum drying, it will build on rather long cycles of approximately 160 minutes. Finally, if you install this unit in a crowded room of the house, it does not appear to be too invasive because its design is rather plain and neat.

– Expensive for an extra vacuum

– No small accessories

– A suction head incompatible with some recesses

The dryer Brandt BDT561AL has the particularity to load from above. This is a mode of operation that is not seen very often, but that may suit some people. Indeed, this form is compact: if you do not have much space, you will no doubt enjoy the most reasonable dimensions of the device.

The downside is obvious: since it does not take much space, this dryer has no significant capacity. One can only 6 kilograms of dry laundry with: it’s enough for one person but complicated since it is both. With a condensation efficiency denoted C and 3 different programs on the clock, we can not say that here Brandt offers something very powerful. Still, the basic work is honored – and some people do ask no more!

Some small bonus we have attracted and encouraged to talk about what condensing dryer: the presence of a delayed start until 9 o’clock the choice to set up a time remaining indicator and the possibility to adjust the temperature .

– Expensive for an extra vacuum

– No small accessories

– A suction head incompatible with some recesses

Conclusion: every family’s dryer!

Choosing the best condensing dryer is very personal: in this buying guide, you may have noticed that each device has its own strengths, we appreciate differently according to our own wishes. The capacity is a key criterion: one flees models 6 kilograms for a large family – and avoid the hassle with a big machine when one lives alone in a small apartment.

You also could see in our comparison guide, many condensing dryers offer an anti crease function. However, appreciation of each is different again. Some may no problem wearing clothing out of the dryer as is, others will feel compelled to board.

To choose a dryer, do not hesitate to return to this guide (and share it with friends). Your selection will depend on the frequency of your washings, the nature of your clothes, the size of your family, the importance you place on such criteria as the softness of the textile or absence of wrinkles.

Want more tips before choosing your own dryer? We can help you, please contact us.